Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 136 - Skeleton Mutation

Chapter 136 - Skeleton Mutation

Chapter 136 - Skeleton Mutation

Gu Hai jumped into the weiqi world, hugging Long Wanqing tightly!

Long Wanqing's eyes went wide from shock. "Why can we go in? The weiqi game had not been solved completely yet!"

"It's not necessary to completely solve the game. Had I not had to adjust the entry point, we could have entered sooner!" Gu Hai answered with a smile.

Having jumped into the white fog, the two were falling down from the sky.

From the outside world, the world inside looked just as big as the floating island. However, after entering it, Long Wanqing discovered otherwise. This world was too big! There were countless mountains and rivers here, surrounded by clouds.

The two were falling towards a vast sea.


The two soon crashed into the sea, splas.h.i.+ng water everywhere.

"Ke Ke Ke!" Long Wanqing started choking on water. Seeing this, Gu Hai immediately swam towards the sh.o.r.e, dragging Long Wanqing with him. Very soon, they had arrived at the beach.

Only after a fit of coughing did Long Wanqing feel a bit better. She then started to look about.

They were standing on a small island. Next to this island was the upper half of a golden dragon body ten thousand zhang wide, and stretching to tens of thousands of zhang in length. Its two ends seemed to be connected to empty s.p.a.ce, like it was nailed to the sky in this world.

High up in the sky there were many clouds floating about. Because of them the people from outside could not get a clear picture of what was inside here.

Similarly, Ding Rui could not see their position from outside the array. To her, the two were falling down and quickly getting smaller. After they entered the clouds, the picture became even vaguer. The clearest thing she could see was that of the dazzling golden dragon vein.

"Ding Long Clan, the Nailing Dragon Clan?" Long Wanqing mumbled, furrowing her brow.

"Hall Lord, the place we have entered is next to the dragon vein. I remember you once said that the Dragon Drawing Jade can be used to store a dragon vein!" Gu Hai looked at Long Wanqing.

Long Wanqing glanced at Gu Hai as a furrow crept across her brow. But she didn't speak anything and made her way towards the dragon vein's location.

Gu Hai smiled wryly. He knew Long Wanqing still had some vigilance towards him. He also didn't speak anymore, and made his way towards the dragon vein.

Very soon, Gu Hai arrived next to the enormous dragon vein's body.

As he placed his right hand on the enormous dragon vein's body, caressing it, a mesmerizing power rushed into his heart. That feeling made him feel how insignificant he was.

"Did we become smaller, or this dragon vein has grown bigger?" Gu Hai asked, puzzled.

After all, the dragon tail he saw in the Golden Tong wasn't so exaggerated.

"We haven't gotten smaller, the dragon vein should have been this big from the start!" Long Wanqing explained.

"Oh?" Gu Hai was intrigued.

But suddenly, a hum suffused his abdomen. The Life Severing Saber was slightly trembling, as if it wanted to come out.

Gu Hai's eyebrows began twitching as he suppressed the Life Severing Saber's desire, looking at Long Wanqing.

Noticing that Long Wanqing was still sizing up this enormous dragon vein from all sides, Gu Hai sank into silence.  He was pondering whether he should take out the Life Severing Saber or not.

Gu Hai understood that the Life Severing Saber wished to devour the energy of the dragon vein. However, the Life Severing Saber was a shocking tool. Gu Hai didn't wish to reveal it before Long Wanqing.

However, perhaps the dragon vein's power was too tempting to the Life Severing Saber. Under its ever-increasing desire, even after being rejected by Gu Hai, a sliver of a strange power suddenly emerged from Life Severing Saber, spreading across Gu Hai's skeleton.


Crackling sounds emerged from Gu Hai's right palm, which was on the dragon vein; changes were taking place in the bones of his palm! Suddenly, a bone stretched out from the center of Gu Hai's right palm bit by bit, piercing through Gu Hai's flesh and skin as if a bone spike was emerging from the center of his palm.

Very quickly, the bone spike inserted itself into the dragon vein.

Immediately after, a billowing stream of dragon vein's energy rushed down the bone spike, surging into Gu Hai's body, traveling through his entire bones and finally moving towards the Life Severing Saber in his ribcage.

An astonis.h.i.+ng amount of energy surged into the Life Severing Saber.

Gu Hai's expression changed momentarily as he pulled back his right arm, pulling out the bone spike from the dragon vein.

The bone spike that had emerged from his palm was as long as his hand. It looked particularly hideous.

The Life Severing Saber can transform my bones?,Gu Hai thought in astonishment.

The Life Severing Saber had its own sentience. Just now, it was able to transform Gu Hai's skeleton only because Gu Hai didn't have any opposition. The Life Severing Saber's consciousness was branched out of Gu Hai's consciousness, it was all within Gu Hai's control.

Gu Hai gave an order to the Life Severing Saber. The bone spike slowly grew smaller and retracted into his palm before disappearing altogether.

With the Life Severing Saber retracting its ability, the cut that had appeared due to the bone growing out through his palm had also sealed itself, as if nothing had happened.

"The Life Severing Saber has the power to transform bones! It can transform and change my bones!" Gu Hai's eyebrows slightly twitched as he spoke softly.

This was his first time discovering that Life Severing Saber had this ability. In order to verify it, Gu Hai stretched his right hand our and controlled it mentally.

Suddenly, the bones in Gu Hai's arm started to change once more, growing quickly. After piercing through his skin, a long and slender sword-like bone had thrust out of his palm. It looked extremely strange.

Next, Gu Hai took out an iron sword from the storage s.p.a.ce of his token and struck it at the edged part of the bone sword.

The iron sword was cut in twain.

Gu Hai looked at the bone sword on his right palm, stupefied. It's so dense? He carefully glanced after Long Wanqing.

Seeing that Long Wanqing had already wandered around to another part of the dragon vein, studying it, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.


Suddenly, crackling sounds rang from Gu Hai's body as bones began to emerge from everywhere. His chest, his back, his arms, his legs, his face, hundreds of thousands of bones broke through Gu Hai's skin. In the blink of an eye, Gu Hai looked like a huge skeleton hedgehog, hideous and terrifying!

In the next moment, Gu Hai instantly retracted all the extra spurs on his body, taking long deep breaths.

The cuts on his skin had instantly healed, as if nothing had opened. The only signs that proved otherwise were the countless holes in his robes.

Gu Hai's eyebrows twitched as he quickly changed his clothes...

Gu Hai's heart beat rapidly as he touched the rib where the Life Severing Saber was located.

Long Wanqing had not discovered anything. Gu Hai grit his teeth and reached out, placing his right arm on the dragon vein once more.

Many bone spikes emerged from his palm with crackling sounds, thrusting deep into the dragon vein.

Under the complete mobilization, torrential dragon vein energy was sucked in by the Life Severing Saber through his bones. This time, there was no need for that black qi, nor was there any huge commotion caused by the countless little skulls in that black qi. The dragon vein energy was forcibly absorbed in an extremely quiet manner.

The dragon vein seemed to be ill at ease, as it suddenly started to shake.

Gu Hai stood there quietly, while Long Wanqing circled around the dragon vein. She had a complex look on her face as she reached out to touch it. Suddenly, a golden halo emerged from her arm occasionally. She also threw a glance from a distance, as if she didn't want Gu Hai to notice the Dragon Drawing Jade in her hand.

The two had their own secrets to protect.

Right at that moment, Meng Tai, with Feng Ling in his embrace, was flying at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed high up in the air.

"Where are they? It's impossible for the two of them to suddenly disappear!" Meng Tai's face darkened. "The dragon vein! They must be near the dragon vein!"

Meng Tai quickly flew in the dragon vein's direction, hurtling through the air.

Although the dragon vein was ten thousand Zhang in width, with Meng Tai's vision, he could roughly sweep the entire length of the vein with just a glance.

"Found them!" Meng Tai's eyes lit up.

Meng Tai stopped high up in the sky, congealing a small cloud and hiding within it, coldly gazing down below.


Staring at Gu Hai, a confused look showed up on Meng Tai's face. After the various deeds accomplished by Gu Hai, Meng Tai no longer dared to underestimate him. On the contrary, he was even more vigilant towards Gu Hai.

What he saw was Gu Hai lightly caressing the dragon vein! The delighted expression on Gu Hai's face looked so strange!

At another area, Long Wanqing seemed to be avoiding Gu Hai. In her extended arm there was a melon-sized sphere, radiating a golden halo repeatedly.

"Dragon Drawing Jade!?" Meng Tai's eyes lit up immediately.

However, Meng Tai stopped himself from going forward and waited patiently.

Long Wanqing gently placed the Dragon Drawing Jade on the dragon vein. It immediately started trembling.

"Well, is the earth dragon vein sensitive to the Dragon Drawing Jade?" Long Wanqing looked at the Dragon Drawing Jade curiously. But apart from the commotion from the dragon vein, she could not see anything wrong.

Meng Tai was also watching with rapt attention. "Long Wanqing wants to receive the earth dragon vein using the Dragon Drawing Jade, huh? Receive it, once you take the earth dragon vein, then, it will be my turn to take action!"

Feng Ling, on the other hand, did not utter a word, as if she was mute.

Meng Tai was watching the Dragon Drawing Jade in Long Wanqing's hands with rapt attention. However, he was completely oblivious to the fact that the commotion was actually due to the nearby Gu Hai.

Billowing streams of dragon vein energy were being absorbed by the Life Severing Saber. It was an overwhelmingly tremendous amount of energy!

After the Life Severing Saber absorbed the energy, one-thousandth of that energy was fed back to Gu Hai. This energy seemed to be extremely beneficial to his bones and skeleton, and was continuously being stored inside his bones. Gu Hai could clearly feel his bones getting denser and denser.

The bone spike inserted into the dragon vein was also growing like crazy. Like the roots of an old tree, bones spikes were branching out inside the dragon vein further and further. Each spur was pulling at the earth dragon vein's energy like a water pump.

A terrifying amount of energy was gus.h.i.+ng into Gu Hai's body. The earth dragon vein did not seem to tolerate such a wanton plundering. It was struggling more and more fiercely.


Suddenly, a dragon's roar spread from the dragon vein as it struggled fiercely. It thrashed desperately as if it wanted to break free of those bones of Gu Hai's. However, having tasted the sweet fruit, how could Gu Hai let it go?

As Gu Hai cultivated his external strength, his bones were far denser than an ordinary man. Now that he had an opportunity to make them stronger, how could Gu Hai let it go?

Almost all of the billowing energy fed to Gu Hai had been used to strengthen his bones.

The dragon vein thrashed and squirmed in pain. Such a fierce quaking of the dragon vein shocked Long Wanqing and the onlooking Meng Tai.

It was struggling so fiercely that the resulting shockwaves were sending ripples into the air.

Everywhere around the island, storms were forming and tsunamis were rising.

"What's going on?" Long Wanqing cried out in surprise.

The earth dragon vein gave a long howl as if it was desperately struggling for its life.



Outside the barrier, the Ding Long Clan's floating island fiercely trembled. At the sight of this, the anxious Ding Rui's countenance changed.

"What's wrong?" Ding Rui blurted out in surprise.


Dragon roars, filled with pain, rocked the entire floating island. The endgame on it was also starting to distort.

No sooner, the entire Ding Long Clan started quaking, and the quaking only grew fiercer and fiercer.

"Earthquake?" countless cultivators cried in shock.

"Dragon vein! The dragon vein wants to break free of this nail? It wants to escape from the weiqi world?" Ding Rui's face twisted in shock and horror.

"Not good, the dragon vein is irritated. Not just its body in the weiqi world is irritated, even its other body parts are irritated!" Ding Rui's face changed fiercely.

At the same time, to the west of Nine-Five Island, where once used to be the Golden Tong, in the caldera where the dragon tail was sealed...


A dragon's roar spread out from under the ground.

Suddenly, the land groaned and quaked fiercely.


One after another, huge mountains started to collapse in a certain direction. It looked just like a giant dragon was swimming under the ground.

Not just the Golden Tong area, similar quakes were happening at multiple places on Nine-Five Island.

It looked like a giant dragon buried under the ground was thras.h.i.+ng.

Countless mountains collapsed, and similarly, countless peaks rose from the ground.

Tremors continuously swept in every direction. The ordinary citizens knelt down on the ground in terror, kowtowing to the heavens.

And the source of all this was the Ding Long Clan.

The epicenters of the quakes were moving towards the Ding Long Clan!

In some huge mountain valley...

The Divine Battalion's flying s.h.i.+p was investigating a mountain range. Suddenly that said mountain range collapsed as tremendous shockwaves hurtled past them towards a distant direction.

"This? The dragon vein is acting up? The ground is collapsing! Someone has angered the dragon vein!" one of the Divine Battalion disciples blurted out in surprise.

"That direction, it's the direction where the Ding Long Clan is located!" Someone pointed into the distance.

Diving Battalion commander Li Haoran's face turned cold. "The DIng Long Clan? Ding Rui, that old s.l.u.t, she lied to me! Hurry, head to the Ding Long Clan immediately!"

"Yes, sir!"

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