Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 936 – The Peerless Devil God

Chapter 936 – The Peerless Devil God

The Peerless Devil G.o.d

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The concoction that took place in the lightning was a magnificent spectacle. It was even more awe-inspiring as compared to the dragon and the phoenix. The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. However, for Jiang Chen, a person who cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, this level of concoction was nothing. He could concoct these pills, even without the help of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. It was just that concocting it would become slightly more difficult without the aid of it.

*Hong Long*

Seeing Jiang Chen’s resistance, the dragon and the phoenix were furious, began to continuously bombarding him with crazy strikes that almost ruined the entire spatial zone. Cracks started to form on the boundary, and it seemed like this place would collapse at any second now.

Jiang Chen lifted his head while looking at the dragon and the phoenix. He said in a plain tone. “It’s about time. I just need a few more pills and I will settle the score with them.”

A cruel smile was revealed at the corner of his mouth. The Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation had been bombarding him for some time now and it was approaching the end. Jiang Chen would never miss this great opportunity as he knew that the more he reached the end of the tribulation, the greater the power of the strikes, much greater than any of the previous strikes.

In short, this major tribulation had brought enormous amount of benefit to Jiang Chen and it was mainly because of the power of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Presently, the Third Floor was almost fully condensed. It was certain that the condensation would complete after the tribulation. At that time, his power would definitely be powerful.

There was no question about the defensive capability of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but its offensive capability was yet to be known. Anyway, now wasn’t the time to test its power. He could slowly explore them and decipher the secrets of the paG.o.da slowly in the future.

Soon, the second round of concoction was over. There were a total of twenty Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills in his hands. Twenty of these pills were hovering all around his body with joy.

“Oh my G.o.d!He succeeded in concocting twenty Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills in such a short time without any failure? Is he even human??

A Great Saint of Dan Family trembled. He was a powerful alchemist. He was considered one of the most outstanding alchemist across the Saint Origin World, but Jiang Chen’s performance in the concoction today ahd made him feel like his life was in vain. It turned out that there was such a delicate and exquisite alchemy skill that existed in the Heaven and Earth. Putting everything aside, just by watching Jiang Chen’s concoction, it had benefited him a lot. When he returned to Dan Family, he would thoroughly reexamine his concocting skill and soon, his mastery in alchemy would become a notch higher.

Of course, it was hard to know if he would be able to go back alive today.

At the present moment, plenty of the Dan Family members felt somewhat regretful. If they didn’t make Jiang Chen their enemy in Void Triangular Domain, they might perhaps be able to ally themselves with Jiang Chen like the Gu Family and Demon Race. In that case, it would absolutely benefit their family.

But then, there was no medicine that could heal regrets. Now, they were already the life-or-death enemy of Jiang Chen akin to the relations.h.i.+p between water and fire. Between them was only resentment and revenge that was forged by blood, that there was no way to resolve.

“Twenty Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills…This is unreal.”

“I live with no regrets, especially after seeing thebrilliance of this concoction in real time. Comparing Jiang Chen to those high ranked alchemists that i have seen, regardless if it is in the aspect of skill or success rate, they are definitely at least several notches lower than Jiang Chen.”

“Agreed. To be able to concoct twenty Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills in itself is a miracle. Across the whole Saint Origin World, it seems only Jiang Chen can achieve such a result. Now, the self-proclaimed number one family of alchemists, Dan Family, is like a child who just merely knows the basics in front of Jiang Chen. Both of them are on totally different levels.”


The Great Saints of Gu Family and Demon Race praised Jiang Chen generously, as the elders of Heavenly Leopard Race started to sneer at the Dan Family. As a matter of fact, it was true that Jiang Chen’s capability in alchemy had put Dan Family to shame.



Roars and howls sounded once more. The two thunder G.o.ds had gone completely furious, sending out lightning strikes that were at least twice as strong as before. At this time, Jiang Chen hastily kept the flames and pills. With a flash, he raced towards the array of the Desolate Family at extreme speeds.

“Experts of Gu Family and Demon Race, retreat quickly lest any unintended death occurs.”

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen’s voice spread into the ears of all the experts of Gu Family and Demon Race. In fact, their facial expression changed the moment they saw Jiang Chen flying towards them. Without delay, they immediately flew frantically to a safe distance.

“Holy sh*t! This is insane!”

An elder of Heavenly Leopard Race had a look of excitement. Currently the Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation was nearing its end, meaning that its power would tremendously increase to an unknown degree. It was unimaginable, how much damage and destruction it would cause once Jiang Chen rushed into the crowd.

“Not good, run! Now!”

The facial expression of Fifth Grade Great Saint changed dramatically. Many of them started to realise what Jiang Chen’s intention were now. This was simply insane. Any ordinary person would only focus on surviving through the tribulation. Who would have the thought of exploiting the tribulation to strike others? If those experts were caught by the tribulation, it would increase the power of the heavenly tribulation. Thus, it was similar to digging your own grave, but this was what Jiang Chen intended to do.


All the experts of Desolate Family were scared to death, hurriedly dispersing from their array. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen’s speed was too fast for them. In a flash, he caught up with the group of experts. Half of them, including two mighty Fifth Grade Great Saints were enshrouded in the lightning zone.

*Hong… Hong…*

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Shrill cries came from those Great Saints that were enshrouded by the lightning. Each of their screams would give one gooseb.u.mps. They were all blasted and slain by the heavenly tribulation.


It was just too fast. Everything happened in mere seconds. The Desolate Family had suffered the disaster of extinction. Two Fifth Grade Great Saints had died miserably. Initially, everyone was waiting for Jiang Chen to be weakened by the tribulation, but the thought of Jiang Chen using the tribulation against them had never crossed their minds. At the rate that things were going, many of them would die before the lightning tribulation ends.

After nearly half of the experts of the Desolate Family were killed, Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his cold eyes towards Huo Family.


The cultivators of Huo Family immediately sucked in cold air and began to flee frantically. It was too scary and terrifying. The tragic deaths of the experts from Desolate Family shook their senses. They were crystal clear that it wasn’t Jiang Chen who was after them, it was the heavenly tribulation. It was imaginable that they would face the same fate as the experts of Desolate Family once they were locked on by the heavenly tribulation.

“Haha! Where are you running to?”

Jiang Chen laughed. The Flaming Wings fluttered gently, raising his speed immensely; he caught up with Huo Family’s experts in a blink.

This time, half of the experts of Huo Family were captured by the lightning clouds. Incessant piercing wails were heard, their bodies were instantly turned into powder by the lightning. Tragedy was the only word to describe their death.

“My goodness!”

A lot of them exclaimed. Even the experts of the Gu Family and the Demon Race were shocked when they saw the scene. That attack was simply too strong, to the point where it could be considered heavenly defying. They were feeling very fortunate that they had made the very wise choice of allying with Jiang Chen because it was no doubt a damaging and harmful move to make a heaven defying genius like him an enemy.

“Everybody, run, this little beast is crazy!”

A Great Saint of Narang Family cried, frightened. They were all indeed frightened. It would be disastrous once the heavenly tribulation struck them. All of them had survived the tribulation before, but the tribulation that they faced was defendable using their own strength. If they were to confront the tribulation that belonged to another person, not only would they need to bear the unknown damage of the heavenly tribulation, but also initiate an internal tribulation that came from their origin. Thus, when they were struck by the thunderfire, it would burn from deep within their souls, and they would die once they couldn’t bear it.

All the time, people who were experiencing the tribulation would always pay attention to their safety. They would never put their lives at risk. They had never seen someone as insane as Jiang Chen who would do something like that.

The deaths of half of the members of Desolate Family and Huo Family had completely frightened the other four major families. They dared not to be neglectful. Immediately, they dispersed from their group, raced towards the internal void and hid inside. But, it was of no use even if they went into the internal spatial zone. Unless they rush out of this spatial zone and go back to the original world outside, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the ravages of the heavenly tribulation.

“Five Elemental Sphere.”

Their speed was fast but Jiang Chen was faster. He caught up to them and casted the Five Elemental Sphere. A ma.s.sive power sphere spread out, enshrouding nearly half of the experts of the four major families. Because the escaping routes these experts took was random, they were all scattered, it was basically impossible to eliminate all of them at once.

However, Jiang Chen was selective in his targets. All Fifth Grade Great Saints except two fell into the zone of the Five Elemental Sphere.

The Five Elemental Sphere was Jiang Chen’s power sphere, it also indicated the zone that the heavenly tribulation would strike. In other words, all of these experts who were enshrouded by the Five Elemental Sphere would be punished by the heavenly tribulation and eventually die.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Lightning flashed and flames blazed in the Five Elemental Sphere, screams were heard everywhere. Some people were covered with thunderfire before they were being incinerated into slag. In less than a minute, all the experts that fell into the Five Elemental Sphere were all dead. None survived.

A scene like this was too scary. Everyone who stood outside the lightning tribulation was in a state of fear. Even the people of Gu Family and Demon Race could feel tingling numbness in their skin. Have you any idea how many experts were there? They all died just like that. Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation when it came to killing. It was truly a very unfortunate thing to offend such a peerless devil G.o.d.

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