Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 940 – The Plan

Chapter 940 – The Plan

The Plan

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They took one final glance at the place where Jiang Chen had disappeared. The people of the Gu Family sighed and left with a melancholic expression on their faces. They wanted to give Jiang Chen a proper burial but none of his remains can be found.

It was already over. The Demon Race were just about to head back to Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain when Lang Xingtian looked over at Big Yellow and said “Big Yellow, do you want to come with us?”

“No, I’m going to Martial Saint Dynasty.” said Big Yellow, as he pretended that he was hurt. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t dead but he had no clue as to what Jiang Chen was planning. Therefore, he had to keep it a secret even to the Demon Race as he didn’t want to sabotage Jiang Chen’s plan.

“Very well. Tell Jiang Chen’s family not to be too sad. We’ve done all that we could. Ai!”

Lang Xingtian sighed heavily. Then, he led the people of the Demon Race back whereas Kong Yang stayed.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

Big Yellow asked.

“I’ll go with you to see Jiang Chen’s family. He had saved my life once. His family is considered to be my family as well. Today, brother Jiang has died, I should take care of his family on his behalf.”

Kong Yang said with a solemn expression.

“You are such a good brother. Come with me.”

After looking around, Big Yellow flew towards a certain direction. Kong Yang followed behind him. Both of them were flying at a very fast speed, disappearing without a trace.

“Big Yellow, this doesn’t look like the way to Martial Saint Dynasty.”

After flying for a while, Kong Yang realized that they weren’t heading towards Martial Saint Dynasty.

“We are not in a hurry to go to Martial Saint Dynasty. I will bring you to see a person first.”

Big Yellow said, chuckling.

“See who?”

Asked Kong Yang. Looking at Big Yellow’s chuckling face, he really wanted to slap him for being so heartless that he could still smile after the death of his best brother.

You’ll know when you get there.”

Big Yellow ignored Kong Yang’s glances and focused on moving forward. Kong Yang was wondering who this dog wanted him to meet, at the very least, he was sure that Big Yellow wouldn’t do something that would harm him.

Under Big Yellow’s lead, they arrived at a barren wasteland. The void ahead appeared very serene, but Big Yellow was able to detect a trace of wave with his eyes. He stuck out his head and tore off that rippling wave, revealing an independent spatial zone. Kong Yang was confused but he still followed Big Yellow into the spatial zone.

This place had apparently been just built not long ago because it was only the size of a house. Comparing this s.p.a.ce to a regular independent spatial zones, it was pitifully small. At this moment, a youth in white was sitting on his feet, with a pale look on his face.

Kong Yang’s facial expression changed instantly when he saw the youth dressed in white. Both of his eyes widened, it’s as if he had seen the most unbelievable thing in the world.

“Jiang, Jiang Chen…”

Kong Yang stuttered. He raised his hands to rub his eyes, confirming that his vision was still in proper function. Who else would it be if this young man in white wasn’t Jiang Chen?

“Brother Kong.”

Jiang Chen grinned at Kong Yang. This was an independent spatial zone that he temporarily created. Just now, he used the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and Flaming Wings to escape from the six experts’ deadly strike, but that powerful attack had dealt a certain degree of damage to him, and now he needed a serene environment to facilitate his recovery.

As for the location of this tiny spatial zone, he secretly told Big Yellow the coordinates. This explained why Big Yellow could accurately locate this hideout. As for the others, Jiang Chen wasn’t worried at all. All the experts of the major eight is gone. No one across the entire Eastern Continent would be able to find Jiang Chen’s hideout. As such, it was absolutely safe for him to be here.

“What…what is going on? Didn’t you get killed and pulverized by the six great experts?”

Kong Yang felt lost. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but he was sure that Jiang Chen was alive. He darted Big Yellow a glance and figured out why this dog was being so heartless and indifferent before this; it was because he already knew that Jiang Chen didn’t die.

At this time, Kong Yang suddenly thought of the abrupt action that Big Yellow made; he was about to burn his bloodline but suddenly halted his action. This anomaly only made sense because Big Yellow knew that Jiang Chen could escape at that time.

“They wanted to kill me? They still lack the capability to do so. Even though I managed to escape, I have suffered some injuries and I need some time to heal them.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You have made master dog worried for you, and I almost burnt my bloodline to save your as*!”

Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen.

“Go to h.e.l.l. You almost ruined my great plan.”

Jiang Chen darted Big Yellow a glare, but his eyes were filled with unconcealed grat.i.tude. To think that Big Yellow was willing to burn his Divine Beast Bloodline just to save him, he was touched by this kind of sincere friends.h.i.+p.

“What’s happening outside now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Everyone, including the Gu Family and the Demon Race thought that you are dead,. All the people from the eight major families have returned. They have suffered a lot of casualties this time, It seems to me that they would need some time to rebuild their forces, but your death had caused the members of the Gu Family and Demon Race to suffer emotionally. I’m afraid that they are going to mourn your death for a period of time.”

Kong Yang explained.

“Very good.”

Jiang Chen nodded with a smile. This was the effect that he wanted, which was to make everyone think that he was dead. Only then could he carry out his secret plan.

“Quickly tell me! What plan are you talking about?” Big Yellow asked impatiently.

“My next target is the Saint Origin Palace. I have promised someone that I will go there to resolve an issue. This has just created an opportunity for me to do so. Now that everyone had thought that I am dead, no one will know who I am even if I entered Saint Origin Palace. If I remained alive, the six major families would certainly continue to hunt me down. So now, I don’t need to worry about this anymore.” Jiang Chen said.

After stepping into the Great Saint realm, the Pure Land was no longer a challenging environment for him. Saint Origin Palace however, was very different as every expert and genius in there was incredible. Furthermore, he had promised Great Master Ran Feng that he would help him find some information regarding Ancestor Greenlotus.

“There will be geniuses in Saint Origin Palace who knows who you are. So how are you going to enter that place?” Kong Yang asked.

“I have my own ways.” Jiang Chen smiled, his plan had just begun.

“Your move is fantastic. I have no idea what kind of expression they will have on their faces after they find out that you are still alive.”

Kong Yang chuckled. He couldn’t imagine what expression the major six would have when they see Jiang Chen.

Anyone would agree that this move of Jiang Chen is brilliant. He was just a First Grade Great Saint. If he confronted the six major families head on, it was unlikely that he would deal a blow that was severe enough to cripple them. In addition, the Sixth Grade Great Saints would surely keep hunting him everywhere. Thereafter, the Pure Land would no longer be the place that he could go as he would constantly be leading a nomadic life. If the experts lost their patience, they might harm his family instead.

Currently, everyone thought that Jiang Chen was dead and would regard him as someone in the past. No one would ever raise this issue again, which would give Jiang Chen plenty of time to cultivate. This was the reason why Kong Yang thought that Jiang Chen’s move was brilliant.

“They will know sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed. The conflicts between him and the major six was far from over, whether it was the six major families of the Pure Land or the six major halls of Saint Origin Palace. In truth, the conflicts between them was just beginning. Even if the Pure Land could remain serene this time, Saint Origin Palace wouldn’t stay that way because of his existence. I would cause an upheaval across the entire Saint Origin World.

“Jie jie… I have guessed your plan correctly.” Big Yellow grinned. He knew Jiang Chen too well. He could basically guess what would Jiang Chen do next.

“Alright. I want the two of you to guard this place for me. I have to recover my injury as soon as possible.” Jiang Chen said.

Then, he circulated the dragon transformation skill and wood essence, stimulating the rapid recovery of his injuries. Due to the severity of his injuries, it wasn’t an easy task to heal them. He was afraid that it would take at least three hours to get those injuries all healed up.

During this period of time, the news of Jiang Chen’s death went viral. The first place that it was spread to was the Martial Saint Dynasty. As the ruler of Eastern Continent and the place where the incident happened, they would naturally be the first to receive the news.

Everyone in Martial Saint Dynasty was heartbroken when they found out about Jiang Chen’s death. Countless of them had collapsed emotionally. That kind of psychological blow was unimaginable.

In Martial Saint Dynasty, all the higher ups had gathered in the main hall of Martial Saint. The atmosphere was heavy and suffocating. Jiang Zhenhai had become muddle-headed, he kept on chanting Jiang Chen’s name as if he had gone crazy. All of his hopes and the most important part of his life left him just like that. The pain that he was suffering was incomprehensible by any outsider.

Peac.o.c.k King and Lion Yan were also present in the main hall. These two Great Saints from the Demon Race had already reached the Fifth Grade Great Saint, but they didn’t think that the shocking news would be news of Jiang Chen’s death. The excitement that they had for their recent advancement was buried instantly by a layer of sadness.

The feeling of grief pervaded the entire hall followed by anger, melancholy and despair, but none of them spoke because they knew that nothing would change even if they said something. Jiang Chen’s enemies were too strong. Even with their entire lifetime, they wouldn’t have a chance to avenge his death.

It was true that Martial Saint Dynasty could rule the entire Eastern Continent, but compared to the eight major families of the Pure Land, the difference was unimaginably vast. Any opponent from that land could ma.s.sacre all of them a hundred times, so how were they going to match with them in a fight?

“Chen Er, I feel proud that you have been the prince of Fragrant Sky City.”

Jiang Zhenhai wiped the beads of tears off his face. Jiang Chen’s death had truly crumbled him mentally.

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