Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 653 – Scary Thunder

Chapter 653 – Scary Thunder

Scary Thunder

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Jiang Chen frowned slightly when he heard what Tyrant had said. The situation before them was obvious. Sot Old Man lacked the strength to fight any of his enemies, while Tyrant and Big Yellow weren’t strong enough to fight a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. In addition, given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could only fight a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. Of course that's unless he used the strength of his Saint Bone which would give him the strength to fight a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

However, the consumption of energy when using the Saint Bone was just too large. He could only afford to use it once. Even if he could eliminate an elder among the three, he still couldn’t deal with the other two after that. At that time, his strength would decrease due to the high energy consumption of the Saint Bone.

“It seems that there is only one skill that can be used.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits. He had to save Old Sot Man. There was only one way to defeat the three Fifth Grade Combat Emperors. It was to use the Lightning Tribulation. Exploiting the energy of that disaster would ensure that the three of them would be killed by the lightning strikes.

After Jiang Chen had reached the Combat Emperor Realm, the tribulation didn’t seek for him. This was because, he knew how to control the timing of the lightning tribulation’s arrival but this could only happen between the process of advancing from First Grade Combat Emperor to the Second Grade Combat Emperor. If he pushed his grade to the Second Grade Combat Emperor, the lightning tribulation will arrive immediately. Initially, Jiang Chen had been thinking about when to let the lightning tribulation descend from the sky. If the lightning tribulation were to emerge when he’s at the Death Mountain, it would be a waste as it would be just used to damage and kill without a purpose. Moreover, if it still didn’t emerge then, he would need to find a way to advance his grade when he reached the Death Mountain. However, if he tried to ignite the power of the tribulation inside the mountain, it might activate its weakened formation. At that time, it would bring unimaginable disaster to those who entered the mountain. This meant that, everyone there including Jiang Chen himself, couldn’t escape from the unfortunate event.

Due to that, he couldn't potentially bring disaster to the Death Mountain. However at this time, not only did he find a solution for that, he encountered such a perfect situation to release the disaster and kill the three elders of Freedom Palace for good at the same time, particularly Thunder Core. When Jiang Chen had contradicted him in Liang Province, he would’ve killed Jiang Chen if he wasn’t stopped by Sot Old Man. Jiang Chen was someone who always harboured bitter resentment, which meant that he had never forgotten about that matter.

Today, it was Sot Old Man who was surrounded by the Freedom Palace’s men. Jiang Chen didn’t need to think twice about saving the old man.

“Which skill? Don’t tell me that you are going to use the talisman given by my master.”

Tyrant was stunned.

“Why would I do that? That will be just a waste. I have a fine skill but the two of you can’t go to the battle, instead get as far away from me as possible. Otherwise, you guys will get caught in it. The power will be very great and it would probably be out of my control.”

Jiang Chen reminded Tyrant and Big Yellow. While Tyrant was still lingering in thought, Big Yellow had already flew away to a further place. Apparently, Big Yellow had guessed what Jiang Chen was going to do. It wasn’t hard for him to guess because he saw the tribulation that Jiang Chen had brought during his advancement to the Combat Soul and Combat King realm. Therefore, another tribulation that would happen in the Combat Emperor realm wouldn’t surprise him.

Tyrant still couldn’t figure out what skill Jiang Chen was going to use, but upon seeing that Big Yellow had already left, he immediately followed suit so that he wouldn’t regret not following Jiang Chen’s instruction.

In the battlefield, Sot Old Man’s expression was grievous. He looked around the formation and gave out a laugh suddenly. “Haha…I, Sot Old Man, have never thought that I would die here.. Thunder Core, make your attack now. Once I have become a ferocious ghost, I’ll return to haunt you.”

“Humph! Sot Old Man, I’m afraid that you won’t even have the chance to become a ghost. You’ll die here and your skill will be eliminated.”

Thunder Core made a cold humph. He wanted to kill Sot Old Man so badly, and end the sufferings that had been caused by this old foe. His murderous aura erupted, letting Sot Old Man feel its ferociousness.

“Three stupid old men want to bully one old man, don’t you know what shame is?”

At this moment, a rough voice coming from afar was heard.

“Who is it?!”

The three elders shouted out of surprise, as they turned simultaneously towards the source of the sound. Sot Old Man also did the same. As he turned, he saw a good-looking young man in blue with his arms crossed behind his back, it seemed as if he was out here for a leisure walk as his face was carrying a pleasantly warm smile, but the aura he emitted was intimidating.

“It’s you?!”

Thunder Core recognised him at first glance and couldn’t help but feel surprised. The reason for his surprise wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s appearance, but his boldness to appear before them. He was thinking about how foolish this young man was, to not see through the current situation. Wasn’t he courting death to walk into such a battlefield?

Besides that, Thunder Core and Sot Old Man had sensed Jiang Chen’s grade, giving them another surprise. Although a First Grade Combat Emperor wouldn’t concern them at all, they could still remember that Jiang Chen was only a Fourth Grade Combat King at that time in Liang Province. Not many days had pa.s.sed, but he had already reached the Combat Emperor realm. His speed of advancement was really inconceivable.

“You’re memory is not bad, old man. You can still recognize me. All of you shameless elders of Freedom Palace secretly planned against an old man? How good of you?”

Jiang Chen said it emotionlessly.

“Where did this kid come from? He dares to behave atrociously in front of us? Doesn’t he want to live anymore?”

An elder of the Freedom Palace was infuriated all of a sudden. They had a high social status in the domain, had a prestigious position in Freedom Palace, but they were insulted by a kid that appeared out of nowhere, how could they swallow it?”

“Jiang Chen, run! You don’t have to care about me. Just tell young master to avenge me.”

Sot Old Man shouted at Jiang Chen frantically as if it was an emergency. To him, this young man was just too impulsive. He wanted to walk into the battlefield with just the strength of a First Grade Combat Emperor, did he want to die so badly? Even though he said that, he felt a sense of grat.i.tude, seeing that Jiang Chen was brave enough to stand out like that. Despite whatever had happened, his young master's friend was a person of kindness who valued friends.h.i.+p.

“You want to leave? I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy. Since you came here, don’t leave.”

Thunder Core’s murderous aura became visible. He used his Divine Sense to tell everything about Jiang Chen, including his ident.i.ty, to the other two elders. Their facial expression changed as they too started releasing their murderous aura towards Jiang Chen. This young man was growing too fast, if he wasn’t eliminated, he would be a threat sooner or later.

If they couln't use a genius like him, then he had to be removed. The fact that he had allied himself with the Devil Religion meant that they wouldn’t have a chance to use this resource anymore, therefore he must die.

“I have never intended to go anywhere. You all want to kill me? I’m afraid that it won’t happen. As for the three of you, if you choose to leave now, you may still have a chance. Or else, your death will be certain.”

Jiang Chen feigned a cruel and intimidating speech. However, this didn’t scare them off, instead, it made them laugh as if they had heard a seriously funny joke. A First Grade Combat Emperor declared that he wanted to eliminate them, wasn’t this a stupid and funny joke?

“Humph! In that case, don’t blame my impoliteness!”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph.

“Haha…kid, don’t try to pretend. Why don’t you try to show us what’s your ‘impoliteness’?”

Thunder Core sneered at Jiang Chen. He felt that this young man was a cute naïve little boy. However, his impression of him changed suddenly. The next moment, he started to feel how foolish he had become.

*Hong Long*

A strong Qi shot out from Jiang Chen’s body. The Qi caused the supposedly mild wind and calm weather to turn into sudden thunderclaps and wild winds as if it was the scene of the end of the world. The lightning came too fast and in a twinkle, the sky was overcast with countless dark clouds. Terrifying pressure was sent downwards from the sky, giving everyone a heart-startling feeling.

All the elders, including Sot Old Man’s faces changed drastically. The three elders couldn’t continue to laugh anymore. It would be impossible for them not to realise what was about to happen given their high Combat Emperor grade.

“It’s a tribulation! G.o.d! This young man can actually cause a natural disaster?! By my grandmother! This is a monster!”

An elder of Freedom Palace finally changed his look.

“I have forgotten about this. At the time he advanced to the Combat King realm in the Liang Province, I heard that he had caused a tribulation. Let’s leave now or else we will be implicated in the catastrophe!”

Thunder Core barked. At this point, he couldn’t care about Sot Old Man anymore as he was confronting a legendary natural disaster right now. Even with his Fifth Grade Combat Emperor level of strength, he couldn’t stay calm in such a situation.

For people who had higher level of grade, their understanding about the tribulation deepened. The more they knew about it, the more they knew about how scary the tribulation was.

“My mother! Young master’s friend is a real monstrous genius who can cause a tribulation!”

A part of Old Sot Man was shocked but he was mostly surprised with delight. He thought that Jiang Chen was just a reckless kid with only the strength of a First Grade Combat Emperor, seeking for his death in the battlefield. Based on the current situation, Jiang Chen already had a hidden trump card before he appeared.

Jiang Chen looked up towards the sky that was covered with layers of dark cloud. He saw that there were nine reddish lightning strikes which made him reveal a bitter smile.

The nine cycles of tribulation. Anyone would have a bitter smile while facing such a scary situation. Jiang Chen could defend himself against such a tribulation because of his cultivation of the Dragon Transformation Art. Nonetheless, he felt a sense of surprise in his heart. A lighting tribulation like this could enhance his physique further, activating his hidden potential. As long as he could survive this tribulation, he would be able to reach the Second Grade Combat Emperor. This was what he expected would happen.

“We can’t afford to make any delays. Quickly, run! Leave! We’ll observe from a further place. He definitely can’t survive such a scary tribulation. Once it’s over, his physique will fall into a very weak state. We’ll strike at that time to kill him.”

Thunder Core barked his words.

As soon as his voice dropped, he heard a thunderclap approaching . It was a very thick and st.u.r.dy lightning, similar to a giant python as it carried an intense Heavenly force as it raced towards Jiang Chen.

The moment the lightning struck, Jiang Chen moved like a wild leopard. With the combination of Spatial s.h.i.+ft, he moved very fast as he reached the nearest elder.

“Old man, I gave you the chance to run but you didn’t want to, taste the lightning tribulation.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. That old man’s face turned ugly. It was too late for him to run now. The Heavenly Tribulation had locked down on his Qi. It created a sound of ‘hong’ and with a flash of lightning, the tribulation was now this elder’s, and it struck him.