Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 966 – Being the Centre of Attention

Chapter 966 – Being the Centre of Attention

Being the Centre of Attention

The 6th!

“The battle between me and Gu Lian is imperative. I must defeat Gu Lian in front of the people of Gu Palace, so that they will change their way of thinking and accept the geniuses of the outer palace, I am fighting on behalf of the outer palace. If Gu Lian admits defeat before fighting, the result will still be the same. Now that the conflict has risen to the surface, it has to be solve as soon as possible.” Jiang Chen said firmly, confirming that the battle was inevitable.

He had to win against Gu Lian and use the opportunity to resolve the internal issues of Gu Palace completely. The importance of the battle was already clear.

“Very well. I will come to watch your battle against Gu Lian. Lots of people will also be present. On that day, it will all be on you,” said Gu Firmament.

Jiang Chen was right. Since the internal conflict had reach the surface, it must be solved right away to get rid of any hidden problems. There were countless of lessons in history that proved that internal strife is dangerous.

Gu Firmament trusted Jiang Chen very much. If they only relied on Jiang Chen and Gu Lian’s fight, it wouldn’t solve the conflict completely. However, the things that Jiang Chen did in the Refining Tower and Law Enforcement Palace helped him gain enough reputation to help solve this conflict.

It was conceivable that the events in the Refining Tower had already spread across the entire Saint Origin Palace. The incident in the Law Enforcement Palace had even spread faster. By then, Gu Chen would become the idolatrous existence amongst the young disciples, regardless of whether they were disciples of the inner or outer palace. His status would certainly rise unceasingly. Even those high ranked elders would be extremely excited to see such a dazzling and rare genius appearing in Gu Palace.

“Palace Master, if there’s nothing else, I will take my leave.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Gu Firmament.

“Jiang Chen, what kind of cultivation resources do you need? Don’t hesitate to tell me. Anything that is within the limit of Gu Palace, we will try to satisfy it.” Gu Firmament said.

He had made up his mind to nurture Jiang Chen, a talent very worthy of their effort and time. If Saint Origin World fell into chaos, Jiang Chen would definitely be one of the most important players in it.

Jiang Chen thought for a while, then shook his head immediately. “No resources.”

It was just two simple words, but it projected his hegemony and self-confidence. He was originally a person with a lofty disposition. After he integrated the heart of blaze, it boosted his heroic aura even more. A simple word, gaze and gesture of his could affect people around him.

Then, he switched back to Gu Chen’s face, turned and disappeared. Instead of going to other places, he went straight back to his residence. In order to avoid trouble, he went into seclusion. He was sure that a lot of people would come and visit him after the incident in the Law Enforcement Palace was spread. He was a person who disliked to be disturbed.

“Today’s reward is great. Not only have I advanced to Second Grade Great Saint, but also gained Gu Palace a reputation by suppressing Desolate Palace’s arrogance. What’s more important is that Big Yellow and I have reunited, pulling Demon Palace and Gu Palace together. It is absolutely important that these two major forces join together.”

Jiang Chen was smiling. He was quite satisfied with the current development. Now, he would just have to wait until his fight with Gu Lian finished before thoroughly resolving the conflicts in Gu Palace. Once this was achieved, the next thing that he would do was to hasten his cultivation. There was no doubt in Desolate Palace’s greed to dominate. He speculated that Desolate Palace must be hiding some kind of secret, a secret that allowed their geniuses to grow faster than the other seven major palaces.

The secret behind Desolate Palace’s fast growth intrigued Jiang Chen, but he still needed time in order to search for the root of it. At any rate, strength was the most important thing. Without sufficient strength, any action would only be useless, even if he found their secret. This was something that Jiang Chen had always been very aware of.

Moreover, he noticed his tremendous improvement after he absorbed the immortal Qi today. If he could continue to absorb the immortal Qi during his cultivation, his cultivation would surely skyrocket, reaching an extreme level. But sadly, this was only his wishful thinking.

After all, Saint Origin Palace wasn’t really separated from Saint Origin World like the Immortal World. It was already good enough that they could absorb a little immortal Qi. It would simply be impossible to have immortal Qi that was as much as the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi here, unless the expert had achieved the immortal realm and rose to the Immortal World.

While Jiang Chen was in seclusion, the situation outside were exactly what he and Gu Firmament expected. The incidents in the Law Enforcement Palace spread throughout the Saint Origin Palace, like a gust of wind.

“Oh my G.o.d. I regretted not being present in that scene at that time. I didn’t expect that Gu Chen would be so amazing! He could actually kill a genius like Desolate Yitang and also anger Desolate Emperor to death? He has also won the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master. I’m afraid that out of the entire Gu Palace, only Gu Chen could make such contributions.”

“Wicked! That’s overly wicked! He has just arrived in Saint Origin Palace, but he has already created such earth-shattering events. However, he is quite a good person. At that time, he helped the disciples of Gu Palace fight back and killed three geniuses of Desolate Palace in the Refining Tower. I heard that he also asked Gu Yong to bring back some pills for those whom he had injured the other day. Those pills were magical. All of the disciples who took the pill have almost recovered. Gu Chen is truly generous. He stood up for us regardless of how we treated him, and regardless of the past.”

“There’s more. He has absorbed all the immortal Qi in the Refining Tower dry. It is truly heaven defying. I was there at the time. All the immortal Qi in the miniature spatial zone were gone in a few minutes.”


Everyone in Gu Palace was cheering and the topic of their conversation was Gu Chen. The emergence of Gu Chen had brought them endless glory. Gu Palace hadn’t seen this impressive deeds in decades. His arrival brought praise and respect from all the people in Gu Palace.

From these reactions alone, the internal conflicts between the geniuses of the inner and outer palace have almost been resolved even if the battle between Jiang Chen and Gu Lian didn’t happen yet. However, there were still some hidden conflicts amongst the higher ups.

Since the conflict had been brought to the surface, it had to be resolved no matter what. Jiang Chen had to use his battle with Gu Lian to achieve this goal.

“By the way, Gu Chen can even kill Desolate Yitang. Doesn’t that mean that Brother Gu Liang won’t stand a chance either if they fight?”

“Wake up buddy! There is no chance at all. The result of the fight is already as clear as day. Brother Gu Lian is powerful but compared to Desolate Yitang, there is still a gap. So, when Desolate Yitang was instantly killed by Gu Chen, it only showed that Gu Chen is a rare genius that Gu Palace never had ever since. In my opinion, they have to cancel the battle. If the fight really happened, Brother Gu Lian will only humiliate himself.”

“Exactly. Seems like the battle is no longer meaningful, and our view of the outer palace have been wrong. When we fought them yesterday, we felt that they were also strong and powerful. Furthermore, Gu Chen was one of them. Who else would look down on him now, the one who earned the greatest glory for Gu Palace? I don’t care what you all think but I have already viewed Gu Chen as my idol.”


People were discussing about the agreement between Gu Chen and Gu Lian excitedly. All the geniuses understood that the battle no longer held any importance, Gu Lian wasn’t going to be Gu Chen’s opponent.

The disciples of Outer Palace were even more excited. They had never felt so proud before ever since they entered Gu Palace. They had been oppressed by the geniuses of the inner palace. Their situation only changed the moment Gu Chen arrived. Aside from the satisfying battle yesterday, the outlook of the inner palace had already changed. Those haughty geniuses no longer showed them disdain.

Two days pa.s.sed. On this day, the martial arena was already crowded by so many people even before the fight even started. Most of them were disciples and elders.

The martial arena of Gu Palace was much larger than the one near Jiang Chen’s residence. At the center of the martial arena stood several battle platforms that soared up to the sky above the clouds.

Today was the day of the fight between Gu Chen and Gu Lian. Even though everyone knew that there was nothing much to expect from this battle, they still came here anyway, because many of them hadn’t seen Gu Chen before. Those powerful elders were also here to see Gu Chen’s appearance. They wanted to know what the number one genius of Gu Palace looked like.

Gu Lian arrived. His expression didn’t show any sign of tension. In his mind, winning or losing wasn’t important, but the courage to fight.

There were a dozen Outer Palace geniuses that walked towards the martial arena. The one who led them was dressed in white clothes, and emitted a heroic aura, he was, without a doubt, Gu Chen.

“Look, Gu Chen has come.”

“He is Gu Chen. Sure enough, he has an extraordinary bearing. One look is enough to tell that he is a dragon among his peers. His future achievements is surely unimaginable.”

“Killing Desolate Yitang while being merely a Second Grade Great Saint? He didn’t just defeat his opponent but killed him. I have never seen such strength. It won’t be an exaggeration to call him the number one genius of Gu Palace.”

“No doubt. This man has earned Gu Palace so much honor and glory. He has also won over the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master. His contributions are incomparable, even to the elders, a lot of them certainly won’t able to do so.”


For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen, praising and admiring his demeanor.

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