Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 291 Book 3: 111: As Long as You Are Happy

Chapter 291 Book 3: 111: As Long as You Are Happy

Chapter 291 Book 3: 111: As Long as You Are Happy

Book 3: Chapter 111: As Long as You Are Happy

Gu Hai stabbed his bone saber into his abdomen.

Mu Chenfeng, Long Sanqian, and Sima Changkong goggled.

Gu Hai is really pus.h.i.+ng himself hard to calm this little princess down. Using the bone saber to stab his abdomen?

Right now, Long Wanyu is forcing you to commit suicide because she is angry. Long Wanqings death dealt her too great a blow, making her see everyone as an enemy. However, when she finally gets over her anger, she will understand.

Yet, you really listened to her and stabbed your abdomen just to soothe her anger?

When Long Wanyu saw Gu Hai stab the bone saber into his abdomen, she also trembled.

Although she wanted to kill Gu Hai to take revenge for her elder sister, she did not feel the antic.i.p.ated happiness from seeing Gu Hai being forced to his death. She did not feel like she had taken revenge for her elder sister or any relief from her hatred. Inthat instant, she felt like she had done something wrong.

Long Wanyu! Venerable Liu Nian suddenly roared in fury.


Long Wanyu instinctively swung her whip. However, Venerable Liu Nian caught it.

Thats enough! Venerable Liu Nian shouted angrily while glaring.

Venerable Liu Nian tossed the whip aside and said with an angry expression, Is this what you want? To force Gu Hai to death? To kill him? Is this taking revenge for Wanqing? Do you know how sad Wanqing would be if she were alive and saw you forcing Gu Hai to death like this?

He caused my elder sisters death! Death is insufficient to repay that! Long Wanyu said with bloodshot eyes. This time, her voice was significantly softer.

The one who caused your elder sisters death is Lu Yang. Your elder sister used her life to protect this man. Yet, youre forcing him to die? He is your brother-in-law! Long Wanqings husband! Venerable Liu Nian shouted.

I dont care. If not for him, my elder sister would not have died. Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Long Wanyu suddenly started crying.

When Long Wanyu started crying loudly, it felt like she was spilling out all her feelings.

Sima Changkong, Long Sanqian, and Mu Chenfeng remained standing at the side, not daring to interject.

Venerable, theres no need to blame Long Wanyu anymore. As long as she is happy. Gu Hais voice rang out.

Upon hearing Gu Hais voice, Long Wanyu suddenly felt regretful.

Is forcing Gu Hai to death taking revenge for Elder Sister? Would Elder Sister be happy?

Gu Hai, quickly stop stabbing yourself! Venerable Liu Nian exclaimed.


The Life Ender Saber stabbed further into Gu Hais abdomen.

When Long Wanyu looked up, she saw that only a small segment of the bone saber remained outside Gu Hais body. Her expression changed. She opened her mouth, wanting to stop Gu Hai. However, she could not say it.

Long Wanyu, remember your promise. The grudge you have for me ends here! Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Long Wanyu bit her lips, a horrified expression in her eyes.

Gu Hai really stabbed his abdomen and committed suicide before me? He really stabbed his own abdomen?

Long Wanyu got gooseb.u.mps all over her body, feeling a chill.

Gu Hai used his palm to push the last segment of the bone sabers handle into his abdomen.

Your Majesty! the Han Royal Dynasty officials exclaimed with horror on their faces.

Venerable Liu Nian, Sima Changkong, Long Sanqian, and Mu Chenfeng all appeared anxious.

Dont Long Wanyus voice was very soft, appearing regretful.

However, it was already too late. The bone saber was already fully stabbed into Gu Hais abdomen. It was over already.

Gao Xianzhi, bring us some clothes! Gu Hai said.

Huh? This surprised the people worrying about Gu Hai.

This does not seem right. Shouldnt Gu Hai be falling over?

Where is the wound? Where is the wound on Gu Hais abdomen? His wound recovered, not even leaving a scar?

Did he stab his abdomen?

Venerable Liu Nian:

Sima Changkong:

Long Wanyu:

Everyone remained silent for a while. The Han Royal Dynasty officials, who appeared on the verge of tears, now showed stiff expressions. The tears that nearly spilled out earlier immediately cleared up.

His Majesty is fine?

His Majesty is really fine. There is not a single drop of sweat on his forehead. His complexion looks normal, and he shows a regular expression. There is not even a scar on his abdomen.

Was I seeing things earlier?

At the side, Gao Xianzhi felt stunned. Then, he promptly brought over a set of clothing.

You tricked me! Gu Hai, you tricked me! Long Wanyus earlier regret immediately vanished. Now, anger and hatred filled her eyes.

How did I trick you? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

You used some misdirection earlier. You did not stab the bone saber into your abdomen at all. You simply did notnotnotnotnotnot, Long Wanyu accused Gu Hai while pointing at him. However, she suddenly froze midway.

It was not just Long Wanyu. Everyones eyes nearly popped out as they stared at Gu Hais abdomen in shock and horror.

Everyone saw the handle of a bone saber slowly come out of his body. It was the bone saber.

It was not some trick or misdirection. It was real. Gu Hai had truly stabbed the bone saber into his abdomen.

Youyouyou. Long Wanyu pointed at Gu Hai, not knowing what to say.

Gu Hai really stabbed the bone saber into his abdomen? Furthermore, he can bring it back out? Why can it come out like that?

Wanqing was a woman of her word. Long Wanyu, I hope you will not disappoint me and go back on your word, Gu Hai said indifferently.

As Gu Hai spoke, he used his index finger to press down on the bone sabers handle, pus.h.i.+ng it back into his abdomen.

Sima Changkong:

Venerable Liu Nian:

Long Sanqian:

An awkward silence descended. This atmosphere felt so strange that no one could make a sound.

d.a.m.n it! You should have said that you had the ability to do this. You made us worry for nothing.

After this speechless moment, everyone looked at Long Wanyu. It seemed like everyone was asking,

Gu Hai stabbed his abdomen, so you should be satisfied already. Although it was as easy as drinking water for him to stab himself in the abdomen, you were the one who chose that location of all places. You arent going to go back on your word, right?

Long Wanyu felt everyone staring at her like she was an idiot. It was one thing for everyone to look at her, but it seemed like everyone was waiting for her to acknowledge that she was an idiot. Furthermore, it felt like they wanted her to admit it out loud.

As Long Wanyu watched Gu Hai put on some clothes, her eyes instantly turned red. This time, it was not just hatred but also a feeling of being wronged.

Gu Hai, I hate you! This is not over! Long Wanyu roared out hatefully.

What are you looking at? Wheres the flying s.h.i.+p? Lets go? Long Wanyu whipped Sima Feng.

Right, right! Sima Feng immediately took out a flying s.h.i.+p.

Then, Long Wanyu boarded the flying s.h.i.+p and quickly flew into the distance with her subordinates, no longer wanting to remain here.

Long Wanyu ran.

Long Sanqian and Sima Changkong gaped. They tried to say something a few times, but they held back.

Venerable Liu Nian flew over to Gu Hai and showed a faint bitter smile. It looks like you have ways to restrain Long Wanyu. Hah!

It was just luck. As long as she is happy, Gu Hai said with a faint bitter smile.

Gu Hai had heard about Long Wanyus character long ago. He had antic.i.p.ated clas.h.i.+ng when he eventually met with her. However, their first meeting could be considered to have gone rather smoothly.

Mister Gu, you finally came! Sima Changkong smiled as he flew over.

However, both Sima Changkong and Long Sanqian had strange expressions as they looked at Gu Hai.

Lu Yang had specially isolated an area within the Ying Royal Dynasty. A vast fog spread through this place, preventing anyone from seeing in.

Lu Yang stood at the entrance of a palace hall, looking at this foggy area.

Army Breaker stood respectfully behind Lu Yang.

Is there any activity from Long Shenwus army? Lu Yang asked.

There is none for now. It is currently blocked and does not dare to advance further. Your Majesty, with Mister Dongfang and me making a move, Long Shenwu can forget about any further progress. We should have gotten Mister Dongfang to make a move earlier. If not for Mo Yike repeatedly requesting we send other groups as reinforcements instead, we would not have had seven defeats and only one victory, Army Breaker said as pride flashed in his eyes.

Lu Yang narrowed his eyes slightly. Mister Mo? Although I do feel suspicious about Mister Mo, he is right. An army cannot have only one trump card. It needs to be at a level where it can do without any particular person except the commander-in-chief.

Huh? Yes! Army Breakers expression turned stiff.

He had acted somewhat c.o.c.kily earlier, behaving as though the army could not do without him.

Mister Dongfang is in there? Lu Yang asked.

Ying Royal Emperor, come in, please! A juvenile voice came from the foggy area.


A hole suddenly appeared in the foggy area, allowing Lu Yang and Army Breaker to enter.

Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!

Let me go!

Save me!

Spare me! Spare me!

Miserable cries came from the ritual array.

After the two entered the foggy ritual array, the hole closed up.

The interior of the ritual array was like a scene out of the asura h.e.l.l. There was a humongous pool in the middle with clumps of blue flames burning above it. Translucent figures could be seen in the flames, struggling in the pool.

These are the souls of the people who died in battle when our armies clashed? Lu Yang frowned.

Indeed. There are souls from both Long Shenwus army and ours. Army Breaker nodded.

Your Majesty! Your Majesty! This subject was loyal and served the nation with everything I had. Why did you not let us reincarnate after we died? Instead, you threw us into this pool to be refined? the soul of an officer immediately exclaimed.

He is Duke Lu Yang? You demon! His Holy Eminences army will destroy you!

Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your subject has been loyal to you!

Countless aggrieved souls who died in battle cried out in horror from within the pool.

Shut up! A juvenile voice rang out.

A white-robed person, the size of a small child, stood on a large platform by the pool of souls. The hood of the white robes concealed that persons face.

Demon! Demon!

Dont refine me! Dont refine me!

That is a lifespan cultivator, a person who plunders lifespan! He wants to refine our three spiritual souls into nourishment to supplement his cultivation!

All the souls from the two armies fighting cannot escape. We all got captured and brought here! We all got captured and brought here!

No! Your Majesty! This subject died in battle for the Ying Royal Dynasty. I do not ask Your Majesty to take revenge for me. All I ask is that Your Majesty let me reincarnate!

The countless souls clamored.

How noisy! Humph! The white-clad, childlike persons voice rang out again as he waved.


Suddenly, the surging blue flames flared, forming a large lid of flames that covered the pool, preventing the sounds from the souls from coming out.

Army Breaker and Lu Yang walked over to the white-clad, childlike person.

Mister Dongfang, its one thing to collect the souls from Long Shenwus army. Why did you? Lu Yang said with a frown.

Hehehehehe! Ying Royal Emperor, I only agreed to help you because you promised to let me collect the souls of those who died in battle. I am taking the risk of offending the Qian Heavenly Dynastys lifespan cultivators to help you, right? Mister Dongfangs voice rang out.

Duke Lu Yang frowned, then said, Very well. Carry on.

This is not enough. I need more people to die. I need more souls! Mister Dongfang looked at Lu Yang.