Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 939 – The Death of Jiang Chen

Chapter 939 – The Death of Jiang Chen

The Death of Jiang Chen

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“Good, I will be the first to make you suffer in pain. Also, I will draw your soul out so that you won’t get another chance of being reborn for eternity.”

An elder of the Desolate Family fluctuated his Qi and was prepared to launch a strike on Jiang Chen.


At this moment, Bin Longtian stopped the elder.

“Bin Longtian, what do you think you’re doing? Did you forget that half of your people also died in this little beast’s hands?”

The elder looked over at Bin Longtian.

“This person must face his consequences no doubt, but in my my opinion, we’ll attack him all at the same time to finish him off for good. After all, we do have the status of overlords. It would be demeaning to torture a brat to death with the likes of us and it would only bring our reputation down.”

Bin Longtian expressed. Jiang Chen must die, but he disagreed with the others on using torturous methods as the way to kill him.

“Well, he’s right. Let’s do it together. We should just kill him immediately.”

Dan Yangtian nodded, agreeing to what Bin Longtian had stated. Putting aside the matter of Jiang Chen’s death, they were the respected figures of their families, they represented the pinnacle authority in the Pure Land. As such, reputation meant everything to them, otherwise they wouldn’t have let Jiang Chen go back in Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain.

Two beams of light shot out of Jiang Chen’s eyes indistinctly. He had already predicted that this would happen. He antic.i.p.ated that these people would want to save their face but they couldn’t let him go again, so they must finish him off directly, and this was exactly what Jiang Chen wanted.

“Little beast, you are lucky today.”

The elder of the Desolate Family gritted his teeth.

“Come on! A bunch of old men siege-attacking me, a junior? This is going to give you quite the reputation in the following thousands of years.”

Jiang Chen looked confident and fearless.

“No more nonsense! Kill him!”

Desolate Yuntian yelled, unleas.h.i.+ng all of his Qi completely while the other five experts also launched a powerful attack of their own. For a moment, the void was overwhelmed by the violent energy turning the battlefield into a maelstrom. Jiang Chen was completely submerged by the turbulent current. He disappeared from their sights and there were no signs of his Qi..

The six powerful experts had launched their full-fledge blow with the intent to kill. Even a great monstrous genius would perish instantly without leaving any trace.

“Haha! Bring it on! Eighteen years later, I will return and will still be the hero.”

His voice echoed from the centre of the turbulent atmosphere, startling everyone.

“Jiang Chen!”

Gu Xuantian yelled, trying hard to get away from s.h.i.+ Haotian, but there was no way he could get out of his sights.

“Gu Xuantian, your opponent is me. You will not be able save that brat’s life even if you go there.”

s.h.i.+ Haotian sneered. He was a man with the same status as Gu Xuantian, one of the eight major overlords. Even though he wasn’t confident in defeating Gu Xuantian, keeping him busy in the battle wouldn’t be an issue for him.

Lang Xingtian and the great elder were also stuck in the battle with their adversaries, leaving them with no chance to save Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Jiang Chen is going to die for sure.”

The people of the major six laughed with delight.

“d.a.m.n it! Totem Divine Seal, give me strength.”

Big Yellow stormed forth. He couldn’t bear to watch Jiang Chen die like this. At this grave situation when the six powerful experts had unleashed all of their energy simultaneously, he had no idea whether Jiang Chen would be able to escape or not, but he wouldn’t bet on it. He must get Jiang Chen out of the turbulent force even if it means putting himself in danger and getting crushed.


With an earth-shaking roar, Big Yellow’s body began to change, his physical size enlarged in one go, dragon horns sparkled on his forehead and the Totem Divine Seal hovered above his head. This time, Big Yellow was going all out.

“Big Yellow, stop!”

Kong Yang screamed. Every expert of the Demon Race was alarmed when they saw what Big Yellow was doing – he was going to burn his Divine Beast Bloodline to stimulate the Totem Divine Seal and obtain tremendous energy and power to save Jiang Chen.

However, the consequences would certainly be disastrous. He might even lose the Divine Beast Bloodline and the Totem Divine Seal after that.

“Big Yellow, don’t do it! Don’t mess up my plan!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s voice suddenly reverberated in Big Yellow’s ears. After hearing the word ‘plan’, he hastily stopped burning his Divine Beast Bloodline. The tidal Qi began to recede and the Totem Divine Seal went back into his body and his size and body returned to his original appearance.


Everyone of them were stunned by the sudden change. They were baffled by Big Yellow’s drastic change of action, and that all of their worries were in vain.

“What the f*ck! You almost make master dog fall into a state which I can’t recover. b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I am going to bite your a.s.s off after this.”

Big Yellow complained in a disgruntled way, but the worries on his face vanished. It seemed like all of these were within Jiang Chen’s plan. Initially, he was frustrated that Jiang Chen became the prey to the bullies when he stood there waiting for the six powerful experts to strike, because this wasn’t his style.

He now knew the motive behind Jiang Chen’s actions, but he still didn’t have a clue as to what he was trying to achieve, but there was one thing he was sure of – Jiang Chen had ways to protect his life. Even if he was struck by six powerful experts, they wouldn’t be able kill him.

In truth, how could Jiang Chen be so easily killed?

*Hong Long…*

While countless of eyes were gazing at the scene, the entire void exploded completely. A giant hole was created in the sky, looking gloomy and frightening, with gusts of gruesome air current flowing out of it. The combined strike of six Sixth Grade Great Saints was no doubt enough to destroy the sky and earth.

Even the sky was broken apart, it was imaginable what would happen to Jiang Chen, especially since he was the center of their combined strike. I’m afraid that not even a bit of his remains would be left.

Thick smoke billowed, as huge flames blazed. The area was obscured by the rolling smoke. Everybody held their breath, gazing at the foggy battle scene, waiting to see the result.

Desolate Yuntian waved his large hand, hitting out a gust of air current that dispersed all the thick smoke. At the spot where Jiang Chen stood previously, there was nothing left except for the fractured void.

“Is he dead?”

“He must be dead. Everyone knows how deadly that strike was. Even the sky is broken. How could Jiang Chen possibly survive that?”

“Haha! Dead! Without leaving a single remain. That insane maniac has finally received the ultimate judgment.”


The people of the major six got exhilarated when they saw that Jiang Chen was killed. To them, it was really delightful to witness the death his death.

“d.a.m.n it!”

“Oh G.o.d! That’s a genius with an outstanding amount of ability. It’s a pity. His future achievements would’ve been limitless if he remains alive.”

“Not even the Heaven can help him. Relying solely on the strength of the Gu Family and the Demon Race couldn’t save Jiang Chen ultimately.”


The people of the Gu Family and the Demon Race looked hurt. The death of Jiang Chen was equivalent to losing a matchless genius. Their lament and anger weren’t going change that fact. Anyhow, they had tried their best.

Six of them, including Desolate Yuntian had sealed off the whole void. Their divine sense swept through the area for a few rounds and found neither sign nor traces of Jiang Chen. Finally, they came to a conclusion that Jiang Chen was truly dead. He died under the full force of the blow just now.

“Is he dead?”

Dan Yangtian doubted his ears and eyes.

“There is no question about it. He is dead. It is impossible for him to escape in front of us and we didn’t find any traces of his escape even if he had done so. That blow just now was enough to fully pulverize him.”

Desolate Yuntian said in confidence.

“He truly has profited for having instantly killed.”

An elder of the Desolate Family said coldly.

“Alright, from now on, there won’t be someone like Jiang Chen anymore in this world. We have suffered quite severely. We need some time to recover all of our losses.”

Bin Longtian sighed. The Bin Family shouldn’t have been involved in this conflict. Even though they had killed Jiang Chen and eliminated the scourge, the losses they suffered weren’t tiny.

“You bunch of old men, don’t you feel shameful for jointly attacking a junior?”

Gu Xuantian said, gritting his teeth. He had a feeling that a knife was cutting his heart when he thought about Jiang Chen’s death. Not only because he was the future husband of Wu Ningzhu and that he had to provide an explanation to Wu Ningzhu. Back when Jiang Chen arrived in the Gu Family, they had developed a sincere and true relations.h.i.+p with one another. As such, how could he stay indifferent towards the death of Jiang Chen?

Unfortunately, his heartache could never change the fact that Jiang Chen was killed.

Lang Xingtian’s face was full of grief. Despite knowing Jiang Chen for only a short period of time and despite the fact that Jiang Chen wasn’t a member of the Demon Race, he had treated Jiang Chen as his friend during all the times they had been in contact.

“Humph! Gu Xuantian, Jiang Chen should’ve been dead earlier. Your families were trying to protect him, which was an impossible task. From today onwards, there won’t be a person named Jiang Chen anymore.”

Desolate Yuntian let out a cold humph and left with the people of the Desolate Family.

Then, the other five major families followed, returning to the Pure Land. Most of them had lost a lot of young talents, which only meant that they needed time to retrain and nurture another batch of experts. Now that Jiang Chen was dead, it was no longer necessary to continue the fight with the Demon Race and the Gu Family. During this period of time, the major six had suffered great losses due to Jiang Chen’s existence and the other two families were instead getting stronger.

Only the people of the Gu Family and the Demon Race were left on the scene after the departure of the major six. Whether it was the higher ups or the underlings, all of them had viewed and treated Jiang Chen as their own, especially Gu Liufeng, Kong Yang and a few more. They owed Jiang Chen a life-saving kindness. When they saw how Jiang Chen died without having the ability to save him, it was a grief akin to losing their loved one.

Overwhelmed by sadness, they certainly didn’t realize that Big Yellow, who was supposed to be grief-stricken looked ordinarily fine, like his normal self, as if Jiang Chen’s death didn’t affect him at all.

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