Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 792 – Doom

Chapter 792 – Doom


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When these four words came out of Tyrant’s mouth, the atmosphere instantly turned frigid. Besides that, the two senior monks widened their eyes and stared at Tyrant with a strange expression and disbelief. Was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d really a member of Buddha Sect or a member of the Great Lightning Tune Temple?

He looked very courteous but his vulgar words revealed his hidden personality. A disciple of Buddha Sect must have modesty and politeness. If he really was a member of Buddha Sect, he must be a sc.u.m. That’s right, a sc.u.m.

“You dare to revile your seniors? This is unforgivable. How could Buddha Sect accept a disciple like you? I would do our sect a favor and eliminate a sc.u.m like you.”

That senior monk raged and struck out a palm, slapping Tyrant.

“Courting death.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes was filled with cold intent. With a sway of his body, he appeared in front of the senior monk, clawed his arm with his scary dragon claw and pulled. The monk’s arm was instantly ripped off from his shoulder with a ‘Ka Cha’ sound.


That senior monk wailed in pain but it didn’t concern Jiang Chen. He sent his leg to the monk’s face, kicking him away. The other senior monk quickly rushed over to stabilise his companion.

“My arm….my hand…”

The senior monk howled. He had lost his seniority. The two of them stared at Jiang Chen in fear. They finally knew Jiang Chen’s scariness. They were absolutely not his opponents. As a matter of fact, the temple had sent them here to stop the ma.s.sacre; they both have high cultivation which could also be used to pressure the attacker. However, the result was not what they had expected. The name of the temple was ineffective to Jiang Chen. The other infuriating thing was that Jiang Chen had attacked and injured one of them. This incident was truly unimaginable to happen in Western Domain.

“Evil fanatic! Do you know what you are doing? If I were you, I would release the master of Heavenly Sect at once and follow us back to receive punishment. Maybe we would give you a chance of survival.”

That senior monk yelled at Jiang Chen despite the situation they were in. In fact, he couldn’t be blamed. This was because the name of the Great Lightning Tune Temple was just too powerful and there had been no one who dared to treat their temple lightly.

“Get your a** off here now! Don’t think that I would spare the two of you.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone. He was already showing them mercy for allowing them to stand there, but this didn’t mean that he wouldn’t kill them. He didn’t have any relations with the Great Lightning Tune Temple, be it in his past or new life. In his past life, he was a.s.sociated with Ancestor Greenlotus but he wasn’t a member of the Great Lightning Tune Temple.

Ancestor Greenlotus had an easygoing personality and always helped people with his medicinal skills. He was a true Buddha. The current Great Lightning Tune Temple sounded like a superficial Buddha Sect to him compared to the temple of Ancestor Greenlotus. If the Great Lightning Tune Temple were as saint-like and holy as they claimed, Ancestor Greenlotus and Great Master Ran Feng wouldn’t refuse to join them.

In the ancient times when Buddha Sect was flouris.h.i.+ng, the Buddha had built the Great Lighting Tune Temple. However, after the Buddha had achieved Nirvana and became a G.o.d, the Buddha Sect was left to decline over time. So, it was unlikely for the Great Lightning Tune Temple to have any great master that had the same quality as Buddha.

The two senior monks kept their mouths shut when they felt Jiang Chen’s killing intent. They didn’t leave the scene but had secretly called for reinforcements.

Currently, they were nothing to Jiang Chen. The Great Lightning Tune Temple was a strong force after all, plus this was the Western Domain. He wouldn’t want to engage in a series of battles with the Great Lightning Tune Temple because that would be very troublesome.

Jiang Chen’s attention returned to Luo Chang Qing. He was currently in complete despair. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was a mad man, a wild devil that even dared to harm the senior monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. He had ripped off one of the senior monk’s arm. What other things would he not dare to do in this world?

“Jiang Chen, don’t kill me! Let’s forget about all the conflicts and feuds that we had. From today onwards, Heavenly Sect will no longer treat you as our enemy. You have already killed so many men of our sect, you should have gotten your revenge. Not to mention, your family is also safe now. You have gotten more than what you desired.”

Luo Chang Qing said as he pleaded for mercy.

“This is truly a joke. If I didn’t arrive there on time, I’m afraid that my family would’ve already been killed by your people and my dad would be held hostage to blackmail me. Do you think your words alone is enough to make me forget about all of these? Who gave you the right to negotiate with me? Let me tell you this. You and your people are going to die today.”

Jiang Chen’s dragon like eyes were cold. Without wasting any time, his sharp claw went through Luo Chang Qing’s body, killing him instantly. Two of their mighty Seventh Grade Minor Saints had died under Jiang Chen’s hands. As for Luo Chang Qing, he died in the presence of the two senior monks from the Great Lightning Tune Temple.

The two senior monks watched the whole process of Jiang Chen killing the master of Heavenly Sect. He had totally ignored their existence, which was a great insult to them and the Great Lighting Tune Temple.

The two men gritted their teeth but didn’t dare to speak anymore as this half human and half dragon was totally mad, he was a ruthless devil. Anyone who offended him would need to die.


Wails of misery were heard from all the disciples and elders of Heavenly Sect after the death of Luo Chang Qing; they grieved. All of them had already lost their hopes. Before today, Almost all of them felt proud of themselves for being a disciple of Heavenly Sect, they were the second in Western Domain in terms of power.

Despite all these, they could only grief for a short period of time. The next thing that would welcome them would be the ultimate despair of falling into the hands of the G.o.d of death. No one knew how many of them would survive.

“You have already killed the master of Heavenly Sect. Aren’t you going to let the rest of them go?”

A senior monk said.


Jiang Chen pretended that he didn’t hear a thing. With a sway, he appeared in front of those Minor Saints. He spread his Five Elemental Spheres over all the minor saints.

If one decided to annihilate a sect, he had to make sure that none of them would survive. Jiang Chen didn’t like to leave any future problems behind. He could spare those disciples and elders below the Minor Saint grade but not the Minor Saints, every Minor Saint was considered a threat to him, he wouldn’t allow that threat to take root.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

A ma.s.sacre has begun. Those Minor Saints let out a world-shaking wail. They had lost control of themselves when they were blanketed in Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Spheres. None of them could get out from there and the only thing that awaited them was death.

The scene was sanguinary, a true destruction of Heavenly Sect. Today, the sect faced an unprecedented chaos. Due to the Minor Saints being divided into two groups, one to deal with Big Yellow and the other to hunt down Yan Chenyun, Jiang Chen’s power sphere couldn’t encompa.s.s all of them. The remaining Minor Saints immediately fled after seeing what was going on.

They wouldn’t have a chance to escape if they didn’t flee now. Jiang Chen was a contemporary evil star that killed without blinking, not even the senior monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple could save them. As such, the only thing that they could do, was to run for their lives.

“None of you can run away from me.”

Jiang Chen’s ferocity was overwhelming. His Five Elemental Spheres expanded with a sound of ‘Hua La’, encompa.s.sing all of the fleeing Minor Saints.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

The wails continued. Jiang Chen was like the king of the devils. He killed all of them with his Five Elemental Spheres. Twenty to thirty Minor Saints died one after another. In just a few blinks, half of them had died. There were no exceptions, even to a Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

Every disciple and elders below looked pale and scared. They watched the ma.s.sacre above helplessly and in despair, it was a one-sided killing. The thought of such chaotic incident happening had never crossed their minds until now. They had never seen such a ruthless man.

“Save us senior monks! Save us!”

Some Minor Saints who were trapped in Jiang Chen’s power sphere shouted at the two senior monks for help.

Their faces hardened. They were supposed to stop Jiang Chen and save the Heavenly Sect from the chaos. Now, it turned out that they could only be the observers, witnessing Jiang Chen’s ma.s.sacre. They felt so bad for being in this position. This was the greatest insult they had ever suffered. Even the dignity of the Great Lightning Tune Temple had been tarnished.

“Stop, you wild brat! Great Lightning Tune Temple would never forgive you for doing this!”

The senior monk shouted loudly but Jiang Chen acted as if he didn’t hear it and continued to ma.s.sacre those Minor Saints.

“The only way to stop him right now is to defeat him. Why don’t you try and see?”

Tyrant who was standing on one side sounded like a wet blanket.

One senior monk glared at Tyrant and gritted his teeth. It gave him the urge to rip this shameless junior monk to pieces. It was truly detestable that a puny monk was disrespecting a senior monk.

Nonetheless, they didn’t have the guts to stop him with their own hands. One of them had already lost an arm. It was likely that they would die if they rushed over.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

The destruction of Heavenly Sect had already been determined. With Jiang Chen’s continuous wild ma.s.sacre, all elders of the Minor Saint Grade would be killed. There would be no exceptions. From this moment onwards, Heavenly Sect would become a third rate power or even worse. It had been a long time since the fall of so many Minor Saints.


Jiang Chen kept his Qi and withdrew the dragon transformation, returning to his original human form. He was wearing a snowy white clothes which was hard to link to his previous form.

His eyes were blazing when he looked at the people below. He bellowed, “Everyone from Heavenly Sect, listen! From now on, the name of Heavenly Sect is completely erased from Divine Continent. I won’t kill you all. Go and find another sect now!”


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