Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 864 – The Duel on Spiritual Space Mountain

Chapter 864 – The Duel on Spiritual Space Mountain

The Duel on Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain

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No. 1

There was no way for them to calm their anger. The things that Jiang Chen did had crossed their line. Losing many Ninth Grade Minor Saints and Desolate Nanyang wasn’t considered a true loss as it would only affect the Desolate Family’s reputation slightly. The true loss that they suffered was losing Desolate Ning. He was a young genius with an enormous potential that the Desolate Family hoped to unlock in the future. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be willing to give the Saint Bone to him.

“Patriarch, what do you think?”

Someone asked. Everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention to Desolate Yuntian. As the patriarch of the family, he was a being with a prestigious status. He wouldn’t take part in most of the matters normally, but today’s incident was alarming and enraging.

“That Jiang Chen hasn’t returned yet when you all returned. Now, pay attention to every spatial vibration across the entire Divine Continent. When you sense his return through any pa.s.sageway, immediately chase after him and kill him.”

Desolate Yuntian said in a plain tone, he was a little angry but the coldness in his eyes could freeze an ancient barbaric elephant to death.

*Hong Long!*

As soon as Desolate Yuntian’s words dropped, a loud rumble was heard from the sky. The rumble trembled the entire void above the Desolate Family. They could feel a large movement, intense waves of spatial energy rippled in the void.

“What happened?!”

Desolate Yuntian yelled.

“Patriarch, the pa.s.sageway to Void Triangular Domain has been destroyed. And, the coordinates of Void Triangular Domain is gone.”

A Great Saint went into the main hall hurriedly and told Desolate Yuntian.


Many people exclaimed. It shouldn’t be the people of their family who did this. It was also not possible for someone to intrude into their family and destroy the pa.s.sageway. So, the only explanation was that something had happened in Void Triangular Domain.

“Even the portal to Void Triangular Domain has been destroyed? It seems like the source of the problem is in Void Triangular Domain. It must be that Jiang Chen’s doing. He has already obtained a great amount of fortune in that domain so he wanted to destroy the portal of Saint Origin World. I’m afraid that the pa.s.sageways of the other families would be destroyed as well.”

An elder who went to Void Triangular Domain said.

He was right about that. The spatial pa.s.sageway of the Huo, Dan, Narang, s.h.i.+, Bin and Gu Family had all been destroyed. Currently, the Huo Family was also doing the same thing as the Desolate Family. They were holding a meeting regarding Jiang Chen when their pa.s.sageway to Void Triangular Domain crumbled.

In Void Triangular Domain, near the portal of Saint Origin World.

After destroying the portal, the seven pa.s.sageways to Pure Land crumbled simultaneously, except for the pa.s.sageway of the Demon Race which remained intact due to Big Yellow’s seal. However, it was still trembling intensely and could crumble any time.

“Little Chen, quickly!”

Big Yellow yelled at Jiang Chen while supporting the entrance of the pa.s.sageway.


Jiang Chen kept the Heavenly Saint Sword and jumped into the pa.s.sageway. The both of them vanished in a blink. A few seconds later, the spatial pa.s.sageway crumbled and turned into a land of ruins.

Meanwhile, the Demon Race also felt the intense trembling of the spatial pa.s.sageway. The sky above the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain was shaking. Although the pa.s.sageway hasn’t crumbled yet due to the destruction of the portal, the pa.s.sageway still looked shaky and would collapse any time soon.

“What has happened?”

Peac.o.c.k King stood up from his seat.

“It is the pa.s.sageway to Void Triangular Domain. It seems like the pa.s.sageway has become unstable and will collapse any time. I have already felt the simultaneous collapse of the pa.s.sageways of the other seven families. Only the pa.s.sageway of our race is still intact. It seems like something big has happened in Void Triangular Domain.”

Lang Xingtian’s face changed.

“Not good. It must be because Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They must have destroyed the portal of Saint Origin World which caused the pa.s.sageways to collapse, except the pa.s.sageway back to our race. We must help stabilize the pa.s.sageway now or else, they would fall into the turbulent s.p.a.ce dimension once the pa.s.sageway crumbles”

Golden Fur Lion King’s expression changed drastically. He had gained a deep understanding about Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They were totally lawless and audacious. There was virtually nothing that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to do. He had nearly wiped out all the experts of the Dark Generation and obtained a great fortune. He must have destroyed the spatial node of Saint Origin World in Void Triangular Domain in order to cause such a destruction.


As soon as Golden Fur Lion King’s words faded, Peac.o.c.k King vanished and appeared above the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain. A surge of intense demon Qi soared to the sky, the divine aura of a Fourth Grade Great Saint was unleashed. He was using his powerful power sphere and spatial energy to stabilize the pa.s.sageway with all of his might.

However, the pa.s.sageway was still crumbling and would be destroyed sooner or later. Peac.o.c.k King couldn’t hold it for too long despite his strength, but it wouldn’t be a problem for him to hold it until Jiang Chen and Big Yellow returned.

“What an awesome brat! He has the disposition and decisiveness in accomplis.h.i.+ng great things. I am starting to like him. Haha!”

While Peac.o.c.k King was stabilizing the pa.s.sageway, he was also laughing pleasingly. Although he didn’t go to Void Triangular Domain, he could still imagine what had happened there. The collapse of the pa.s.sageways of the seven families indicated that Jiang Chen had destroyed the spatial node of Saint Origin World. Since the emergence of the Greatest Saint roughly a hundred years ago, no one as peerless and as wild as him had ever appeared. When Peac.o.c.k King first met Jiang Chen, he could already sense the demeanor of a future Greatest Saint from him.

The inside of the trembling pa.s.sageway was filled with hurricanes. All of a sudden, the pa.s.sageway was stabilized and the hurricanes were reduced. It gave Jiang Chen and Big Yellow a sense of relief. It seemed like Peac.o.c.k King was helping them by preventing the pa.s.sageway from collapsing. Jiang Chen had already expected this. As long as this spatial path didn’t collapse, he and Big Yellow would be able to return to the Demon Race.

“This must be the doing of that old peac.o.c.k. I have to say, nice work!”

Big Yellow laughed happily. When he thought about the incidents in Void Triangular Domain, it boiled his blood.

“We have to speed up. This pa.s.sageway isn’t going to hold any longer.”

Jiang Chen said. The two of them boosted their speed and moved in a speed of light.

Inside the pa.s.sageway consisted of rolling energy, especially in a large pa.s.sageway like this. The usual speed for them to reach Saint Origin World was an hour. After adding the energy inside the pa.s.sageway and their acceleration, the time taken had been greatly reduced.

However, it wasn’t a simple task for the two of them to return safely. There were some people who wanted them to pay for what they did.

When the patriarch of the Desolate Family, Desolate Yuntian, saw the collapse of the pa.s.sageways, he integrated his divine sense into the void.

“All of the pa.s.sageways to the Pure Land were destroyed except for the pa.s.sageway of the Demon Race.”

Desolate Yuntian said.

“I know now. That Jiang Chen must be using this pa.s.sageway to return to the Demon Race. Back in Void Triangular Domain, the Demon Race and Gu Family protected that Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t because of their interference, Jiang Chen would already be dead back then and none of this would happen.”

Someone in Desolate Family said.

“Humph! He wants to return using the pa.s.sageway of the Demon Race? That is truly presumptuous. I will eliminate him along with the pa.s.sageway.”

Desolate Yuntian made a cold humph. Then, he vanished in the sky and appeared near the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain.

Peac.o.c.k King was still trying his best to stabilize the pa.s.sageway, when a heavenly giant hand suddenly appeared above the mountain and grabbed at the direction of the pa.s.sageway.

“Not good. Someone is attacking the pa.s.sageway. It’s Desolate Yuntian!”

Peac.o.c.k King’s face changed drastically. Although he had a powerful cultivation and could dominate the world, there was still a huge difference between him and Desolate Yuntian. He would be no match for him if they engaged in battle.

“Desolate Yuntian, you have the audacity to come to my Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain and launch an attack. It seems like you are not putting me, Lang Xingtian, into your eyes.”

At this time, a bellow was heard from the deeper regions of the mountain. A moment later, a giant palm emerged and turned into a dazzling golden claw. That was a terrifying claw of a wolf. It carried a boundless demon Qi before it collided with Desolate Yuntian’s giant hand.

*Hong Long!*

The clash of Sixth Grade Great Saints were horrifying. It shook the land and the heaven. Despite it being only a normal clash, the force of the impact could still destroy a part of the land or heaven. In other words, if a battle between the supremes—Desolate Yuntian and Lang Xingtian— happened, any impact could pulverised half of the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain.

Anyhow, the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain was the sacred land of the Demon Race after all. The void in the area was strongly protected by a barrier. In addition, the excessive combat waves were deliberately sent away by Lang Xingtian to the turbulent dimensions, nothing on the mountain or on the land was damaged.

A battlefield was created after the collision. Every Great Saint had mastered the spatial energy and power sphere, making incomparable to Minor Saints. So, it would be a very simple task for them to open a battlefield.

Peac.o.c.k King let out a sigh of relief when he saw Lang Xingtian deflecting Desolate Yuntian’s attack, and continued to focus on stabilizing the pa.s.sageway. He knew Lang Xingtian’s ability and behaviour very well. Although Desolate Yuntian was the patriarch of Desolate Family, it wouldn’t make Lang Xingtian fear him. If they engaged in a battle, the outcome would be highly likely a draw.

“Desolate Yuntian, you dare to intrude into my territory and launch an attack at my spatial pa.s.sageway? Are you declaring war on my race?”

Lang Xingtian’s Qi was unrivalled. He stood in the void above the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain and his cloak fluttered with the wind. His body was filled with a domineering aura that came from the core of his bones. It was something which couldn’t be faked.

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