Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 872 – Leopard Wei

Chapter 872 – Leopard Wei

Leopard Wei

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The Suspended Tower was situated in an independent spatial zone. It had existed for a very long time. It was more correct to say that the spatial zone was attached to the tower, rather than the tower was attached to the spatial zone. The name of the tower came from its natural feature, it was suspended in mid-air. It was a very tall tower that exuded an ancient and magnificent aura.

This ancient tower had now lost its l.u.s.tre. No one knew how long it had existed. However, it still remained as the supreme symbol of Demon Race and its belief.

Presently, the tower was already surrounded by countless people as today was an important day for Demon Race. As long as the partic.i.p.ant was a disciple of Demon Race, he or she had the qualification to enter the tower.

The people who were nearest to the ancient tower were the people with privileges, but there were two obvious groups among them, the bloodline of Heavenly Wolf King and the bloodline of Heavenly Leopard King.

This was what Jiang Chen and Big Yellow saw when they arrived at the destination. Under the lead of Golden Fur Lion King, they reached Lang Xingtian and Peac.o.c.k King. Big Yellow was a demon that possessed a Divine Beast bloodline and a target to be nurtured. Naturally, he earned the right to stand beside Lang Xingtian and Peac.o.c.k King.

“Big Yellow, Jiang Chen, you two have come.”

Lang Xingtian greeted them.

“Today is a great day and also an important day for Demon Race. How can an outsider or a human step into the sacred land of our race?”

At this time, a voice was heard from a youth with a st.u.r.dy body that was full of leopard prints. There was a golden leopard mark in between his eyes. Despite his young age, his cultivation grade was only half a step away from Great Saint realm.

“This person is Leopard Wei.”

Golden Fur Lion King said to Jiang Chen.

“That’s right, this is the business of Demon Race. Any outsider isn’t allowed to enter, so get lost!”

A person standing beside Leopard Wei chimed in and pointed his spear at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen has gifted our race 500 million high grade True Meta Stones and is an honourable guest of Demon Race. Besides, he is here only to visit the place. The Suspended Tower is going to open soon, so silence, everyone.”

Lang Xingtian said. His remark had made everyone quiet, including Leopard Wei. Although he belonged to the bloodline of Heavenly Leopard King, Lang Xingtian was the patriarch anyway, he possessed the highest status and authority in Demon Race. In public, Lang Xingtian words contained the weight of dignity. Anyone who challenged the patriarch’s dignity was deemed to have great disrespect for him, causing not even Leopard Wei to dare do it.

Furthermore, there was nothing that could be said against the fact that Lang Xingtian was inviting an honourable guest to join their grand ceremony.

Subsequently, Lang Xingtian took out an ancient talisman with an odd pentagon shape that looked like a key. As a matter of fact, this talisman that exuded ancient Qi was the key to unlocking the gate of the Suspended Tower.

Lang Xingtian threw the talisman upwards. The talisman flew towards the summit of the tower as if it had sensed some kind of frequency. If one looked closely, there was a key slot that would fit the talisman perfectly. The moment the talisman connected with the key slot, the entire Suspended Tower began to tremble.

*Weng* *Weng* *Weng*

Buzzing sounds were heard from the tower. Brilliant golden light started to glow and shone at all the things below. The aura exuded from it was full of n.o.bility.

Later, a roar followed as an illusionary door appeared above the sky. It was the gate of entering the ancient tower. This gate carried the ability to distinguish one’s bloodline. Anyone who possessed the bloodline of Demon Race were allowed to enter, anyone who didn’t would be excluded from it.

“Look! The gate of the Suspended Tower is opened once more. This time, we have to obtain the greatest benefits of all time in the tower.”

“Yeah, we only have one chance each year. I hope that I am the lucky one. If I can obtain the inheritance of an ancient chieftain, my cultivation will improve drastically like Kong Yang. It makes my blood boil while thinking about it.”

“Enough of your daydreaming. Why don’t you see yourself in the mirror first? I instantly know that you are an unfortunate one the moment I saw you. You aren’t fated to be lucky.”


Many geniuses of Demon Race became excited seeing the opened gate. It was a great opportunity for any of them. In the past, there were some people of Demon Race who were as puny as a shrimp, but when they obtained a great inheritance of an ancient chieftain inside the tower due to the blessings from the heavens, their status and power soared miraculously. As such, the Suspended Tower was a dream, a hope to many of them.

“This time, I must enter the eighth floor. I must enter the top ten on the Sky Ranking and surpa.s.s Kong Yang.”

Heavenly Leopard clenched his fists. He was very confident and positive in this tower hunt.

“Don’t forget the most important task.”

Heavenly Leopard King said to Leopard Wei via divine sense.

“Don’t worry Great Elder, once that dog enters the tower, I will make sure he won't get out.”

Leopard Wei smiled coldly.

Heavenly Leopard King nodded silently. He was quite confident in Leopard Wei’s ability. Although Big Yellow had reached peak Sixth Grade Minor Demon Saint, he would certainly die if he confronted Leopard Wei. Fundamentally, there wouldn’t be any miracle that it would not happen.

Although they conversed using divine sense, their conversation was fully eavesdropped by Jiang Chen. Given his Great Soul Derivation Technique, not even Heavenly Leopard King was able to detect his eavesdropping, as the technique was the world’s number one perceptive skill.

For some peculiar reason, Peac.o.c.k King who was observing the other side changed his facial expression slightly. Since he couldn’t enter the Suspended Tower, he could only warn Big Yellow again. “Big Yellow, you have to be extra careful when you are in the tower.”

“Patriarch, in order to prevent those people who have evil intentions from harming Big Yellow, I request permission to enter the Suspended Tower with Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen suddenly asked for a permission from Lang Xingtian. He didn’t lower his tone, so everyone could hear it clearly, causing a commotion from the crowd.

“What kind of joke is this? He, a human, wants to enter the Suspended Tower? Is he stupid?”

“Yea, putting aside the qualification of being a disciple of Demon Race, he won’t be able to go through the gate.”

“I think he is thinking too much. The Suspended Tower only allows people of Demon Race to enter. He is a human, he won’t be able to enter.”


Comments and criticisms came from the crowd. Plenty of them thought that Jiang Chen’s request was absurd. It was surely a funny joke.

“Jiang Chen, this is the Suspended Tower, humans won’t be able to enter it.”

Lang Xingtian said. In truth, he hoped very much that Jiang Chen would be able to join Big Yellow because that would relieve his concern for Big Yellow’s safety. He was well aware of Jiang Chen’s ability. A genius like Desolate Liang couldn’t even stand Jiang Chen’s single slash. So, if Jiang Chen was by Big Yellow’s side, Leopard Wei’s intention of killing Big Yellow wouldn’t be realised.

“Patriarch, there may be some other things you don’t know about me. I cultivate a very special cultivation and have absorbed plenty of demonic beast bloodlines. I have also killed and absorbed a White Tiger that possessed Divine Beast bloodline. Perhaps I will be acknowledged by the Suspended Tower.”

Jiang Chen said.

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