Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 82 – Dimensional Shift

Chapter 82 – Dimensional Shift

Chapter 82 – Dimensional s.h.i.+ft

Big Yellow’s wings were incredibly fast. This was a Divine Beast’s innate ability and thus not something those ordinary demon beasts could compare with. An Early Heavenly Core warrior had no chance at catching up to this speed.

After demolis.h.i.+ng the Mayor’s mansion, Big Yellow had released all of his temper and kept flying and dancing around in midair. Soon, he flew out of Silver Moon City.


Jiang Chen was laughing out loud. His blood wings swung furiously, and he followed Big Yellow with great speed. With their combined strength, they had the ability to fight Yin Zhong Cheng, but did not intend to. It was impossible for them to kill Yin Zhong Cheng. However, their goal of demolis.h.i.+ng the Mayor’s mansion had been accomplished. What they needed to do now was run away from this place.

Jiang Chen was in high spirits. He did something big just after coming to the Qi Province, and his blood was finally starting to boil. This made him feel like he was treading through the world of cultivation again at last. After his reincarnation, although he was cultivating a different cultivation skill, he wanted to achieve the same status he had in his past life. He wanted to walk the path of a conqueror, and this little Silver Moon City was just the beginning!

“Stop there! Leave your life here!”

Yin Zhong Cheng roared. He couldn’t control his anger any longer. It was almost as if his fury was going to burn the surroundings. If he let Jiang Chen and Big Yellow escape today, he might just end up vomiting a bucket of blood because of his anger.


Yin Zhong Cheng carried the gigantic axe in his hands, and using all of his force, he managed to chase after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Three streams of light flew through the skies, and they soon disappeared from everyone’s vision, leaving behind a ruined mansion with lots of ashes floating in the air. The once luxurious mansion grounds had lost all its glory. Now it was just pitiful.

“Stop there……”

Yin Zhong Cheng swung his gigantic axe, unleas.h.i.+ng a glowing axe beam and tearing apart the air. It soared towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as they flew with great speed ahead of him. Unfortunately, when the beam got close to Jiang Chen, it had lost almost all its strength. Jiang Chen just casually struck it with the back of his palm, and it disappeared.

“Haha, Yin Zhong Cheng, I think you’d better just give up! Without wings, there’s no way for you to chase us!”

Jiang Chen turned his head around while laughing out loud.

“Wahaha, ruff wuff… Old birdie, keep chasing! Just keep chasing us pa.s.sionately!”

Big Yellow shouted with an abundance of excitement, provoking Yin Zhong Cheng with insults.

Smoke came out from Yin Zhong Cheng’s nose, and his face started to twist. He just kept chasing after the trio, the hatred in his heart could almost poke a hole in the skies. He promised himself he would kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“I don’t believe that with my Heavenly Core power, I am unable to catch up to these Mortal Core beings with wings. My Yuan energy is significantly stronger than theirs, and as long as I don’t fall too far behind, I will be able to catch them when their Yuan energy runs out!”

Yin Zhong Cheng had a plan in his mind. No matter what happened today, he wouldn’t let this trio get away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yin Zhong Cheng kept swinging his gigantic axe while chasing them, but it never caused any damage to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. After a while, he gave up on attacking and focused on conserving his energy.

“Puppy dog, you even know how to fly. That’s amazing!”

Yan Chen Yu sat on Big Yellow’s back, patted his head, and praised him.

“Hehe, of course! Don’t you know who I am?”

Big Yellow once again showed his narcissistic side. If it was Jiang Chen who patted his head, he would immediately become enraged and try to bite his hand off. However, he never showed any dissatisfaction when Yan Chen Yu did it.

“Big Yellow, can you go any faster? Enough playing with him, let’s just hurry up and ditch him. We need to rush to Whirling Sun City. If we continue with this pursuit, I’m afraid we’ll just b.u.mp into unnecessary trouble.”

Jiang Chen said. After all, they had just come to the Qi Province, and on their very first day they had destroyed a Mayor’s mansion. This was considered a earthshaking matter. This group of two humans and a dog would soon be known by many.

Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t want to show off too much when they first arrived. Firstly, he wanted to witness the Qi Province compet.i.tion in Whirling Sun City and the manners and strength of the so-called geniuses of the four big sects. Secondly, their strength was still too weak. They were not at a level where they could fight a Heavenly Core warrior.

“Fine, ditching that old birdie is too simple!”

Big Yellow shook his head. The wings on his back flapped furiously, and his speed almost doubled.

“d.a.m.n, that dog is a freak! The descendant of the Dragon Horse is really extraordinary!”

Jiang Chen sighed. Big Yellow was no aerial demon beast, but because of his innate ability, he was able to fly while only at the Mortal Core realm. His speed was extremely fast as well. Even Jiang Chen with his blood wings couldn’t compare to that speed.

“Looks like the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill is the only skill I can use to catch up with this dog… But, the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill is a profound movement skill. With my current strength, it is impossible to use it without feeling dimensional energy, which I can only feel when I reach the Combat King realm. Besides, this Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill consumes a lot of energy. If I combine it with the blood wings, I can only use it for a short period of time, but it should be enough to ditch that Yin Zhong Cheng.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed. He moved in a strange pattern, and then a mysterious cyclone emerged from his body, making his body immediately become lighter. Combined with the blood wings, his speed almost doubled as well, which immediately allowed him to catch up with Big Yellow.

“d.a.m.n you, what kind of demon are you?! How could you catch up with my speed?! This is bulls.h.i.+t!!”

Big Yellow gritted his teeth, feeling annoyed. It looked like it was impossible for him to gain some superior achievement over Jiang Chen.

The Dimension s.h.i.+ft was a profound movement skill; it was so rare that only Combat King warriors who had comprehended dimensional energy could use it. In Jiang Chen’s past life, when using the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft movement skill, he was able to s.h.i.+ft more than a few hundred thousand miles in an instant, an incredibly hard scene to imagine.

Swoops.h.!.+ Swoops.h.!.+

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow turned into two streams of light and disappeared. Yin Zhong Cheng who was boiling with anger right behind them was startled. His eyes seemed as if they had just seen a ghost.

“What the f.u.c.k?!”

After staying still for quite some time, Yin Zhong Cheng finally cursed. At this moment, only this phrase could describe his twisted and gloomy feelings. Today he had broadened his horizons; what kind of freaks were these? Flying Mortal Core warriors were enough to make people speechless, and their speed was even more unbelievable. Even a Heavenly Core warrior was unable to catch up with them. This was ridiculous.

At last, Yin Zhong Cheng finally gave up his pursuit. How could he chase them? What was the point of continuing?

“I won’t let any of you get away!”

Yin Zhong Cheng’s roar reverberated everywhere within a few miles. Yin Zhong Cheng would definitely not let go of this matter easily. He would definitely seek revenge for what happened today; this was a debt that had to be repaid.

Thousands of miles away from Yin Zhong Cheng, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow landed next to a small dirt hill. The man and dog were breathing rapidly. They had obviously overused their Yuan energy.

“Kid, what kind of movement skill was that?! How did you manage to catch up to my wing’s speed with your blood wings?!”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen with a surprised expression.

“I used a skill called Dimension s.h.i.+ft. I can’t use it for a long period of time while only at the Mortal Core realm; it consumes a lot of energy. It looks like I won’t be able to use it with ease in the future.”

Jiang Chen didn’t hide anything from him.

“Little boy, you sure keep a lot of secrets! It’s impossible to obtain such a miraculous movement skill in that trash Red City.”

Big Yellow was speechless, but his current condition was not good either. He spat out his tongue and said, “d.a.m.n you, your father’s wings are the same. Those wings are my innate ability, and I got them when I reached the Mortal Core realm! I can’t use them for a long period of time with my current strength, especially when going so fast like we just did. It will actually hurt my back. I can’t use these wings for at least half a month… Let’s walk to Whirling Sun City… Unless, you carry me and Xiao Yu on your back!”

Big Yellow laughed with bad intentions. No matter if it was a rare beast, a Divine Beast, or a Divine Body like Yan Chen Yu’s Nine-Yin Body, there was always a certain limit on their innate abilities skills. Once they transcended that limit, it would severely harm them. As long as the damage wasn’t too grand, however, they would be able to heal themselves. This healing required a certain amount of time though, and during this time period, they were unable to use their innate ability.

“Carry your grandfather! Let’s just walk and avoid trouble. Our goal this time is the Qi Province compet.i.tion; do not cause any more trouble!”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, we’ve demolished the Mayor’s mansion. Yin Zhong Cheng won’t let go of this matter easily!”

Yan Chen Yu said with a worried tone.

“Fear nothing!”

Big Yellow said with a proud att.i.tude.

“Nothing serious, this is the world of cultivation. It is only normal to have a few enemies. Besides, Yin Zhong Cheng isn’t really that strong. He hasn’t reached a level where we are unable to fight back. At least, if compared with the Heavenly Sword Sect, their distance is huge!”

Jiang Chen explained. Along the way, he kept pa.s.sing ideology for the cultivation world over to Yan Chen Yu. Her mind had already matured quite a bit, and she was no longer the same innocent and naïve girl she was in Red City.

“En! As long as I’m with Big Bro Jiang Chen, Xiao Yu will fear nothing!”

Yan Chen Yu said with a smile that could make the world go crazy.

“This one can bring out lots of trouble, such a nuisance to let her follow us…”

Big Yellow curled his lips.

“Puppy dog, what are you saying?”

Yan Chen Yu grabbed Big Yellow’s ear.

“Aiyaya, let go of your hand! I’m just praising your good looks! Xiao Yu, since when did you become so rude?! You better be gentler!”

Big Yellow said, feeling down.

“When compared to the two of you, I’m still super gentle!”

Yan Chen Yu snorted.

Big Yellow looked at the skies with a tear in his eyes. All of a sudden, he couldn’t find any words to fight back. Yan Chen Yu’s transformation was all because of his and Jiang Chen’s influence on her. In the end, it was he himself who had taught her to act like she was doing now. Sigh… served himself right.

“Xiao Yu, what Big Yellow said makes sense. I think it would be better for you to wear a veil; this will save us from lots of troubles.”

Jiang Chen suggested. He had to consider this part of Yan Chen Yu. The conflict in Silver Moon City just now was caused by Yan Chen Yu’s beauty, and this was only their first stop in the Qi Province. There was still over ten thousand miles between themselves and Whirling Sun City, and the troubles they would face along the way would be plentiful if every man could see what Yan Chen Yu looked like.

“Alright, I’ll listen to Big Bro Jiang Chen’s words! Once we arrive at the next city, I’ll buy a veil!”

Yan Chen Yu nodded her head in agreement. She felt that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s concern made sense. If it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t have been any conflict in Silver Moon City.