Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 292 Book 3: 112: Seer

Chapter 292 Book 3: 112: Seer

Chapter 292 Book 3: 112: Seer

Book 3: Chapter 112: Seer

There are already tens of millions! Lu Yang said with a frown.

Tens of millions? Ha! See for yourself whether that is enough! Mister Dongfang said with a faint smile. Then, he waved.


The fog from a nearby foggy region suddenly scattered, revealing a large tree. This was the century lifespan immortality peach tree that Gu Hai had seen in the Innate Puzzle World.

Roots, enter! Mister Dongfang waved.


The roots of the century lifespan immortality peach tree suddenly entered the large pool below.

Argh! No! Countless souls in the pool revealed shock and fear.


The many roots became like water pumps, frantically sucking up the many souls.

As the blue flames burned, they instantly refined some souls into a liquid that the century lifespan immortality peach tree could absorb faster.

The souls in the pool cried miserably. However, they could not escape the century lifespan immortality peach tree. They ended up refined by the blue flames in an instant.


The roots were like whales sucking up water. They immediately drained the large pool of souls.

Then, the century lifespan immortality peach tree flowered slowly and grew ten tiny immortality peachesonly the size of toessignificantly smaller than what Gu Hai obtained in the past.

Ying Royal Emperor, do you see it? This entire pool of souls only resulted in ten small peaches that are still far from maturity. Mister Dongfang smiled as he looked at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang frowned slightly and said, The century lifespan immortality peach tree? It is growing too slowly.

It is not slow at all. Previously, it only bore fruit once every century. This is already much faster. Unfortunately, it causes some damage to the tree, Mister Dongfang said indifferently.

However, previously

Previously? Previously, you gave me living people as nourishment. Are you still willing to do that? Mister Dongfang looked at Lu Yang.

Living people? One will incur the wrath of everyone in the world by using living people. Lu Yang shook his head.

Didnt we do that previously? As long as you dont say it and I dont, who would know? Mister Dongfang tempted.

Theres no need. Youd better collect souls instead. Lu Yang frowned. However, his expression betrayed that he was tempted.

Alright. It is up to you. However, I do not have sufficient nourishment here and cannot accelerate the growth of century lifespan immortality peaches. Arent you planning to rope in those strange talents with immortality peaches? Without the immortality peaches, this, Mister Dongfang trailed off, not saying anything more while he shook his head.

Then, Mister Dongfang took out a bottle gourd.


The moment Mister Dongfang opened the bottle gourd, souls poured out of it, gus.h.i.+ng into the pool.

Your Majesty! Your Majesty, save me!

Your Majesty, this subject has been loyal!

Your Majesty, this subject died in battle for the Ying Royal Dynasty. Why did you let a lifespan cultivator refine me?

The souls that poured out of the bottle gourd pleaded bitterly.

However, Lu Yang did not do anything.

On Sima Changkongs flying s.h.i.+p:

After everyone went through Long Wanyus ambush, they felt rather down.

Gao Xianzhi, Ensnaring Performance, and Mu Chenfeng rested with their subordinates for now.

Gu Hai and Venerable Liu Nian stood on the deck, discussing Long Wanyu.

This is what Long Wanyus character is like. The Qian Heavenly Emperor has spoiled her. Wanqing also never let her suffer. SoGu Hai, please persevere, Venerable Liu Nian said bitterly.

Gu Hai shook his head and said, Its nothing much. I was observing her earlier. She showed some regret when she saw me stabbing myself. She is just willful and obstinate, but she is not a bad person.

Its good that you can think that way, Venerable Liu Nian said with a bitter smile.

So, Venerable Liu Nian preferred to remain by Wanqings side because of Long Wanyus obstinate and willful nature? Gu Hai smiled.

Hah! This is one of the reasons. The Qian Heavenly Emperor is protective of Long Wanyu, so she should not be in danger, Venerable Liu Nian explained bitterly.

Indeed. Now that Wanqing is no longer here, she cannot be as spoiled anymore. At the very least, she cannot keep behaving lawlessly. Someone needs to curb her haughtiness; otherwise, she will end up in trouble sooner or later. Gu Hai nodded.

We just cannot deal with her. How about you do it? Take her in hand on Wanqings behalf. Otherwise, no one can deal with her. Venerable Liu Nian looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai showed a faint bitter smile.?r???????v?l.?o?

Oh, right. Theres something I still dont understand. How did Long Wanyu know in advance where we were going, no matter where we went? This still baffles me. Gu Hai frowned.

Venerable Liu Nian remained silent for a while as he looked at the surroundings. Then, he eventually showed a bitter smile. I should not be saying this, but since you asked Its good for you to know anyway.


The Qian Heavenly Emperor lets Long Wanyu behave so lawlessly. She holds a higher place in His Holy Eminences heart than even the crown princes. Even though Long Wanqing is her elder twin sister, His Holy Eminences att.i.tude towards Long Wanqing was different, practically indifferent. Do you know why? Venerable Liu Nian said gravely.


The Qian Heavenly Emperor has many children, and his children also have many more children. The Qian Heavenly Emperor even has descendants down to the fifth generation. If he were to dote on all of them, he would not have enough time and energy to do so. So, the Qian Heavenly Emperor can only dote on the important ones, like the crown princes. The crown princes are all incredible characters, and the Qian Heavenly Emperor appreciates them. As for Long Wanyu, she possesses a talent that everyone envies, Venerable Liu Nian explained gravely.

Oh? A talent?

Long Wanyu is an innate lifespan cultivator, Venerable Liu Nian said gravely.

An innate lifespan cultivator? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

Yes. Not just anyone can cultivate lifespan. The inheritance of lifespan cultivators requires special bloodlines and fate. Take the Unborn Man as an example. He cultivates lifespan because he has a special bloodline and fate. These people who cultivate lifespan are acquired lifespan cultivators. However, there is a second type of lifespan cultivator. They already have certain abilities since birth. Those are innate lifespan cultivators. Long Wanyu is a kind of innate lifespan cultivator, a seer, Venerable Liu Nian said gravely.

A seer? Gu Hai appeared confused.

A person who can see the future, Venerable Liu Nian explained.

Thats impossible. The future is fraught with uncertainty. How can one see the future? Gu Hai exclaimed.

I cant explain it, either. However, facts are as such. She can see the future. However, she can only see the future once a month. Venerable Liu Nian shook his head.

Gu Hai frowned as he pondered this. After some silence, he shook his head and said, Thats not right. That was not our original route. She used the stone steles to disrupt our route, causing us to change it. That means that the future is full of variables.

Huh? Venerable Liu Nian felt slightly confused.

Long Wanyu probably simulated the future. She simulated us seeing the stone stele and changing directions. Then, she continued the simulation, seeing us see the subsequent stone steles and changing directions again. Her ability is to simulate and deduce the future, Gu Hai said gravely.

No matter what, her predictions are never wrong, Venerable Liu Nian said gravely.

However, she did not predict that I would survive stabbing my abdomen. There should be some weakness to seers, right? Gu Hai frowned.

The prediction ability cannot be used without limits. Perhaps she ran out of time, or she just said that in a pique, not truly wanting you to die. Didnt you say that she is not a bad person? Venerable Liu Nian smiled.

Gu Hai frowned slightly as he nodded.

Seers have another ability. They can differentiate between auspicious and ominous and use the auspicious to avert the ominous. When there is a fatal threat, they will have ominous feelings. If there is a joyous fortuitous encounter, they will have strong auspicious feelings, Venerable Liu Nian said.

Oh? A strong ominous feeling and strong auspicious feeling? No wonder when I took out my Life Ender Saber, she immediately detected the danger. It turns out that she had an ominous feeling? Gu Hai a.n.a.lyzed.

That should be it. Venerable Liu Nian nodded.

Seers can predict the future and use the auspicious to avert the ominous? No wonder the Qian Heavenly Emperor treasures her so much. Gu Hai nodded.

Thats right. I might have to trouble you with this thing, Venerable Liu Nian said with a bitter smile.

Then, Venerable Liu Nian took out a black jade talisman covered in a layer of faint black energy.

This is the enchanted treasure that the Unborn Man left for Long Wanyu? He said that he would sense it once it is crushed, and he would immediately rush over no matter where he is? Gu Hai frowned.

This is indeed the Unborn Mans jade talisman. He told me to give it to Long Wanyu, but she did not even look at it. The Unborn Man killed Wanqing, so she hates him to the bone. How could she accept this black jade talisman? Long Wanyu feels only hatred for her father, so she is unwilling to accept this, Venerable Liu Nian said bitterly.

Hah! Gu Hai sighed.

Please hang on to this item first. I cant convince Long Wanyu, but maybe you can, Venerable Liu Nian said bitterly.

Gu Hai nodded. Then, he received the jade talisman with a sigh.

When Gu Hai held the black jade talisman, refres.h.i.+ng energy rushed into his dantian, instantly relaxing him.

The Unborn Man had left a good treasure for his daughter.

Gu Hai carefully put the jade talisman away and looked into the distance.

Now, he could already see a sprawling city on the horizon. This was not a city where regular people stayed but something like Foundation Destroying City, a city created on the spot for a purpose.

The city gate had the words Southern Suppression City above it.

We have arrived. This is Prince Shenwus army camp, a newly built city. Venerable Liu Nian looked into the distance.

At this moment, Long Sanqian and Sima Changkong came out as well.

Mister Gu, my n.o.ble fathers camp is in front. I have heard my n.o.ble father mention Mister Gu many times already. Im sure that n.o.ble Father will be glad to hear of Mister Gus arrival, Long Sanqian said with a smile.

I will bring Mister Gu to settle your accommodations first after we enter Southern Suppression City. The prince will host a banquet to welcome you after that. Will Mister Gu need to rest first? Sima Changkong asked with a smile as he looked at Gu Hai.

Thats fine. Ill trouble Mister Sima with this, then. Also, if Mister Sima does not find it troublesome, would you tell me how capable Army Breakers army is? To think that it could prevent Prince Shenwus army from advancing, Gu Hai said.

How could it be troublesome? I was hoping you would ask! Sima Changkong smiled.