Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 998 – Observing the Battle in Secret

Chapter 998 – Observing the Battle in Secret

Observing the Battle in Secret

The 10th!

Tyrant’s emergence immediately became the center of attention. After learning that he was the descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus, a glimmer of hope started to s.h.i.+ne in their hearts. When Ancestor Greenlotus was at the height of his power, he was a renowned figure not just in the Western Domain but also across the entire Saint Origin World. He was recognized as the Supreme Buddha ranked after the Greatest Saint and was the truly the nemesis of the Devil Race.

Sang Ba had been sneering at them from the beginning until now, which dealt a great blow to their dignity and reputation; their morale had almost hit rock bottom.

If there was no other competent young genius that could stand up for the Human Race, the devil army would strike the second time by taking advantage of the situation. It was already imaginable how many casualties they would suffer considering how dispirited they were at the moment.

Putting aside the possibility that Tyrant could kill Sang Ba, his appearance alone had already given them a sense of relief and a glimmer of hope to the Human Race, making them feel that there were still some competent geniuses in Buddha Sect.

Cold wind rustled. Sang Ba removed his sneer and stared fixedly at Tyrant who stood opposite of him unblinkingly. The cold smile at the corner of his mouth intensified. His eyes were blazing with killing intent. Being a devil, what he hated the most were monks. In the history of Saint Origin World, the Buddha Sect had been causing unimaginable damage to the Devil Race.

If the Devil Race was able to seize control of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, they wouldn’t allow any one of them to live. All of the monks would have to die torturously.

“What a young monk! I have never expected that Buddha Sect still have such a genius, unfortunately your appearance won’t change anything. Although Buddha Sect has the ability to suppress us, none of you is able to restrain my Great Devil Curse, unless you cultivated the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. It’s a pity that such a possibility doesn’t exist.”

Said Sang Ba.

“I can kill you even without the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra.”

Tyrant replied with a similar arrogance. His body was now filled with the true Qi of Buddha Sect and was at his peak form. Plus, he had just advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint. So, how could he possibly be afraid of Sang Ba?

“Really? Then, show me what you have. Peerless Devil Wheel.”

Sang Ba straight away casted his skill. His body was covered with steaming devil flames. A hundred meter large devil wheel struck out. The giant wheel looked like a devil’s face that was cold and emotionless, slamming down at Tyrant.


Shouted Tyrant. His eyes turned golden as if two scorching sun. The Buddha light and mystical Sanskrit from his body shot up, piercing through the sky. At this moment, he looked just like the embodiment of Buddha, absolutely unparalleled.

*Hong Long……*

Tyrant struck out the Fudo Seal. An enormous dharma seal materialized. The majestic and admirable face of the Fudo collided with the Peerless Devil Wheel.

The sky and the land shook. This was a direct clash between the Buddha and the Devil. The impact of the intense collision instantly ripped the void apart.

*Deng Deng Deng……*

In the gazes of countless people, Sang Ba was sent staggering back for the first time. He made several paces backwards before regaining his balance. Tyrant on the other hand was still standing in the void, immovable. His body was covered with golden brilliance, as if he was a living Buddha.

Everyone who witnessed this scene cheered up.

“Great. The descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus is no doubt extraordinary. He has actually forced Sang Ba to withdraw.”

“That’s awesome! Never thought that such a powerful genius has emerged in Buddha Sect once more; he has the demeanour of Ancestor Greenlotus!”

“It’s too early to celebrate. Sang Ba hasn’t even casted that horrifying Great Devil Curse yet.”


Many of them were exhilarated, Tyrant displayed his extraordinary talent in his first exchange with Sang Ba, which boosted their morale significantly. Many high-rank monks from the Great Lightning Tune Temple’s faces turned slightly unpleasant. Although they knew that Great Monk Ran Feng had a disciple, they hadn’t imagined that his disciple had already reached such a terrifying extent.

Moreover, the relations.h.i.+p between the Great Lightning Tune Temple and Greenlotus Mountain had always been bad. Given the fact that Tyrant had become very strong, if he were to seek revenge on the Great Lightning Tune Temple, no one in the temple would be able to stand against this young monk.

“What a great monk! You are a lot better than those so-called geniuses of Saint Origin Palace, but this will be the end for you.”

Similarly, Sang Ba was shocked, but that didn’t really concern him much because he was highly confident in his Great Devil Curse.

His Qi began to change as he spat out devil incantations continuously. Lines of devil marks appeared all around him. The incantations he produced turned into a black domain, instantly covering the entire battlefield, trapping Tyrant within.

“This was the real Great Devil Curse. This devil must have the purest bloodline in the Devil Race.”

In a far distance, Great Monk Ran Feng had a look of worry on his face. Although his cultivation base wasn’t considered very strong, he had extraordinary knowledge and experience. He could instantly see the real strength of Sang Ba with just a glance.

However, Han Yan, who was standing beside Great Monk Ran Feng looked as if he had fallen into some kind of trance. His black eyes were staring at the devil domain created by the Great Devil Curse without blinking; his eyes glittered and his mouth was whispering in silence.

If one was to talk about lineage, the Ancient Devil lineage was the purest and the most ancient lineage in the Devil Race. So, right now Han Yan was using his n.o.ble bloodline to carefully observe the Great Devil Curse. After the activation of his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, he was able to understand the incantation despite its mysteriousness.

The devil domain created by the Great Devil Curse was akin to an illusory world. Anyone who fell into it was destined to be devoured.

Sang Ba turned into a peerless giant devil, his eerie eyes were fixed on Tyrant as devil waves surged out of his mouth. “Devour the soul!”

While listening to the incessant buzz, invisible serpent-like waves rippled deep into Tyrant’s soul.

He had a look of shock on his face as he felt a trace of tremble in his innermost soul. He finally understood the horror of the Great Devil Curse and how the two geniuses ended up in a tragic death earlier. Under the attack of this devil curse, the opponent would temporarily lose his senses and turn into a waiting-to-be-slaughtered lamb.

However, Tyrant’s body was filled with pure Buddha essence and the Sarira infused with Ancestor Greenlotus’ Immortal Soul. Thus, the effect that the Great Devil Curse had on him wasn’t significant, at least not as significant as to the point that he would be eaten alive like Narang Yu and Gu Shuangtan.

“Fudo Seal.”

“Lion King Seal.”

“Karmapa Seal.”

Tyrant struck out the three supreme dharma seals of Buddha Sect in a row. Three giant images of Buddha materialized. It was a two p.r.o.nged approach, keeping guard over Tyrant and launching a strong attack simultaneously.

“You are truly a powerful monk, for being able to resist my Great Devil Curse.”

Sang Ba was shocked once more. Ever since he cultivated the Great Devil Curse, he rarely met an enemy. Today, he had defeated two great geniuses of Saint Origin Palace, However, he didn’t expect to be stopped by a monk.

*Hong Long Long……*

Continuous and powerful attacks spread out from the devil domain, turning the fragmented void turbulent. The fierce battle between Tyrant and Sang was astonis.h.i.+ng. Neither of them managed to grab the upperhand.

“That monk is amazing. He and Sang Ba are equally matched. Judging from this, he is a lot stronger than the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace like us.”

“Not necessarily. That monk is without a doubt terrifying but not necessarily better than us. The main reason that he can fight against Sang Ba is his cultivation technique. All along, Buddha Sect has been the nemesis of the Devil Race. However, it’s unlikely for that the monk to kill Sang Ba.”

“The technique he casted just now was the three supreme dharma seals of Buddha Sect, which has also disappeared for a very long time. It seems like he has already obtained the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus.”

“In any case, whether the monk can kill Sang Ba or not, he has certainly boosted our morale.”


A lot of them were shocked by Tyrant’s prowess. Putting the comparison aside, judging by the skills that he is using against Sang Ba, it showed that he is a peerless genius that had never appeared in Buddha Sect for over a hundred years.

Meanwhile, facing towards the other direction of the battlefield, in the void above the borderland, there were three silhouettes watching the battle attentively. They were two men and a dog. They were Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Gu Zheng.

In these past few days, Jiang Chen had been in seclusion in the miniature spatial zone. After being found by Gu Zheng, he was about to meet Sang Ba when he saw Tyrant fighting intensely with the devil genius.

“How the h.e.l.l has that dude become so powerful? He is already a Sixth Grade Great Saint now…”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but exclaim.

“It’s very normal because he has encountered some sort of great luck. It would be abnormal if he hasn’t achieved this much.”

A smile was plastered at the corner of his mouth. Tyrant’s tremendous change was already expected. In his opinion, if Tyrant didn’t have such an achievement after absorbing the Sarira with Immortal Soul, it would only show how inferior Tyrant was.

“That young monk is indeed very strong. He is worthy of being a descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus. However, if the battle continued this way, it would be impossible for him to eliminate Sang Ba. It is already considered very good if he tied with Sang Ba in this battle. I’m afraid that you would have to get into the battlefield in order to eliminate that devil genius.”

Gu Zheng looked over at Jiang Chen.

“Tyrant has just advanced. He needs a training like this. We’ll let him fight for a little longer. If he starts to have some difficulties in battle, I will interfere.”

Said Jiang Chen. Sang Ba was the top genius of the Devil Race. If the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da could absorb such a devil, the Fourth Level would be completely condensed and even the embryonic form of Fifth Level might even be possible.

“Gu Chen, the Great Devil Curse of Sang Ba is too powerful. Do you have certainty in defeating him?”

Asked Gu Zheng. Even Gu Shuangtan and Narang Yu were both killed. He felt incomparably worried for letting Jiang Chen confront such a horrifying devil.

“Rest a.s.sured, elder. I will surely avenge Gu Shuangtan’s death.”

Cold light flashed in Jiang Chen’s eyes. Although he didn’t have a particularly strong bond with Gu Shuangtan, Gu Shuangtuan had once stood up for him back at the Refining Tower. Now that Gu Shuangtan was dead, he naturally had to destroy Sang Ba in order to avenge his death.

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