Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 81 – Big Yellow’s Innate Ability

Chapter 81 – Big Yellow’s Innate Ability

Chapter 81 – Big Yellow’s Innate Ability


The extremely angry Yin Zhong Cheng attacked again with his Unparalleled Palm, but this time, he attacked from midair. Attacking from midair was a Heavenly Core Warrior’s greatest advantage as he could attack whenever he wanted to. His opponents, however, would have to struggle just to attack him. This time, even if this trio was incredibly strong, they were going to die by his hands sooner or later.

The Unparalleled Palm was pressing down from above. The trio had no choice but to fight back with powerful attacks.

The ground was shaking, and the earth below Jiang Chen’s feet split and became a long trench.

“Haha, kids, I will bury you all here today! You will know then that a Heavenly Core warrior is not someone you can fight!”

Yin Zhong Cheng said with a loud voice as he continued attacking relentlessly. Several explosions sounded out, and the intense fight destroyed all the surroundings. Everything in a few miles of the area was affected by this fight, and the natural energies were now completely messed up.

“They’re finished; if they continue like this, they are doomed for sure!”

“That’s right, this is the advantage a Heavenly Core warrior possesses. They can’t control the natural energies, so they’re unable to fly! They can only defend themselves without attacking back. Even if they can defend themselves by cooperating, it won’t last for very long. They are going to lose!”

The spectators were all certain that this trio would die today. Judging from how this fight has been playing out so far, it was impossible to hope for a miracle now.


“f.u.c.k you! This old bird has made me really mad now!! Boy, let’s do something big and p.i.s.s this old bird off so much that he dies!”

Big Yellow said with an enraged expression.

“What is your plan?”

Jiang Chen asked. He was also slowly losing his temper due to these attacks. Yin Zhong Cheng was not going to give up and let them go.

“Let’s go, we’ll destroy the mayor’s mansion, and then we kill this old bird! d.a.m.n it!”

Big Yellow said in a scolding manner.

“Our speed won’t be great if we only rely on my blood wings to carry the two of you.”

Jiang Chen responded.

“I, your father, don’t need you! Screw you! You thought your father was a cat because the tiger didn’t show his teeth! Xiao Yu, get on my back!”

Big Yellow said to Yan Chen Yu.


Without any hesitation, Yan Chen Yu got onto Big Yellow’s back. She didn’t know what Big Yellow was going to do, but she knew that Big Yellow wouldn’t hurt her.

“Kakaka, now you can all witness your grandfather’s powers!”

While Big Yellow was laughing, golden light kept flickering around his body. In the blink of an eye, a pair of wings completely composed of golden light appeared on Big Yellow. When the wings flapped, Big Yellow turned into a golden beam and flew up into the sky. He flew up high while carrying Yan Chen Yu on his back.


Witnessing this, Jiang Chen’s eyes widened. This dog really knew how to pretend; he actually knew how to fly! It was obvious to Jiang Chen now that Big Yellow had gotten these wings when he broke through to the Mortal Core realm. He wouldn’t let anyone know about it, however; he even asked Jiang Chen to carry him earlier. Big Yellow was without shame. If it wasn’t for Yin Zhong Cheng p.i.s.sing off Big Yellow, he might not have even shown them his wings.

“Look! That dog can fly!”

“d.a.m.n! Even a dog has wings. This is amazing!”

When everyone saw the flying big yellow dog, their eyes were almost blinded due to shock.

“Haha, Yin Zhong Cheng, since you won’t give up, we will play with you!”

Jiang Chen started laughing out loud. A pair of blood wings appeared on his back before he flew up into the sky to catch up with Big Yellow and fly beside him. This sudden change had really startled Yin Zhong Cheng. He looked at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow; both of them were floating opposite of him. With a stunned expression, his mind went blank for a moment.

“What’s going on?! Why does the young man know how to fly as well?!”

“Mother! I’m seeing a human with wings!”

“Look, they are flying towards Silver Moon City! I wonder what they’re going to do!”

Above the skies, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were flying towards Silver Moon City with great speed. To them, dozens of miles could be crossed in the blink of an eye.

It wasn’t until now that Yin Zhong Cheng finally reacted. He had a bad feeling about this, so he immediately started chasing.

Two figures suddenly appeared above the Silver Moon City. Big Yellow had been laughing out loud the entire way. When he and Jiang Chen arrived at the Silver Moon City, they went straight to the Mayor’s mansion.

“Look, who are those people?”

“A young man in white and a big yellow dog… wait, isn’t that the young man who blinded Yin Ren in the Silver Moon Restaurant?”

“Why did they come back here? And they can even fly now!”

Many of these people saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow for the first time. This was also their first time seeing a dog and a man with wings on their back, so they were obviously curious.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, stop there!!”

Behind them they heard an angry shout coming from Yin Zhong Cheng. It was obvious now that Yin Zhong Cheng had guessed what Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were going to do.

“Hehe, let’s do it! Let’s demolish the Mayor’s mansion!”

Jiang Chen started laughing as he threw a forceful punch towards the building. A golden beam shot out from his fist and collided with a row of buildings.


A large building was instantly destroyed, and a whole row of building were turned into ashes. They were completely destroyed.


Not wanting to be outdone, Big Yellow started shooting golden beams out from his body. The golden beams were like a rain of swords falling down onto the Mayor’s mansion.

The Mayor’s mansion had become a place of chaos. Terrified screams resounded everywhere, and people were running and crawling out from the buildings within the Mayor’s mansion. Many of these people had no idea what was actually going on, so they could only run around with blank faces.

“STOP IT!!!”

Yin Zhong Cheng finally caught up to the trio. When he saw that almost half of the mansion grounds had been turned into ashes, he was so furious that it felt like his lungs were about to explode. He scolded his useless son in his mind; what kind of freaks had he offended? He had brought so much chaos to the mansion! Even if he killed the trio today, he had no way to compensate for the losses that he had suffered.

“Old bird, today I’ll turn your mansion into ruins!”

Big Yellow ran rampant. He spat out another golden energy ball from his mouth, and it collided with a huge tower. The tower was immediately blown to pieces and ashes.


A horrified scream sounded out from where the tower used to sit. A fat man’s body was almost torn in half by the explosion. He ended up dying moments later.


Yin Zhong Cheng cried out like an animal. The fat man Big Yellow killed was none other than Yin Ren. His eyes were gone, and he was badly wounded. He was being healed in the tower, but Yin Zhong Cheng had never expected this to happen.

“Kaka, such a pitiful guy! He survived after the incident in the Silver Moon Restaurant only to die later on in his own home! This is so satisfying!”

Big Yellow was happily floating up and down in the skies.

“d.a.m.ned dog, I’m going to skin you alive!!!”

Yin Zhong Cheng could no longer control his anger. He swung his arm, and a huge axe appeared in his hands. The axe was glowing; it was a mid-ranked combat weapon! A mid-ranked combat weapon was a precious item, and it was incredibly difficult for a normal Early Heavenly Core warrior to get one. It was only because Yin Zhong Cheng was the mayor that he managed to get this mid-ranked combat weapon by chance.


The huge axe swung from the air and tried slicing Big Yellow in half. The axe had sealed off all paths surrounding Big Yellow, making it hard for him to evade.


Big Yellow let out a cold snort. His body moved, and a divine energy rushed out from his body and cut down the seals that appeared with the huge axe’s strike. His golden wings then flapped, and he evaded the attack in a glorious manner.


On the other side, Jiang Chen was even more vigorous. Each of his punches carried a powerful destructive energy, and each punch fell onto different parts of the Mayor’s mansion. If this continued, then it wouldn’t take long before the entire Mayor’s mansion was in complete ruins.

Screams and cries sounded out from everywhere within the mansion grounds. Everyone was scrambling all over the place, looking for a path out. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow never cared about their lives. Although their target was only the building and not the people within them, there were still some innocent casualties.

“Heavens, the Mayor’s mansion is being destroyed! This is like a dream!”

“This is too fierce, too cruel! This young man and big yellow dog cannot be offended. They just killed the young master of the Liu family and blinded Yin Ren! Now they’re even attacking the Mayor’s mansion!”

“Looks like the Mayor pushed them too far! Once these cruel people get p.i.s.sed off, they become extremely frightening! I think the Mayor’s mansion is going to be completely destroyed!”


Everyone was sighing. No one could remain calm as they looked at the young man with blood red wings and the big yellow dog above the skies. They were feeling lucky that this young man and dog were only targeting the Mayor’s mansion. If their target was the city, it would be a complete disaster.

“STOP IT! b.a.s.t.a.r.d, STOP IT!!”

Yin Zhong Cheng was going crazy. He kept swinging the axe in his hands, but he was unable to even come close to touching Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This dog and man’s speed was too fast. Unless he could break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm, he would have no chance at catching up to them.

What made him even more speechless was that even though his weapon would lock down the enemies and make it impossible for them to evade the attack, whenever he attacked with the mid-ranked combat weapon this young man and big yellow dog with the ability to cut the seals dodged the attacks. This made Yin Zhong Cheng want to vomit blood.

Furthermore, Yin Zhong Cheng needed to be careful when attacking. If the axe failed to hit Jiang Chen or Big Yellow, its energy would be unleashed upon the city instead, causing damage that couldn’t be healed.

Bang! Bang!

Explosions appeared all over the mansion grounds. Above the skies, the three figures flew around, Jiang Chen’s and Big Yellow’s speeds too great. One had the Blood Winged Hawk’s blood wings, another had the Dragon Horse’s innate wings. They both held rare advantages.

Yin Zhong Cheng kept carefully attacking. Carefully attacking made it even harder for him to cause any damage to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. The Mayor’s mansion was experiencing complete destruction now.

“Yin Zhong Cheng, you asked for all of this yourself!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. As the once greatest Saint in the world, he had experienced a lot of major events. He had even broken the gates that led to the Realm of Immortals; this Mayor’s mansion was nothing in comparison.

When the last tower within the mansion grounds was destroyed, Yin Zhong Cheng became even more furious than he had already been. His face pointed towards the heavens, and he howled in rage.


Yin Zhong Chen was so angry that you could see anger leaking out of his body. His powerful Yuan energy spread out for more than ten miles. The axe in his hands glowed, and his powerful aura covered the skies above the Mayor’s mansion. Since the mansion grounds were now completely destroyed, there was now nothing he needed to care about. Even his own son was now dead. He wanted revenge. Today, he must kill that young man and that evil dog.

“Kaka, see you later!”

Big Yellow started laughing as he flapped his wings. He carried Yan Chen Yu and ran away just like that.