Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 66 – Jiang Chen’s Decision

Chapter 66 – Jiang Chen’s Decision

Chapter 66 – Jiang Chen’s Decision


The strong energies had turned into ripples, unleas.h.i.+ng from his body and covering the air above the Yan family grounds. The blood wings on his back produced tornadoes with each flap and made Jiang Chen look like a Divine Being.

Right at this moment, everyone, including Big Yellow who had just woken up, raised their heads and looked at Jiang Chen, who was floating in the air.

“Heavens, what did I just see? Brother Jiang Chen has just broken through to the Mortal Core realm, but he can fly in the air! This is hard to believe. Only those at the Heavenly Core realm can control the natural energies and fly using the Heavenly Core in their body! This... This is a miracle!”

“Look at that pair of wings on his back! It’s those blood red wings allow him to fly. He’s not controlling the natural energies! This is too incredible; I wonder how Jiang Chen did it!”

“Those blood red wings make him appear like a demon beast. I think those are the wings of a demon beast! But I just wonder how Brother Jiang Chen managed to make it his own ability! A flying Mortal Core warrior, this is beyond our imagination. Brother Jiang Chen is indeed a rare genius!”


Yan Zhan Yun and his men were very excited as they had just witnessed the birth of another miracle, Jiang Chen’s blood wings. This had completely turned their minds upside down.

“Sigh… There’s no way to catch up to Brother Jiang Chen… Looks like I can only treat him as my idol in the future.”

Yan Yang sighed. Living here when there was a person like Jiang Chen, this had a huge impact on him.

Above in the skies, Jiang Chen’s black hair was floating in the wind. His eyes were s.h.i.+ning bright like stars, as if he was a deity from the heavens. The absorption of the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul had provided him with countless benefits, and it had also permitted the Dragon Transformation skill to show its awesomeness.

The Dragon Transformation skill had completely absorbed the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline, and it even made blood wings appear. This was beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination. It was a surprise to him as he could fly as a Mortal Core warrior. This was a huge advantage that no one else possessed.

Not only this, Jiang Chen had also inherited the innate abilities within the bloodline. The Blood Winged Hawk’s innate ability was called the Sonic Hawk Cry, which was a powerful combat skill that unleashed powerful sound waves. Since it was an innate ability, it was scaled off of Jiang Chen’s own strength. Thus, it didn’t have its own level.

A sound wave combat skill was more terrifying than any ordinary combat skill because it was more difficult to defend against. A strong sound wave could penetrate a person’s soul and attack the source of all of their strength, causing powerful damage. This combat skill was the reason why the Blood Winged Hawk was able to become the king amongst all hawks.

And this still couldn’t compare to all the advantages that Jiang Chen had gained. The impact of the bloodline and energies had caused Jiang Chen to instantly form his Mortal Core. Right now, within Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, a golden colored Mortal Core stood like a huge pillar within the sea. Fifteen Dragon Marks surrounded the Mortal Core, like a cl.u.s.ter of stars surrounding the moon.

That was right, fifteen Dragon Marks. When Jiang Chen had broken through to the Late Qi Hai realm, he had eight Dragon Marks, and because of the leftover energy, he managed to form ten Dragon Marks. Not only had he broken through to the Mortal Core realm, his strength had also doubled, and he had formed fifteen Dragon Marks.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, in order to reach the Mid Mortal Core realm, his strength would need to double again; he had to form at least thirty Dragon Marks.

The absorption of the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul had allowed Jiang Chen to completely witness the awesomeness of the Dragon Transformation skill, and it had also let Jiang Chen confirm which cultivation path he was going to walk after this. Now, he could forget about all of the combat skills in his past life, except for the Celestial Nine Solar Energies.

Jiang Chen only needed to use the Dragon Transformation skill to continue absorbing rare bloodlines and inherit their strong innate abilities. He would then be able to reach a level that no one could fathom.

Outside the courtyard, the old man looked at Jiang Chen, who was floating in the air, with his mouth wide open. The shock on his face was not any less than the others; it was even stronger. As a demon beast himself, also of the hawk species, no one could understand more than him that Jiang Che’s absorption of the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline was something unprecedented.

“How could this be possible? How did he do it? He is only a human, so how could he absorb a demon beast’s bloodline, and how did it merge with his body so perfectly?”

The old man mumbled to himself. Although he had lived for more than a hundred years, he couldn’t even come close to understanding this.

“This is a miracle. This young man is really extraordinary! Don’t tell me he is a child of destiny? Or is he a deity who came from the heavens? He emitted a scary aura of someone above everyone else. His vision is as cold as ice, and it didn’t even change when he was facing me… He can also casually take out a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill…. And now he is able to absorb the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline? Can he still be considered a human?”

The old man had been completely conquered by Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen was definitely not a mortal, and his future accomplishments could only be something beyond his imagination.

“Ruff…… d.a.m.n you, how did he do it? This boy must have a big secret; he must be cultivating some ancient holy skill… A human that can merge with the bloodline of a demon beast? This is so unbelievable that it has blinded my eyes!”

Big Yellow was jumping up and down in the courtyard. He was unable to calm down. This young man was full of mysteries; he was like a bottomless hole that no one could look through. He was able to absorb Big Yellow’s blood earlier in Origin Mountain, and that had puzzled Big Yellow. Now, he absorbed the bloodline of the Blood Winged Hawk, and he could even take out a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill. Just who was he?

Everyone from the Yan family was looking at the young man and his pair of blood wings flapping behind his back. Aside from the shock they were feeling, there were no other words that could describe their feelings right now. This young man was like a deity.


Jiang Chen’s blood wings flapped, and he descended slowly from the skies. He then shook his shoulders and retracted the blood wings into his body.

“Kid, tell me quickly, what divine skill are you cultivating with? How can you absorb demon beast’s bloodlines?”

Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen’s side and asked impatiently.

“I won’t tell you.”

Jiang Chen stared at Big Yellow before he exited the courtyard.

“d.a.m.n you, what’s the point of being so arrogant?!”

Big Yellow pointed his nose up towards the sky as he followed Jiang Chen while wiggling his tail.


The old man saw Jiang Chen coming out. He hurriedly bowed down and said, “Master has unpredictable powers. You will surely achieve the ultimate high in the future!”

The old man addressed Jiang Chen as his master because of the seed in his Divine Sense earlier, but right now, he addressed Jiang Chen as Master with full willingness.

“Black Hawk, what’s your name?”

Jiang Chen looked at the old man. His eyes were s.h.i.+ning bright like the stars, as if he was a king who was looking down upon his subordinate.

“Master, you can just call me Old Black.”

The old man said respectfully.

“Alright, Old Black, let me ask you, from now on, are you willing to completely surrender to my side?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Your wish is my command, master!”

Old Black didn’t dare show any impoliteness. He clearly knew that with his own potential, he could at most reach the peak of the Heavenly Core realm. It would be very difficult for him to form his Divine Core, but Jiang Chen had given him a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill, and this had provided him with the opportunity to break through to the Demon King realm, or perhaps even the Supreme Demon King realm. To him, this was the turning point in his destiny. Besides, Jiang Chen was a man of miracles, and his achievements in the future were unpredictable. By following him, the advantages he could obtain in the future would be great.

“Good. Not long after this, I’ll be leaving here to go to the inner parts of the Qi Province. Your task will be residing here in the Yan family grounds while cultivating the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill. As long as you carry out your duty well, you will be able to have a fair share of future benefits.”

Jiang Chen said. Right now he had broken through to the Mortal Core realm, and the matter between him and the Lee family had also been settled. It was time for him to start his journey. However, the thing he worried about the most was the Jiang family, and if Old Black could help him protect them, he would be able to leave this place without any worries.

Jiang Chen didn’t ask Old Black to go directly to the Jiang family grounds, but instead asked him to guard the Yan family. The reason was simple. First, he just wanted the Jiang family to stay in Fragrant Sky city and keep low profile. Secondly, there was not much difference between asking Old Black to protect the Yan family or the Jiang family because just from the great deeds Jiang Chen had done for the Yan family, even if Yan Zhan Yun had to sacrifice his life, the Yan family would protect the safety of the Jiang family no matter what. That was why, as long as the Yan family was safe, the Jiang family would be safe as well.

“Old Black will perform my best and make sure the Yan family is safe!”

Old Black bowed politely towards Jiang Chen. Right now he needed a stable environment to cultivate the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill. The Yan family had just become the sole ruler of Red city, and this place was perfect for him to cultivate.

At this moment, Yan Zhan Yun and the rest of the men had arrived. They all looked happy.

“Congratulations, Brother Jiang Chen, for breaking through to the Mortal Core realm! This is indeed joyful news!”

Yan Zhan Yun cupped his fists and greeted politely.

“Chief Yan, I was about to look for you just now. I’ll be going to the inner parts of the Qi Province in a few days now that the matters in Red city have been completely resolved. From now on, there are no more powers that can be your Yan family’s opponent. Besides, after I leave this place, I’ll let Old Black stay and guard the Yan family. Please help me arrange a place for Old Black to quietly cultivate.”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, everyone was at first startled before they became extremely happy. As for Jiang Chen leaving the outer section of the Qi Province, everyone was aware that this would happen sooner or later. Jiang Chen was a dragon amongst fishes; he was going to soar through the skies sooner or later. He wouldn’t be staying in a small place like Red city for long.

What made the men from the Yan family surprised was that Jiang Chen was going to leave the black hawk behind. They had all seen the black hawk’s abilities, an authentic Heavenly Core Demon Lord. The Yan family were the sole rulers of Red city, and now that they had a Heavenly Core Demon Lord residing in their family, they would be the ultimate rulers of the city.

“Brother Jiang Chen has done so much for the Yan family. Yan Zhan Yun doesn’t know how to repay all this great kindness! I’m willing to let the Jiang family transfer over here, and I’ll even let the Jiang family take half of the Misty Rain Tower!”

Yan Zhan Yun said with a serious tone. The Misty Rain Tower was the Yan family’s main business, and it was the only property they owned as well. This was a really big decision for Yan Zhan Yun to give up half his owners.h.i.+p. No one from the Yan family was against Yan Zhan Yun’s decision because in the future, if Yan Chen Yu and Jiang Chen married, the Yan family and the Jiang family would become one big family.

Besides, if you look at it from a different perspective, although it seemed like the Jiang family needed to depend on a big tree such as the Yan family, in reality, everyone understood that it would be the Yan family who would depend on the Jiang family.

“You’re too generous Chief Yan! My dad is used to living in Fragrant Sky city. I don’t think he would be willing to come to Red city. Also, I don’t want to let the Jiang family become too high profile. It is enough for the Jiang family to rule over Fragrant Sky city. I just hope Chief Yan takes care of the Jiang family in the future!”

Jiang Chen said. He had no intention of sending the Jiang family to Red city. Now that everything in Red city had been resolved, he would be going back to Fragrant Sky city tomorrow and spend a few days with his father before leaving again.