Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 871 – The Opening of the Suspended Tower

Chapter 871 – The Opening of the Suspended Tower

The Opening of the Suspended Tower

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“Can’t even withstand a single blow.”

Jiang Chen left these six words in an even tone before he kept his Heavenly Saint Sword and left elegantly, leaving the people below dumbfounded.

Their emotions were stirred up despite their silence. They were looking at the severed corpse of Desolate Liang. Some of them were rubbing their eyes in disbelief for they couldn’t accept the incident before their eyes. It was like a dream.

Those who thought Desolate Liang could kill Jiang Chen in particular were so petrified their mouths were wide open. Many of them thought that the battle would be a world-shaking battle. Even if Jiang Chen won in the battle, there should be some kind of intense fighting, but who would have imagined that Desolate Liang was killed in split seconds by Jiang Chen and was absolutely defenceless.

Although Desolate Liang didn’t show his trump card, this battle was enough to prove Jiang Chen’s power. A genius ranked 30th on the Sky Ranking didn’t even have the chance to use his trump card. This was totally ironic and dismal.

“Very powerful…”

Someone exclaimed. How he viewed Jiang Chen now changed.

“This is crazy. He used just one sword strike to kill a genius of the Desolate Family and left without a trace. He is truly overbearing and unconventional.”

“Undeniably crazy that a Sixth Grade Minor Saint is able to kill a Ninth Grade Minor Saint genius in seconds! Although it wasn’t a world-shaking battle, it was truly exciting. This Jiang Chen lives up to his reputation. It seems only geniuses that are half a step away from Great Saint realm are able to deal with him.”

“Did you all see that? Jiang Chen didn’t even try to insult Desolate Liang. He straightaway killed him not long after he arrived. It means that Jiang Chen didn’t even put Desolate Liang in his eyes. He has created such imposing impression from the first battle with a genius on the Sky Ranking.”


Everyone was lost in astonishment. They were replaying the scene of the unpredictable sword slash that was so deadly to the genius of Desolate Family in their minds.

Some people came with enthusiasm when the battle was over. They got astonished after hearing the details of the battle.

Very quickly, the news of Jiang Chen instantly killing Desolate Liang had spread across the entire Pure Land. Currently, any topic of conversation related to Jiang Chen would stir up anyone’s emotions, let alone the latest battle where Desolate Liang died. The death of a genius had alarmed the eager geniuses of the five families, who were about to find Jiang Chen for a battle. They immediately held their thoughts and impulse to measure the difference in strength between them and Desolate Liang. Even if they were ranked above Desolate Liang on the Sky Ranking, they no longer dared to challenge Jiang Chen because not even they had the ability to instantly kill Desolate Liang or even kill him.

“Now it seems only those super monstrous geniuses ranked in the top ten position are able to deal with Jiang Chen.”

“Yeah. But those geniuses don’t usually appear. They are either in seclusion, or breaking through the Great Saint realm or on a tough-training regiment outside. No one knows where they are.”

“Let’s wait and see. Desolate Liang’s death will definitely will those group of monstrous geniuses. They must deal with Jiang Chen anyhow because this has affected the reputation of the five families. I believe it won’t take very long for those monstrous geniuses to confront Jiang Chen.”


Everyone in Pure Land was discussing about Jiang Chen. Many of them predicted that the super geniuses would appear within these few days. It would certainly be a good show. It was true that Jiang Chen could kill Desolate Liang but that didn’t mean he could match them in strength.

The news of Jiang Chen killing Desolate Liang had attracted many senior experts amongst Demon Race, especially Lang Xingtian, Peac.o.c.k King and even the bloodline of Heavenly Leopard King. They only heard about it and weren’t present at the scene, but they were amazed for it was their first time knowing a young man as scary as Jiang Chen. Lang Xingtian and Peac.o.c.k King’s impression of him had risen again. They were sure that Pure Land would turn chaotic because of this young man.

Jiang Chen on the other hand didn’t care about all these things, and focused solely on seclusion. No one had come to challenge Jiang Chen in the next two days. Apparently, Desolate Liang’s death had raised the alarm of a great number of people. Many of them decided not to battle Jiang Chen after measuring their own powers with Desolate Liang’s. Now, everyone was waiting for the response of those super monstrous geniuses.

Today was the most important day of the year to the Demon Race. Plenty of the younger generations would go into the Suspended Tower to search for benefits. Early in the morning, Golden Fur Lion King had come to the courtyard right after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow came out from their seclusion.

Although there wasn’t much improvement in Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, his essence, energy and spirit were a lot more vigorous than before. His cultivation grade were fully fortified within these three days.

Big Yellow, however, had changed enormously. His cultivation grade had reached the peak Sixth Grade Minor Demon Saint, which was only a step away from the Seventh Grade Minor Demon Saint. One couldn’t deny his incredible cultivation speed. With his current strength, he would be able to handle any ordinary Seventh Grade Minor Saint without any problems. He may even be able to fight an Eighth Grade Minor Saint as well, but if he used his abstinent ability, he would be able to kill the Eighth Grade Minor Saint opponent as well.

“Big Yellow, I didn’t imagine that you will improve again within these three days. You are truly unimaginable. Peac.o.c.k King has instructed me to bring you to the Suspended Tower.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Big Yellow looked cool instead of nervous.

“Lion King, can you tell me a little about the condition in the Suspended Tower?”

Jiang Chen asked as he walked.

“The Suspended Tower exists since the ancient times. It is a very sacred building and a belief to us. Every year, it will only be opened once. There aren’t many dangerous places inside but beneficial things including the ancient Daoist teachings inherited by chieftains which is extremely hard to obtain. There were quite a lot of young disciples who got these ‘things’ but only a few of them got the truly beneficial ones. There were situations where there are not even one in a hundred of them obtained such beneficial thing. As for the inheritance of the chieftain, it is rarer to get.”

Golden Fur Lion King paused for a moment before he continued. “Furthermore, no one had entered the ninth floor before. Some say that the door of the ninth floor can only be unlocked by a person with great luck. Besides that, the door of the eighth floor was opened in the recent ten years. The person who entered was the son of Peac.o.c.k King – Kong Yang. He obtained an inheritance that belonged to an ancient chieftain. After cultivating it, his grade improved by leaps and bounds. He is now the number three genius on the Sky Ranking.”

“The brother of Kong Yu, I haven’t seen him before.”

Big Yellow asked.

“Kong Yang is engaging in a tough training in the outer lands throughout the year. He seldom returns as he was always in search for the chance to break through Great Saint realm. You had just joined the Demon Race, naturally you haven’t seen him before.”

Golden Fur Lion Kin said.

“That means it isn’t dangerous to enter the Suspended Tower.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Based on the facts, yes. But there are a lot of chaos in Demon Race. On the surface, the bloodline of Heavenly Wolf and Heavenly Leopard may seem fine, but the two parties are in conflict with each other silently, particularly those young geniuses. There were also times when some geniuses attacked other geniuses and seized the benefits from them inside the tower. That’s why Peac.o.c.k King has personally warned Big Yellow to be careful. This time, majority of them will fix their eyes on Big Yellow. I’m afraid the hunt won’t be as smooth as usual for Big Yellow. As you know, Heavenly Leopard King has been trying to stop Big Yellow, this time he will find ways to get rid of Big Yellow in the tower. If something like this really happens in the tower, the patriarch and Peac.o.c.k King won’t be able to do anything about it.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“Could it be that Heavenly Leopard King can enter the tower as well?”

Jiang Chen frowned.

“Of course not, but the geniuses of Heavenly Leopard King’s bloodline can. There is a monstrous genius named Leopard Wei among them. He is the number two genius of the Demon Race, he is now only half a step away from Great Saint realm. Due to his defeat in the battle with Desolate Ming – another monstrous genius of Desolate Family – he was ranked number eleven after Desolate Ming on the Sky Ranking. According to the rules of the Suspended Tower, any genius who is below Great Saint realm is qualified to enter. It is hard to imagine what will happen if Leopard Wei strikes Big Yellow in the tower.”

Golden Fur Lion King shook his head. He felt a sharp pain in his head when he thought about Leopard Wei.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with two cold lights. It seemed the tower hunt wasn’t going to be as peaceful as he imagined. It was conceivable that Big Yellow would be blocked by Leopard Wei once he entered the tower. Even there were some powerful geniuses of Heavenly Wolf bloodline joining the tower hunt, Kong Yang wasn’t in the team. Who would be able to stand again Leopard Wei then?

“Can I go along into the tower?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“No, even if the patriarch permitted you to. The entrance gate of the Suspended Tower can automatically distinguish the bloodline of the partic.i.p.ants. Even if you want to go in, you will be repelled out of the building as you aren’t a disciple of the Demon Race.”

Golden Fur Lion King shook his head.

“That isn’t true. Let’s go. We will go to the Suspended Tower and see.”

Jiang Chen said. He couldn’t allow Big Yellow to take the risk by himself. He wasn’t concerned about what kind of status and position Big Yellow could get, but his safety. The circ.u.mstances were obvious. On the surface, Big Yellow was like the other disciples of the Demon Race hunting for the beneficial items in the tower but in truth, it was a path to death. However, the patriarch and Peac.o.c.k King had no choice but to let him go into that tower, otherwise, Big Yellow wouldn’t be able to mix into the two parties. Plus, some would even take him down directly despite his Divine Beast Bloodline.

Thus, Jiang Chen had decided to go along with Big Yellow into the tower. His body possessed the bloodline of True Dragon. Dragon was the king of thousands of beasts, it was a true Divine Beast and a mighty bloodline. Once he ignited all of his True Dragon bloodline or only part of it, it would attract the frequency of the Suspended Tower and probably the gate would welcome him at that time. In any case, he needed to give it a try.

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