Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 935 – Flaming Wings

Chapter 935 – Flaming Wings

Flaming Wings

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*Hong Long Long*

Rumbles resounded in the void above. The dragon and phoenix were making incessant thunderfire strikes on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da but to no avail. Every ma.s.s of lightning and fire was absorbed the moment it struck the paG.o.da. The Third Floor of the paG.o.da was being condensed rapidly, half of it had already emerged.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Jiang Chen had completely fallen into the perfect state of cultivation. Besides the increasing number of dragon marks stimulated by the absorption of the heavenly lightning, the most important thing was the integration with the heart of blaze or the Burning Flame. Currently, it had fully integrated with Jiang Chen’s heart.

When the two hearts are combined in perfect harmony, a huge burst of Qi rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. That Qi represented an outstanding person, a truly supreme hero. The heart of blaze had added the aura of awe to the domineering Jiang Chen, making people feel compelled to admire him.

The aura of awe wasn’t the only thing that benefited Jiang Chen, there was also a tangible benefit that he acquired. Behind him, illusory wings of fire gradually materialized until it became real wings of fire.

The wings of fire, unlike his dragon wings, evolved through the heart of blaze. In other words, the heart of blaze had turned into a pair of dazzling wings of fire.

“Flaming Wings.”

The two words appeared in his mind. His eyes turned fiery red. A casual flutter of his wings radiated endless fiery waves. The power became even more unbelievable when the heart of blaze was combined with the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire.

The Flaming Wings allowed him to fly ten thousand miles in a breath. Across the boundless world, he could reach any place with just a single will. It was true that it couldn’t deal considerable damage but its enhancement in speed was unimaginable. To Jiang Chen, using the Flaming Wings together with the Spatial s.h.i.+ft could bring him into the internal void with a casual move which made it impossible even for a Seventh Grade Great Saint to kill him.

“Haha! This is exhilarating!” Jiang Chen laughed.

This was indeed a very pleasing thing. The benefits that he reaped in this ancient battlefield was marvelous. Leaving the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da alone, the heart of blaze was enough to make him exhilarated.

With a flicker, he kept his wings of fire. His eyes gazed through the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da at those experts of six major families, revealing a smirk. This wasn’t the first time he exploited the tribulation. If he chased after those experts in a frenzied manner, many would die under the strikes of the Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation.

If it was before, he wouldn’t guarantee that the tribulation strikes would hit them as there were a lot of Fifth Grade Great Saints among them. Furthermore, many would choose to run because they feared the lightning tribulation. But now, with the Flaming Wings, whoever he wanted dead would die. It was too easy to catch up to the Fifth Grade Great Saints.

“I will let you all live a little longer, I won’t let you all miss such a great opportunity of meeting the heavenly tribulation.”

Jiang Chen looked around at the lightning sparks that surrounded his body and began to prepare the refinement of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. There was no more of this pill left with him. After giving away some in Martial Saint Dynasty, the remaining ones were used as part of the betrothal gifts for Gu Family.

A sacred medicine like the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was very precious, even to Jiang Chen. It was best if he could make some of them now. Today, the Gu Family and Demon Race had a.s.sisted him a lot, it was no doubt a great favor. If it wasn’t because of them buying him time at the beginning, he wouldn’t have refined the heart of blaze and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would certainly be smashed to pieces.

Now that the heart of blaze had been fully refined and integrated and the magma had been fully absorbed, there was nothing else he could reward the Gu Family and Demon Race except by giving them the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills that he was going to concoct right now. He believed that these two major families were still very interested with this pill.


Having Jiang Chen as the center, the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire merged together, forming a sea of fire. Spiritual energy rushed out Jiang Chen’s body like tidal waves, integrating itself with the flames.

Then, Jiang Chen began to juggle out some medicinal herbs and Nine Solar Saint Water and threw them into the flames. With the help of the lightning energy, he began concocting as if there was no one else present.

“What’s Jiang Chen doing?”

“He is concocting pills, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills. Yes, there is no doubt about it. Only Jiang Chen is able to concoct such a pill in this world.” An expert of Gu Family cried.

“What? The legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill?”

The elder of the Heavenly Leopard Race exclaimed in surprise. They didn’t see a real Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill before but they had heard of the name. Among the varieties of pills, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was undoubtedly the pill of the highest grade.

“That’s right. That day when Jiang Chen came to Gu Family to propose marriage to Wu Ningzhu, there were three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills in the betrothal gifts that he brought. They were concocted by him personally. I didn’t believe it at first but after seeing him concocting the pills now, it must be the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills that he is concocting,”said an expert of the Gu Family.

Many of them were shocked as they stared at Jiang Chen without blinking, especially the experts of Dan Family. To them, alchemy was always the easiest thing of all, it was their pride, but none in the Dan Family was able to concoct Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.

“Dammit! I don’t believe he can really concoct Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. The alchemy skill of our family is the best in the world. How can Jiang Chen possibly concoct a pill our family can’t?”

The elders of the Dan Family’s faces hardened. Alchemy was their greatest pride, but now, they felt a pressure from Jiang Chen pressing down the things that they were proud at, shaming their names and giving them unpleasant feelings.

Despite their resentment towards Jiang Chen, they disregarded him as their enemy, their eyes are now fixed on Jiang Chen attentively as they wanted to find out how Jiang Chen concoct the pill. It would be a rare opportunity that happened every hundred years to see the process of concoction in real time.

“Haha! Dan Family are known as the number one alchemist in the world, I wonder where your level will be when you are compared to Jiang Chen.” An elder of the Gu Family laughed sarcastically.

“Humph! We still don’t know if he will succeed in his concoction.” An expert of the Dan Family let out a cold humph.

The most important aspect of alchemy was the state of mind integrating with the spiritual energy. The more superior the pill, the more stringent the requirements required. He firmly believed that no one would be able to concoct pills during the time of tribulation, not even with the help of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

Well, of course. If they knew that this wasn’t the first time Jiang Chen concocted Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, and the fact that he wasn’t helped by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da at that time, they would surely feel bitter in their hearts.

“Ai! I really admire Jiang Chen. He is truly the rarest genius of our world. Not only are his combat power and skills heaven defying, he is also a great alchemist. A genius like him rarely appears once every ten thousand years, moreover there’s no such genius in the history of Saint Origin World.”

Kong Yang couldn’t help shaking his head. He knew that he could never catch to Jiang Chen in his lifetime. In the future, he could only look up to Jiang Chen in admiration.

Gu Liufeng had a similar expression. Both him and Kong Yang were famous figures on the Sky Ranking, but they felt that the difference between them and Jiang Chen wasn’t measurable anymore.

Not only them, those geniuses who came from Saint Origin Palace had their face turned ugly as well. They had always been the elites of the geniuses, the greatest of their generation. It was their pride, their honor to be able to cultivate in Saint Origin Palace because that was a symbol of status, but after seeing Jiang Chen’s strength, skills and power, they had to lower their heads. All of them were overshadowed by Jiang Chen’s existence.

Lightning rippled as all eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen wanting to see the birth of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.

Jiang Chen’s hands were constantly dancing while sending out dharma seals at maximum speed. Those without proficiency in alchemy didn’t understand what he was doing, but the experts of the Dan Family’s face darkened, some even felt difficulty in breathing because Jiang Chen’s alchemy skill was too amazing. They had to admit that watching the concoction of Jiang Chen was enjoyable and it had opened their eyes in the field of alchemy.

Very quickly, the first Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was fully concocted. It was reddish-gold in colour and wrapped with lightning sparks. They could see the shadow of dragon rippling within the pill that made it look extremely divine.

“Look, he succeeded. It’s so easy for him to concoct a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, there is almost no chance of failure!”

The experts of Dan Family exclaimed once more. At this time, they forgot that Jiang Chen was their enemy and started to praise him.

“Is this really the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill? Sure enough, it looks very divine. It is exactly the same as the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. There is no difference at all.”

“This is a supreme sacred medicine. If I can get a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, earth-shaking changes will take place in my whole physique. My talent will be remolded, allowing for greater cultivation advancement.”

“Do you see that? Another pill is concocted, the third, the fourth…the sixth, it is just too fast. There is virtually no chances of failure.”

“For G.o.d sake! Is he human? How can there be such an abnormal creature in the Heaven and Earth. To be a great alchemist, one needs to place all the concentration on alchemy, which makes his combat strength lower than their peers. But this person not only has incredible combat strength, but also heaven defying alchemy skill. I can’t believe this if I’m not seeing this with my own eyes.”

“We must kill him! Wait until the end of the tribulation, he must die. He is exceedingly heaven defying. He is going to be a great threat if he isn’t eliminated as soon as possible.


The experts of the six major families all changed their facial expressions. They were totally amazed by Jiang Chen’s heaven defying skills and strength.

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