Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 865 – Six Overlords

Chapter 865 – Six Overlords

Six Overlords

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No. 2

As Lang Xingtian’s voice faded, the dimension in the void above the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain bent and a st.u.r.dy silhouette walked out of the void. In fact, he was standing there all along, but if one didn’t have sharp senses, one would see no one there. It was like his body had fully integrated with the void.

This wasn’t someone else, he was the patriarch of Desolate Family, Desolate Yuntian. The distance between the Desolate Family and the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain was thousands of miles, but Desolate Yuntian was able to reach here in just several blinks. It only showed how terrifying a Sixth Grade Great Saint was. Speed was no longer his limitation. He was moving in miles per breath. A powerful expert like him could go anywhere across the Pure Land in Divine Continent at his whim.

“Lang Xingtian, all of the pa.s.sageways to Void Triangular Domain have been already been destroyed, why hasn’t yours destroyed yet?”

Desolate Yuntian said.

“This is a matter of the Demon Race. It’s not up for you to interfere. Perhaps you are overly concerned about other people’s stuff.”

Lang Xingtian didn’t show any courtesy.

“Cut down your c.r.a.p. You should have already known about the incidents in Void Triangular Domain. That little monster named Jiang Chen is in this pa.s.sageway now. He is using your pa.s.sageway to return to Saint Origin World, back to your Demon Race. I suggest you to leave your hands out of this. I will leave as long as this pa.s.sageway is destroyed!”

Desolate Yuntian bellowed. There were only a few of them across the entire Pure Land who would dare to intrude into the Demon Race and spoke to the king of Heavenly Wolf in such a manner.

“Desolate Yuntian, although you are the patriarch of Desolate Family, this is the Demon Race. Don’t even think that you have any authority here. The things that Demon Race does is not up to anyone to criticize or interfere.”

Lang Xingtian didn’t speak but Peac.o.c.k King who was stabilizing the pa.s.sageway, he had lost his patience.

“Peac.o.c.k King, you don’t have the right to speak to me.”

Desolate Yuntian darted Peac.o.c.k King a glance.

“F*ck the rights! Let’s just fight, since you refuse to listen.”

Peac.o.c.k King cursed. His hot temper surged in his body. There was no one that Peac.o.c.k King wouldn’t dare to offend, let alone the patriarch of Desolate Family which was only two grades higher than him.

“Desolate Yuntian, what Peac.o.c.k King said is just like what I have said. Whatever we do, outsiders could not interfere about it. If you are capable enough, launch your attacks in my mountains.”

Lang Xingtian’s Qi was overwhelming.

Desolate Yuntian couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect that Lang Xingtian would be so resolute in his decision, opposing him just because of an outsider. He didn’t have any other alternatives if the Demon Race insisted to protect Jiang Chen. If he attacked the Demon Race, he was afraid that he wouldn’t gain any benefits.

“Lang Xingtian, I advise you to think this through. I have no idea how many cultivators and families would seek him to avenge their comrades’ death. I’m afraid that my family isn’t the only one. The Huo, Dan, Narang and s.h.i.+ families would certainly not let him go as well. I’m afraid that your race would be unable to protect him.”

Desolate Yuntian said coldly.

“Let’s not talk about whether the Demon Race could protect Jiang Chen or not. That Jiang Chen is not in our race yet but you already came here to strike us. That only means that you are not putting the Demon Race in your eyes. If you really want a battle, Lang Xingtian would be very willing to do so.”

Lang Xingtian’s Qi fluctuated, and a thick and intense demon Qi rippled outwards.

The big movements had vibrated across the land below the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain. Many of them were looking at the two overlords in the sky, dubious of what had happened.

“What happened? Why did Desolate Yuntian came here and struck us all of a sudden? Isn’t the Desolate Family being too outrageous? And who is Jiang Chen? How come I haven’t heard of him before?”

“Yeah, he is protected by our patriarch. He must be a figure significant enough to cause the patriarch of Desolate Family to come here and attack us personally. But why hadn’t we heard of him before? This doesn’t make any sense.”

“You all haven’t heard about it? That Jiang Chen turned the entire Void Triangular Domain upside down. He has killed all the Ninth Grade Minor Saints of the Desolate and Huo families who went to the domain. He has also killed their geniuses. I heard that Desolate Ning, Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong were all killed by him.”

“What? Seriously? Tell me more.”

“It’s the people who went to the major trading event in Void Triangular Domain that told me about this.”


A while later, Jiang Chen’s name had spread very quickly across the entire Demon Race. His heaven defying deeds in Void Triangular Domain had been discussed excitedly by those who knew it. That kind of world-shaking battle even shook Golden Fur Lion King badly, let alone the others.

“It is truly awesome! I never thought that this Jiang Chen would be this wild. He is truly audacious. All the experts of the five great families were killed by him. No wonder the patriarch of Desolate Family is shaken by the news as well.”

“And this is related to that dog again. I have said that that dog is an unfortunate star. It is frustrating that the patriarch and Peac.o.c.k King are going to nurture him and make him the next patriarch. That dog has brought a troublemaker to our race. The five families would never let this matter go for killing so many of their experts.”

“Your bloodline (Heavenly Leopard) naturally don’t wish to see Big Yellow becoming the next patriarch. But I admire that Jiang Chen very much. What he did couldn’t be done by any geniuses on the Sky Ranking. They don’t have such an audacity to do such things.”

“Quickly look, seems like some more experts have come.”


The silent atmosphere in the Demon Race turned lively all of a sudden. Many of the discussions were about Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Meanwhile, people saw several experts with powerful Qi flying over their direction.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

The Qi didn’t belong only to a single expert. Four powerful experts came from four different directions. They were all middle-aged men that looked about forty years old. They had one similarity, they were all very powerful and their gesture carried an intense aura of superiority.

One of them is redheaded. He wore a fiery long red robe. The Qi that was emanated from his body was like fluttering flames. His eyes would turn red whenever he was infuriated. He was the patriarch of Huo Family, Huo Batian.

The other person was wearing a primitive Dan robe embroidered with a majestically large cauldron. He didn’t look very old but his hair had already turned grey. He was the patriarch of Dan Family, Dan Yangtian.

The next person wore a gorgeous long gown and a magnificent crown. His body exuded the aura of wealth, as if he was a lofty emperor. He was the patriarch of Narang Family, named Narang Changtian.

The last person was the st.u.r.diest of all. He is two meters tall and looked as tough as a barbaric bear. His yellow hair danced as the breeze blew, and his muscular body gave the impression of explosive strength. His Qi alone was oppressive. He was the patriarch of s.h.i.+ Family, s.h.i.+ Wutian.

All the patriarchs of the eight families had ‘tian’(sky) in the last word of their names. It meant their status was higher than the sky. This was an undeniable fact. Their ident.i.ty represented a lofty position in the Pure Land.

Desolate Yuntian, Huo Batian, Dan Yangtian, Narang Changtian and s.h.i.+ Haotian emerged above the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain simultaneously. Adding Lang Xingtian, six out of the eight overlords were present at the same time. This was truly a remarkable sight which rarely happens even in hundreds years of time.

The six of them were superior beings. They rarely showed themselves to the public during normal days. Even the experts of their families would find it very difficult to meet them. Today, however, they were present because of a young man named Jiang Chen.

Many experts in the Demon Race started to feel interested in this Jiang Chen that they had yet to meet. Nothing like this had ever happened before. There weren’t many people who could create such big a movement in the Pure Land. It seemed like this was the first time in a hundred years’ time.

Desolate Yuntian smiled when he saw the emergence of the four overlords.

“Lang Xingtian, do you see it now? I am not the only person who wanted to kill that little monster. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy for the Demon Race to protect him.”

Desolate Yuntian said in a plain tone.

Presently, the faces of Lang Xingtian, Peac.o.c.k King and the Great Saints of the Demon Race had already turned ugly. It seemed like what Jiang Chen did had crossed the line of the five families, it even caused their patriarchs to attend the matter personally. So, relying on the sole strength of the Demon Race to protect Jiang Chen had become undoubtedly difficult.

Far away from Demon Race was a group of powerful experts, observing the scene carefully. The leader among them had a leopard head, round eyes and a body of a leopard print. His Qi wasn’t any weaker than Lang Xingtian. He was the king of the Heavenly Leopard.

The Demon Race was divided into two parties. One party was led by the king of the Heavenly Wolf, while the other party was led by the king of the Heavenly Leopard. Although the king of the Heavenly Wolf was the patriarch of the Demon Race now, the overall strength of the latter party couldn’t be underestimated. Both parties’ disagreement to unite had caused many arguments and fights over the years.

“That stupid dog really knows how to cause trouble. He has brought a troublemaker, that Jiang Chen back to us.”

A Great Saint beside the king of the Heavenly Leopard said.

“Isn’t this good? I really want to see how that Lang Xingtian is going to protect Jiang Chen under the pressure of the five families.”

The king of the Heavenly Leopard exposed a cold smile on his face.

The atmosphere had become very stern. Although Huo Batian and the other patriarchs didn’t speak a word, their gestures were obvious enough to tell that they were here to kill Jiang Chen.

Peac.o.c.k King couldn’t stand it anymore and cursed. Due to the fact that he had to focus on stabilizing the pa.s.sageway now, he couldn’t help much.

“What is the meaning of all of these?”

Lang Xingtian raged.

“Lang Xingtian, you should already know clearly about our intention. Your race is trying to protect that little monster, that is not going to happen.”

Huo Batian’s temper was as hot as his surname. (Huo = Fire)

“Lang Xingtian, since you said that Jiang Chen isn’t in Demon Race yet, we would just wait here for that little monster to come out of the pa.s.sageway. I would like to see who this little monster is who had the guts to kill my people.”

Desolate Yuntian said with a smile.

“That’s right. That means we couldn’t just let him die in the pa.s.sageway. I would also like to see whether he is a person with three heads and six arms.”

Narang Changtian said.

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