Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 774 – The fallen Minor Saints

Chapter 774 – The fallen Minor Saints

The fallen Minor Saints

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*Hua La*

Jiang Chen’s five elemental sphere rushed out like tidal currents. Five different brilliance were shown as if the colors was represented by five resplendent long dragons. The sky was entirely wrapped by it and the void was completely locked. The remaining Minor Saints were all confined in this void.

“Not good, we are confined by Jiang Chen’s power sphere. We have to unleash our power sphere together to crush his. Only this way will our lives be saved.”

“Agreed. Not only that, it would also heavily injure him. At that time, we may have the opportunity to kill him. If we don’t, we won’t have any chance of escaping. Even if we can, our juniors can’t because Jiang Chen is an extremely ruthless man.”

“Everyone, this is a long shot but we have to try.”


Freedom King, Tan Zhen Tian and the Skyhill Daoist were shouting at their people. Everyone’s eyes turned red. Then, they started to unleash the energy of their power sphere to crush Jiang Chen’s because they didn’t have any other choice. All of them could feel an unprecedented crisis coming their way.

If Jiang Chen wasn’t killed, they would be killed. Even if they could get away from here, they couldn’t get away from the Minor Saints below. Freedom King and Tan Zhen Tian could feel the sense of crisis more intensely than anyone as the conflict between them and Jiang Chen had grown so deep that it wouldn’t be settled without bloodshed.

In truth, for these three leaders, they mostly felt regretful besides fright. That’s right. They regretted so much right now. Even in their dreams, they hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would grow so much. His advancement speed was shockingly fast. If they had predicted that this day would come, they would have killed Jiang Chen earlier to end the threat.

“Look, all of the Minor Saints are trapped by Jiang Chen’s power sphere but we can’t underestimate the power sphere of a hundred Minor Saints. I say we charge into Jiang Chen’s power sphere and help him kill the enemies.”

Dan King shouted.

“Alright. Listen up, all Minor Saints, leave the formation immediately and exterminate the enemies.”

Nebula Kidd drew out his Nebula Sword. His body was bursting with Qi and combat aura. Wu Yi Mo at one side had also prepared to fight.

“Everyone, don’t attack. Stay in the formation.”

When Dan King and the others were about to attack, Jiang Chen’s voice rolled through the air, stopping their actions.

“Jiang Chen was right. Don’t panic. If we act now, the grand formation would lose its support. As their Minor Saint experts outnumbered all of us, it would be a disaster if they try to break the formation.”

Nebula Kidd shouted. His fighting spirit had been boosted to the max after seeing Jiang Chen’s battle, but he never thought of the terrifying consequences. Their enemies would never give them a chance if they found any weak spots.

Presently, there were thousands of disciples and elders in the formation. It would bring about a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre if the formation was broken. This was something that no one dared to imagine.

“That’s right. We are being too rash. But I don’t know if he could handle the power sphere of all the Minor Saints.”

Dan King sounded worried.

“Haha! Let me tell you something. It won’t change their situation even if they have the numbers.”

Big Yellow laughed. He knew very well how terrifying Jiang Chen could be. Their number wouldn’t affect Jiang Chen much.

The five elemental sphere was like a huge millstone of five colors drifting in the sky, the rest of the Minor Saints were attacking the huge barrier.

“A bunch of silly men. You all don’t know the terrifying power of the five elemental sphere. Your lives are within my control now that you are confined within my sphere. I could easily take your lives at will.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was deafening. Blood was trickling down from his Heavenly Saint Sword. He looked half human and half dragon, extremely terrifying. His blood-red eyes would send people chills and fright whenever they looked at it.

“Eternal immortal wind!”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and casted a wild wind. The gale moved to every corner of the barrier. This immortal wind wasn’t as powerful as the one Nan Bei Chao used in his immortal physique.

*Hu* *Hu*

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Wails of pain were heard. Some weaker Minor Saints couldn’t bear the immortal wind, their bodies couldn’t stand the pressure of the wind and exploded, turning into fogs of blood.

*Hua La La*

Saint blood was sprinkling down from the sky towards Nebula Sect. Before the blood even touched the ground, it was already filtered by the Five Elemental Tisura Formation and the essence flowed through it. After today, this place would become a precious place for cultivation.

“Don’t panic, everyone. Use all of your strength to defend this windstorm.”

A Fifth Grade Minor Saint said. There were four powerful Fifth Grade Minor Saints that were still alive. Their combined efforts were powerful enough to defend against the eternal immortal wind.


Jiang Chen’s dragon body vibrated and turned into a blood-red light that rushed into the enemy’s troop. His dragon wings were as hard as steel. It swept across all the enemies that he went past.

*Pu Chi* *Pu Chi*

In a lunge, around four to five Minor Saints experts had their waist severed into halves and their b.l.o.o.d.y corpse fell from the sky.

In this period of time, there were continuous wailing. The people below were stunned, their mouths were wide-open after seeing a rain of blood and dismembered corpses falling out from the sky. The Minor Saints were falling. This was a scene that no one could ever imagine.

Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo gave each other a look and saw fright in their eyes, they saw in each other’s eyes that they were lucky.

That feeling was particularly stronger in Nebula Kidd because he felt very lucky to make such a sensible decision back then. If he attacked Jiang Chen the moment he found out about his true ident.i.ty, he was afraid that his ending would be the same as these people.

Wu Yi Mo was staring at Han Yan who was standing at the other side. He felt lucky that he had adopted such a son or else he wouldn’t have established a connection with Jiang Chen. According to the logical facts, it was very likely that the Dark Devil Religion would join Freedom Palace and go against Jiang Chen. If that was really the case, they were doomed as these Minor Saints today.

Presently, all the disciples of Nebula Sect felt a sense of pride and honor for choosing Nebula Sect.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The void that was covered by the five elemental sphere had turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield. Jiang Chen casted the five elemental combat dragon seal. Five different colored dragon rushed out with the enhancement of the five elemental sphere, they rampaged the bunch of panicking enemies. Most of them had already lost their primary objective as their lives were in danger right now. They were all running for their lives as the dragon seal attacked. Most of them had lost their fighting spirit.

The eternal immortal wind continued to blow and Jiang Chen’s dragon wings were flapping non-stop, like a phantom killer that caused disaster everywhere he went.

In just a few breaths time, around forty Minor Saints were dead. Some turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y fog and some had their limbs or body parts detached from their bodies.

The people below became numb. Even Nebula Kidd and the few seniors couldn’t believe that a person could be so powerful to such an extent. Was he even human?

“My G.o.d, there were many Minor Saints that have just fallen. These are the Minor Saints of the four large domains. I could not imagine the outcome if all of them died.”

“This is truly scary. The four large domains would certainly change and so will the history of the Divine Continent.”

“After today’s battle, Jiang Chen’s name would certainly spread across the whole of Divine Continent. Even the ancient family of the Pure Land would also put their eyes on him.”


Everyone was absolutely shocked. The current scene was truly terrifying. The Minor Saints that were on Jiang Chen’s side felt lucky, it would be so silly of them to make a heaven defying genius their enemy.

The scene inside the barrier had turned into chaos. Now Jiang Chen focused his attention towards the four Fifth Grade Minor Saints as they were the ones that still had some strength left.


His Heavenly Saint Sword vibrated as it swung. It was Jiang Chen’s most powerful strike. All of them felt the pressure from the attack as they were confined in his power sphere. A Fifth Grade Minor Saint died instantly after being slashed.


The Heavenly Saint Sword changed its direction and another Fifth Grade Minor Saint was dead.


Jiang Chen was moving so fast that he appeared before another Fifth Grade Minor Saint in a blink. He looked at him coldly.

“No, don’t kill me. I will follow you from now on.”

The Fifth Grade Minor Saint felt his legs shaking. He submitted himself to Jiang Chen.

“Too late for that.”

Jiang Chen attacked ruthlessly. The stab pierced through his skull and another one was killed.

There is only a single Fifth Grade Minor Saint left. Jiang Chen wouldn’t let him live as they were his biggest threat. In truth, he didn’t intend to kill all the Minor Saints as it would affect the four large domains greatly. However, the leader must die, this would serve as a deterrent for the ones who are alive.


When the last Fifth Grade Minor Saint died under Jiang Chen’s hands, the remaining enemies had lost all of their hopes. A lot of them moved like a walking corpse, they just stood in a single spot, not making any efforts to attack or flee. They knew that their lives had already fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands. Since all of the Fifth Grade Minor Saints have already died, anything they do would only be useless, what difference would it make?

*Hua La*

Jiang Chen’s arm swayed and kept the eternal immortal wind back to his body. His cold eyes swept across the remaining hundred Minor Saints. These people were normally the high and mighty beings, but today their faces were as gloomy as a dog who had just lost their homes.

However, it wasn’t over yet because some of them would have to die. The first person Jiang Chen turned to was Freedom King.


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