Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 930 – Fierce Battle with the Evil Dragon

Chapter 930 – Fierce Battle with the Evil Dragon

Fierce Battle with the Evil Dragon

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The fireball attack gave everyone the creeps and caused a panic among the crowd of cultivators. Many of the cultivators from the eight major families had retreated to a safe distance. Looking at the scattered bodies that had been hit by the fireb.a.l.l.s, their heart skipped many beats. All of them had no doubt, underestimated the strength of the magma dragon.

As a matter of fact, when they heard that the magma dragon was merely a Third Grade Great Saint, they became relaxed. After all, there were numerous experts from the eight major families in this spatial zone. Putting aside the few dozens of Fourth Grade Great Saints, there were sixteen Fifth Grade Great Saints here. With these many elders, they were sure that the creature could not cause any disaster.

“People, let us first break the defence barrier of the magma. Only by breaking the barrier could we subdue the magma dragon and obtain the heart of blaze,” said an expert of the Desolate Family.

“Exactly, the defensive strength of the barrier is not ordinary. Individual effort will not be enough to crush the barrier. As long as we can break past the barrier, the magma dragon won’t be able to hold us off despite its extraordinary strength.”

An elder of Huo Family who made the strike out of impatience and anger just now understood the terrifying power of the magma dragon.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Let’s do it.”

The Qi of a Great Saint from the Demon Race fluctuated and soared up to the sky. A Heavenly Leopard came to life. This Great Saint was a great expert from the Heavenly Leopard Race. He had an extremely high position and status, he had tens of thousands of underlings in the Demon Race. The giant Heavenly Leopard roared as he lunged at the magma.

At the same time, the other experts struck without waiting any longer. Some struck out frenzied combat skills, some condensed giant things or objects in the void above, some released swords made out of fire, some struck out the wheel of darkness and some launched themselves with their Great Saint Weapon. Sixteen Fifth Grade Great Saints and roughly ten Fourth Grade Great Saints attacked together. At this instant, the entire spatial zone was about to blow up. There was Qi of destruction and excess energy waves were everywhere. These gave those who were far away palpitations.

Energy waves with gorgeous colors was flying all over the sky. Everything was basked by nine colors of light which made the scene look extremely beautiful, but behind the beautiful scene was destruction.

Innumerable people could feel a sense of pressure from the battlefield. Not just the Minor Saints, even half of the Great Saints felt suffocated.

“This is terrifying. I’m afraid that I can only witness such a scene today in my lifetime.”

“The Great Saint experts attacked altogether. This scene can only be described as heart-shaking. See, the void is changing color, we better stay away from it as far as possible to prevent any unintended casualties.”

“You’re right. We can’t take part in such a fight and being close to the battlefield will only put our lives in danger.”


The scene gave everyone the creeps. It was too horrific and many of them had never seen it in their lives. It was the first time that the eight major families united truthfully, of course, it was all about the profit and personal interest.

*Hong Long*

All the incoming attacks outside the magma could virtually pulverize all the magma, but the shocking layer of the defensive barrier was extraordinarily powerful. Despite the joint attacks of so many experts, the defensive barrier only shook, only a few cracks appeared on it instead of breaking.

“Its defensive strength is really incredible!”

“Continue to attack everyone! The cracks on the surface of the s.h.i.+eld indicates that it is breakable.” A Great Saint shouted.

This time, a lot of people were shocked by the fact that their ma.s.sive joint attack couldn’t even break past the barrier. It made their previous thought of handling the magma dragon alone a serious joke. This barrier alone could make an expert run out of energy.

*Hong Long*

Once again, dozens of Great Saints launched their fierce attacks. The defensive barrier now trembled more intensely. Besides that, more cracks which made countless of experts happy appeared on the surface. If such a scenario continued, it would take at most two more round of attacks to bring the barrier down.


However, at this time, the magma dragon raged. Its huge body flew out of the ocean of magma again. Its body shook, sending out countless of fireb.a.l.l.s once more, but this time, the experts were prepared. They didn’t let the fireb.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t the people behind them, otherwise it would be another disaster.

The magma dragon was incomparably angry. Its eyes turned colder. It opened its huge mouth and went straight to those experts carrying the ocean of magma.

“Be careful everybody! Stick together and attack!” An expert from the Desolate Family yelled.

All the other experts didn’t dare neglect the warning because they knew that this vile dragon wouldn’t be easy to deal with. Immediately, they launched their attacks, but the magma dragon was violent and ferocious. It used the s.h.i.+eld to block their joint attack and swallowed a Fourth Grade Great Saint with its huge mouth.


The Fourth Grade Great Saint uttered a miserable cry before he was completely swallowed. He was swallowed by the magma dragon, not a piece of him was left behind.


The ruthless scene made countless of them suck in a breath of cold air. It was too horrifying, a mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint was instantly swallowed just like that. It was no doubt a ghastly scene. None of them have ever thought that such a scene would happen if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“d.a.m.n it! This evil dragon is way too scary. It’s fortunate that we didn’t attack.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. The joint attacks of so many experts must be earth-shattering and destructive, but not only did such attack not harm the dragon, but it made them lose a Fourth Grade Great Saint instead.

“The dragon is relying on the power of the magma. If it loses the magma, even with the heart of blaze, it won’t be able exert so much of its power. However a life that was conceived by the heaven and earth like this dragon could never be underestimated. If we attacked earlier, we would end up just like that Fourth Grade Great Saint,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“That’s amazing.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but praise.

“Anyhow, the magmatic dragon is bound to die today. Its defense can sustain either one or two more joint attacks from the Great Saints. Once its defensive barrier is broken, the magma dragon will certainly fall into a critical situation. With so many combined attacks, it is only a matter of time before it is killed.” Jiang Chen said.

On the fiery battlefield, the experts had already lost a Fourth Grade Great Saint which sent deep fright to all of the other Fourth Grade Great Saints. They dreaded that they would be the next one to be eaten by the dragon.

“Listen. All Fourth Grade Great Saints, stand behind us.” An expert from the Gu Family barked. The dragon was way too scary and they wanted no more unintended casualties.

*Hua La*

All the other Fourth Grade Great Saints quickly retreated to the back, ready to launch another attack from behind. Sixteen Fifth Grade Great Saints had tightly encircled the magma, they wouldn’t give the dragon a chance to hurt their people again.

“Now! The defensive s.h.i.+eld is about to fall apart.” An expert from the Huo Family shouted.

All of the Fifth Grade Great Saints launched another strike. Powerful combat skills and Great Saint Weapons spilled out boundless of energy waves as it hit hard on the defensive barrier.


The moment the defensive barrier is broken, the magma dragon roared. It was fully enraged. Its huge body that was carrying the ocean of magma went frenzied in the void. Infinite energy and fireb.a.l.l.s occupied the air.


All of the Fifth Grade Great Saints were exhilarated. The magma dragon’s defense was broken, they didn’t believe the dragon could withstand another wave of attack.

The sky was shaking, rolling energy was everywhere. Nine-colored light drowned everything in the spatial zone. All of the Fifth Grade Great Saints attacked continuously. At this critical juncture, they saw the hope of victory.


The magma dragon finally let out a wail. Even with the support of the magma, it still couldn’t bear the continuous attacks of so many experts. Everyone could see that its body grew a fold longer as it sucked the magma into its body. At this time, the ocean of magma disappeared and the void was only left with a tyrannical dragon.

The magmatic dragon’s wails were continuous as it received the attacks. It was dragging its body, attempting to flee.

“The dragon is going to escape, lock this place down.” Someone yelled.

How could they possibly let the magma dragon escape after the things they had done and lost? All of the Fifth Grade Great Saints seemed to have gone mad. Their eyes were red as they sealed the spatial zone off.

Currently, the magma dragon had become the turtle in a jar. It had fallen into a big cage. It roared furiously but it was useless.


The elder of the Huo Family began to bray with laughter. The sixteen Fifth Grade Great Saints attacked once again. They had noticed that the magma dragon could heal itself by using the magma. So, they had to take advantage of the situation to s.n.a.t.c.h away all the chances for the dragon to stay strong.

*Ao Wu!”

Finally, half of the magma dragon’s body was pulverized by their joint attack and the ocean of magma reappeared. The magmatic dragon drilled into the ocean of magma but it could no longer hide.

*Hong Long*

The earth-shattering attacks came again. The magma dragon was totally powerless to defend against the attacks. It kept wailing. It could feel that its body was becoming shorter every time it wailed.

“Now is the chance.”

From a far distance, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He had been focusing on the situation in the battlefield. Seeing that the magma dragon was about to fall, he was ready to launch at any second.

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