Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 590 – Profound Nine Solar Finger’s Power

Chapter 590 – Profound Nine Solar Finger’s Power

Profound Nine Solar Finger’s Power

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The Great Elder’s thoughts made sense. A while ago, he wanted to flee from the battle, during the time Tan Zhi Hao was battling with Li Tian Yang, to save his own life. He didn’t expect Jiang Chen to come and stop him from fleeing. That was a blessing in disguise. By capturing Jiang Chen and threatening his opponent, he didn’t need to run away and Li Tian Yang could escape his death as well.


The vacuum trembled. He sent out an attack big enough to wrap Jiang Chen’s body. A scary slaughtering aura was fully unleashed by a First Grade Combat Emperor. His power was comparable to any ordinary cultivator of his level.

“Brother Jiang, be careful!”

Dark Min Zi was shocked. He didn’t imagine that Jiang Chen himself would hold the First Grade Combat Emperor Great Elder off from fleeing. He saw the Great Elder’s attack rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen. From his perspective, Jiang Chen wasn’t as powerful. Even though he was able to take down three Ninth Grade Combat King geniuses, he wouldn’t be able to achieve the same result when he was dealing with a Combat Emperor. Dark Min Zi was well aware that the power varied too much, even if it was just one grade away from the Combat Emperor.

“Don’t waste your effort! I can handle him myself.”

Jiang Chen shouted hastily. This was the moment where he could finally examine his own combat power. If he picked Li Tian Yang, who was at the peak of First Grade Combat Emperor as his opponent, he might not be able to win. But, this Great Elder wasn’t as powerful as Li Tian Yang, so he just fitted to be hiss opponent nicely.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

A strong breeze whistled, fiery light blasted and rose rapidly up to the sky. Jiang Chen struck with his Fire Dragon Seal. He didn’t want to underestimate a First Grade Combat Emperor, casting his most powerful spell. The power of the Fire Dragon Seal was overwhelming. It was created by the condensation of True Dragon Fire and True Lightning Fire that consisted the terrifying Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal.


The dragon’s roar shook the sky. Its emergence caused the temperature of the battle scene to rise. The whole place was being heated up by the bursting flames. The Fire Dragon met the Great Elder’s attack and crashed, an intense explosion was produced causing the vacuum to tremble.


In such an enormous impact, Jiang Chen and the Great Elder stepped three steps back to find their balance. It was a draw in terms of their power. This scene paralyzed all the surrounding people. Dark Min Zi and the Heavenly Devil Palace’s Great Elder opened their mouth wide, they were greatly surprised. They did not believe what they had just seen.

“My goodness! His power can match with the First Grade Combat Emperor? How can he be this powerful?”

“Very frightening, he is only a Seventh Grade Combat King. This is a G.o.d defying power. A Seventh Grade Combat King’s power is on par with a First Grade Combat Emperor. Now the three geniuses’ death aren’t unreasonable anymore. Anyone can see through that by looking at the distinction between Jiang Chen and the Great Elder.”

“It should be the Great Elder who will win since he is a First Grade Combat Emperor. It was just one of his basic attacks, but Jiang Chen, on the other hand, had casted his ultimate spell. If the Great Elder strikes with his ultimate skill, Jiang Chen will be defeated.”


No one relaxed. A Seventh Grade Combat King could defend against a First Grade Combat Emperor’s attack. It had to be a joke. No one dared to believe what they had just seen. It was something that only happened in dreams. They knew very well the gap from Seventh Grade Combat King to First Grade Combat Emperor was too wide. Jiang Chen had gotten rid of all these ‘gap belief’ in their minds which made it difficult for them to understand.

“Great Elder, do it quickly. Take Jiang Chen down!”

Li Tian Yang roared. He was in a helpless condition now. His mouth was spurting blood, his King Weapon was the only thing that kept him alive, the only thing that kept Tan Zhi Hao busy. Tan Zhi Hao’s Qi was at the maximum, his body was bursting with Combat Power. Everyone could see it through his gestures. He would be able to quench his desire of killing Li Tian Yang today.


The Great Elder was terrified. He changed his impression on Jiang Chen, looking at him in awe, was.h.i.+ng away all his thoughts of going easy with him. A jingling of metals could be heard when he moved his arm. A long sword that was charmed appeared in his hand, letting out a brilliant golden light. His King Weapon wasn’t ordinary, it was at the peak level. The higher the level of King Weapon, the harder it is to obtain it. For any ordinary First Grade Combat Emperor, it was considered good enough to possess one Kings’ Weapon with a peak level.

The scarier weapons were the Minor Saint’s Weapons and the Great Saint’s Weapons. They were rarer, especially the Great Saint’s Weapon. The Great Saints in the Saint’s State were easier to find compared to getting a Great Saint’s Weapon. It could only be created by careful cultivation of a Great Saint.

“Jiang Chen, you are a peerless genius that only appears every ten thousand years. But, my attack just now is a basic one. Now, I will activate my King Weapon to kill you with all my might. You are not my opponent, now, welcome your death!”

Great Elder’s Qi was formidable. The long metal in his hand swooshed. At the same time, the brightness from the sword s.h.i.+ned through the vacuum, forming a large sword of light that raced in the direction of Jiang Chen. The light of the sword shook everything, including the vacuum, as it moved to its target. Many spatial s.h.i.+ft pa.s.sageways were also destroyed.

Many people started talking mainly because of their unexpressed emotions. A Combat Emperor was too powerful. Just one attack could break the spatial s.h.i.+ft tunnels. Its strength varied greatly from the previous attack. Everyone wanted to see whether Jiang Chen could survive this attack.

This attack was in fact extravagant. With Jiang Chen’s current Combat King’s power, he could cast the Fire Dragon Seal and Azure Dragon’s Five Steps Technique. They were afraid that it wasn’t sufficient to stop the attack. However, Jiang Chen didn’t feel intimidated. Both of his eyes shot out two brightening rays of light when he ignited the energy from the Saint Bone in his left forefinger, causing it to vibrate actively.

Big Yellow, who was watching the battle from afar, had been expecting this to happen. “This is intoxicating. No one can tell whether the power of Saint Bone can kill a First Grade Combat Emperor.”

Big Yellow thought that Jiang Chen couldn’t fully unleash the power of the Saint Bone due to the grade of his Combat King. But, a slight release of the power could be gigantic.

A finger wasn’t enough to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor. But, it would be a different scenario if the Profound Nine Solar spell was used on the finger.

Jiang Chen’s confidence was firm. This was his trump card.

“Profound Nine Solar Finger!”

Jiang Chen declared. His finger was sharp as a sword. His forefinger was illuminating bright golden light. Waves of pressure that escaped from the trails of light strained everyone around, some of them even felt their souls s.h.i.+ver.


Nine gigantic golden fingers were formed. The power of Profound Nine Solar Finger went beyond anyone’s imagination because it was merged with the strength of the Saint Bone, strengthening its power manifold. Each of the gigantic fingers was like a Heavenly pillar. There were Nine Solar Talisman marks on each of the gigantic fingers’ surfaces, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

The nine gigantic fingers that Jiang Chen controlled didn’t undergo fusion and rushed ahead instantly, as though nine similar golden dragons were moving with their long tails followed behind.

*Keng* *Keng* *Keng*

Profound Nine Solar Finger clashed with Great Elder’s gigantic sword of light. The conquering light illuminated by the sword of light broke and crumbled into pieces all of a sudden.


Great Elder exclaimed. He was absolutely horrified. He felt that these nine gigantic fingers were like wild and ancient beasts, unstoppable. The critical element was that there was an unusual pressure contained in these golden fingers, which made him feel very uneasy.

The speed of the Profound Nine Solar Fingers was very fast. All fingers fused to become a larger golden finger after smas.h.i.+ng and eliminating the sword of light and charged forward to its target.

The Great Elder was petrified. He raised his long sword swiftly without hesitation, slas.h.i.+ng the gigantic finger in front of him.



The long sword slipped from his hand while he shrieked of pain. Blood was forced out of his mouth like a one-time-spurt of a fountain. His face turned very pale before he was pushed away, as if a meteor was falling from the sky.

At this point, fear had almost eaten up all the bystanders. The feeling was so irresistible because it came deep down from their very souls. They all thought that the one who would be defeated was Jiang Chen. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen hadn’t executed his trump card in his first attack? He had turned the defeat into victory, injuring the Great Elder badly.

“Great Elder, your end has arrived.”

Jiang Chen held the Great Elder’s long sword in his hand and twisted his body. He moved in an incredible speed using the Spatial s.h.i.+ft under his legs and appeared before the Great Elder. The Great Elder had enough time to stabilize his body but not enough to recover his Qi fully. Jiang Chen slashed with the long sword violently before he could react.


Great Elder could feel the threatening feeling of death. He groaned in pain with all his might, but it was pointless. Jiang Chen’s sword was cold-blooded. The long sword in his hand slashed through the Great Elder’s throat, ripping his head off, it flew high up to the sky. Below his head, the blood spurted continuously like a blood fountain, creating a b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

The Great Elder was dead, he was killed by the cold-blooded Jiang Chen. He would become a great subject of sarcasm for dying under his own sword in the days to come.

Everyone was petrified and stood rooted at their positions. They felt that this world consisted of too much insanity. That was a Combat Emperor, an individual who people admired and thought highly of, as though it was the summit of the highest mountain, impossible to climb. But, this summit was destroyed just like that by just a Seventh Grade Combat King.

“Tan Lang, I will give this sword to you as a present.”

Jiang Chen didn’t look at Tan Lang while tossing the long sword to him. Tan Lang eyes’ sparkled, his face was filled with joy. He caught the long sword instantly. It was the King Weapon of the Great Elder, a weapon that was far greater than his. He was absolutely thrilled.

Dark Min Zi and the Heavenly Devil Palace’s Great Elder stared at each other, they found fear in each other’s eyes and at the same time, they felt fortunate. They felt fortunate for making the right decision. The decision of not fighting against Jiang Chen as enemy but fight together with him as an ally. This young man was too scary. His speed of growth was beyond anyone’s imagination. In just ten days, he had become a very strong individual.

“Ultra devil.”

This was what they thought in their hearts. Jiang Chen’s future wasn’t something they could predict anymore, it was unimaginable.