Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 861 – Billions of Fortune

Chapter 861 – Billions of Fortune

Billions of Fortune

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*Hong Long*

The rumble was shaking the heaven as well as the earth. A large hill-like ore mine was removed from the ground by Jiang Chen. This ore mine was formed by innumerable True Meta Stones that exuded a dazzling brilliance. The brilliance even filled a ten miles radius with the Qi of light element.

“Haha! We are rich.”

Big Yellow laughed awfully with delight. Jiang Chen didn’t show any sign of guilt. He quickly kept the whole ore mine.

“Let’s go, the next one.”

Jiang Chen didn’t waste any time. Under Big Yellow’s lead, they proceeded to the next ore mine. On the way, he was still integrating the fragment into the Heavenly Saint Sword. The number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea were increasing continuously. Currently, he already had sixty nine thousand dragon marks. He only needed one thousand more to reach seventy thousand, and break through to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

After the departure of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the people of Dark Generation returned to the ore mine which had already become a huge pit. It made them feel sad and angry at the same time.

“Dammit! He has dug out our largest ore mine. It seems like he is going to dig the other ore mines.”

“Ai! He is too strong. We can’t even stand against him. We could only hope that this disastrous star will leave our domain as soon as possible. As long as he stays here, our domain won’t have peace.”

“That’s right. Now, all of the Ninth Grade Minor Saints are dead. The remaining ones have lost their dark spirits and became disabled. Our Dark Generation has never suffered such an attack before. This is truly destructive and damaging.”


A sense of dreariness flowed through their hearts. Their hatred towards Jiang Chen had grown deep in their bones but nothing could be done to alleviate their hatred. They only could hope that this disastrous star would leave their domain as soon as possible.

This time, a blonde youth in golden robe appeared above the sky. He darted a cold glance at them and said in a plain tone. “I will have your revenge for you. He would die under my hands and whatever he is getting right now would be mine.”

After he spoke, he turned into a golden light and vanished. He vanished in the direction where Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were heading.

“Who was that man?”

The people of the Dark Generation were stupefied. The cultivators from the three worlds should have already left the domain. Why was that man still here? It seemed like he was as terrifying as Jiang Chen. Judging by his tone, he is certainly going to kill Jiang Chen and rob his treasures. Now, they knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t the only person who wanted the fortune of the Dark Generation.

Anyhow, they would be more than happy if there would be someone that is willing to kill Jiang Chen for them. They had already lost their fortunes anyway. It didn’t matter who obtain them. Due to Jiang Chen killing a lot of their people, they needed him to be eliminated. If that blonde youth could do this for them, it would certainly help the Dark Generation have their revenge.

*Hong Long*

Another world-shaking rumble was heard. A large ore mine was removed again from the ground. In the subsequent time, Big Yellow brought Jiang Chen to different ore mines. It enraged the people of the Dark Generation but they could do nothing about it.

It was only an hour but Jiang Chen had already extracted thirty three ore mines. This would be the resources for Jiang Chen’s future cultivation.

“Haha! This is intoxicating! Little Chen! How many are they in total?”

Big Yellow sparkled his eyes as he asked.

“According to my rough estimation, it should be around 10 billion high grade True Meta Stones after adding all of the ore mines together. This amount of resources will be more than enough for the next realm, even for the Immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glinted with excitement and enthusiasm. The gains in this trip was truly rewarding. Not only did he obtained a tremendous amount of dark spirits, but also the fragment of his Heavenly Saint Sword and solved his worries of resources for his future advancements.

The fragment of the sword was a crucial item to him. If he hadn’t come to Void Triangular Domain, he wouldn’t be able to obtain this fragment. Now, he has already obtained five fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword. There were two more left, but it was just like before, he didn’t have any information or clues about the whereabouts of those two fragments.

“Motherf*cker! 10 billion! This is heaven defying!”

While Big Yellow was celebrating the fortune, he thought of Nan Bei Chao and asked. “Have you advanced yet?”

“Don’t worry. I have already completed the integration of the fragment and the Heavenly Saint Sword. My current cultivation is already a Sixth Grade Minor Saint now. It would be more than enough to handle Nan Bei Chao.”

Jiang Chen was full of confidence. In the process of extracting the ore mines, he had completed the integration of the fragment into the Heavenly Saint Sword. This allowed him to condense one thousand dragon marks. Now, he had already acc.u.mulate more than seventy thousand dragon marks, which had broken through the barrier of the Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

Even if Jiang Chen had just advanced to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint, it was already enough to deal with Nan Bei Chao. In fact, his combat strength had reached to the point where no cultivators below the Great Saint realm could fight him, except for those Sky Ranking geniuses who were only half a step away from the Great Saint realm.

“Nan Bei Chao, you have followed us for so long. It’s time to show yourself.”

Jiang Chen looked at the golden light spot and said in a flat tone.

Nan Bei Chao appeared not far away from Jiang Chen’s position. His hands was crossed behind his back and his blonde hair fluttered as the wind blew. He had the aura of a mighty being. This aura made him look like a divine G.o.d.

“I have to say, you are truly astonis.h.i.+ng. You have messed up all of my plans but it doesn’t matter. In my eyes, killing you is much more meaningful than killing the army of the Dark Generation. I, Nan Bei Chao always liked to make a powerful expert succ.u.mb to me. You are one of those who are qualified to fight me but I am giving you a chance now. Hand over all of your fortunes and I will consider leaving your corpse complete. You should know how fortunate it is, to be able to die with a full corpse in front of me.”

Nan Bei Chao said to Jiang Chen in a matter of fact tone. In his eyes, Jiang Chen could be turned into a corpse at any time. There was nothing that Jiang Chen could negotiate about in front of him.

“Haha! You are worthy of being called Nan Bei Chao. That kind wildness and arrogance could not be copied so easily by any ordinary people. However, I’m afraid that today is not yet the time for you to kill me. It would be the other way round instead. You aren’t my opponent. So, you don’t have the right to show your arrogance in front of me.”

Jiang Chen laughed pleasantly. The arrogant demeanor of this blonde man was exactly the same as the previous Nan Bei Chao. The only difference was that Jiang Chen hadn’t fought with this Nan Bei Chao before, but it wouldn’t stop him from killing this Nan Bei Chao. Presently, he already could guess the true origin of Nan Bei Chao. Either if it was the Nan Bei Chao in the Saint Origin or Boundless World, these weren’t the real Nan Bei Chao. Nan Bei Chao was cultivating the Monarch Heaven Art, these clones would be a way to strengthen his cultivation. His true self should be in the Immortal World.

Since they were destined to be mortal enemies, Jiang Chen would absolutely not miss the chance to kill the Nan Bei Chaos under the heavens. He believed that killing this Nan Bei Chao would have a significant impact on the real Nan Bei Chao.

“Fine. It seems like you are wilder than me. I, Nan Bei Chao liked to defeat someone like you. Moments later, I will make you s.h.i.+ver under my feet. I would let you know the punishment of disrespecting me.”

Nan Bei Chao’s Qi fluctuated. Powerful golden Qi wave started to flow out from him. The surrounding void was thrown into chaos under such an impact. The summit of the black mountains below started to crumble.

*Hu* *Hu*

Nan Bei Chao casted the Eternal Immortal Wind. The bones in his body produced cracking sounds before his body enlarged and his cultivation rose. In a few blinks, he had broken through the Eighth Grade and then, the Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

Sure enough, it happened just like what Jiang Chen had expected. This Nan Bei Chao was similar to the Nan Bei Chao of Saint Origin World, especially their techniques. This supported Jiang Chen’s theory about Nan Bei Chao’s true ident.i.ty.

“Dammit! This dude is undoubtedly the reincarnation of that Nan Bei Chao. What the h.e.l.l? Pooh! However, this dude is still going to face a tragedy anyway. There is only one outcome, he would be killed if he met an abnormal being like little Chen.”

Big Yellow spurted out blood when he saw Nan Bei Chao casting the Eternal Immortal Wind. They weren’t just Nan Bei Chao with a lot of similarities, they were the same Nan Bei Chao. There were no difference between them.

“Jiang Chen, I won’t give you a lot of chances. You should know that given your current strength, you won’t be able to withstand three of my attacks. I will give you one last chance. Hand over the fortune now and I will ensure that you’ll have a complete corpse. Otherwise, I will rip your body into pieces and seize your fortune.”

His voice grew louder as his Qi grew stronger. His body was now filled with an intense monarch Qi that gave people the urge to wors.h.i.+p.

“Is that so? I hope that you can still say this out later.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He unleashed his Qi of Sixth Grade Minor Saint and the dragon transformation art. Then, he turned into a blood-red dragon. A domineering aura rushed out of his dragon head that trembled the sky above.

Nan Bei Chao’s facial expression changed instantly. He was sure that Jiang Chen’s current Qi was a lot stronger when he fought those Ninth Grade Minor Saints back then. This kind of power gave him a faint pressure despite the fact that he had already boosted his cultivation by using the Eternal Immortal Wind.

“You advanced again?”

Nan Bei Chao sounded astonished. The sudden increment in strength could only be explained by the fact that he had advanced again. That only meant that he used the time while extracting the ore mines to undergo another advancement. It was undeniably a terrifyingly fast advancement. Even Nan Bei Chao felt greatly amazed.

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