Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 773 – Incomparable, Absolutely matchless

Chapter 773 – Incomparable, Absolutely matchless

Incomparable, Absolutely matchless

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The both of them were standing close to each other again. The aura of the battle had changed. Jiang Chen was like a war G.o.d that illuminated a dazzling light. Although Nan Bei Chao still had some fighting strength left, he was already like a stray dog. He couldn’t gain the upper hand from the start.

“Nan Bei Chao, I would like to see how you would escape this time.”

Jiang Chen said. He raised his Heavenly Saint Sword. He wouldn’t let him get away this time. The long sword turned into a real dragon and reached Nan Bei Chao in a flash.

“Immortal armor.”

Nan Bei Chao shouted and quickly summoned the armor. An armor covered with lines of talisman marks had formed an indestructible s.h.i.+eld. At the same time, a long sword materialized in his hand. That was the Monarch sword that was coated with eternal immortal wind. Then, it swung to block Jiang Chen’s slash.

Unfortunately, the present Nan Bei Chao wasn’t as high-spirited as before. He had suffered a series of setbacks from his previous attempts. He had lost the confidence to defeat Jiang Chen and had suffered some serious injuries. Thus, he couldn’t launch his most powerful attack.


The two divine weapons collided. Nan Bei Chao’s Monarch sword couldn’t stand the Heavenly Saint Sword’s strike and was flung away from his grasps. Jiang Chen wouldn’t show mercy even if he had the advantage. His Heavenly Saint Sword was swung again and at maximum speed. The sword pa.s.sed, leaving a trace of light and a big opening in the void and landed on Nan Bei Chao’s Immortal Armor.

*Chi La*

The so-called indestructible Immortal Armor could not withstand such an overpowering strike. Sparks were created from the collision, leaving a slit on the armor and on Nan Bei Chao’s skin, causing blood to flow out from it.

“You destroyed my Immortal Armor?”

Nan Bei Chao was as furious as a male lion, but he looked like a drowned mouse. He had never found his confidence whenever he fought with Jiang Chen, even in their first and second battle, and specially now. Regardless of how mighty he was in front of all the people from the four large domains, he was just merely a clown before Jiang Chen.

“Nan Bei Chao, you have used all of your skills, and none of them could obstruct me. Today, your blood will be shed.”

Jiang Chen’s domineering Qi and murderous intent was overwhelming. His pupils sparkled coldly. Nan Bei Chao was already a dead man in his eyes.

“Freedom King, why aren’t you all attacking Jiang Chen? If I die, you would all die too.”

Nan Bei Chao shouted at Freedom King.

The current scenario gave the other minor saints the urge to cough out blood. They hadn’t thought that they couldn’t harm Nebula Sect, even if they have gathered all the minor saints from the four domains.

However, they agreed to Nan Bei Chao’s words. If he died and given Jiang Chen’s personality, they would certainly face an unpleasant ending. They still had a few Fifth Grade Minor Saints, so they could still hold Jiang Chen. But if Nan Bei Chao died, their spirit would plummet and they would be finished.

For a moment, five Fifth Grade Minor Saints lunged toward Jiang Chen promptly. All of them were holding Minor Saint weapons. They couldn’t allow any more delays while facing such an overpowering opponent.

*Hong Long*

The heavens and earth shook. The void was destroyed, causing the sky to change in color. The aura of destruction was everywhere in the void, like an asura battlefield. The disciples and elders of Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion were petrified. There were not shock written on their faces anymore because their facial muscles had become numb. All of them longed to be a mighty Minor Saint one day, but how could they possibly think that killing a Minor Saint was so simple?

“Anyone who opposes me will die.”

Jiang Chen was like an ancient dragon that had broken out of prison and shackles from the dungeons. The Heavenly Saint Sword had completely integrated with him. His facial expression didn’t change, these Minor Saints were weaker than Nan Bei Chao. So, it would be a serious joke for them to think that the five of them could fight Jiang Chen.


The dragon-like sword was swung. It had completely become a bloodthirsty sword that was stained with countless of blood.

A cage was formed from the web-like light of the sword, trapping a Fifth Grade Minor Saint within. Then, the sharp Heavenly Saint Sword appeared above his head.


That man exclaimed. He only understood how scary it was to face Jiang Chen. He could feel an unstoppable power flowing out of Jiang Chen’s body. He was totally powerless when the sword came.

*Chi La*

An agonizing wail was heard. This Fifth Grade Minor Saint was a peerless old ancestor of a major power but he was severed into half. The blood of a Minor Saint was shed, turning the atmosphere gloomy.


A few Minor Saints shouted from afar. They just witnessed their master being killed. This time, they were surely finished.

Nan Bei Chao coughed out blood after seeing this. He knew that he had failed again this time and all of his hard work had been in vain. The most important thing for him now was to run, otherwise he would be like what Jiang Chen had said, being slaughtered here.


He turned into a shadow and vanished in the void. He would try to defeat Jiang Chen again some other time.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen didn’t allow him to leave. The few Fifth Grade Minor Saints didn’t matter to him anymore. He had focused all of his attention on Nan Bei Chao because he would be an enormous threat for him in the future. If he escaped now, he would be able to grow rapidly and would become even more powerful, killing him would become more difficult.

“Want to leave? Not so fast.”

Jiang Chen’s dragon wings flapped. He turned into a flash that went past the few Minor Saints and vanished in the void. The next moment, he reappeared and his hand was holding a man full of blood – Nan Bei Chao.

Presently, Nan Bei Chao had already lost his Immortal Armor. He was akin to a dead dog when he was held by Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I am an immortal. You can’t kill me.”

Nan Bei Chao was struggling.

“Nan Bei Chao. Look at what you’ve become. You think you still have the right to fight me? Killing you now would be as easy as slaughtering chickens. Today, I would finish you completely, i will not give you a chance to comeback.”

Jiang Chen said. The other sharp claw gripped on Nan Bei Chao’s head and was instantly pulverized with a ‘Ka Cha’ sound. Jiang Chen sent out flames that surrounded his corpse like a prison. He wanted to incinerate him from head to toe, he even used his Divine Sense to prevent him from escaping.

As the fire burned, he saw a vortex of wind surrounding Nan Bei Chao’s body, it was so strong that his flames were blown away.

“Eternal immortal wind, what a precious ability! I think I might need it someday.”

Jiang Chen grabbed at the eternal immortal wind. It struggled intensely in his palm, attempting to escape from it. The Immortal wind came from the immortal world, it had its own soul and intelligence, thus it wouldn’t simply succ.u.mb to anyone’s control.

However, the immortal wind calmed down after Jiang Chen casted his dragon transformation art. The Dragon transformation art was a divine skill that surpa.s.sed even the immortals. It was a top notch divine skill that was so ancient. Hence, the eternal immortal wind succ.u.mb to it eventually.

It had been added to Jiang Chen’s skills. But it would only be an attack skill in Jiang Chen’s possession. He doesn’t have the immortal physique, so it couldn’t be used to temporarily boost his cultivation grade. He felt that it was a little wasted but it didn’t really matter to him because his human-dragon form could enhance his combat strength by ten times, which was a lot more powerful than eternal immortal wind.

It was already good enough for him to use the wind as an offensive technique.

Soon, Nan Bei Chao’s corpse had been completely incinerated, . Then, he stopped and sucked in a long breath of air while looking at the spot where Nan Bei Chao vanished. He had finally managed to kill this person, but at the same time, he also lost an incredible enemy which made him feel a little disappointed.

“See, Nan Bei Chao is dead, killed by brother Jiang.”

“Haha! The white tiger is dead. Nan Bei Chao is also dead. Brother Jiang is really a matchless being. The others couldn’t fight him. They are all doomed.”

“Brother Jiang is truly divine. He had entirely turned our hopeless situation. He has just created another unprecedented miracle.”


Nan Bei Chao’s death made everyone so happy, as if they had been injected with dope. Most of them were cheering and shouting out of happiness, they couldn’t believe what just happened.

Jiang Chen turned his head. He would settle the score with the rest next. But he turned back again to the spot where Nan Bei Chao died to confirm that none of his Qi was left. However, he didn’t know why but his instinct told him that Nan Bei Chao was still alive. This was absolutely irrational.

“Nan Bei Chao has died. Let’s run!”

“Run for your lives! Jiang Chen is peerless. None of us can fight him and this man is extremely ruthless. If we provoke him, we would die for sure.”

Those Minor Saints were shouting frantically. The result of the battle was obvious. They had been defeated and they only could escape.

“Haha! None of you would be able to escape today. All of you would have to die. I would use all of your blood to water this mountain so that it would become a saint land. Five elemental sphere lock the void.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly.


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