Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 589 – The End for Li Tian Yang

Chapter 589 – The End for Li Tian Yang

The End for Li Tian Yang

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Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist exclaimed at the same time. They were now looking at Jiang Chen as though they had just seen a ghost. Their fury and animosity gave them the urge to lunge forward and bite him to death.


“Ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills?! It is an absurd demand. This is like looting during a war, truly an act of robbers.”

“d.a.m.n! What do you mean by looting during a war? Today he just revealed his true nature to us. He is too cruel, demanding ten million pills from them was like wanting their lives.”

“The two major powers definitely have this much, but it will be a great loss to them if they gave ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills to him instantly. This is cruel. He is really a heartless person. But refusing this demand will be unfavourable to them and it will cost them their lives today.”

“That is nothing to me. I will do the same if I were Jiang Chen, since he can demand anything from all of them now, why not do it?. If their position were reversed, he knew that they won’t show him any mercy, killing him for good as soon as possible. Now that he had the advantage, why not make harsh demands on them in return for what they did to him?”


Jiang Chen’s demand on them was totally barbaric. Many people turned their attention to Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist with empathy. It was pity for the two important figures in Liang Province. They had to bite their tongues, watching Jiang Chen rob their properties away in front of them. It was the first time in the entire Liang Province for this incident to happen. It was only Jiang Chen who could make it happen.

However, a pathetic man had its own mistakes. Just like Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist, they were the most pitiful individuals in the scene. They could only blame themselves for their evil motive to kill Jiang Chen at the beginning. They should just feel lucky Jiang that Chen didn’t want them dead. All the bystanders that played by the rules could see through this very clearly.

“How? Ten million is a very reasonable amount. Do the two masters have any disagreement?”

Jiang Chen gazed at the two, whose facial colour turned reddish like the colour of a pork liver, and felt an unexplained excitement. Darn it! At that time the two of them were going to kill him and now it was his turn to return the favour. Of course, demanding harshly from them would be the favour in exchange for the resolution of all their conflicts. He didn’t have any opinion for it as killing them wasn’t important. Also, after today, they wouldn’t dare to find him anymore.So, getting whatever possible from them was his intention.

Ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills wasn’t a small amount for the two major powers. They weren’t as influential as Tian Yi Sect in the Western Continent, but they were still part of the four major powers in Liang Province. Each of them should still be able to give out ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills. What would happen to them or what repercussions would it brought to them was not Jiang Chen’s concern anymore.

“Jiang Chen, are you robbing my pills away? Don’t try to demand beyond the limits!”

Invincible Nie said while gritting his teeth.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed two of our geniuses and Invincible Nie’s Ferghana Stallion. We have cleared those debts away, even this is not enough for you?”

Shadowless Taoist said, implying that ten million of Heaven Rank Restoration pills were too much.

“You’re right. We won’t be satisfied until we get ten million of it from each of you or we’llwant you dead.”

Big Yellow stood beside Jiang Chen, crying out his bold statements.

“Please stop all the nonsense. I will count until three, bring out ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills or we are going into a life and death battle.”

Jiang Chen face was stern. His intonation wasn’t paying any respect to them. If he couldn’t get those pills during a time like this, when a genius of the Tan family was with him, he would definitely feel sorry for himself. He would consume a considerable amount of those pills, especially when he reaches the peak of the Combat King Grade. He had to get as much pills as possible when the time comes for his future advancement.


Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist were frustrated, gritting their teeth desperately. What was going on? They were supposed to come here today and kill someone, now it all switched. Not only their target wasn’t eliminated, they had to lose ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills. Most importantly, their reputation would be seriously damaged, robbing all of their pride away in Liang Province.

“You two better follow brother Jiang’s order. I, Tan Zhi Hao, am indebted to Jiang Chen and is here to repay the debt. Whatever he chooses to do is also my will. You should know better the consequences of going against me.”

Tan Zhi Hao said while staring at them.

Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist gritted their teeth, afterwards, they opened their mouth, this movement happened automatically. There wasn’t a way out for a compromise. They had to. They couldn’t afford to offend the Tan family, and especially, this young man named Tan Zhi Hao. Losing ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills was an awful experience, but it was still better than losing their lives.

“Alright, I’ll give it. But, I am not carrying this much pills right now.”

Shadowless Taoist replied.

“It’s okay. I will give you ten minutes to get back and collect those pills for me. The two elders will stay. Remember, there is only ten minutes time. With your level, it is enough for you to go back and forth from your sects. If I don’t see you two in ten minutes, these two elders will become dead bodies plus I will destroy your sect one by one. I am sure you know what I am capable of.”

Jiang Chen said. He would only give them ten minutes to collect the pills from their sects. As they were both First Grade Combat Emperor, they were able to travel incredibly fast. It would only cost them the effort like blinking their eyes, ten minutes time was more than enough to do that.


Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist twisted their bodies, and vanished. They showed an unfriendly facial expression the moment they left, it was the depressing feeling that they had to deliberately suppress. It deepened their resentment towards Jiang Chen. They had no other options. Today they had to give away ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills for no particular purpose. From this day onwards, they wouldn’t ever put Jiang Chen in any predicament again unless they wanted to dig their own graves.

For Jiang Chen, he wasn’t concerned if the two would create troubles from him. Given his current power, fighting one First Grade Combat Emperor wasn’t hard anymore.

Both the Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction’s Great Elders stayed at the scene. Their facial expressions were worse than the other two. Although they possessed the power of a First Grade Combat Emperor, they didn’t dare do anything. Their opponents could easily overpower them. There were two Combat Emperors from Heavenly Devil Palace, most importantly, the sudden emergence of Tan Zhi Hao who wasn’t just an ordinary cultivator from the Tan family. This gave them a headache.

Since their departure, the one that felt frightened the most was Li Tian Yang. He had lost all of his allies and became a single soldier. Even with the help of the two Great elders, it was still impossible to fight Dark Min Zi and Tan Zhi Hao.


Fear wouldn’t help in this situation, making a direct confrontation was the only way out. Tan Zhi Hao s.h.i.+fted his fiery glare to Li Tian Yang. A rush of murderous aura erupted from his body, rus.h.i.+ng towards Li Tian Yang’s direction and wrapping over his entire body. Tan Zhi hao was the young genius of the Tan family. Even though he possessed the same level of grade as Li Tian Yang, his power was matchless compared to his opponent.

“Li Tian Yang, welcome your death!”

Tan Zhi Hao moved his arm and created a spectrum of rainbow light, racing towards Li Tian Yang.

Li Tian Yang’s face paled, he knew that he had to defend the attack. As the master of a sect and with his grade of Combat Emperor approaching the Second Grade, his attack wasn’t a joke. With his palms he created a shapeless huge aura to defend himself against Tan Zhi Hao’s attack. In just a moment, he used his bare hands to tear open the Spatial s.h.i.+ft, moving into it and escaped.

“Li Tian Yang. Your death is certain today. Don’t try to run!”

Tan Zhi Hao’s voice was so deafening that it shook the sky. It seemed Li Tian Yang was going to die under his hands.

Jiang Chen was frowning at the side. It was because Big Yellow’s broken sword was in the custody of Li Tian Yang. If he was killed by Tan Zhi Hao, he was afraid that it would also be destroyed along with Li Tian Yang. He wouldn’t want to lose a very valuable item.

“Don’t worry. Even if Li Tian Yang is killed, the sword will still be safe.”

Big Yellow said confidently.

Jiang Chen felt relieved after hearing his words. The broken sword was a mystical treasure. Since Big Yellow was confident about the broken sword, it shouldn’t have any problems.


The fierce battle between Tan Zhi Hao and Li Tian Yang continued. Li Tian Yang seemed to be losing. He wasn’t the opponent of Tan Zhi Hao at all. It seemed that he would be killed by him very soon.

When the Great Elder of Asura Palace saw what was happening, his eyes glowed with flickering light. He calculated his next decision. If he joined the attack, it wouldn’t help as Dark Min Zi was watching them. If that was the case, his only choice was to try escaping this predicament.


The moment this idea surfaced in the Great Elder’s mind, a silhouette appeared in front of him. It wasn’t anyone but Jiang Chen.

“Great Elder, looking to escape? Do you think I will let you go?”

Jiang Chen had a cold and sarcastic expression on his face. He didn’t forget how this old man joined the hunt, together with Li Tian Yang and Xiao Nan Feng to kill him. If it wasn’t for Big Yellow, who save him using his broken sword in the last minute, he would be long dead. He must clear off this debt himself.

“Jiang Chen. You dare stop me, you are seeking death.”

Great Elder sent an aggressive palm strike to Jiang Chen before his voice disappeared. He felt lucky in his heart now that Jiang Chen himself initiated to approach him. This was too good to be true. After capturing him, he could held him captive and use him to exchange for Li Tian Yang’s life. That would save both of their lives.

From the Great Elder’s point of view, Jiang Chen was too arrogant, thinking that he really was a genius. A genius who was only a Seventh Grade Combat King was stupid enough to fight a Combat Emperor. It was suicide.