Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 796 – A Contradicting Advancement

Chapter 796 – A Contradicting Advancement

A Contradicting Advancement

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Tyrant cheered and bounced with joy. He wasn’t as calm as Great Master Ran Feng. Moreover, how could he not be happy when seeing his master’s incredible attack?

In Tyrant’s eyes, his master wasn’t only a master and a father to him, but also an idol. A while ago, he was worried that his master who had just stepped into Great Saint realm wouldn’t be an opponent for Great Master Tian Hong. Now that he had witnessed the strike, his worries became unnecessary. Great Master Ran Feng has without a doubt pulverized Tian Hong’s strike.

“This old monk sure is domineering.”

Big Yellow stuck out his tongue, his saliva dripping freely. Yan Chenyu on the other side didn’t say anything, but she too, was astounded by Great Master Ran Feng’s strike. This was the first time she felt the overpowering ability of a Great Saint. She had to admit that she still had a long way in her cultivation path.

“I don’t believe it. How can a newly advanced Great Saint be more powerful than me?!”

Great Master Tian Hong raged. His Qi rose. He was preparing for the second round. There was virtually no Great Saint in the world that would welcomed defeat. That failure just now had affected a part of his reputation negatively.

“Junior Tian Hong. Let me handle this.”

Great Master Tian Dang said. He had seen through gap between the two of them. It wasn’t just a slight difference. Although Great Master Ran Feng had just advanced to Great Saint, he was stronger than Tian Hong. If Tian Hong continued to fight him, the shame and insult only would grow bigger until his reputation and confidence fully crumbled.

“Yes, senior brother.”

Despite his reluctance, he obeyed his senior brother’s words and retreated.


A ‘dong’ sound was heard as Great Master Tian Dang made a step forward. One of his feet had stepped into a deep region of the void. Dark and cold wind was blowing out from it. It was a turbulent current from the s.p.a.ce but it did no harm to Great Master Tian Dang.

For a moment, the entire scene had turned somber. Tyrant and Big Yellow started to feel worried as they felt the overpowering aura from Great Master Tian Dang. It was only a grade difference but the difference in power was indescribable. As for them, they only had one Great Saint, Great Master Ran Feng. However, there was no way that Great Master Ran Feng would give in as he was determined to protect Jiang Chen, so it wouldn’t matter much even if he made Great Lightning Tune Temple his enemy.

Jiang Chen felt grateful for this deed. In the past, he was a good friend of Ancestor Greenlotus but he didn’t think that he would be connected to the descendants of Greenlotus. Regardless of what today’s result would be, he would never forget Great Master Ran Feng’s kindness. Jiang Chen would certainly do his very best to help him should he encounter any unresolved problems.

“Sure enough, the disciples of Ancestor Greenlotus is different. You already have such powerful strength not long after your advancement. Even I am impressed by you, Ran Feng. We are both people of Buddha Sect, so I don’t wish to see a tragic end among us. If you choose to retreat now, I would pretend that nothing has ever happened here.”

Great Master Tian Dang said.

“Amitabha. Attack now.”

Great Master Ran Feng’s expression didn’t change. His word had made Great Master Tian Dang stunned. He would have never thought that Great Master Ran Feng would allow him to attack first. He wondered where did Ran Feng get his confidence to ask an opponent who was a grade higher than him to attack first.

“Fine, I would like to see how skillful and powerful Ancestor Greenlotus’s disciple really is.”

Great Master Tian Dang was angry, this lowly First Grade Great Saint failed to appreciate his kind offer. As for Great Master Ran Feng, he would never back away. Putting aside the fact of protecting Jiang Chen, his status as Ancestor Greenlotus’s disciple alone gave him the reason not to insult his master’s reputation.

“Mi Luo Dharma Seal.”

Great Master Tian Dang struck with one of the powerful seals of Buddha Sect. A large seal materialized. It was over a hundred-meters large, like a huge barrier with the patterns of Mi Luo on the surface. It was obvious that an extra grade in the Great Saint realm was beyond anyone’s imagination. No one knew how many times more powerful he was than Tian Hong’s.

Great Master Ran Feng’s eyes sparkled while facing Great Master Tian Dang’s attack. His Qi had been raised to a notch higher, which was more powerful than the Qi he used to battle Tian Hong.

Great Master Tian Hong’s face darkened when he sensed Great Master Ran Feng’s sudden eruption of Qi. He understood that Ran Feng didn’t use all of his strength to defend against his attack a while ago.

*Hong Long*

Great Master Ran Feng raised his palm slightly and gently struck forth in the void. His palm carried a tremendous amount of power. In fact, it was a huge Acala Seal. When it struck, it was like the Acala G.o.d had turned alive and the pressure that was unleashed from it was as heavy as a mountain.

There were certain flaws that were obvious in Tian Dang’s Mi Luo Dharma Seal compared to the Acala Seal. The Mi Luo Dharma Seal was a supreme dharma seal of Buddha Sect, totally different from any ordinary dharma seal. If it wasn’t for him being a grade higher than Ran Feng, the Qi that was unleashed from Ran Feng’s Acala Seal would instantly pulverize his Mi Luo Dharma Seal.

Sure enough, Great Master Tian Dang’s Mi Luo Dharma Seal was crushed under the overpowering attack. The recoiling force also caused him to take a step back, but Great Master Ran Feng was standing as still as a pine tree.


Except for one, they were all surprised. The scene was truly astounding. Great Master Tian Hong and the other two Seventh Grade Minor Saints were gaping at Ran Feng. Even Tyrant and Big Yellow were in shock. The only one who wasn’t affected was Jiang Chen.

“Wahaha! Master is too awesome!”

Tyrant laughed pleasantly, disregarding the image of a monk from Buddha Sect. This was because he rarely saw his master’s true skills. And, he didn’t expect it to be so powerful. His master has just advanced to Great Saint realm. How was it possible that a First Grade Great Saint could deflect the attack of a Second Grade Great Saint?

Of course, the one who was stupefied the most was Great Master Tian Dang. He had lost all of his previous composure and confidence. It was such an insult for him that his attack was overcame by a newly-advanced Great Saint.

However, his eyes glittered when he thought of Ran Feng’s dharma seal.

“Ran Feng, the dharma seal that you struck is called Acala Seal, one of the three supreme dharma seal of Buddha Sect. It has been said that these three supreme seal were lost a long time ago. Only one monk of Buddha Sect knows those seals across the Divine Continent, and he is Ancestor Greenlotus. If you can give us the scripture of these supreme seals, I will forget about today’s matter and let Jiang Chen go. What do you say?”

Great Master Tian Dang’s eyes glinted with a scorching light. It was the three supreme seals of Buddha Sect, how could he stay calm? Plus, he didn’t feel insulted anymore when he was defeated by the Acala Seal. It would definitely bring tremendous benefits to the Great Lightning Tune Temple, even if they could only acquire one of the dharma seal.

“I inherited this through my master. I don’t have the right to hand it over to someone else. Get it from him yourself if you are capable enough.”

Great Master Ran Feng said, and this stunned Jiang Chen. It seemed like he had the right guess earlier. Ancestor Greelotus hadn’t died yet or became an immortal. He was still in the Divine Continent.

“In that case, I would stop you myself!”

Great Master Tian Dang’s Qi trembled. His hands fluttered, producing complicated seals and launched another attack at Great Master Ran Feng. In the meantime, he also secretly communicated for reinforcements of the Great Lightning Tune Temple because he knew that he couldn’t rely on his own practiced dharma seal to bring Ran Feng under control. This time, he needed the aid of the other higher grade Buddhas.

Great Saint was a supreme stage in the path of cultivation. It was a far-fetched goal to any ordinary cultivators. Meeting a Great Saint was extremely difficult regardless of which city, domain and continent it is. However, so many of them appeared in Western Domain, which made it an unforgettable scene.

While facing Great Master Tian Dang’s attack, Great Master Ran Feng stood as still as a tree. His Acala Dharma Seal was more than enough to deflect another attack from Tian Dang. Jiang Chen suddenly saw a demeanor of Ancestor Greenlotus from him. Of course, he was still far away compared to Ancestor Greenlotus who was at his top form in Jiang Chen’s previous life.

Jiang Chen was known as the Greatest Saint in the world and he would submit to no one. If there was one person who he was willing to submit himself to, it would be Ancestor Greenlotus. Back then, in the ranking of all the experts across Divine Continent, he would be number one and Ancestor Greenlotus would be number two.

*Hong Long*

While the Great Saints were battling, a rumbling sound was heard from the sky. A Buddha light shone in the entire sky, like the river of the heavens. The two Great Saints stopped and looked up to find the source.

“What the f*ck! Another Great Saint has come.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help swearing. It seemed like the Great Lightning Tune Temple isn’t going to give up today.

“What a powerful Qi. I’m afraid that it is a Third Grade Minor Saint. I don’t think master can hold it any longer.”

Tyrant frowned as worry spread across his face. It seemed like today’s matter is not going to be easy. Although his master was insanely strong, he was only a mere First Grade Great Saint. It was without a doubt an impossibility if he wanted to fight the entire Great Lightning Tune Temple alone.

Jiang Chen’s face darkened. He had not antic.i.p.ated this event to occur. He thought that his conflict would be settled as long as Great Master Ran Feng helped him deal with these two Great Saints.

The sudden emergence of another Great Saint indicated that the matter was not as simple. Now, he had completely turned into an insignificant factor of the conflict. The inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus was the main. He realized that his actions of eliminating the Heavenly Sect had given the Great Lightning Tune Temple an excuse to negotiate with Great Master Ran Feng.


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