Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 691 – Ancient Martial Tower

Chapter 691 – Ancient Martial Tower

Ancient Martial Tower

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“Alright, thanks then.”

Guo Shao Fei nodded. Since Jiang Chen was so forthright, he didn’t want to continue acting polite. He took the Dragon Ginseng and eyed Jiang Chen with grateful eyes before sitting down cross-legged. He began to absorb the Dragon Ginseng and his wounds started to heal. Although there were still a lot of dark souls in the spatial zone, the scariest dark soul had already been eliminated. The remaining dark souls didn’t induce fear anymore with Jiang Chen’s presence here, so Guo Shao Fei and Big Yellow didn’t need to worry about being disturbed while they are in the midst of meditating.

Big Yellow was still feeling tired, but as long as he could absorb the demon soul completely, not only would his drained energy be fully recovered, he would also undergo another huge transformation. His level of grade would advance tremendously, akin to travelling a thousand miles in just one day. Guo Shao Fei was currently at the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. He only needed one more step to transcend his current grade. He had miraculously escaped death this time. With the Dragon Ginseng’s medicinal effect, he would obtain much more benefits other than just merely healing his injuries. He could even push his level of grade to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor realm. This incident was a blessing in disguise for him.

Jiang Chen looked left and right and saw that there were no other treasures to be found in this spatial zone besides those unpleasantly ruined buildings. There were a lot of dark souls in this spatial zone, but there were no treasures in this area. Thus, Jiang Chen had given up the thought of seeking any treasures here. The darks souls in the vicinity were hiding in the darkness but they didn’t dare to appear as they feared Jiang Chen’s flames.

Of course, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow hadn’t received any rewards after entering this spatial zone, but after they had obtained the demon soul of a Minor Saint grade beast, it was a bountiful harvest for Big Yellow. After completely absorbing it, he could push his grade to the Seventh Grade Demon Emperor. When that time comes, Big Yellow would be powerful enough that no one in the Death Mountain would dare to provoke him. Li Long and Yan Hui had died, Guo Shao Fei and Mo Sang were on their side, the only person who could count as a worthy enemy would be Tan Zhi Bai of the Tan Family. As long as Tan Zhi Bai was still sane, he wouldn’t find any trouble for Jiang Chen under this mountain, unless he didn’t want to live anymore.

To say it in another manner, the Death Mountain would become their dominion for the following days and they could sweep through anything they wanted.

While Big Yellow and Guo Shao Fei were still in their meditative state, Jiang Chen also sat crossed-leg. To protect the man and the dog duo, he didn’t forget to circulate the Dragon Transformation Art to fortify his pool of energy and digest everything that he had refined over this period of time.

A day later, Guo Shao Fei was the first one to awaken. His eyes flashed with a brilliant radiance. His Qi was stronger than before. Under the nourishment of the Dragon Ginseng, he had completely healed in one night’s time and was stronger than before. There were layers of golden light halo on his outer body. His Qi indicated that he had reached the very peak of the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. If he was willing to, he could just simply get to the Ninth Grade.

However, Guo Shao Fei deliberately suppressed his advancement while it was about to make a breakthrough to the Ninth Grade.

“Brother Guo heals very quickly. It seems like you’re about to reach the Ninth Grade.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Yeah, I have obtained huge benefits with junior Jiang’s Dragon Ginseng’s help, and will immediately reach the Ninth Grade, but I forcefully suppressed the advancement. This is the Death Mountain, if I let my level of grade advance to the Ninth Grade, it would probably cause the sealing formation to reset itself, bringing a calamity upon us. Thus, I have to suppress my level of grade until I am out of the mountain.”

Guo Shao Fei’s face was full of excitement. This trip to the Death Mountain was quite rewarding. It was his biggest desire to advance to the Ninth Grade. When he reached the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he would be ranked in the top three on the Sky ranking of Nebula Sect.

Nonetheless, Guo Shao Fei was not tempted to advance his grade because he knew that it would bring a great disaster to the Death Mountain.


At this moment, something happened to Big Yellow. This dog’s size was big, the way he crouched made him look like a robust barbaric elephant. His eyes were closed. After a day, his Qi was nearly full. The demon soul started to show its effect on Big Yellow. On his outer body, a layer of golden light curtain appeared, enveloping him within and turning into a big golden coc.o.o.n.

The Dragon Horn that grew out between his eyebrows released electric sparks. Dense talisman symbols had become more intricate, similar to spider webs.

“Big Yellow is undergoing metamorphosis.”

Guo Shao Fei was slightly shaken. “To what extent would his power reach after metamorphosis? The special ability that he used to attack the dark soul monster was already very powerful.”

He somehow felt fear lingering in his heart when he recalled how powerful Big Yellow’s special ability was. Currently, Big Yellow was undergoing a transformation, how powerful would this dog be after it had completed?

As time went by, the big golden coc.o.o.n became larger and larger until it turned into a solid gold case with talisman symbols rippling on the surface. The process continued for half an hour until a ‘kaka’ sound was heard and cracks started to appear on its surface.


Suddenly, a strong wave of energy rushed out of Big Yellow’s body, shredding the golden case and crumbling it into pieces. Big Yellow emerged. He looked divine and extraordinary, his veins were continuously circulating the blood of a divine beast, causing traces of talisman symbols to appear on his skin. He raised up his head and roared. It was a mix of a dragon and a horse’s roar, the sound wave went through the spatial zone and up to the heavens, it was truly deafening.

His Qi now was many times stronger than before. The absorption of a Minor Saint demon soul had allowed him to reach the Seventh Grade Demon Emperor. It wasn’t the only benefit that he got, the Qi of the demon soul had flooded every part of his body, enhancing and nouris.h.i.+ng him. It seemed like it wouldn’t take long for him to reach the Eighth Grade Demon Emperor.

“Kaka! Nice! Very nice!”

Big Yellow thrillingly laughed while his level of grade was constantly increasing. That tyrannical feeling was so intoxicating. With his current level of grade, he could face people as strong as Li Long and Yan Hui without the help of Han Yan and Nangong Wentian.

“Very good, your body is a bloodline of a divine beast and is gifted in luck. To obtain this demon soul is your luck. Let’s go, we will continue into the deeper regions of the Death Mountain.”

Jiang Chen said. Big Yellow’s fortune was blooming. It was his great luck to advance to the Seventh Grade Demon Emperor. They were delayed for quite some time here so they had to quicken their pace to reach the inner regions of the Death Mountain. As there were too many spatial zones in the Death Mountain and most of them were empty, people had unnecessarily wasted their time here.

It was certain that many people had already gone to the inner regions of the Death Mountain. Naturally, they couldn’t allow any more delays as they didn’t want to be left behind. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s level of grade had advanced by leaps and bounds compared to the time before they entered the Death Mountain. Such combat strength was enough for them to swagger in the Death Mountain. As long as they didn’t encounter something unusually dangerous in the inner regions of the Death Mountain, nothing could be a threat to them.

Two men and a dog were on their way to the deeper regions. It had already been nine days since the Death Mountain was opened, so there were only twenty one days left.

For the following days, the three of them had flown through three different spatial zones, but didn’t obtain anything precious. In fact, they had already gotten used to this situation thus they were not really disappointed.


A crowd of people were gathered in front of an old and run-down tower. It seemed to have been here for an awfully long period of time, the surface of the building was full of variegated marks and traces.

Two silhouettes moved forward to greet them after seeing that Jiang Chen and Guo Shao Fei have arrived. These two were Nangong Wentian and Mo Sang. Han Yan and Zuo Ling Er wasn’t here. They were probably in the other spatial zones.

“Little Chen, you have all come. This is?”

Nangong Wentian looked at Guo Shao Fei for a few times and asked.

“This is brother Guo Shao Fei of Nebula Sect, the leader of Nebula Sect for this expedition. This is Nangong Wentian, a lost friend of mine. I never thought that I’d meet him again here in the Death Mountain.”

Jiang Chen introduced the two of them to each other.

Guo Shao Fei’s respect for Nangong Wentian increased after hearing that this man was Jiang Chen’s friend. He greeted him warmly. As for Mo Sang, he didn’t need to be introduced. They had been recognized as the genius of geniuses of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion respectively, so they naturally knew each other. He probably had some minor conflicts with Mo Sang in the past as people of the devil religion didn’t get along well with other major powers. Nevertheless, Mo Sang was also one of Jiang Chen’s friend, therefore, he would be one of Guo Shao Fei’s friend as well.

“Brother Mo, Ah Nan, what’s in this ancient tower?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“This is like a Martial Tower that was left behind. It has a total of nine floors, it seems like there are good things inside. But there is a layer of seals outside the ancient tower just like the one in the herb garden. Everyone is waiting outside for it to disappear and be the first to rush into it.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“That’s right. This should be the Martial Tower left behind by the Colossus Sect, there has to be a lot of inheritance of their combat techniques. These things are more expensive than a city. If one can get it, one would definitely help their sect to gain fame and strength.”

Mo Sang said.

“So this is what it is, seems like we cannot wait any longer.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He raised his head and looked at the ancient tower ahead. The ancient tower seemed to be in a bad condition. However, since there were nine floors in the tower there had to be some good items left in the Martial Tower like what Nangong Wentian had said.