Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 65 – Blood Wings, Mortal Core Realm

Chapter 65 – Blood Wings, Mortal Core Realm

Chapter 65 – Blood Wings, Mortal Core Realm

That same night, the Lee family had completely vanished. All the men from the Lee family were killed, and most of the dependent families had surrendered. Some of the dependent families who refused to surrender, however, were killed as well.

Without any doubt, Red city now welcomed a new set of rules. From now on, the Yan family would have complete monopoly over Red city.

All of the Lee family’s businesses and properties now belonged to the Yan family. From this point forward, the Lee Family no longer exists in Red city. Lee Shan Yue, who had been in power for more than 20 years, had disappeared in the tidal wave called history.

The major incident that had shocked this city couldn’t be hidden from anyone, and no one ever tried to hide it either. Everyone in the city had already heard the news, just moments after the Lee family vanished.

Such big news had undoubtedly shocked the city. No one could remain calm, especially when they knew about the dramatic turnaround that occurred during the battle. Everyone sighed silently in their hearts on how things changed so fast.

“Sigh… One of the tigers disappeared just like that… From now on, the Yan family will be the sole ruler of our Red city. They no longer have any opponents.”

“Do you guys remember that Demon Lord who appeared before the battle? I heard that he was going to help the Lee family kill Yan Zhan Yun, but he then kneeled down in front of a dog instead! Right, the same dog whom the Heavenly Sword Disciples were looking for! That dog is really strange; even the Demon Lord had to listen to what he said.”

“That’s right! The Heavenly Core Demon Lord a.s.sisting the Lee family switched sides and killed Lee Shan Yue! Who could have ever imagined such a dramatic change?”

“This is too intense! That dog is definitely not an ordinary dog. Someone told me what happened. That Demon Lord kneeled down in front of that dog, and he didn’t even dare make a single move!”

Many people were discussing the war that had just taken place. Big Yellow had become the center of all conversations. Who could have ever imagined that a war’s result was determined by a dog?

“In my opinion, the reason why the Lee family could be wiped out so quickly was all because of Jiang Chen! Since he came to this city, there has never been a quiet day!”

“You’re right, all of this happened because of Jiang Chen! That dog was also brought here by Jiang Chen!”

“Jiang Chen is a ferocious man. Not only did he killed three sons of Lee Shan Yue, he even dared to kill the disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect! He is too cruel, and my G.o.d, he has guts I’ve never seen before!”


Although the Yan family had defeated the Lee family, everyone was focusing on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This man and dog were the keys to the elimination of the Lee family.

The night was a sleepless one. Jiang Chen was focused on absorbing the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul.

After spending half an hour, Jiang Chen had adjusted his form to perfection. The ten Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea were vibrating nonstop. On top of his head was a floating blood red shadow of a Dragon. His blood and qi was so powerful that after obtaining blood from Big Yellow, he could briefly unleash the Dragon form.

Jiang Chen opened his mouth wide and swallowed the blood red Demon’s Soul floating in front of him. Immediately, two red lights appeared in Jiang Chen’s eyes. The energy caused ripples to appear in the air.


When the Demon’s Soul entered Jiang Chen’s body, his body started producing a buzzing sound, and his Yuan energy started vibrating as well. Jiang Chen began circulating the Dragon Transformation skill to the best of his abilities, absorbing the Demon’s Soul bit by bit.

“Such powerful energy! If I can completely absorb the energy contained within this Demon’s Soul, and thus absorb the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline into my own body, my strength will at least double! In addition, I’ll reach the Early Mortal Core realm!”

Jiang Chen’s face was filled with joy. A Late Mortal Core’s Demon’s Soul was the perfect essence for him to absorb at this moment.

Under the Dragon Transformation skill’s control, the blood red Dragon Marks acted like tiny genuine Dragons. They curved their bodies and entangled the blood red Demon’s Soul.

Jiang Chen’s experiences could not be compared with anyone else’s. His control with the Dragon Transformation skill could guarantee that the energy in the Demon’s Soul would release slowly, allowing him to absorb it bit by bit and make sure that the energy wasn’t being released too swiftly or at a pace his body couldn’t withstand. No energy would be wasted this way.

Time pa.s.sed. Jiang Chen had fallen into a trance. Within the courtyard, Big Yellow was sleeping on a huge green rock. Suddenly, faded golden light started glowing all over his body. The golden light slowly intensified in strength until it turned into a golden coc.o.o.n that enveloped Big Yellow inside of it.

As time pa.s.sed, Big Yellow’s energy was becoming stronger, like there was something inside his body about to awaken. He was experiencing a complete transformation from his roots.

If Jiang Chen was here to see what happened, he would start cursing. This dog had fallen into a trance while he was sleeping, and he was currently in the process of awakening his bloodline and innate abilities. Once the process was complete, Big Yellow would become a Mortal Core warrior.

As a Dragon Horse, awakening the innate abilities was perfectly normal. This rare species didn’t possess only one innate ability. What upsetted people was that a Dragon Horse could become stronger by doing absolutely nothing. They could become stronger while sleeping. This was a huge blow to everyone. While everyone was fighting to the death in order to become stronger, and failing most of the time, this fellow could level up without even being awake. There was nothing that could compare with this.

The courtyard was very quiet. Jiang Chen was absorbing the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul, Big Yellow was sleeping on a huge green rock, and outside the main door, the old man was guarding like a professional. In this city, no one could get close to this place as it was being guarded by a Heavenly Core Demon Lord.

The old man stood still. His eyes looked like he was obsessed with something, and his body was like an unmovable statue. He had all his attention on the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill. This Saint skill, if he could use it properly, would allow him to become a Demon King just like Jiang Chen had told him.

Two figures came out from afar, a man and a girl. They were Yan Chen Yu and Yan Yang who had just come back from the Center Square.

Yan Chen Yu was in a bad mood, and the first person she thought about was Big Bro Jiang Chen.

“Stop there.”

The old man in black robe said coldly while staring at the two persons.

“Where is Big Bro Jiang Chen? I want to see my Big Bro Jiang Chen!”

Yan Chen Yu said. The way she and Yan Yang looked at the old man was a look with fear. This old man in front of them was a cruel being; they could still clearly remember how he killed Lee Shan Yue earlier.

“Master is cultivating behind closed doors; no one is allowed to disturb him.”

The old man said with a cold voice. He could be as gentle as a sheep when in front of Big Yellow and Jiang Chen, but when he faced outsiders, he was a ferocious hawk, a strong Heavenly Core Demon Lord.

“Let’s go Xiao Yu, let’s not disturb Brother Jiang’s closed door cultivation.”

Yan Yang said.


Yan Chen Yu nodded her head as she turned around and left. Jiang Chen’s cultivation was an important matter, of course he couldn’t be disturbed.

After an hour, the night had arrived. Yan Zhan Yun and the rest of the elite men in the family had finished their business, and now they had gone back to the Misty Rain Tower with prideful expressions.

The first thing they did when they came back was to pay a visit to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in order to show their appreciation, but Yan Yang had stopped them.

“Chief, brother Jiang is cultivating behind closed doors, we can’t disturb him!”

Yan Yang said.

“Looks like Brother Jiang Chen has learned something new! Perhaps he will be able to break through to the Mortal Core realm while cultivating behind closed doors…”

Yan Zhan Yun said with deep sigh.

“Compared to Brother Jiang Chen, I don’t think that there are many people who dares call themselves geniuses anymore… His age, his abilities, his manners, and that terrifying cultivation speed… This kind of being is indeed a rare species.”

Everyone here sighed when they thought about Jiang Chen.

“Yan Yang, you need to have Jiang Chen as your goal! I don’t think it’s possible for you to match him, but it is still good to have a goal and an idol!”

Yan Zhan Yun said as he patted Yan Yang’s shoulder.

“I will! I’ll try all my life to reach his level!”

It was rare for Yan Yang to respect someone, but towards Jiang Chen, he had nothing but respect.

“This time Brother Jiang Chen has provided us great help! I can safely say that he has saved our Yan family! The kindness he has shown can’t ever be forgotten! Once Brother Jiang Chen comes out from his closed door cultivation, we’ll need to thank him handsomely!”

Yan Zhan Yun said.

“Indeed, after saving Yu’er, he saved the entire family! Brother Jiang Chen’s kindness towards our family can’t be described with words anymore!”

A Mortal Core senior elder said.

Everyone from the Yan family really appreciated Jiang Chen from the bottom of their hearts. To be honest, without Jiang Chen, the Yan family wouldn’t exist right now.

“Yan Yang, how is it going with Yu’er?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

“She locked herself in her room; she wanted to have a quiet moment for herself. The recent events has had a huge impact on her. During all these years, Xiao Yu had never left the Misty Rain Tower. She is just an innocent girl, and she has never seen anything like what happened today.”

Yan Yang said.

“This is what she needed to face sooner or later. She has the Nine Yin Meridians, so there’s a lot of she will have to face in the future! Besides, in order to be with Jiang Chen, she can’t be a burden.”

Yan Zhan Yun said with a smile. Everyone knew that Yan Chen Yu would walk a path different than theirs; she would follow Jiang Chen’s path.


At this moment, a huge explosion sounded from deep within the Yan family grounds. Everyone looked towards the direction of the explosion and saw that it came from where Jiang Chen was located. A blood red light pillar had smashed through the roof and shot high into the sky, and a very strong energy was emitting from the place.


After that, tornadoes appeared above the Yan family grounds. All the surrounding natural energies were instantly sucked in, and within that blood red pillar, a tiny golden light suddenly emerged. Slowly, the golden light increasingly strengthened before finally forming into a golden core the size of a fist.

“Look! That’s a Mortal Core! Brother Jiang Chen has formed his Mortal Core! Such powerful energy!”

“What the… I can’t understand. It’s only been a short amount of time, and he has already broken through to the Mortal Core realm?!”

“He is only breaking through to the Mortal Core realm; how does he have such powerful energy? I am a Mid Mortal Core warrior, but under Brother Jiang Chen’s energy, my soul is trembling?!”

“Demon! He must be a rare demon!”


Everyone from the Yan family was shocked, especially the few Mortal Core warrior present at the scene. They had all broken through to the Mortal Core realm before, but they had never seen anything like Jiang Chen’s method of breaking through, and they could hardly imagine it.


After the Mortal Core was formed, it flew back into the room. At the same time, an even stronger energy shot up into the sky, blowing up the entire room. A young man in a white robe suddenly flew up into the sky. Behind his back, a pair of blood red wings flapped.