Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 654 – Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill

Chapter 654 – Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill

Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill

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*Hong Long...* *Argh*

Along with a shrill wail, the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor was overwhelmed by the lightning strike. To a person totally inexperienced in surviving through a tribulation, the attack was lethal. The destructive force of the Heavenly Tribulation was based on the combat strength of its target. The tribulation force caused by this elder was far greater than what Jiang Chen imagined.

The Fifth Grade Combat Emperor elder was struck and burnt to smoke, leading to his demise. His corpse descended from the sky. Thunder Core and the other elders' expressions looked extremely pale. Their faces were the epitome of fear. The horror was far too great for them to handle.

A Fifth Grade Combat Emperor was struck by lightning, causing his death just like that. A gloomy scene occurred. Jiang Chen and the elder were both struck by the same lightning but the elder was burnt to death on the spot, while nothing happened to Jiang Chen when the lightning struck him. It was as if he had engulfed the whole electric current since he was perfectly fine. He even became more energetic.

This was absolutely unbelievable, how could the difference be this wide?

Sot Old Man was so stunned that his mouth were wide open as he stood framed on the ground. It was a totally shocking scene. Despite the fact that he had a cruel and brutal mind, he had never seen such a scene before. He was currently in a trance from the previous lightning attack.

“Why are you staying stunned there for? To die?”

Jiang Chen’s voice reached Sot Old Man’s ears like a thunderclap, vibrating within his eardrums frantically. He finally awoke from his trance and without replying to Jiang Chen, he immediately ran for his life. How could he not understand Jiang Chen’s warning? If he continued to stay where he was, he would be seriously affecting Jiang Chen’s performance. No one could truly control the Lightning Tribulation, not even Jiang Chen. The most he could do was to exploit the power of the tribulation by leading the destructive force to another area. The lightning that came after the one before would only continue to be even stronger, the radius of blast would be bigger, and it would be even more fearsome. If he stayed, he would not only affect Jiang Chen’s performance while fighting against Thunder Core, he might even be struck dead due to the overwhelming lightning.

At that time, Sot Old Man’s concern for Jiang Chen had faded away. It was his first time seeing someone exploit the power of the tribulation to kill their enemy, which was truly shocking. He could imagine that those two dudes would be finished if they were slightly slower.

*Hong Long*

The sky was trembling and was covered with millions of clouds. Another thunderclap rumbled and it was followed by a long red dragon flash of lightning.

Thunder Core’s facial expression turned hideous. He didn’t dare to delay as he shouted, “RUN!”

He had to run faster or else he wouldn’t have the chance to. They had to depend on their incredible speed as a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor to leave the battle.

“Want to run? It’s too late for that!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. They were fast, but his Spatial s.h.i.+ft was even faster. In a twinkle, he had successfully caught up with Thunder Core along with the second lightning strike. Thunder Core wailed as he was instantly wrapped by the flash of light. He faced the exact same conclusion as the previous elder. Another Fifth Grade Combat Emperor died under Jiang Chen’s hand.

After bearing the second lightning strike, Jiang Chen was still as good as new and remained as energetic. With his current condition, he could endure six cycles of Heavenly Tribulation without a problem. The true challenge lied in the last three cycles.

Seeing that not only his comrades were killed by the lightning, the last elder was so scared that his soul almost came out. He pumped his speed to the maximum as he disappeared into a spatial zone. Jiang Chen didn’t chase after the old man.

This was not because Jiang Chen didn’t want to chase after him, it was that he couldn’t. If a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor used all of his effort to escape, it was quite easy for him to escape as he had a high mastery of the spatial zone. However, if Jiang Chen was determined to hunt down that last elder, he might be able to catch up with. The only problem was that he couldn’t allow the Heavenly Tribulation to keep following him for long distances, as that would bring disasters to other domains.

As it was a nine cycle tribulation that he was facing, he didn’t dare to take it for granted. He had to reserve some strength to deal with the remaining seven more fearsome Heavenly Tribulation. As for the elder of Freedom Palace who managed to escape, Jiang Chen just let it be. If he met him next time, he would kill him for sure.

Jiang Chen was certain that if he could reach the Second Grade Combat Emperor after surviving this nine cycle great tribulation, he would be powerful enough to take care of a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor quickly.

*Hong Long*

The thunder rumbled. The third Heavenly Tribulation began to form like a lightning dragon, and struck Jiang Chen without warning. The trio of Tyrant, Big Yellow and Sot Old Man saw the scene from afar and even then, their heart beats were racing and their muscles were shuddering. Nonetheless, they didn’t saw neither a sign of nervousness nor panic on Jiang Chen’s face. It was as if surviving through the tribulation was a relaxing task.

Jiang Chen drew out his weapon. Dazzling light blinded them as the lightning bathed the entire sword and were rippling back and forth on it, making it seem very divine.

The Heavenly Saint Sword from Jiang Chen’s past life was deemed to be the greatest Saint Weapon, but its only flaw was that it hadn’t been honed by thunderbolt. Jiang Chen did not merely want his Heavenly Saint Sword to return to its peak power, he wanted the sword to be enhanced along with him, both receiving the strong power of the lightning so that the long sword could solidify, condensate and become more fearsome.

Sure enough, after the third lightning struck, Jiang Chen was still standing in mid-air under the thundercloud exactly like a man who had suffered no injuries. This scene made Sot Old Man and Tyrant speechless, they had seen abnormal beings but they weren’t as abnormal as him!

“Young master’s friend is out of this world. He is intensely tortured by the lightning but he just stood in his position, immovable like a mountain and still survived without a scratch. If this isn’t seen with our own eyes, who will believe it? Many said that a Ninth Grade Minor Saint will cause Saint Tribulation during the process of advancement. Every Saint is very careful of it from the beginning until the end. It is like being on the verge of death until you survive. Many Saints failed and died during the tribulation. I have never really seen such a calm confrontation of the tribulation, he is... a real monster!”

Sot Old Man said with a startled tone. Jiang Chen had certainly made him speechless. The way that he had exploited and survived the tribulation was unprecedented. Of course, Sot Old Man knew that there were some people in this world that couldn’t be judged by logical means. In fact, his capability to deal with the tribulation smoothly matched with his ability to initiate the Heavenly Tribulation at his grade, which was viewed as a miracle.

A man who could create miracles should never be judged with an ordinary eye.

“He is d.a.m.n abnormal!”

Tyrant mumbled. This was the first time he saw Jiang Chen initiate a tribulation, so he was really shocked. Despite the fact that he said it with a surprised tone, his eyes revealed a sense of worry. He could feel how scary the tribulation Jiang Chen was facing. The later the stages of the tribulation, the scarier its power was. Jiang Chen could probably only be calm now, but that wouldn’t be the case when he was near the later stages of the tribulation.

*Hong Long*

The fourth lightning condensed, its force was more powerful than the third. The entire sky was full of flashes of lightning like a spider web, each of them slithering like serpents. It was truly terrifying.

“The medicine that I have and the Nine Solar Saint Water are enough to refine six more Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I can borrow this opportunity to create it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were flickering with light. Making pills like the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill wouldn’t be too much for him to handle. He had already refined two of the pills last time. If he successfully refined another six pills, he would have eight in total. There were great benefits in having those pills. Even if he wasn’t going to use the pills for trading or bargaining, he could give it to his friends. His friends like Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, and Wu Ningzhu didn’t have these pills, not even Zuo Ling Er had it.

Under the heavens, only Jiang Chen could refine such a pill as the condition of refining them were never easier than any pill refinery. In such a harsh condition, not even a Saint Grade Master Refiner could produce those pills.

However, Jiang Chen’s time was limited. He had to refine all the pills before the descent of the seventh Heavenly Tribulation, so that he could face the last three tribulations with all of his strength as they were the scariest disaster of the nine cycles. Despite his confidence, he wouldn’t take this event for granted.

*Hu… Hu…*

Below the thunder, Jiang Chen had casted the True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame, turning the area in front of him into a sea of fire. Then, he threw beads of pills into it.

“What’s he doing?”

Tyrant was startled.

“My G.o.d, is he refining pills?! This dude is refining pills during a tribulation?! Is my vision blurred?!”

Sot Old Man patted his head a few times to confirm what he was seeing. He had no doubt that Jiang Chen was refining pills. If this news was spread out, many people would be startled that their mouths would be left open unconsciously.

'Jiang Chen, this is a tribulation that you are talking about! You think that this is a refinery room? You might not even be able to survive through this tribulation even with your full combat strength, but you still have the time to refine pills?' The thought alone made the old man drunk.

“I know what he is doing now, he is refining the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I finally understand why he had such pill in his possession. The pills were all refined by himself. It is a little too hard to believe that this dude is the only person in this world who can refine a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, that is irrefutably abnormal.”

Tyrant suddenly found the link between the facts. Back in Western Continent, Jiang Chen had given him and Great Master Ran Feng one Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill each. From what he's seeing now, he judged that this scary pill was produced personally by Jiang Chen himself. This was truly terrifying as he wasn’t even a master refiner. Tyrant knew very well how difficult it was to refine such pill.

Jiang Chen’s gaze was like a torch, his palms were fluttering as he casted a chain of continuous seals. Refining a pill like this was a piece of cake to him even with the disturbance of lightning since he was very familiar with the process.

*Hong Long*

By the time the sixth lightning struck, there were already six s.h.i.+ning pills, fully refined and jumping up and down in the sea of fire.

*Hong Long*

The seventh lightning finally emerged and Jiang Chen’s facial expression immediately turned serious. After he kept the pills, he looked upwards to the sky. He could feel the fearsome Heavenly Force coming from the thick layer of clouds.