Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 630 – The Brilliant Mirror

Chapter 630 – The Brilliant Mirror

The Brilliant Mirror

The sword was like a cold light. Hu Song’s arm fell to the ground, twitching continuously. Hu Song’s eyes were filled with blood. He stared intently at his own arm. At that moment, no one could imagine how he felt except himself. He didn’t even think that Jiang Chen would be so audacious: cutting off an inner sect disciple’s arm.

Hu Song didn’t have the strength to concern about Jiang Chen’s audacity. He had lost an arm. It would bring negative impacts to him in the future. Even if he was a Combat Emperor, he didn’t have the power to grow another arm. In other words, his bright future is probably destroyed by this event which he found unacceptable.

The others suppressed their breath and kept their silence. Everyone stared with their big eyes on Jiang Chen and the sword in his hand. He was really a ruthless man. He would do whatever he said, giving no quarters to anyone. Offending someone like him was really a serious mistake.

In truth, after a night of ma.s.sacre, the disciples had already seen through that Jiang Chen was a very ruthless person. There was nothing he didn’t dare to do. If it wasn’t for the connection Hu Song had with the core disciples, he would be long dead by now. Jiang Chen wanted him to leave his arm here as a punishment.

“Too brutal. Hu Song is finished this time. Not only did he lost an arm, he will also be engulfed by the after-effects of the Taboo Pill which will make him and his grade worse.”

“I can see that he got what he deserved. He had been extremely arrogant in Nebula Sect. Today, he wanted to bully Jiang Chen but didn’t expect that he is the one who is being bullied. He failed and is badly injured. I am sure that if there are less people here, Hu Song’s life would definitely be taken away by brother Jiang.”

“That is crystal clear. Brother Jiang is a decisive killer. He had never hesitated in eliminating his enemy. Hu Song only lost an arm because of his own doing. But brother Jiang has crippled one disciple before entering Nebula Sect. I’m afraid that he will encounter more trouble because of this.”

“Who knows? At that time, I will be a witness for brother Jiang. It was Hu Song who declared to kill brother Jiang and was just forced to fight back. Jiang Chen only wanted his arm, it is lesser than what he had demanded.”


Jiang Chen’s formidable aura had gone deeper into everyone’s heart. His cruel means of killing showed no mercy to Hu Song. This is Jiang Chen. If it was someone else, someone who was just a new disciple and had cut down an arm of the first genius of the Earth ranking, people would think that it was outrageous and would make him pay.

“Jiang Chen, you, you dare cut down my arm?! ”

Hu Song gritted his teeth, he hated him so much that he wanted to eat him alive. He hadn’t hated someone so badly.

“You say another word and I will cut down another arm.”

Jiang Chen said with an emotionless tone. But his words were heavy, not even Hu Song dared to doubt it now. If he really did say another word, Jiang Chen would cut off his other arm.

Even though he was very angry, he didn’t dare to try and oppose the dominant opponent. He turned his head and left, some followed him. When they looked at Jiang Chen, they heaved a sigh simultaneously and stepped into the sky and left. All of the devils were exterminated, it was pointless to stay here any longer. They knew that Nebula Sect would have no peace after this event.

“Big brother, that dude resented you so much and wanted to kill you. Why didn’t you end his miserable life?”

Zuo Ling Er said, and sounded annoyed.

“Sister Zuo, brother Jiang did that just to get rid of future obstacles. You all aren’t considered official disciples of Nebula Sect yet. Killing off Hu Song will bring devastating effects to you all. Even if brother Jiang has only cut an arm off of Hu Song, I’m afraid brother Jiang will face numerous troubles after he arrives in the sect.”

Lan Yi said, thinking that Jiang Chen’s act of cutting down Hu Song’s arm was very rash.

“Although it will bring some troubles, it is still better than killing Hu Song. Brother Jiang is a gifted talent, Nebula Sect won’t put a lot of pressure on him. Brother Jiang is someone valuable of nurturing.”

Yu Wei said.

“Alright, now that the matter in Huang Ling Desert has ended. Let’s go to Nebula Sect.”

Jiang Chen said. He flew into the sky and led the way to Nebula Sect, an army of disciples followed behind him.

The disciples of Nebula Sect seldom come in a united manner. There were always violent disagreement amongst them. It was impossible to see them move together in such a large scale. But now, they all volunteered to follow Jiang Chen. The thought that they were going back to the sect put a flowery smile on their faces. They were so pleased because the fruit they reaped this time was unusually great. Every one of them obtained numerous devil souls. Once they arrived in the sect, the souls would be exchanged for precious items.

“Lan Yi, what is the Brilliant Mirror?”

On the way, Jiang Chen asked Lan Yi curiously. Not only had he heard these two words from Hu Song’s mouth, but also from many others. It seemed like every new disciple who entered the sect must went through this process. They had to go through the check of the Brilliant Mirror. He also heard that he and Zuo Ling Er, who were listed on the Hall of Fame in a city was exempted from the checking.

“Brother Jiang, there is something you don’t know. The Brilliant Mirror is a precious treasure of Nebula Sect. I have never seen what the mirror looks like. It is just a projection of light from above. For every disciple that enters, the first required step is to walk through the projection of its light. The Brilliant Mirror carried some magical power, it is used to test the degree of loyalty. If there is someone who comes with an ulterior motive, his intention will be revealed by the mirror and the person will be attacked and be executed by it. Of course, most of the disciple had been safe after pa.s.sing the test. Nebula Sect is one of the five major powers, no one will dare to come with bad intentions unless the person is seeking for death. Having the chance to enter the Nebula Sect is great honor, it is every young man’s dream. Most of the people have come for future advancement and cultivation with no ulterior motives, having no qualms for themselves. Thus, they won’t be troubled by the Brilliant Mirror.

Lan Yi explained. Telling everything she knew about the Brilliant Mirror.

After hearing what she said, Zuo Ling Er felt nothing special about it. But Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s faces changed dramatically and was slightly unpleasant.

“Little Chen, it seems entering the sect isn’t an easy task after all. Your intention to enter the sect isn’t a good one. If that is unveiled by the mirror, you won’t be getting out of the sect even if you can escape death.”

Big Yellow used the True Qi transmission to convey his message, he sounded a bit worried.

“If I’m not mistaken, the mirror is blended with the power to unveil people’s evil intention. Anyone’s bad intention will be revealed by the mirror. As long as there is an ulterior motive to join the sect, the person will certainly be attacked and killed. But I may have ways to deal with it.”

Jiang Chen replied.

“What means do you have? Don’t tell me you can hide your ulterior motive?”

Big Yellow said.

“Don’t forget, I have cultivated the Illusion Heart Sutra and it is related to people’s evil desire. It can ignite the deepest desire of humans which seemed more powerful than the Brilliant Mirror. Although I have no ways to hide my own intention and thoughts, I can use Illusion Heart Sutra to secretly disrupt the process, making the mirror ineffective.

Jiang Chen revealed a smile on his face.

“Will that work?”

Big Yellow’s heart was pounding. The Brilliant Mirror was a precious treasure of Nebula Sect, not lesser than a Minor Saint Weapon. It wasn’t easy to deal with even if it was just a projection of light. Jiang Chen was merely a Ninth Grade Combat King, which wasn’t near to a Minor Saint. Even if the Illusion Heart Sutra could help Jiang Chen, it didn’t seem that he could disrupt the power of the mirror.

“We have to move on and make prompt actions depending on the situation. We can’t be going backwards, right? Since we have come this far, we’ll have to continue even if it is a dangerous dragon pit.”

Jiang Chen never felt afraid about it. As the Greatest Saint in his previous life, he could deal with any matter even if it was out of his expectation. Now that he has reached this far, he wouldn’t retreat because of one mirror. It wasn’t his style at all.

“That didn’t do any good to relieve my concerns.”

Big Yellow sniffed.

“There’s nothing you should concern about. You are a pet beside me, no, a beast ok? The Brilliant Mirror will be s.h.i.+ning upon me, not you.”

Jiang Chen stared at Big Yellow, not believing what the stupid dog had just said. He was a ruthless being, he had no problems causing a great mess in Nebula Sect and he was pleased to do so.

Very soon, a few hundred disciples appeared outside of the sect. If you look from afar, there was a dense fog and thick auspicious clouds that surrounded the top of the buildings, like a human paradise. The sect was sitting on a giant mountain which they called the Nebula Mountain. The area was roughly a thousand miles. Outside the door of the mountain, there stood a very large rock monument. It was a three hundred meters long monument carved with two blue-colored words ‘Nebula Sect,’ it was magnificent. Inside the door of Nebula Sect, buildings made richly of jade were everywhere. At the center, there was a large main hall that’s suspended in mid-air. There was a giant tower with all of its side glittering in gold and jade that was suspended in between the rainbow and thick clouds, it was splendid and beautiful.

The Yuan Force of Heaven and Earth was richer here than any other places in the outer world. This is a suitable place for cultivation and advancement. A simple breath could clear all the breathing pores instantly, truly comfortable.

“This is the mountain door of Nebula Sect? The aura here is as expected, very great. It deserves to be called one of the strongest five. The Qi here isn’t comparable to any minor powers.”

“Nebula Sect, I have come. I have finally stepped into the big door of Nebula Sect. From now on, I’m an inner sect disciple of Nebula Sect. It won’t take long for me to make a breakthrough in my advancement, then I will become a Combat Emperor and a core disciple.”

“I’m already impatient to change into the uniform of Nebula Sect’s.”


The new disciples who were as new as Jiang Chen were standing outside the mountain door, sighing with impressed feeling.