Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 571 – A fart, collapse and die

Chapter 571 – A fart, collapse and die

A fart, collapse and die

The first chapter of the second release. Read with pleasure.

“Wa Ka Ka…pan…pan… I have this great mission the moment I wake up. I will leave a deep mark on Asura Palace. I will let them know the consequences of offending me, the great doggy.”

Big Yellow jumped up and down again, completely prepared to charge towards Asura Palace.

When the sour-faced Tan Lang saw how determined Big Yellow and Jiang Chen was to begin their prison break in Asura Palace, his lips couldn’t help to s.h.i.+ver. The two individuals before him were too audacious; intruding into Asura territory by themselves was an absurd thing to do. Even though Tan Lang wanted to save Chang Qing and his friends, he knew the danger of the situation all too well. He knew the power of Asura Palace better than anyone else, anyone who didn’t have the level of a combat emperor couldn’t walk into it at any time.

“Little Chen, are we going to Asura Palace to save people?”

Tan Lang asked with doubts. Such an Earth-shattering action would never cross his mind, but if he had to do it, the exhilaration hidden deep in his heart could be ignited again, giving him an adrenaline rush. As a man who lives only once, an Earth-shattering action would leave him with a great experience. Plus Chang Qing and the rest were imprisoned because of him, he had good reasons to join the prison break.

“We had gone to Cold h.e.l.l Prison before, do you care about this prison break anymore?”

Jiang Chen smiled. As the number one saint, there was nothing he wouldn’t dare to do, there wasn’t anything that could stop him. Even if there was something, it would certainly not be Asura Palace. It didn’t have a combat emperor warrior at the moment. As long as combat emperors were absent from the territory, Jiang Chen would have the chance to escape. It would be impossible for a warrior of the Ninth Grade Combat King to match his speed, not to mention with Big Yellow’s help, handling the Ninth Grade warrior would be a piece of cake.

After listening to Jiang Chen, Tan Lang was touched. He remembered those days when Jiang Chen broke into the Cold h.e.l.l Prison, and destroyed it without hesitation just to save him. His n.o.ble deed would be remembered forever. Jiang Chen had saved his life in Southern Continent, his life was a gift from Jiang Chen.

“Haha, if this is the case, we will set out immediately, time is of the essence. We have to grab the opportunity Li Tian Yang’s absence has granted us to settle our matters.”

Tyrant laughed. Although he was a Buddhist, his personality was no different than Big Yellow, peace was the thing he feared the most, only exciting happenings could satisfy him.

To observers, this decision was to seek death. A matter that could shock the entire Liang Province was handled nicely by a few men. Then, three men and a dog left Heavenhawk Island silently, heading to Asura Palace.

On the road, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant were joking and laughing among themselves happily. They didn’t look like people going to war, it looked like there were going on a trip. Tan Lang told himself with envy that three guys were natural born devil kings by different t.i.tles, peace was never an option when they were near.

There were only things they chose not to do, not things they dared not do.

The distance from Chaotic Ocean to Asura Palace wasn’t short at all, but it wasn’t a problem for Jiang Chen and his friends. They were Combat Kings, after all.

The three men, and an animal, reached Asura Palace at noon. The sun was scorchingly hot. From outside, Asura Palace seemed calm as usual, but there was a suppressive atmosphere around the area caused by Li Tian Yang’s rage, the rage that acc.u.mulated after the fall of the Cold h.e.l.l Prison.

On the day before yesterday, Jiang Chen’s violent ma.s.sacre in Heavenhawk Island, which included a few Tyc.o.o.ns, gave a nervousness and anger injection on each of the disciples’ emotions. As the disciples of Asura Palace, they were honored to walk on the street, but Jiang Chen’s presence crushed all their pride. Over half of the thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns were killed, this was an insult.

In the hearts of many disciples were fear, it was a fear of Jiang Chen and Tyrant. Although Asura Palace was hunting Jiang Chen down, these disciples were scared to confront him as a warrior of Eighth Grade Combat King could die under his hands, not to mention Ferghana Stallion’s death was also his doing. They could imagine what they would become if they saw this matchless devil.

Above the Palace, in the sky, four figures appeared, they had no intention to hide their Qi. It was absolutely getting a lot of attention, letting others to know of their arrival.

“Being this high-profile, is it good?”

Despite Tyrant’s question, his face was carrying a bright smile. He believed their action was the right one.

“Little Chen, breaking into this place isn’t a game. There are no combat emperors guarding this place, but there are still no less than eight Ninth Grade Combat King elders in there. We should decide on our strategy before we begin our mission.”

Tan Lang opened his mouth and said. As a disciple, he knew very well about the Palace’s background. Breaking into the place would be impossible even in the absence of the combat emperors because there were many Ninth Grade Combat Kings plus core disciples that had high level of Combat Kings.

“The strategy is: I will raise my voice, making the entire Palace chaotic and you all will go and save your friend.”

Big Yellow wagged his tail and licked his lips, showing his impatience.

“Let’s go, follow Big Yellow’s instruction, we will create havoc in the Palace, Tan Lang and Tyrant will go and save the others. Remember, our time is limited, Li Tian Yang and Xiao Nan Feng will be back from Gorge Mountain at any moment.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Alright, we’ll depend on Big Yellow today.”

Tyrant’s face was full of joy, he wanted to know whether a Seventh Grade Demon King could defeat a Ninth Grade combat king opponent.

Four of them flew into the Palace in a swaggering way, exposing all of their Qi to their enemies. Their Qi made the air and s.p.a.ces vibrate, layers of ripples were created in the air. Such a big energy fluctuation alarmed the people in the Palace. Some of them could be seen them coming from places in the distance.

There were four disciples that guarded the mountain. They flew up to stopped them. One of them shouted, “Who are you? You dare to trespa.s.s the Asura Palace? Do you want death?”

The one who spoke was a First Grade Combat King. This core disciple just happened to be a guard today.

“Tan Lang… It was Jiang Chen and his friends. Quickly…Inform the elders, Jiang Chen has actually come to fight us.”

When the First Grade Combat King disciple asked for their ident.i.ty, he recognized Tan Lang. He wouldn’t have recognized the others, but he couldn’t forget Tan Lang’s face. The ident.i.ties of the rest were revealed because of the unique composition of the group: a young man, a dog and a monk in a group.

Today the entire Liang Province was informed about Jiang Chen’s group. There were two followers who were a Big Yellow Hound and an evil monk. The three of them were the group that had their killings in Heavenhawk Island.

“Call me Dog Majesty and you will be forgiven.”

Swoosh…Big Yellow vanished and appeared again in front of the group. For the period he experienced while being unconscious and losing his broken sword, he was definitely not in favor Asura Palace.

“Go and die…you are just a dog, you dare to speak?”

The disciple suddenly moved this palm towards Big Yellow, intending to claw his head. He knew the incredible power of Jiang Chen, but this was Asura Palace where a lot of Ninth Grade Combat Kings were keeping guard over the territory. Being in his territory gave him a natural sense of safety.

Seeing the disciple make his attack on Big Yellow, Jiang Chen and his friends shook their heads, their eyes were filled with pity.

Big Yellow didn’t pay attention to his attack at all. Swoos.h.!.+ He twisted his body slightly, and aimed his b.u.t.tocks at the few disciples. Seeing this happening, Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and retreated without delay. He stopped after going backwards a few feet.

Tyrant and Tan Lang could not understand the reason of Jiang Chen’s sudden retreat, but they would get it very soon.


A sound of bang was heard, as if the sky was bombed by. This was something that Tyrant and Tan Lang would never forget in their lives. It was hard for them to imagine such an Earth and Sky-shattering skill was actually a fart from a dog.


The power of Big Yellow’s fart was unimaginable, green gases came out directly from his body and then exploded like a powerful bomb producing a blast of green air, thrusting them away. They gave out a blood-curdling shriek. The flow of green gases covered their entire bodies like poisonous bone ulcers, their facial expressions were full of distaste and ferocity, and their eyes were full of fear.

The energy released from the fart was enough to take away the lives of those disciples, but the result wasn’t the worst of all. Tyrant and Tan Lang saw the few disciples fall from the sky. When they fell on the ground, their bodies were moving like the contractions of the throat when one swallowed. White foam was forced out of their mouth, and their faces became entirely black. Despite the fact that they had lost their breath, their bodies twitched continuously, as if suffering excruciating torture to the point that their souls were leaving their bodies.

“The taste of my Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart isn’t bad, I had suffocated for so long and today is the time to release all of that suffocation.”

The occasion stunted Tyrant and Tan Lang. They never noticed the green gases had reached them until they were aware of it.

“Yuck! It stinks!”

“Poo…What on earth is this? How can it be this stinky? Am I gonna be alive? My G.o.d…Poo…”