Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 931 – Seriously Bold

Chapter 931 – Seriously Bold

Seriously Bold

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At the present moment, Jiang Chen was like a ghost hiding in the dark, ready to act at any time. The situation was almost ripe. The moment that he had been waiting for has finally come. He had reasons to believe that the magma dragon wouldn’t be able to hold on for three more minutes under such bombarding attacks.

“Haha! The magma dragon is going down in no time!”

The Great Saint of the Huo Family laughed loudly. Seeing the magma dragon becoming smaller, each of their faces were filled with delight. Their attacks were overwhelming, the dragon just simply couldn’t resist it.

“Keep going. Don’t give it the chance to recover.”

An expert from the Desolate Family yelled. The other experts didn’t dare neglect the order. They hastily launched another strike with all of their might. The magma dragon wouldn’t die as long as the heart of blaze was within it. It wasn’t easy for them to achieve this victory, so they couldn’t allow the magma dragon to recover.

*Hong Long*

The raging attack landed and hit the dragon once more, causing it to give out an agonizing wail. It then roared and responded with its fireb.a.l.l.s strike and magma pillars. However, it had already been severely injured. So its attacking power was only half of its original damage. To the eight major families, this wasn’t a threat at all. Although the magma dragon felt annoyed, there was nothing it could do about it. In such a scene, it had no chance of escaping, let alone the strength to defend. It could only depend on the remaining magma to stay resilient now.

The attacks from the experts did not stop. Every time the attacks landed on the magma dragon, its body would shrunk by an inch. Two minutes later, the dragon let out another miserable wail. Its body was only three meters in size now.

The current cultivation of the magma dragon had dropped to the First Grade Great Saint. It no longer had the strength to fight the Fifth Grade Great Saints. At this time, there was a fist-sized red crystal in its neck that was visible from the outside. It was the heart of blaze.

“Look, the heart of blaze is in the dragon’s body.”

“Sure enough, it is the heart of blaze. Let’s blast the body of the dragon to shreds and the heart of blaze will automatically fall into our hands.”

“Haha! Amazing… At last, this is the heart of blaze that only exists in legends. Even if our family only get an eighth of it, it will still be a rare treasure that can be used to produce a great genius.”


The magmatic dragon was already on the brink of collapse. Many of them could clearly see the heart of blaze in its neck. Given the magma dragon’s current situation, even with the protection of the magma, it could only, at most, endure for another round of attacks before it disintegrated. After that, the heart of blaze would fall into the eight major families’ hands and even the magma would also be divided into eight portions.

However, they surely didn’t know that there was a pair of eyes in the darkness fixing at the heart of blaze.

“My chance has come.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed with strange colors. The opportunity has finally knocked on his door.

“Be careful. This is no joke.”

Big Yellow reminded in a solemn tone. The experts of the eight major families had already spent so much time and effort in defeating this magma dragon, and they were about to get their desired result. If the heart of blaze was robbed away by Jiang Chen, they would certainly not be able to accept it. Adding the feud and conflicts that Jiang Chen had with the five major families, they would surely go berserk. It would be odd if they didn’t blow up Jiang Chen to pieces.

“Humph! Profit from danger. As long as the experts of the Gu Family and the Demon Race help me to hold off them for a while, then I have already succeeded.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. This was his only chance of advancing to the Great Saint realm, he couldn’t miss it.


Jiang Chen’s body disappeared in a flash with the spatial s.h.i.+ft and moved in extreme speed. He pa.s.sed through the experts and entered into the magma in just a few blinks.

*Hong Long*

Everyone could hear a loud noise erupting from the void, after that, the Fifth Grade Great Saints who made their last attack saw a blood-red dragon claw falling from the sky, grabbing the magma dragon.


A being that looked like dragon and human plopped into the molten lava and disappeared along with the dragon and the heart of blaze.


Someone exclaimed.

“Who is it? Dare to rob our treasure?! You are courting death!”

Everyone was instantly enraged.

“It’s Jiang Chen. He is certainly Jiang Chen. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has been hiding in the dark all along and s.n.a.t.c.hed away the heart of blaze at the most critical moment.”

A Fourth Grade Great Saint elder who lost to Jiang Chen’s earth devil beast earlier shouted immediately. For an instant, Jiang Chen’s name created a commotion in the crowd. The faces of those Fifth Grade Great Saints changed dramatically and every one of them was gritting their teeth. They all hated Jiang Chen to the core of their bones. One of their most important tasks in coming here was to kill Jiang Chen.

Just now, Jiang Chen appeared on his own before they could take any action. The thing was that he did not only appear, he appeared and s.n.a.t.c.hed away their fruits of labor. This was undeniably unacceptable to them.

“Kill him and peel him alive! He dares to take advantage of us.”

The Fifth Grade Great Saint of the Desolate Family raged.

“Elders, help me to stall them; I am in the midst of advancing to the Great Saint realm. When I succeed, I will repay you all with great rewards.”

At this time, Jiang Chen’s divine sense permeated out the magma and into the ears of all the elders of the Demon Race and the Gu Family. Without delay, they immediately stood out to block those elders from the other six major families.

The relations.h.i.+p between the two major families and Jiang Chen had already been established earlier. Jiang Chen was able to enter the Suspended Tower and was closely related to Big Yellow. The Gu Family on the other hand had acknowledged Jiang Chen as their son-in-law and a member of their family, even the patriarch, Gu Xuantian had a brother-like relations.h.i.+p with him.

Since they were all one family, they were naturally obliged to help. In their point of view, giving the heart of blaze to Jiang Chen would be a lot better than dividing the heart of blaze into eight portions.

“Gu Family, Demon Race, what are you all doing?”

A Great Saint from the Huo Family bellowed.

“Don’t you think that it’s too much for so many elders to bully a junior?”

An elder from the Heavenly Leopard Race shouted.

“Too much? Does this old leopard have any idea what he is talking about? That little runt obviously used us to deal with the magma dragon and then rob the treasure away at the very last minute. We must kill him and the heart of blaze would be ours.”

“That’s right. That little runt clearly wanted the heart of blaze. Besides, we have great conflicts with that person. It’s nice that he revealed himself, it saved us the effort of finding him.”

“Cut your nonsense. You two families better get out of the way now or we won’t be polite.”


The experts of the five major families were totally infuriated. They had given out their best to defeat the magma dragon. They would really cough out blood if the heart of blaze was gotten by Jiang Chen.

“Even if you want to be impolite, so what? Jiang Chen is our son-in-law now and also a member of our Gu Family. Whoever wants to kill him will need to get through us first.”

The elders of the Gu Family showed their dominance but they did not attack in order to buy Jiang Chen some time.

The most important thing for Jiang Chen now was time, which he wouldn’t waste while he was in the magma. The magma dragon didn’t resist much when it was crushed by Jiang Chen. Then, the heart of blaze was swallowed by him as he circulated his dragon transformation skill to its maximum and began to refine the heart of blaze quickly.

The dragon marks were quickly condensed. One hundred, two hundred and three hundred were condensed in just a short moment. Now there were only two hundred left before he reached the Great Saint realm.

*Hong Long*

The sound of a roar in the magma was deafening. Then, a large amount of magma quickly disappeared. This incident had drawn the attention of all the experts.

“What’s that little runt doing in the magma? He has already gotten the heart of blaze. He is now absorbing the magma. We have to stop him quickly. If the heart of blaze is fully refined by him, all of our efforts will be in vain.”

An elder of the Dan Family said loudly.

“Stop the c.r.a.p! Huo, and s.h.i.+ Family, you two block the Demon Race and the Gu Family. The others, come with me to catch that Jiang Chen.”

The face of the elder from the Desolate Family darkened. They realized that the Gu Family and the Demon Race were helping Jiang Chen buy some time. Once Jiang Chen fully refined the heart of blaze, all of their fruits would become Jiang Chen’s.

However, they didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would be able to fully refine the heart of blaze in such a short period of time. This was a supreme treasure of the Heaven and Earth. It couldn’t be refined as easily as the other things.


The expert of the Huo Family bellowed, leading the others to attack the Gu Family. On the other side, the experts of the s.h.i.+ Family also launched their attacks on the Demon Race. The eight major families that were united just now had engaged in battle in an instant. The faces of the experts from the Gu Family and the Demon Race turned unpleasant. They wanted to buy Jiang Chen some time but they were powerless in the face of so many opponents. Now, they were hampered by the experts of the Huo and s.h.i.+ Family. There was no way to help Jiang Chen stop the other four major families.

Regarding the issue of Jiang Chen, the Bin Family had always been in neutral position. After all, none of their people were killed by Jiang Chen in Void Triangular Domain. But then again, the current issue was related to the heart of blaze, which they couldn’t ignore. If they didn’t help the other four major families deal with Jiang Chen, they might lose all the chance of getting their precious heart back.

To the Bin Family, Jiang Chen would certainly die. His present situation had almost zero chance of survival. He had offended so many experts, even if he had nine lives, it wouldn’t be enough for him to stay alive.

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