Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 862 – Killing Nan Bei Chao Again

Chapter 862 – Killing Nan Bei Chao Again

Killing Nan Bei Chao Again

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“That’s right. If you attacked me when I was still at King City, I would probably not be match for you. It’s a pity that you are overly arrogant. You’ve waited until now to strike. In just an hour, I was able to push my cultivation to the Sixth Grade. Now, you are already not my opponent.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was peerless and domineering. It had surpa.s.sed Nan Bei Chao’s.

“Even I, have to admit that you’re a rare genius, but I am the possessor of the Immortal Soul. I can’t be defeated by an ordinary human like you. What difference would it make even if you advanced your cultivation? I, Nan Bei Chao will still kill you and you will undoubtedly die.”

Nan Bei Chao’s demeanour was as mighty as before.

“Why are you still talking so much? There is nothing for us to talk about. Strike now!”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste anymore time arguing. Since the both of them were mortal enemies, only one of them would live if they encountered each other.

As Jiang Chen’s voice faded, the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. The current power of the sword was a lot stronger than before because another fragment was integrated with the sword. The Qi of the sword was getting closer to the pinnacle form it used to have. Besides, the Qi of the sword would only get stronger as Jiang Chen advanced further.


The Heavenly Saint Sword was swung, the light of the sword turned into a brilliant heavenly river across the sky. It reached Nan Bei Chao in a split second.

“Monarch Heaven Art, First Style Ultimate Kill.”

Nan Bei Chao didn’t dare to loosen his guard against Jiang Chen. He immediately struck out one of his strongest attacks. A dazzling dragon monarch roared and charged at Heavenly Saint Sword’s attack. It was like a dragon that had come to life, a divine dragon with a mighty Qi.

“This technique again? Unfortunately it is useless against me.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk. He had become very familiar with Nan Bei Chao’s techniques. First Style Ultimate Kill was one of the strongest attacks in his Monarch Heaven Art. However, the power of this technique was still many times stronger than the attack of Nan Bei Chao from Saint Origin World.

It was true that Nan Bei Chao’s First Style Ultimate Kill had been enhanced enormously, however, Jiang Chen was no longer that Jiang Chen in Mysterious Domain.

*Chi La*

The Heavenly Saint Sword was too sharp. Its body was like a dragon. A sound of ‘Chi La’ was heard as the sword collided with the dragon monarch. Then, the dragon monarch was severed in half. The dragon monarch was absolutely defenceless.

“Nan Bei Chao, I have already understood all of your techniques. Use your powerful Eternal Immortal Wind and Immortal Armour. There is no need to hide them anymore.”

Jiang Chen’s dark hair fluttered. His body was illuminated with a golden light, making him like a peerless war G.o.d.


Nan Bei Chao exclaimed. That was a shock that he couldn’t put into words. He had never seen a man like Jiang Chen before. It was true that he could feel a sense of familiarity from Jiang Chen but his understanding wasn’t as deep as Jiang Chen’s.

“Haha! This brat is surely going to face a tragic end.”

Big Yellow was laughing happily from afar. The course of the battle was obvious. Although Nan Bei Chao was strong, Jiang Chen was stronger after advancing to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint. Nan Bei Chao was no match for him.

“Eternal Immortal Wind, Immortal Armour.”

Nan Bei Chao quickly struck out another attack and put up a defence. In fact, he was feeling slightly regretful in his heart. Like what Jiang Chen had said, he should have attacked when Jiang Chen was still in King City or back when they first met in Dark Surge City. Back then, Jiang Chen was merely a tiny Third Grade Minor Saint. He could easily crush Jiang Chen with his hands. Now, it seemed like he had allowed his enemy to grow beyond his power.

*Hong Long*

The powerful immortal wind was turned into a h.e.l.l-like windstorm. The vibration of the strong roar shook the sky above. Every gust of immortal wind was like a sharp weapon, cutting the void into pieces. Its degree of destruction was indescribable.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen went wild as well. Fighting with Nan Bei Chao would always boil his blood. Since the completion of the five elements, the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal had become Jiang Chen’s greatest technique. Fifteen dragons with different colors rushed out with a roar and a Qi that could wreak havoc. It totally pulverized Nan Bei Chao’s Eternal Immortal Wind.


Ultimately, Nan Bei Chao still lost to Jiang Chen. The impact from the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal sent him flying away, he spurted out blood in mid-air.

This was Nan Bei Chao. If it was an ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint, he would instantly be pulverized by the force of the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.

“Immortal Wind Barrier.”

Nan Bei Chao’s blonde hair fluttered as he casted the Eternal Immortal Wind again to form an indestructible barrier. It was also a barrier with powerful offensive strength and boundless energy, similar to a tsunami. It then charged at Jiang Chen.

“It’s useless, you are no match for me.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. He swung his Heavenly Saint Sword at the Eternal Immortal Wind barrier.

“Break it!”

Jiang Chen bellowed. A matchless destructive force was sent out from the edge of the sword. The defensive barrier couldn’t withstand the attack and was ripped to pieces on the spot.


It created a detrimental backlash to Nan Bei Chao and he was sent flying away again. Right now, he looked totally distressed. He spurted out a few mouthful of blood. His face turned deathly white. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Armor which had absorbed a portion of the damage, he would have died under this attack.

“Impossible. This is absolutely impossible. How could I be weaker than you?”

Nan Bei Chao muttered. He wouldn’t dare believe that this was true. Given his techniques and strength, how could he possibly be defeated by a Sixth Grade Minor Saint? This would be the biggest joke under the heavens. He was the possessor of Immortal Soul, a high and mighty being that could defeat anybody of a similar grade.

The thing that irritated Nan Bei Chao the most was that Jiang Chen knew all of his techniques and skills. His opponent was able to find the weak spot and break any skills that he casted regardless of how powerful the skill was, but he knew nothing about his opponent. This was no doubt an incredibly scary thing.

“Jiang Chen, I will never forget today’s incident. I hope that we would have a chance to meet again next time.”

Nan Bei Chao finished his sentence and was about to leave with a sway. He had already used his strongest attacks but it couldn’t do any harm to Jiang Chen. The smartest thing to do in such a scenario was to flee, continuing to fight would only be pointless. All of his plans in Void Triangular Domain were in vain. He originally thought that he could get all the fortune here, but he got nothing in the end.

*Hua La*

The Five Elemental Sphere instantly encompa.s.sed Nan Bei Chao. It would be a serious joke if Jiang Chen allowed Nan Bei Chao to flee. Although he wasn’t sure how many Nan Bei Chaos’ were there, he must kill one when he met one.

“Trying to leave now? I’m afraid that you won’t have the chance.”

Jiang Chen lunged and swung his Heavenly Saint Sword. It reached Nan Bei Chao in a few blinks. His attack was at maximum speed. A large fiery spark was created on the Immortal Armor.

“You can’t break my Immortal Armor.”

Nan Bei Chao yelled, but the moment his voice faded, he saw a slash on his Immortal Armor. A long wound that was deep enough to see his bones were left on his chest. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from it like a fountain.


Nan Bei Chao let out a wail. He definitely could not believe that this was real. He knew very well how divine his Immortal Armor was, but his opponent was still able to cut through it.

“Like I said, you will die for sure.”

Jiang Chen moved like a shadow. He then appeared in front of Nan Bei Chao again. With a slash of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it created thousands of sword light and formed a large sword web that encompa.s.sed Nan Bei Chao. When the sharp sword web slashed forth, it severed Nan Bei Chao into halves.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen quickly struck out the True Dragon Palm Seal, knowing that Nan Bei Chao could still flee and survive despite being ripped to pieces. His large blood-red dragon claw formed a firm cage, containing Nan Bei Chao’s severed body parts. Then, he incinerated Nan Bei Chao with his True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire.

*Hua La*

When Jiang Chen kept his Five Elemental Sphere and flames, the void returned to its usual peace. There wasn’t a trace left on the spot where Nan Bei Chao was incinerated. He was just like the Nan Bei Chao in Saint Origin World, dying without leaving a single particle behind.

“Two Nan Bei Chaos’ have died under your hands, I’m not sure how many more Nan Bei Chaos’ are left under the heavens.”

Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen’s side and said.

“I don’t think that we would be able to meet the other Nan Bei Chaos’ even if there are more in the other worlds. When I ascend to the Immortal World, I would be able to meet the true Nan Bei Chao. Alright. The matters in this domain is over and resolved. We can leave now.”

With a sway, Jiang Chen turned back into his original form. Then, the both of them vanished after a blink.

This war had shaken up a the people of the Dark Generation. Initially, they had placed their hopes on the blonde man. None of them thought that they would only face disappointment in the end. Jiang Chen was just too powerful. He was a ‘ plague’, a disastrous star and a devil king. They couldn’t hope to have revenge on him, but hoped for him to leave their domain as soon as possible. There wouldn’t be peace if he continued to stay here.

“Big Yellow, let’s find the portal of the Boundless and Black Yellow and destroy it. Then, we will destroy the linking point of Saint Origin World. From now on, there will be no more major trading event in Void Triangular Domain.”

Jiang Chen said. Given his ability, it would be very simple to find the linking points of the three worlds and destroy them. The major trading event this time caused destruction to Void Triangular Domain and unimaginable losses to the Dark Generation due to Jiang Chen’s arrival. Jiang Chen was going to destroy all the portals to the other worlds, leaving the Dark Generation here to live on their own.

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