Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 135 - The Ruthlessness Of Meng Tai

Chapter 135 - The Ruthlessness Of Meng Tai

Chapter 135 - The Ruthlessness of Meng Tai

Tok! Tok! Tok!...

High up in the air, as Gu Hai kept on placing piece after piece, the endgames in the vicinity scattered one after another. Very quickly, a hundred endgames had already been solved.

Ding Rui kept on staring in the sky with an ugly look on her face as she battled the curse.

"Gu Hai, even if you dispelled the barrier, you still can't take the dragon vein!" Ding Rui rebuked him in a cold voice.

"It doesn't matter if I can't get it. You, old witch, are going to die for sure! The crime of imprisoning Hall Lord is a capital offense, you think you can ever escape?" Gu Hai said while placing the pieces, his voice only getting colder.

"Capital offense? Hmph, since I dare to do this, naturally I have my way to make sure nothing will happen to me! As for you, Gu Hai, you are still not the Water Throne Master, yet you have killed the Earth Throne Master, Meng Tai! You think you can escape Ascendant Hall law? Someone will protect me, but what about you? You too have committed a crime that is punishable by death!" Ding Rui chided coldly.

"Someone will protect you? Who?" Long Wanqing's eyebrows suddenly started twitching as she asked.

I am Ascendant Hall Lord, is there still someone bigger than me?

Gu Hai, while placing the pieces, coldly glanced at Ding Rui, who was soon about to be rid of the curse, and said in a cold voice, "Throne Master Ding, you keep on saying I have killed Meng Tai, where is the evidence?"

"Hahaha, evidence? Everyone saw it in the Xiantian Endgame World!" Ding Rui answered in a cold manner.

"Is it? What if Meng Tai is still alive?" Gu Hai said coldly.

Hearing this, Ding Rui's face sank.

"Is he or he isn't? Throne Master Meng, how long are you still going to hide?" Gu Hai suddenly smiled coldly as he spoke.

"What?" Long Wanqing's countenance changed immediately.

Wasn't Meng Tai killed by Gu Hai?

The cultivators on the ground also broke into an uproar.


Right then, Ding Rui suddenly got rid of last traces of curse on her feet. In the blink of an eye, she had recovered completely.

Next, Ding Rui slid her fingers across the string, stopping the melodious chime immediately. With that, the sword qi storm disappeared into nothing.

"Throne Master!"  Ding Rui's remaining subordinates greeted her.

Leaning on the cane, Ding Rui glanced up at the sky. "You say Meng Tai is still alive?"

"Hahaha, not long ago, didn't you meet him in the Golden Tong?" Gu Hai asked as he broke into laughter.

Ding Rui's face turned gloomy as she looked about.

All the cultivators were perplexed as well. Is Meng Tai hiding among us?

Not too far away, the Butcher King was looking around as well, as if he too was searching for Meng Tai.

"Hahaha, Butcher King, this time, I can't cheat Ding Rui. Since you are here, why don't you identify yourself? We haven't seen each other for a long time! You and Throne Master Ding's grudges should also be resolved, right? The Hall Lord is standing next to me, or are you also planning to defect from Ascendant Hall?" Gu Hai spoke out in a cold voice.

Butcher King?

Everyone's gazes immediately rested on the Butcher King. The disciples of the Butcher King also looked confused.

Ding Rui coldly looked at the Butcher King.

"Gu Hai, how did you find me?" the Butcher King asked in a gloomy voice.

"What? Master!" the disciples of Butcher King cried in shock.

But soon they saw Butcher King slowly lifting up his hat, revealing himself up.

"Who is he?" Many cultivators looked perplexed.

After all, the real Meng Tai and the one who Gu Hai had killed looked different.

"Meng Tai, it's really you!" Ding Rui blurted out as her face turned despondent.

High up in the sky, Gu Hai continued to place piece after piece. At this moment, Ding Rui didn't seem to be concerned about Gu Hai. Or perhaps, Ding Rui was hoping to see him succeed, hoping for Gu Hai to solve the endgames as soon as possible.

In the sky, a sliver of a sneer appeared on Gu Hai's lips.

Long Wanqing, who was standing next to Gu Hai, was looking at the endgame in worry. "They aren't coming up!"

"Of course, Ding Rui wishes for me to solve the endgame sooner. Killing me now and killing me later are two different things!" Gu Hai said with a sneer.


"Don't worry, let them bite each other, their grudge dates back for twenty years!" Gu Hai explained indifferently.

"If you are Meng Tai, then what about our Master?" the Butcher King disciples cried out in shock.

"Hmph!" Meng Tai let out a cold snort as he waved his arm.

The crowd of Butcher King disciples was sent flying.

"Ding Rui, you sure are domineering. But what a pity, you don't seem to have changed in these twenty years! You are still just as ugly!" Meng Tai sneered, still embracing the black-robed woman.

"Hmph, you were not my opponent then, and you are not my opponent now!" Ding Rui rebuked coldly.

Having said that, Ding Rui raised her cane and thrust it at Meng Tai.


A huge aura shot straight at Meng Ta!

"Go!" Meng Tai immediately fired a punch at the oncoming aura.


The two auras clashed with one another with a thunderous bang. In the blink of an eye, the aura from the cane was pushed back. Fierce gales blew everywhere, raising a cloud of dust and debris.

Ding Rui was pushed a step back.

"No, it's not possible! Back then, you were just a tad bit stronger than Li Wei. More importantly, you have been tortured over these last twenty years, how can your strength have increased so much?" Ding Rui's face twisted as she said.

"I was just as strong now as I was twenty years ago!" Meng Tai answered in an indifferent manner.

"Impossible! At that time, I was there! If you were so strong twenty years ago, then how were you so easily captured by us? How were you imprisoned?" Ding Rui rebuked. Disbelief was apparent in her eyes.

"What if I say, I let you capture me intentionally?" Meng Tai answered in an indifferent manner.

"Intentionally?" Ding Rui's eyebrows twitched upon hearing this.

"Had I not let you imprison me, perhaps, my fate would have been the same as previous Hall Lord's!" Meng Tai explained in a cold voice.

"What?" Ding Rui's face twisted in shock.

The same was true for Long Wanqing.

The woman who was in Meng Tai's arm, on the other hand, turned stiff as she looked at Meng Tai. Although her expression wasn't clearly visible, it was quite apparent that she was shocked.

"So, you had already predicted Hall Lord's death back then?" Ding Rui asked as her expression changed.

"I did not predict anything per se, it's just that there were various signs that proved everything. Back then, we were being monitored! I knew too much. And I was sure that the old Hall Lord would surely die before that man, not to mention me! I didn't want to die, so, I was left with only one choice, and that was to let you control me. You were obeying his orders; if I was controlled by you, if I was imprisoned by you, only then could I not be on his target list. Twenty years, I was in hiding for twenty years! You, on the other hand, started to seek the limelight, you were unwilling to remain inconspicuous! Hahaha!" Meng Tai broke into a cold laugh as he finished explaining.

"Who is it? Who killed my mother?" Long Wanqing howled, glaring at Meng Tai.

Meng Tai raised his head and said, looking at Long Wanqing, "Hall Lord, right? Ha, it's not that I don't want to say, but I truly have no idea myself. I only know that there was someone pulling the strings. This mastermind never revealed himself, but I can sense him. I have no idea who he is, but perhaps Ding Rui can shed some light!"

"Hmm?" Ding Rui stared at Meng Tai with wide eyes.

High up in the sky, Gu Hai, who was playing weiqi, sneered and said, "So to say, Meng Tai, you did not let yourself get imprisoned because of your wife Feng Ling back then. You didn't give up resisting just because of Feng Ling, right? Feng Ling was just an excuse, nothing more, nothing less!"

Hearing this, the woman in Meng Tai's arm immediately shuddered.

Obviously, that woman was Feng Ling. She had been here all the time. Feng Ling had always believed that Meng Tai had let himself imprisoned by Li Wei because of her. But now, she suddenly discovered...

"Poor Feng Ling was tortured for twenty years. You always knew, but you didn't care! You intentionally let yourself get imprisoned. But it was not to save yourself, no, you did it because you wanted to protect a secret. A secret that only you knew!" Gu Hai said as a cold smile flashed past his lips.

"What secret?" Ding Rui was also confused.

“Gu Hai, what do you know?" Meng Tai asked coldly.

"Back then, the mastermind was searching for this secret, but it's wasn't on Hall Lord's mother, it was with you. In order to guard this secret, you even sacrificed Hall Lord's mother! And you went into hiding with this secret. You intentionally let yourself get imprisoned, hoodwinking everyone; that mastermind, Li Wei, Hall Lord's mother, Ding Rui, and everyone else!" Gu Hai stated, his voice getting colder and yet more mocking.

"Gu Hai!" Meng Tai's face darkened.

Ding Rui tightly knit her brow, listening to Gu Hai and Meng Tai's conversation in some surprise. What secret?

"Gu Hai, what secret? Is it related to my mother? How is it related to Meng Tai?" Long Wanqing interrupted, stunned by this development..

"The secret is a person; the woman in Meng Tai's arm, Feng Ling! A key through which one can seize the dragon vein!" Gu Hai answered coldly.

"Huh?" Everyone turned their gazes on the woman in Meng Tai's arm together.

The black-robed woman in Meng Tai's arm trembled fiercely upon hearing this.

"Meng Tai, what a terrifying plan, how ruthless of you! Twenty years ago, everyone fell into your scheme. The old Hall Lord regarded you so highly, and yet you gave up on her, let her die, all in order for your own gain! In order to guard that secret, you even sacrificed your wife, Feng Ling, to Li Wei for twenty years, let her get tortured, and were completely unmoved! For the dragon vein, you imprisoned your mentor inside the Golden Tong, you killed your junior sister, and more importantly, you were ruthless to yourself as well! You let yourself get imprisoned for twenty years, twenty freaking years! Hahaha, but do you think you can control everything in the end? No, you have always been a p.a.w.n!" Gu Hai scorned Meng Tai mercilessly.

While speaking, Gu Hai grabbed Long Wanqing by her waist and suddenly jumped into the white fog before him.

"What are you doing? There are still four hundred fifty games left to be solved!" Long Wanqing cried out in surprise.

"Who says you need to solve the game to enter the weiqi world?" Gu Hai said as he cracked a grim smile.

Gu Hai, with Long Wanqing in his arms, disappeared into that white fog.

"Not good!" Ding Rui's face distorted in shock and anger as she jumped into the sky.

Meng Tai, hugging Feng Ling, also soared into the sky instantly.

BOOM! The white mist from before suddenly parted with a thunderclap as Ding Rui banged her cane at the boundary world. However, the barrier remained unmoved.

Inside the boundary world, a chuckle escaped Gu Hai's lips as he looked above him. "Throne Master Ding, thank you very much for giving me enough time, hahaha!"

Still laughing, Gu Hai slowly made his way deeper into the boundary world, heading towards the dragon vein!

"f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Gu Hai, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Ding Rui howled in outrage.

She had confronted Meng Tai because she was hoping that Gu Hai would ultimately solve the 29x29 weiqi game. However, how could anyone have expected that Gu Hai could enter the weiqi world after just solving half of the remaining endgames?

"Meng Tai, it's all because of you!" Ding Rui directed her anger at him.

Meng Tai sneered as he looked back at Ding Rui and retorted, "It's because you're incompetent, that's all! Feng Ling, let's go!"

"What?" Ding Rui's eyes went wide in shock. Gu Hai could enter the weiqi world because Gu Hai understood the game and had found the entry point. How can Meng Tai enter as well?

But what she saw next was Feng Ling and Meng Tai enveloped by a resplendent peony, emerging suddenly from Feng Ling's head as she came in contact with the barrier.

In the next instant, the two of them both went inside easily, as if the barrier simply disregarded them.

"No!" Ding Rui slammed her cane on the barrier angrily. Nonetheless, the barrier remained totally unmoved for her.

"Key? Feng Ling is the key, a key through which one can enter the boundary world of Elder Guanqi!?" Ding Rui's face was completely distorted in shock and fury.

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