Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 999 – The True Suppression

Chapter 999 – The True Suppression

The True Suppression

The 11th!

*Hong Long…*

The entire battlefield had been completely destroyed. The two of them had created a whole new battlefield. Although the intense battle between them lasted for three hours, neither one had managed to gain the upperhand, both of them each had an edge over the other.

Sang Ba’s Great Devil Curse was his biggest edge in this fight, while Tyrant had his pure Buddha cultivation method, which was the bane of the Devils.

In this case, there was no clear winner as both of them had an advantage over the other.

“Dammit! This bald monk is annoyingly strong!” Sang Ba said, raging.

He had never encountered an opponent that he couldn’t defeat ever since he mastered the Great Devil Curse. The opponent that he was fighting right now was incomparably irritating. The reason he appeared today was to crush the morale of the Human Race. Unexpectedly, a young monk appeared and disrupted his mission, and also boosted the moral of the human army.

Tyrant on the opposite side also felt frustrated, however, it was only for a moment. Meeting a strong opponent after advancing his Buddha Dharma was surely a good thing for him. This could be treated as a rare training. As far as he was concerned, the benefits of this battle would be immeasurable.

“Little Chen, what do you think of this Great Devil Curse?” asked Big Yellow.

“It is no doubt a profound curse. After a.n.a.lysing its origin, I found out that it could form an illusory realm with its incantations which was somewhat similar to the Great Illusion Realm. If I use the dragon transformation skill along with the Illusion Heart Sutra, I could suppress the devil’s Great Devil Curse. I think Tyrant has had enough rounds with that devil. It’s my turn to fight him,” replied Jiang Chen plainly.

Observing the fight secretly proved to be beneficial for him. It had given him the chance to gain an insight on the Great Devil Curse and the techniques that could restrain it which would save him lots of trouble.

His current cultivation base was enough to handle Sang Ba, even without transforming into a half-dragon. It had been a long time since he last used the Great Illusion Realm, so no one in Saint Origin Palace would suspect his ident.i.ty if he used this technique, including Desolate Wuleng.


Jiang Chen moved. The Heavenly Saint Sword roared. A thin brilliant sword light descended from the sky, slas.h.i.+ng at the centre of the battlefield where Tyrant and Sang Ba were at. The sword intent was akin to the surging sea that roared incessantly; it fiercely tore the battlefield in half.

This abrupt change undoubtedly startled all the onlookers. Sang Ba and Tyrant were shocked the most. All pairs of eyes, including the monks of the Great Lighting Tune Temple and the higher ups of Devil Race who had been observing the battle secretly, fell upon the unexpected outsider—a youth dressed in white.

“It’s Gu Chen.”

“Gu Chen has appeared! His power sure is unparalleled. He was able to unleash such a tyrannical Qi even if he is a mere Fourth Grade Great Saint. Also, it was unbelievable that he was able to cut the battlefield into two.”

“At last, Gu Chen is here. However, even the young monk couldn’t take down Sang Ba, can he really deal with this terrifying devil genius?”


Jiang Chen’s emergence shocked everyone. The geniuses of Saint Origin Palace had a startled look on their faces. All of them were youngsters who were full of arrogance, but now, they felt an invisible pressure from this newcomer. Gu Chen’s name had no doubt become the number one genius of Saint Origin Palace.

Concern was on the faces of the higher ups of Gu Palace, especially so for Gu Firmament. They were worried for Gu Chen, however, they also saw a glimmer of hope from him. If Gu Chen could really eliminate Sang Ba, it would bring boundless benefits to him and their palace. Putting aside the benefits that they would get, it would also make Gu Palace the number one hero in Saint Origin World.

As a matter of fact, the position of palace master that Gu Firmament held right now was also earned by Jiang Chen.

On the battlefield, Sang Ba looked over at Jiang Chen and said coldly, “Who’re you?”

Regarding Sang Ba’s question, Jiang Chen didn’t even look at him. Instead, he turned to Tyrant and grinned. Although Tyrant hadn’t seen such a face before, he was able to discern Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty from his smile and eyes alone. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had already told Tyrant about his ident.i.ty before this.

“Young monk, I see that you are tired. Why don’t you withdraw yourself from this battle?” said Jiang Chen in a mocking tone.

“Be careful. This guy isn’t easy to handle.”

Tyrant warned, and then turned and re-joined his master and Han Yan. In truth, Jiang Chen was the only one who could convince him to give up even if the battle was very intoxicating.

Besides, Tyrant was clear in his heart that if he couldn’t eliminate Sang Ba, there’s only one amongst the younger generation of Saint Origin World that could kill Sang Ba. He had great confidence in Jiang Chen and as far as he could recall, Jiang Chen had never fought a battle that he couldn’t win.

“Not bad, boy.”

Great Monk Ran Feng praised his disciple generously. Presently, Tyrant had become his greatest pride. No genius in Saint Origin Palace was able to fight Sang Ba. Even though Tyrant wasn’t able to eliminate the devil genius, he had least had a draw with the devil. He had helped Greenlotus Mountain and the entire Buddha Sect earn dignity.

“Tyrant has become undeniably strong but too bad, the Great Devil Curse was interrupted. I almost had fully comprehended the curse,” said Han Yan regretfully.

“Don’t worry, Ah Yan. I will let you comprehend it deeper in a while.” A voice was transmitted into Han Yan’s ears. The voice was undeniably Jiang Chen’s.

Given Jiang Chen’s shrewdness, how could he not know that Han Yan was comprehending the Great Devil Curse? To Han Yan, this was an excellent opportunity. With his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, it wasn’t impossible for him to fully comprehend the Great Devil Curse. Besides, that would also make him advance, pus.h.i.+ng him to the Sixth Grade Great Saint.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s voice, Han Yan’s body trembled with excitement. It seemed like Jiang Chen was still the person who understood Han Yan very well. Without any delay, he adjusted himself to the best possible state and circulated his bloodline at maximum speed, putting all of his concentration on the battlefield. He had reasons to believe that Jiang Chen’s arrival was the end of Sang Ba. Despite the terror of the Great Devil Curse, Jiang Chen must have some kind of techniques that could restrain it.

“That Sang Ba is terrifying. I wonder if Brother Chen can handle him,” said Yan Chenyu worriedly.

“Don’t worry. Little Chen is now a Fourth Grade Great Saint. Given his heaven defying talent, he could certainly handle Sang Ba even without the dragon transformation,” said Tyrant.

He always saw Jiang Chen as omnipotent and confident. As such, a picture was already painted in his heart a long time ago—when Jiang Chen showed up on the battlefield, his opponent would definitely fall.

At the group of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, all the members of Gu Palace were fixing their eyes on Jiang Chen. They had to admit that such a peerless genius was the pride of Gu Palace, but they still couldn’t help worrying for him when he was confronting Sang Ba.

Gu Firmament had even made up his mind to save Jiang Chen should a critical moment arose. He would rather hurt his reputation than let Jiang Chen die.

A sneer appeared on the faces of the Desolate Palace’s members, particularly on Desolate Wuleng’s. The hatred he had for Jiang Chen made him grit his teeth and want to charge forward and rip Jiang Chen apart. The tragic death of Desolate Changfeng was like a sharp thorn in his heart, he could never get over it. If he could borrow the hands of Sang Ba to eliminate Jiang Chen, he would surely be overjoyed.

On the battlefield, Sang Ba couldn’t help but laugh after noticing the cultivation base of the youth in white.

“Arrogance. This is literally arrogance. I have never thought that there is such an arrogant human in your race. A puny Fourth Grade Great Saint dared to appear and fight me? You simply don’t know what’s life and death. Human Race is surely severely lacking of geniuses.”

Sang Ba didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, which was not strange considering his status. He was deemed to be an invincible existence amongst the young generation of the Devil Race. So how could he possibly put a young man with a cultivation base two levels lower than him in his eyes? Anyway, it was impossible to understand the scariness of Jiang Chen without fighting him in person.

“Is that so?”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curved into a sneer. Without bothering to rebut Sang Ba’s remark, he casted the Azure Dragon Five Steps. Although he was in human form, it was still the terrifying Azure Dragon Five Steps. He lunged at extreme speed. The Spatial s.h.i.+ft had modified the paces of the technique. By the time he reached Sang Ba, he had already made the fifth step.

A surge of a towering, mountain-like energy rushed out of his body. It was the Purest Yang Qi. Adding the strands of pure yang flames, Sang Ba was restrained from even using his devil power.


Sang Ba exclaimed. He immediately put away his contempt for Jiang Chen, he was shocked to find that this young man’s attack could suppress him even more compared to the cultivation method of Buddha Sect; this was absolutely a one-sided oppression.

“Peerless Devil Wheel!”

In the midst of hopelessness, he hastily struck out the Peerless Devil Wheel. However, this giant wheel couldn’t even withstand Jiang Chen’s step and was pulverized.


The devil wheel was crushed. Countless dragon marks rippled under Jiang Chen’s feet as he stepped on the devil.

*Deng Deng Deng…*

Sang Ba couldn’t stand the immense pressure, and was sent flying up to 300 meters away, he then spurted out a mouthful of black devil blood, he had received a tremendous backlash.

It was just one move but the impact was enormous. The Sixth Grade Devil Saint was definitely no match for Jiang Chen in a head-on confrontation. He should be proud as he had only been injured after receiving Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Steps. One should know that a Sixth Grade Great Saint like Desolate Changfeng was just like an ant in the hands of Jiang Chen and could be killed at any second.


Gu Firmament couldn’t help but let out a praise. Exhilaration was plastered on the faces of the experts of Gu Palace. The fact that Jiang Chen had severely injured Sang Ba in their first exchange made everyone excited, and boosted the morale of the Human Race.

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