Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 797 – Peacock King

Chapter 797 – Peacock King

Peac.o.c.k King

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A Third Grade Great Saint Buddha suddenly appeared, it completely changed the entire situation. Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t help but shake his head. There was no way he could rely on his own strength to defeat the Great Lighting Tune Temple. It was already considered fairly good that he was able to hold them back until now.

Great Master Ran Feng turned and glanced at Jiang Chen. He saw the usual calmness in Jiang Chen eyes. He couldn’t help but feel the need to give a thumbs to Jiang Chen’s exceptional steadiness. This character of his, showed that he has the ability to become a great cultivator in the future. As such, he had to do whatever it takes to protect Jiang Chen. He would probably need to exchange the three supreme dharma seals for Jiang Chen.

However, that was his master’s inheritance, how could he give it to someone else so easily?

The Third Grade Great Saint that appeared was an old monk. He had a big head, a big and long ears that made him look gentle, a distinct feature that could easily identify him. There was an ear lobe at the lower part of his ears, like a meatball that s.h.i.+mmered with golden light.

“Brother Tian Hou.”

Tian Dang and Tian Hong bowed to greet the newcomer, the mighty Third Grade Great Saint. None of them dared to express the slightest disrespect in front of him. A mighty Buddha like this old man would receive respect and would be welcomed wherever he went to.

Great Master Tian Dang told Great Master Tian Hou everything that had happened here via divine sense as he bowed. Great Master Tian Hou sighed after he finished listening to him, as if he was feeling sorry for someone and was disappointed.

Finally, Buddha Tian Hou looked at Great Master Ran Feng. His eyes seemed gentle but the light that was exuded from them were as sharp as blade, it could s.h.i.+ver anyone.

“Junior brother Ran Feng, you are truly disappointing.”

Great Master Tian Hou said with a sigh.

“I’m here to explain the whole situation. Jiang Chen is my friend and this is a conflict between him and the Heavenly Sect. There are so many conflicts in the world, I just don’t understand why the Great Lightning Tune Temple started to interfere with people’s personal conflicts.”

Great Master Ran Feng said.

“This is the Western Domain. A different domain, and a place of Buddha Sect. The symbol of this domain is peace and ma.s.sacre is strictly forbidden. This is related to the reputation of Buddha Sect. If Jiang Chen is released today, will all the people here abide by the rules and orders of our Great Lightning Tune Temple next time?”

Great Master Tian Hou said.

“Abide? A place of Buddha Sect? These two terms are opposing the concept of peace. Buddha Sect emphasizes on diligence, focus and morals. Now, the Great Lightning Tune Temple has reached the point where dominating a place and reputation becomes important. It seems like the temple has been steered further away from the true essence of Buddha Sect.”

Great Master Ran Feng sighed. The current status of the Great Lightning Tune Temple could no longer represent Buddha Sect. They could only represent themselves, an independent organization or an overlord of the Western Domain. They had already lost the way of conduct of the Buddha a long time ago.

“What are you talking about, Ran Feng? You dare to condemn the Great Lightning Tune Temple?”

Great Master Tian Dang was infuriated.

“Junior brother Ran Feng, cut down the excessive words. In order to protect the dignity of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, I have to bring this evil creature back to pa.s.s a righteous judgment.”

Great Master Tian Hou’s Qi fluctuated and was about to attack. The aura released by a Third Grade Great Saint wasn’t comparable to a Second Grade Great Saint, it wasn’t as simple as the difference of a single grade. Great Master Ran Feng wouldn’t be able to deal with him even if he used one of the three supreme dharma seals. There was no way that he could fill the gap in power.

“Hold on.”

Great Master Ran Feng said.

“Junior brother Ran Feng, do you think you can stop me?”

Great Master Tian Hou glared.

“I am willing to exchange the three supreme dharma seals for Jiang Chen and the peace of the Great Lightning Tune Temple.”

Great Master Ran Feng said.


Several of them exclaimed, including Jiang Chen who had also widened his eyes and looked at Great Master Ran Feng in disbelief. It was out of his expectation that Great Master Ran Feng would be willing to give the three supreme dharma seals just to save him, he knew that Great Master Ran Feng treated those inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus more important than his life.

No one had ever thought that Great Master Ran Feng would make such a painful decision just to rescue Jiang Chen. This made Jiang Chen feel unpleasant.


Tyrant looked very angry. He wasn’t angry that his master was using the dharma seals in exchange for Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen was his sworn brother and he would do the same if he was in his master’s shoes. Even a fool could see that the Great Lighting Tune Temple was forcing his master to hand over the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus using Jiang Chen’s actions.

He had never seen his master being pressured to the edge, which made him feel very frustrated.


Big Yellow cursed. It was undeniably frustrating. If it wasn’t for him being weaker, he would have pounced on these bunch of bald donkeys and bit them to death one by one.

“Junior brother Ran Feng, we monks can never give a false promise. Are you true to what you said?”

Great Master Tian Hou kept his Qi. His eyes were blazing with sparks when he heard about the supreme dharma seals. Jiang Chen was nothing compared to these three seals.

“I disagree.”

Great Master Ran Feng was interrupted by Jiang Chen. He moved a step forward, standing opposite Great Master Tian Hou. He didn’t show the slightest change in his expression.

“Jiang Chen…”

Great Master Ran Feng looked at Jiang Chen.

“I understand Great Master’s kind intention but if the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus slipped away and fall into someone else’s hands because of me, I wouldn’t be able to stay calm for the rest of my life. Great Master’s kind action today is more than enough. It would always be engraved in my heart and I would certainly repay it in the future.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Great Master Ran Feng. He looked at Tian Hou and the other two Great Saints and said emotionlessly, “Great Lightning Tune Temple is surely a busybody. Fine, I would go along with you, back to your temple.”

“Little Chen, you can’t go.”

Tyrant became anxious. Although the Great Lightning Tune Temple was the saint land of Buddha Sect, the punishment that they gave to the evils they claimed to be was terrifying. The consequences were unimaginable if Jiang Chen followed them back to the temple.

“Alright. It’s best when you take the initiative, but it wouldn’t only be you going alone. I also want that dog and that girl as well. The three of you would have to follow us back to the Great Lighting Tune Temple to receive your punishment for committing such a serious crime in Heavenly Sect.”

Great Master Tian Hou said in a calm voice but everyone could detect his fury from within. As a matter of fact, he was uninterested about the three of them. The thing that caught his attention was the supreme dharma seals. It made him so angry when this Jiang Chen came out and stopped him from getting what he wanted.


Jiang Chen’s face showed anger. This monks of Great Lighting Tune Temple was truly insatiable. If he alone was going to the temple to face the charges, it wouldn’t be hard for him to escape. Also, given his abilities, it wouldn’t be an easy job for the people of the Great Lightning Tune Temple to sentence him with any punishment. However, he couldn’t accept the fact that Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu would also follow him back to the temple as well. He wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt his friends and lover.

“A bunch of *ss donkeys. Master dog will bite off your heads sooner or later.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but swore.

“What a frenzied evil creature! You would only be a menace to the society if I allowed you to live. Let me get rid of you first.”

Great Master Tian Dang glanced at Big Yellow and locked his position before sending out a palm strike. It was a deadly strike, he wanted Big Yellow dead on the spot.


Jiang Chen’s eyes turned red. Their opponent’s attack was too fast. Plus, the difference in power was just too wide. There was no way that he could deflect this attack. Great Master Ran Feng too couldn’t help because he had been locked at his position by Great Master Tian Hou. It was already conceivable that Big Yellow would be crushed into powder after absorbing this attack.


At this time, a piercing howl sounded from the highest sky. Then, the sound rolled across the layers of sky. “Old bald donkey, who gave you the audacity to touch a member of the demon race?

A terrifying and colorful sharp claw pierced through the void. The s.h.i.+mmering color of the claw was attractive, as if a rainbow had appeared in the sky. Of course, there was an unknown destruction and eeriness concealed behind this rainbow.

*Ka Cha*

That colorful sharp claw pulverized Tian Dang’s attack instantly and clasped one of his arms. Afterwards, the arm was ripped off from the Second Grade Great Saint’s body, blood was flying in the air.

“Who is that?”

Tian Hou’s face changed. He immediately struck a palm attack at the void. An image suddenly appeared. It released some kind of colorful glow. One could say that it was the most pleasant sunglow in the world. A moment later, a light ray shot out, crus.h.i.+ng Tian Hou’s attack completely.


The void trembled. A middle-aged man in a rainbow-colored coat made a step in the void, and then he disappeared and reappeared in the battlefield above the sky. He didn’t look st.u.r.dy and had a medium body size. Both of his eyes released a rainbow-colored light. His demon Qi was soaring to the sky. There was a mark in between his brows, it was the mark of a peac.o.c.k.

“Peac.o.c.k King!”

Great Master Tian Hou exclaimed. He recognized him. He was a super powerful demon of the demon race of the Pure Land. His name was known to everyone. No one would dare to offend him; they hadn’t thought that this person would suddenly appear here.


Big Yellow was extremely delighted. This Peac.o.c.k King was cool. He had ripped an arm of a Second Grade Great Saint and suppressed a Third Grade Great Saint the moment he arrived. His demon aura was heaven defying and domineering.


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