Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 965 – Glory

Chapter 965 – Glory


The 5th!

He was aggrieved! The high and mighty Desolate Emperor had forgotten when was the last time he got angry, because for a long time, no one had dared to make him angry, but today, he wasn’t only furious. It was mixed with grievance and annoyance that it nearly drove him mad.

He was played by a brat. He, Desolate Emperor, fell into the plot of a newbie. How humiliating! If this was spread, he had no idea where should he put his face at. His prestige would suffer seriously.

However, he knew that this event would spread pretty soon to every corner of Saint Origin Palace. Even he, Desolate Emperor, could not stop the spread of the news.

“Desolate Emperor, given your status and position, you absolutely can’t break your word. Since you gambled with Gu Chen, you must sincerely accept your loss. The seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master has changed. I suppose you have gotten tired and fed up of that position after occupying that seat for so long.” Heavenly Peng King said in serious tone, not sympathizing Desolate Emperor at all. This gave Desolate Emperor an impulse to dash forth and slash this giant Peng.

Without waiting for Desolate Emperor to speak, Heavenly Peng King held his fists at Gu Firmament formally. “Old Gu, congratulations!”

“Haha! Same to you. We are good friends and are both blessed. Why don’t we occupy this seat together?”

“That doesn’t seem very appropriate. There has always been only one person occupying the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master. The rules have never mentioned about two people occupying a single seat.”

“Don’t refuse Brother Heavenly Peng. It wasn’t allowed before, but it’s different now. I am the palace master of the Law Enforcement Palace now, any word I say is a decree. Henceforth, the two of us will be in charge of handling the Law Enforcement Palace.”

“How could I possibly accept this...?”


Looking at the actions of these two elderly, it looked as if they had already treated the Law Enforcement Palace as their own home. Everyone had a look of amazement plastered on their faces, even Jiang Chen could no help pursing his lips. Today, they finally experienced true shamelessness.

As if Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King were afraid that Desolate Emperor would not get angry enough, they started discussing how they would manage the Law Enforcement Palace in the future, and prepare a radical reformation of this a.s.sociation.


Desolate Emperor roared, his eyes becoming bloodshot. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He could not stand it anymore. He felt that he was about to explode. He was the true palace master of the Law Enforcement Palace, and his people were still in the main hall, but these two didn’t even show him an ounce of respect. Their intention was that they would both occupy the seat after he left, they were even shamelessly discussing the reforms that they would make to improve the Law Enforcement Palace as if they were in some kind of business.

This would certainly infuriate a lot of people to death.

“Desolate Emperor, you must admit your defeat. Hand over the token of the Law Enforcement Palace.”

Gu Firmament didn’t care even if Desolate Emperor was about to cough out blood, and extended his arm. Heavenly Peng King at one side had a gloating look. Jiang Chen was very satisfied with Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King’s performance. As long as these two were together, Demon Palace and Gu Palace would be fully united.

Desolate Emperor could feel his body shaking due to his overwhelming anger, but there was nothing that he could do, his status and position prevented him from cheating. If the honorable Desolate Emperor could not even honor his promise, he would not just lose the seat of palace master, but also his hard earned fame.

“Here it is.”

Desolate Emperor threw it over casually. A golden ray flew over and was then caught by Gu Firmament. It was a golden token with the words ‘Law Enforcement’ carved on it. It was the token for the one who was in charge of the Law Enforcement Palace—the Palace Master.

Subsequently, Desolate Emperor stared at Jiang Chen without hiding his murderous intent. A genius like Gu Chen really made him feel envious. It would be so much better if Jiang Chen was a member of Desolate Palace.

Desolate Emperor’s figure slowly faded. He had lost the gamble and the seat of palace master. Continuing to stay here would only bring him unhappiness and misery.

The entire Law Enforcement Palace turned frantic. Ever since the establishment of the Law Enforcement Palace, the position of palace master would only change every three years, through election. There had never been a gamble that put the seat at stake. Today was the first time that such an event happened. The elders of Gu Palace were delighted, they ran towards Gu Firmament and congratulated him.

“Congratulations! Palace Master. I feel happy for you. At last, Gu Palace is now in control of the Law Enforcement Palace.”

“That’s right. It is truly exulting. Gu Chen, you are excellent. The future of our palace will get brighter with a genius like you.”

“Agreed. Gu Chen is merely a Second Grade Great Saint, but he could already kill a Fourth Grade Great Saint. That’s monstrously heaven defying. Plus, he was able to absorb all the immortal Qi in the Refining Tower. With his great luck, he will certainly prosper in the future. This is truly a blessing for Gu Palace.”


The elders of Gu Palace looked proud and arrogant, but some people had sour faces. Each and every elder of Desolate Palace were extremely depressed. Initially, they had brought Gu Chen here to punish him, but they didn’t expect that instead of Gu Chen being punished, they had lost the seat of the palace master.

“The Law Enforcement Palace is used to enforce the laws, it doesn’t belong to Gu Palace alone.” The elder who brought Jiang Chen earlier said angrily.

But as soon as his voice faded, Gu Firmament turned to him and said in a cold tone, “You have now been dismissed, effective immediately. Be gone!”

“What rights do you have to dismiss me?”

The elder’s eyes went wide. Was this a joke? Dismissing someone so casually?

“The new palace master is in house. You have no right to speak. When you are asked to scram, you will scram. You have disrespected me just now, it is already enough to charge you with treason. Dismissal is considered the lightest punishment for your mistake.”

With a wave of his hand, a gust of wind hit the elder, throwing him out of the main hall.

“Sh*t! This guy is awesome!” Big Yellow whispered.

“Of course. How can an overlord lack charisma?”

Jiang Chen shrugged. Peerless figures like Gu Firmament would have slight temperament. It was the elder’s fault that he failed to see the situation, putting himself in front of the muzzle of the gun. He should’ve never expressed his anger towards the new palace master.

“Alright. The Law Enforcement Palace will operate as usual. I will come to check things out from time to time. Gu Chen, let’s go,” said Gu Firmament.

A wave of air wrapped Jiang Chen and both of them disappeared.

Later, Heavenly Peng King also brought Big Yellow and Kong Yang back to Demon Palace while Gu Liufeng headed towards Gu Palace by himself.

In the Gu Palace. There was an imperial palace built in the void. It was the place where Gu Firmament lived. No one were allowed to enter without his permission, but now, he had brought Jiang Chen here.

“Jiang Chen, you have earned Gu Palace enough reputation today, and you have exhilarated this old man very much. Having such a heaven defying talent at this young age is a miracle.”

Gu Firmament looked at Jiang Chen with great satisfaction. He called him by his real name instead of Gu Chen. Clearly, he had already known the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen.

In that case, Jiang Chen no longer needed to cover himself. With a burst, his face returned to his original appearance.

“I only achieved it because of the help of Palace Master. If Palace Master didn’t appear, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have a chance, Desolate Emperor would’ve tortured me to death,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Haha! You really have the guts! Gu Xuantian told me about the earth-shaking incidents that you did in Pure Land. I also learned that you are the son-in-law of our Gu Family. That means you are one of us. Today, you have helped our people in the Refining Tower and absorbed all the immortal Qi, earning Gu Palace tremendous glory. Also, you have fought for and won the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master, disgracing Desolate Emperor craftily. You are now considered a great meritorious member in Gu Palace. I believe that once this news spread, everyone in Gu Palace will know you, and soon, your position and status in Gu Palace will soar by leaps and bounds.” Gu Firmament said with a smile.

He felt very satisfied in Jiang Chen’s performance. He had no idea how long it had been since he felt so happy.

“Desolate Palace has become more powerful and ambitious. It is only a matter of time before the balance of the eight palaces is tilted off. We, Gu Palace, must stand out, along with Demon Palace. Desolate Palace has been growing bigger through all these years, do you know why?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Desolate Palace is no doubt, getting more powerful, especially the young generation, they are stronger than the younger generation of the other seven palaces. They seem to have received resources that we cannot get. The seat in the Law Enforcement Palace isn’t the only contributing factor. There must be some other reason that we haven’t found out. I have already investigated it but still found nothing about it. However, Desolate Palace’s thirst for power is getting more obvious. You are right that the power of the eight major palaces will lose its balance soon. If we can unite with Demon Palace, it wouldn’t be a bad choice,” said Gu Firmament with great confidence.

He was still skeptical when Gu Xuantian said that the future of Gu Family depended on Jiang Chen, but after seeing him today, he finally believed it.

“This is not the most important thing for the time being. There is an urgent matter that we have to solve first – the internal conflict in Gu Palace. Among the eight palaces, Demon Palace has the healthiest growth because there is fundamentally no internal conflicts amongst their people. Presently, we can’t care about the other palaces until we resolve this issue. Otherwise, it is going to affect the future of Gu Palace.” Jiang Chen said grimly.

“I agree with you. However, I can’t find any solutions to this conflict. Anyway, your appearance has brought this conflict to the surface and your deeds in the Refining Tower have surely helped ease the conflict. You have also contributed enormously in our palace and earned Gu Palace a great honor. Therefore, it is best if you personally solve this internal conflict. I believe that you already have a solution to this. In addition, the battle between you and Gu Lian should be canceled. You are already a Second Grade Great Saint now, killing Desolate Yitang wasn’t even a problem to you. There is basically no point in fighting Gu Liang.” Gu Firmament said.

“No.” Jiang Chen retorted.

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