Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 791 – Not Paying Respect even to Great Lightning Tune Temple

Chapter 791 – Not Paying Respect even to Great Lightning Tune Temple

Not Paying Respect even to Great Lightning Tune Temple

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*Hong Long*

The Starlight s.h.i.+eld and the Heavenly Saint Sword collided, sending out a formidable force. Jiang Chen was like an ancient chaotic dragon. He was undeniably overpowering, symbolizing invincibility. The fusion of man and sword was just too powerful for the Starlight s.h.i.+eld to defend against.

Luo Chang Qing, who was holding the Starlight s.h.i.+eld was sent more than a hundred meters away by the strike of the Heavenly Saint Sword. His expression changed dramatically. The s.h.i.+eld almost flew from his grip and he could the feel numbness in his arm. The blue starlight was rippling, causing the connection at the Starlight Tower to shake violently.

“Impossible. How could he be so powerful?”

Luo Chang Qing was truly in shock, a shock that he had never felt before. He was a mighty Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Even with the help of the Starlight s.h.i.+eld today, he was sent flying away by a Third Grade Minor Saint. The result of this battle was too unbelievable and unacceptable.

“Haha! Your Starlight s.h.i.+eld isn’t that powerful after all. You will be defeated by my Heavenly Saint Sword. Today, all of you would be erased from this world.”

Jiang Chen laughed. His body was full of overwhelming combat strength that caused even the sky above to tremble. He was somewhat obsessed by this kind of overpowering feeling, getting even more excited as his enemy grew stronger. However, it seemed that Luo Chang Qing wasn’t his opponent, even when he was equipped with the Starlight s.h.i.+eld.


A rumbling sound rushed out of the Heavenly Saint Sword. A blood-red sword light soared up towards the sky. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the sword violent swung at Luo Chang Qing. An image that was bright and dazzling was left in the void, like a river hanging from the heavens.

Luo Chang Qing howled but nothing could be done to improve his situation. It wasn’t the time now for him to retreat. He could only rely on the Starlight s.h.i.+eld to defend against Jiang Chen’s attack.

*Hong Long*

The two Minor Saint weapons had collided once more. Expectedly, Luo Chang Qing was sent flying away once again. Jiang Chen was gaining momentum in the battle while Luo Chang Qing was losing every chance to defeat his opponent. If this continued, Luo Chang Qing would exhaust the energy of starlight s.h.i.+eld.

“Look, that Jiang Chen is too domineering. Even master is losing his advantage in battle.”

“What can we do now? Is the Sect really going to be erased today? How could there be such an abnormal being in this world?”

“Gone. The sect is gone. the Grand Elder is already dead and now, master is also losing his grip against Jiang Chen. We won’t be able to find another expert who’s stronger than the master.”


All of the disciples and elders felt hopeless when they saw their Sect master, Luo Chang Qing being sent away by Jiang Chen’s attack.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen was holding onto his Heavenly Saint Sword that carried an incredible aura. He swung it against Luo Chang Qing’s Starlight s.h.i.+eld again and again, Luo Chang Qing was thrown flying away for the third time.


Luo Chang Qing started to feel that it was too much after suffering Jiang Chen’s continuous attacks. Every attack of Jiang Chen was akin to the weight of a big mountain. This time, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.

Now, Jiang Chen looked like a divine dragon that had descended from the heavens. His combat intent was heaven defying and turned even more aggressive after every collision. The result of the battle was already clear. Luo Chang Qing wasn’t an old fool. He knew very clearly that if this intense battle continued, he would surely die under Jiang Chen’s hands. He had no doubt about it.

So, should he escape?

No, that was impossible. He was the master of Heavenly Sect. If he chose to run now, what about his sect? What would happen to the thousands of elders and disciples? He would be able to run away from Jiang Chen, but they couldn’t. At that time, Jiang Chen would express his anger in all of them and that would be disastrous.

So what should he do if he stay? Jiang Chen would never let go of the Heavenly Sect.

“Quickly go and ask for the help from the experts of the Great Lightning Tune Temple!”

Luo Chang Qing yelled. At the very moment, only the Great Lightning Tune Temple could provide them help. Great Lightning Tune Temple was a Saint land of Buddha, making it the strongest force in the domain. The reason that the Western Domain had been so peaceful all these years was the control of this force.


As Luo Chang Qing’s tone dropped, a sound rang off loudly like a large bell, before two silhouettes appeared suddenly in the sky above the Heavenly Sect. The two of them were senior monks of Buddha Sect. They were wearing monk robes. They looked about forty years old, which was as old as Luo Chang Qing. Their Qi was on par with him, Seventh Grade Minor Saints. It was obvious that they were from the Great Lightning Tune Temple.

As the high rank monk appeared, Luo Chang Qing’s face showed delight. The same delightful face also appeared on the people of the Heavenly Sect. Now, they all thought that Jiang Chen wasn’t going to be that arrogant anymore because he wouldn’t dare to make the Great Lightning Tune Temple his enemy unless he wanted to die.

Jiang Chen frowned, upon seeing the new visitors. Someone must have informed the Great Lightning Tune Temple for them to send reinforcements to the Heavenly Sect.

“I would plead for this benefactor to stop your killings. Western Domain is the Saint ground of Buddha Sect. A ma.s.sacre is strictly forbidden.”

One of the senior monks looked at Jiang Chen and said.

“This is my business. I suggest that the Great Lightning Tune Temple to stay out of this.”

Jiang Chen darted a glance to the senior monk who spoke. He would certainly make sure that the Heavenly Sect would be erased from the map today. He wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n even if the representatives of the Great Lightning Tune Temple would come. In fact, he had already given them a huge favor for not killing these two representatives who attempted to block his way.

“Brat! Don’t be overly arrogant. This is the Saint land of Buddha Sect and our Great Lightning Tune Temple is the head of this domain. We would certainly not allow you to continue killing the innocent.”

Another senior monk said with a heavier tone. Clearly, he didn’t have a good temper.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. He ignored the two of them. His body fluctuated and lunged forth at Luo Chang Qing. His Heavenly Saint Sword slashed against Luo Chang Qing again. This time, he lost the grip, and the Starlight s.h.i.+eld flew out of his hand. Jiang Chen caught and kept it.

*Hua La*

Five Elemental Spheres spread out like a tidal wave and wrapped around Luo Chang Qing with a ‘Hua La’ sound. His dragon claw extended, gripping Luo Chang Qing in his hand and pulled him closer. This action was too quick, not even Luo Chang Qing had the chance to react, let alone the two senior monks. Luo Chang Qing was immobilized under Jiang Chen’s firm hold. He started to fear Jiang Chen.

“Evil creature! Stop what you are doing!”

A senior monk yelled and struck Jiang Chen a palm attack.

Jiang Chen waved his big hand that sent out a brilliant light, defusing the incoming attack with ease.

“Evil creature! Your body is flowing with the blood of a human, but you have transformed into something that is neither human or demon. This is a sign of being possessed by evil. I will represent the Great Lightning Tune Temple to erase a devil like you from this world.”

That hot tempered monk launched another attack at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was abruptly agitated. Even a mud man would have some temper, let alone Jiang Chen. He was showing mercy to these senior monks when he sent out that counter attack to defuse the incoming attack. But then, they were ignorantly persistent and tried to pressure him, using the name of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. What a joke this was.

True Dragon Palm.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen immediately struck out his True Dragon Palm, sending a slap to the monk.


The monk spurted out blood on the spot. His ability wasn’t as powerful as Luo Chang Qing’s. Furthermore, given Jiang Chen’s current condition, he could end his life instantly. The attack that Jiang Chen sent didn’t kill him, it only injured him, which was deemed very considerate.

“Bald donkey, don’t think that I won’t dare to get rid of you because you are someone from the Great Lightning Tune Temple. My business doesn’t require your involvement, so get the h.e.l.l out of here.”

Jiang Chen pointed at the two senior monks and scolded them; he was not polite with his words.

After seeing this, Luo Chang Qing who was currently under Jiang Chen’s control, was in complete despair. Now, he knew how scary and powerful Jiang Chen was. This creature didn’t even fear the Great Lightning Tune Temple and had scolded the senior monks and called them ‘bald donkeys’. This was undeniably the first time that it happened.

“Devil b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I will eliminate you today.”

The other senior monk was infuriated. He was preparing to launch a third attack. His body was illuminating Buddha light. As the light flowed, the talisman symbols of Buddha Sect appeared.

“Amitabha. I think that the two seniors shouldn’t intervene in this matter. The fault should be on the Heavenly Sect this time, they had sent their people to kill and capture Jiang Chen’s family and friends. Such an act is truly shameless.”

Tyrant stood out and stopped them. He too, was a disciple of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. He didn’t wish to see his sect involved in this conflict, because he understood how great Jiang Chen’s desire was to annihilate the Heavenly Sect. Jiang Chen wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n even to the greatest emperor in the world.

“You are a disciple of Buddha Sect, but you are standing on the evil creature’s side. What a true disgrace!”

That senior monk not only didn’t accept the advice, but berated Tyrant instead.

“You are from the the Great Lightning Tune Temple? When you return, you would certainly receive a heavy punishment and be kicked out of our temple.”

The senior monk who was injured by Jiang Chen said to Tyrant.

Tyrant couldn’t help but roll his eyes after seeing their att.i.tudes. These two seniors were absolutely impervious to reasons.

“Little monk, step aside. You will follow us back to Great Lightning Tune Temple to receive your punishment after this.”

Another senior monk said.

“Go and f*** yourself.”

Tyrant shook his head and said in low tone.

“What did you just say?”

That senior monk widened his eyes and looked at Tyrant in disbelief.

“I said, GO AND F*** YOURSELF.”

Tyrant repeated his words but it was louder this time, and in a serious tone. In his heart, he didn’t have any favorable feelings towards the Great Lightning Tune Temple. The reason that he had joined the temple was because of his master. He didn’t like how the Great Lightning Tune Temple kept bugging his master, Great Master Ran Feng. Given his temper, how could he bear the annoying shouting of these two bald donkeys?


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