Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 692 – Kill Him!

Chapter 692 – Kill Him!

Kill Him!

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The nine storey tower was like an olden paG.o.da. It was a Martial Tower that belonged to an ancient sect. There were no dark souls in the vicinity, it was imaginable that this was a highly restricted area of Colossus Sect, ordinary people were not allowed to step into this place.

Jiang Chen’s arrival caused another wave of commotion from the crowd. Right now, Jiang Chen has become a popular figure in the Death Mountain, like a great star. The incident of him killing Li Long, Yan Hui and the intense battle he had with a blonde young man had spread to everyone’s ears. No one here wasn’t informed of Jiang Chen’s fearsomeness. In people’s eyes, Jiang Chen was an evil star that stirred up many of their nerves. To be precise, the ones who were the most frightened would be the people of Freedom Palace and Skyhill School.

Disciples of Nebula Sect promptly moved forward to greet Guo Shao Fei as a form of courtesy. Now, they didn’t have to walk timidly in public anymore. Jiang Chen’s achievements in the Death Mountain was not just a triumphant matter for Jiang Chen alone, it also brought glory to Nebula Sect, making the disciples of the sect to feel extremely honoured and proud.

A man in white clothes with a fan in his hand was standing at the nearest checkpoint of the ancient tower. He was Tan Zhi Bai, the leader of the Tan Family’s group this time. He stared coldly at Jiang Chen but didn’t have any intention of provoking him. Everyone in the Tan Family was informed that Jiang Chen had murdered some of their comrades. It was infuriating to them, especially to the leader of the family, Tan Zhi Bai. The moment he heard the news, he swore to seek revenge on Jiang Chen for his dead comrades.

Nonetheless, the best response to the matter now was to keep quiet. Disregarding Jiang Chen’s power, there were two people who were on par with Tan Zhi Bai. He would be most thankful if they didn’t cause him any troubles.

“The seal is getting weaker, seems like it won't take long for the ancient tower to open up.”

Big Yellow shook his big tail and said in a relaxed tone. In fact, he didn’t have the slightest interest in these leftover combat techniques and arts since he solely depended on his bloodline to cultivate and awaken his special abilities. However, he didn’t want to be left out of the fun.

“Little Chen, and Big Yellow the two of you are freaks! How can your level of grade advance so rapidly?”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t help but roll his eyes after sensing the Qi of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. He can still clearly remember their level of grades in the herb garden. Jiang Chen was merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor and Big Yellow was a Third Grade Demon Emperor. In just a few days, they consequently became a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor and a Seventh Grade Demon Emperor. Their improvement really defied the heavens.

“Amitabha, I have come.”

Right at this moment, a beam of light raced forward from afar. A monk in golden robes suddenly emerged beside Jiang Chen. He was Tyrant, the monk. There were some minor changes with him as well, he had actually reached the peak of the Third Grade Combat Emperor and was only a step away from the Fourth Grade.

Back then when Tyrant obtained the monument, Jiang Chen had hypothesized that there might be a connection between this mountain and the Buddha Sect. Today, Tyrant’s rapid advancement had provided him some certainty about his hypothesis.

“Tyrant, not bad! How did you find this place?”

Big Yellow smiled.

Tyrant looked at Big Yellow and became speechless, then he heaved a sigh of disappointment. He thought that his advancement to the peak of Third Grade within these few days was a very good thing, but after seeing Big Yellow, he had nothing to say about it.

“I felt it, it felt as if there is something that I need here.”

Tyrant said while looking at the ancient tower ahead.

After some time, the cultivators that were present in front of the ancient tower increased, especially the people from the five major powers. This made those rogue* and minor powers’ cultivators feel helpless. They already knew that even if there were good treasures in the tower, they wouldn’t be able to compete with the five major powers. However, they couldn’t just back off. As the saying goes, if the five major powers were eating meat, it would be better than nothing if they can obtain some soup.

After half an hour, the seal outside the ancient tower disappeared completely. A large door revealed itself. Above the door hung a big name-plate, it was made with rarely seen rocks, and that’s why it lasted until now. There were two big words on it. Although it was unclear, anyone could make out that these two words were ‘Martial Tower’.

“So this is the Martial Tower of Colossus Sect, there has to be a lot of combat techniques and arts inside!”

A genius of the Tan Family shouted excitedly. He strode forward and kicked the door open using his foot. The large door broke and splintered, a stench of decayed Qi flew out.

“Too rough!”

Tyrant shook his head. “Why are the people from the Tan Family no different from a bandit?”

He didn’t try to suppress his voice and he was clearly heard by the disciples of the Tan Family. Some turned and glared at Tyrant, and others gritted their teeth. They couldn’t help but think how shameless this monk had to be? Nonetheless, they didn’t have any choice but to endure.

After the door to the entrance was opened, many people started to rush into the ancient building. There was a door that allowed them to access level one to eight and there was a different door for the ninth floor, and that door attracted Jiang Chen. He wasn’t interested in any ordinary combat techniques or arts, he wanted to find out what was on the ninth floor.

“Come, let’s go to the ninth floor and check it out.”

Jiang Chen said as he flew up towards the ninth floor. Nangong Wentian and the others followed suit. They also believed that the good items must be on the highest floor.

Another group of silhouettes appeared and were heading to the ninth floor as well. They were Tan Zhi Bai and a genius of the Tan Family, both being Eighth Grade Combat Emperors.

Two different parties reached and stood opposite of each other at the entrance of the ninth floor.

“Jiang Chen, this ancient tower was found by all of us. We are all ent.i.tled to enter and the treasures would be divided evenly, am I right?”

However, his intention to compromise failed to obtain their approval.

“Are you joking? What is the relation between this ninth floor and you, Tan Zhi Bai? This floor has already been taken by us. You should go to the eighth floor and find something there.”

Mo Sang said with a cold tone. He and Tan Zhi Bai were enemies, so his tone would naturally be rather harsh. He also knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t let Tan Zhi Bai enter the ninth floor.

“Mo Sang, are the things inside here related to your devil religion? Do you think that there are devil arts in this floor?”

Tan Zhi Bai raged.

“I have no idea whether there are any or not, but I’m not letting you in.”

Mo Sang crossed his arms across his chest. A fight would surely begin at any time based on the current situation.

“Tan Zhi Bai, you should go down.”

Jiang Chen said faintly. He initially thought that he could befriend the Tan Family before entering the Death Mountain. Now, he had no favorable feelings towards them anymore.

“Jiang Chen, don’t be too excessive! You have already killed two men from my family, I haven’t even settled this debt of yours!”

Tan Zhi Bai bellowed. He had already been outside the ancient tower for quite some time. He wanted to see what the ninth floor contained.However, he had never thought that Jiang Chen and the rest would be the first to arrive at the ninth floor. How could he swallow this insult?

“Is that so? Then let us clear that debt now.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook as he casted the True Dragon Palm Seal, launching the attack at Tan Zhi Bai. He didn’t want to waste any time arguing with Tan Zhi Bai. Also, since his opponent was trying to provoke him, there wasn’t anything that was worth discussing. Moreover, he had already created a rift in his relations.h.i.+p with the Tan Family. The number of the Tan Family’s disciple that he had killed was merely a number now, it didn’t matter to Jiang Chen. In his eyes, Tan Zhi Bai wasn’t any different to an ordinary disciple of the Tan Family.

Tan Zhi Bai was infuriated. He raised his head and sent a palm attack, stopping Jiang Chen’s incoming dragon claw.

“Brother Guo, brother Mo, Ah Nan, and Big Yellow attack and kill him for me.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was bursting like a wise general controlling the overall situation. Tan Zhi Bai wanted to block his way, so Jiang Chen would return the favor by killing him.


Guo Shao Fei didn’t have the slightest opposition towards Jiang Chen’s command. He immediately rushed to Tan Zhi Bai. He was a notch stronger than Tan Zhi Bai now. He could even advance to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor at any time. Even if he deliberately suppressed his combat strength, he would still be stronger than Tan Zhi Bai.

Mo Sang, Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow attacked together, encircling him.

None of these four men were weaker than Tan Zhi Bai, and they were even attacking together. Jiang Chen and Tyrant were standing from afar, watching the show. Even if Tan Zhi Bai had three heads and six arms now, he would be a hundred-percent dead.


A wail of agony was heard as soon as the battle began. A disciple who came with Tan Zhi Bai was killed. He was. .h.i.t by Big Yellow’s head and was shredded into pieces. It was a painful death.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare kill my people?”

Tan Zhi Bai raged.

“Who cares about the Tan Family? You have offended us and all offenders will die.”

Nangong Wentian gripped his Million Stars Ruler. He didn’t care what the ident.i.ty of his opponent was. When Jiang Chen gave the order to kill, the target had to be eliminated. Last time, they didn’t even hesitate to eradicate a dynasty, so why would they be concerned about a family?

*Hong Long*

Their combat strength surged to the sky. To prevent the seal from reactivating, Guo Shao Fei forcefully pulled Tan Zhi Bai to the sky. Then, three men and a dog attacked with their full strength simultaneously, causing the half-dead Tan Zhi Bai to spurt blood.

*odd cultivators - rogue cultivators

*Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.