Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 631 – Chief Steward Cong Zhong Sheng

Chapter 631 – Chief Steward Cong Zhong Sheng

Chief Steward Cong Zhong Sheng

Every newly recruited disciple was excited. On the other hand, the old disciples were carrying haughtiness that couldn’t be hidden on their faces. It was their greatest honour to be able to cultivate under such an influential sect.

“Brother Jiang, we’ll go inside now. According to the rule, they will find you a room to stay first. They will only bring you to the Brilliant Mirror tomorrow morning. Once you have pa.s.sed through the mirror smoothly, you will become a true disciple of Nebula Sect.”

Lan Yi said.

Jiang Chen nodded and followed her into the Nebula Sect. They were all inner sect disciples who were high rank Combat Kings. They flew into the sect over the mountain door without anyone stopping them, especially those geniuses of the Earth ranking. Their status now in the sect was respectable, even more respected than some elders. They even have to accommodate these kind of haughty geniuses, whose att.i.tudes were worse than the outer sect disciples.

Regardless of where the place was, geniuses were the most valuable individuals that the elders sought after. The elders would initiate to build a good relations.h.i.+p with those geniuses of the Earth ranking. The element that attracted them the most was the genius’s potential talent. They strongly believed that these young geniuses would surpa.s.s their level one day and thus, surpa.s.sing their social status. At that time, they would be able to obtain more benefits from them as their previous master.

In the sect, there was a fat elder. He was currently wearing the uniform for elders, he looked roughly sixty years old who was a Ninth Grade Combat King. He looked very energetic, his eyes were rolling constantly from left to right. Obviously, it showed that he was a person who planned things secretly.

“His name is called Chang Yong. He is a routine elder who handles day-to-day business outside the sect. He will arrange the accommodation for you guys and keep that jade plates of yours. After you pa.s.s the Brilliant Mirror, you will all be given another ident.i.ty jade plate.”

Lan Yi explained. Most of the newly-recruited disciples nodded. They were not intimidated by Elder Chang Yong as he was merely a powerless elder, even his grade wasn’t higher than them which made him insignificant to them.

“In the entire inner sect, there is only one routine elder?”

Big Yellow asked curiously.

“Of course not. There will be three chief stewards of the inner sect that will attend tomorrow. Of all the arrangements we have, you are the only batch of new disciples who are required to pa.s.s the expedition in Huang Ling Desert before coming here. Tomorrow will be the official day of scanning of the Brilliant Mirror. It should have been held after the required period of completing the trial which is in ten days’ time. But, you and sister Zuo’s presence shortened the period of completion drastically. It will create a big shock that will attract a lot of high ranks.”

Lan Yi said to Jiang Chen.

“I’m an old fellow named Chang Yong, and also the routine elder of the inner sect. My duty is to serve you all. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any request, feel convenient and free to seek for my help.”

Chang Yong’s face was full of smile while speaking to Jiang Chen and the rest. From his looks, he looked like a good man who was friendly and easy-going. In the sect, people like this were good to hang out with. On the other hand, Chang Yong didn’t attempt to patronize the new disciples. He knew that they were all valued greatly by the sect. Each and every one of them was an outstanding genius who were already at the Ninth Grade Combat King, which made it difficult to patronize them.

There were more than ninety new disciples who came. Of course, this wasn’t all of them. According to what Lan Yi said, the recruited individuals this time were at least a hundred people. Perhaps, some chose not to come because of some unsolved matters or else they should’ve been here already given that most of them were at the Ninth Grade Combat King realm,. This was because they all obtained the jade plates at the same time.

After Chang Yong’s self-introduction, he started to distribute the accommodation to Jiang Chen and the others. The inner sect had a piece of Honourable Territory. It was a big piece of quiet and elegant land. Every compound was designed and built delicately. Any Ninth Grade Combat King was eligible to get a compound of his own. Each of them got the same treatment. Jiang Chen got himself a compound which had two rooms in it.

In between the compounds, flowers and plants were planted and b.u.t.terflies flew and dance across it. It gave people a refres.h.i.+ng feeling. They could also feel the thick Yuan Force on the land.

“Xiao Er, I thought you have already gotten your own compound?”

Big Yellow looked at Zuo Ling Er and said.

“I choose to stay with my big brother. Why? Are you dissatisfied?”

Zuo Ling Er readied her fists at Big Yellow, preparing to punch his face once he confirmed his dissatisfaction.


The event that happened in Huang Ling Desert were spread rapidly all over Nebula Sect. It came from the inner sect to outer sect, and then to core sect compound. Now, everyone knew the insane talent that Jiang Chen possessed. Not only had he killed all the devil leaders, he had also defeated the number one genius, Hu Song, and chopped off one of his arm. At this moment, the atmosphere in the sect was filled with tension and excitement. The elders and the core disciples, outer sect, and inner sect were all discussing about the matter.

“That Jiang Chen is really powerful. I heard it from my brothers. He is definitely a reincarnation of some heaven defying genius. He led Lan Yi and the rest to exterminate the devils, and killed them all in one night. It was supposed to take ten days to complete the task, but it was done immediately. Many of our brothers have obtained many benefits while fighting along with him. Their praise for him was never ending. Another scary part was that he defeated the number one in the Earth ranking, Hu Song, at his current grade. He’s truly defying the heavens...”

“Yeah, I heard that Hu Song used the Taboo Pill to push his grade to the Second Grade Combat Emperor. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen also instantly advanced one grade to Ninth Grade Combat King, beating Hu Song on the spot! It was very awesome!”

“There is another fascinating story. I heard that sister Zuo is merely twelve years old and she is already a Ninth Grade Combat King. Mother of G.o.d! A twelve-year-old Ninth Grade Combat King? Is she even human? I don’t think we can find a genius like that in the entire domain. Her grade isn’t the scary part though. Even the third genius, Guo Xudong and the fifth genius, Zhang Da were defeated by her. They were beaten up by her “Barbarous Eighteen Punches” until their faces became unrecognizable. Very scary…”


Discussions about Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er could be heard everywhere. The emergence of these two legendary beings made everyone want to find out more about them. Those who came back from the desert didn’t stop singing praises for Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. Thus, intensifying the subject.

“This is defying the heaven to hear about a twelve-year-old Ninth Grade Combat King. This prodigy will be deemed a great benefit to the sect. I’m afraid those elders will fight for the opportunity to keep her as their own disciple.”

“We’ll wait and see. The crowd for tomorrow’s mirror checking will be big. Many will come to see these two monstrous talents. But, that Jiang Chen is very audacious. He has cut down an arm of the first genius even before entering the sect, isn’t he getting trouble to himself? I heard that Hu Song has a good relations.h.i.+p with one of the chief stewards. He has been bribed by Hu Song before. He will probably make things difficult for Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. Although the newbie is a genius, being overly proud will bring bad effects.”


A lot of people were still discussing about Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. In fact, it was the only subject of all their conversations. They commented that Jiang Chen’s action of cutting down Hu Song’s arm was truly tyrannical but it was also deemed rashly audacious.

Early in the morning the next day, a large crowd of people had gathered in the martial-art arena. Besides the inner sect disciples, many core disciples and elders had also come. Two Ninth Grade Combat Kings were the thing that attracted them to come. It was Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er that they wanted to see.

Jiang Chen stood at the front of ninety people, beside him was Zuo Ling Er. Their previous battles had attracted a lot of fans.

“Quickly, look. They are Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. They are so young.”

“Ya, a little girl who is still twelve years old is already a Ninth Grade Combat King. I have no idea whose family’s genius is she.”

“Look, over there, a lot of core disciples have come. I think it won’t take long for these two monstrous geniuses to enter the core sect. I heard that they hold the devils souls of the devil leaders which can be used to exchange for Emperor Pills. They will then reach the Combat Emperor realm and become a core disciple.”


Talks and arguments were everywhere. Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er really attracted a lot of people’s attention. Not far away from them was a big mirror illuminating a golden light, it was three meters tall. On top of it was the patterns of dragons and phoenixes that were carved on it and there were symbols of talisman rippling over the mirror. This was no doubt the Brilliant Mirror, a treasure of Nebula Sect. However, the reflection it produced didn’t look very different from ordinary mirrors.

“This is the Brilliant Mirror? Once I pa.s.s this mirror, I will become an official disciple of Nebula Sect. Haha…”

Many new disciples were full of excitement while thinking that they were going to wear the uniforms of Nebula Sect proudly like the others.

*Whoosh* *Whoosh* *Whoosh*

At this time, seven to eight silhouettes appeared on the battle platform. These people were wearing grey colored uniform of the elders. Their grades were frightening, they were all Combat Emperors. The first among them had reached Third Grade Combat Emperor. The other two beside him were at the peak of Second Grade Combat Emperor, they’re very formidable.

The crowd became silent the moment these people arrived. When the inner sect disciples saw the silhouettes, especially the first three, their eyes were filled with deep respect and fear. These people were the inner sect elders. The first three were no doubt the inner sect’s three chief stewards.

One of the chief steward was called Cong Zhong Sheng, he looked fifty or sixty years old with a st.u.r.dy physique as strong as a tiger’s and bear’s body. His face and Qi were intimidating. He scanned Jiang Chen and the rest intently, and then s.h.i.+fted his gaze back to Jiang Chen. Then, his eyes sparkled with two streams of cold light.

“This man is called Cong Zhong Sheng, he was in charge of every matter in the inner sect. He has a fine connection with Hu Song. You gotta be careful.”

Yu Wei’s voice sounded inside Jiang Chen’s ears, reminding him of the danger.