Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 570 – Accomplishing Great Mission

Chapter 570 – Accomplishing Great Mission

Accomplis.h.i.+ng Great Mission

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Jiang Chen wasn’t very worried about Han Yan and Wen Tian. Although they were from the East Continent, their abilities were good enough to survive in the Divine Continent. For Han Yan, he had the blood of the ancient sky devil. Every one of his metamorphoses would bring him to a higher level, the potential in his blood could provide him with a bright and unimaginable future.

Wen Tian had learned the Infinite Matter Profound energy, this energy carried the essence of ancient matter. He had obtained the key mastery of training this energy, his training in the future would bring him to the next level with ease.

Jiang Chen was more concerned about Wu Ningzhu. Although she had greater talent than other people and her blood was one-of-a-kind, she was too attractive. Pretty women would never have peace in their lives.

Jiang Chen had already prepared and planned, once the matter in Liang Province was done, his next task would be finding Wu Zhu and his other friends.

Big Yellow s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Jiang Chen.

He noticed the difference in the qi Jiang Chen possessed and said, “You really have the same luck as I have, the exceptional blessing on the verge of death. You trained quite fast, didn’t you? And you, monk, you actually reached the peak of sixth grade combat king! I can’t BELIEVE IT!”

When Big Yellow sensed Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s improvement, he couldn’t help to be surprised. This wasn’t a big matter to Jiang Chen, however. He was a freak, a non-human that had created countless miracles already.

“Big Yellow, how do you feel?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I feel GREAT! What did you feed me to make my blood metamorphose directly? I’ve undergone a ma.s.sive change!”

Big Yellow fixed his eyes on Jiang Chen. That he could be awake, and that he could undergo such drastic changes, was all thanks to Jiang Chen. He knew his own injuries well; an ordinary person would not be able to wake him up. He had a.s.sumed he would have to rely on his own efforts and abilities to wake up again. Only a freak by the name Jiang Chen could possibly help him.

“It was the thunder dragon nine solar pull and the blood essence and demon spirit of a ninth grade demon king beast that boosted you to your current grade. I am the extraordinary one here, not you. You should grateful for my help,”Jiang Chen said.

“I appreciate you, sister, I lost my broken blade when I tried to save your life.”

Big Yellow felt the pain like a deep cut on his flesh as that broken sword was his most precious item.

“So, what kind of treasure was that broken sword? A sword that could cast great power?”

Tyrant the monk asked with curiosity. This was also the question that Jiang Chen had been asking Big Yellow but he seemed reluctant to answer it.

“I don’t know, but that broken sword is certainly a valuable treasure. I am still able to use the sword with force. That confrontation with the three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Asura Palace just to save you made me lose my precious sword. My sword…”

Although he just regained his consciousness, he was brooding over his broken sword.

“Humph, your broken sword was under the possession of Asura Palace, we are going to take it back sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen made a disapproving sound. It was Big Yellow’s thing, it must be taken back. His grudge against Asura Palace would be endless until one party died.

“Exactly, my things aren’t something that people can take whenever they want!”

Big Yellow was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. Not only had he lost his broken sword, he had also been unconscious for so long. This ignited his desire of revenge on Asura Palace. If this revenge was not taken, the needle in Big Yellow’s heart wouldn’t be removed.

“Ya, how long did I actually sleep? During this period, what had happened? What is this place? It is obviously filthy…”

Big Yellow opened his mouth and asked. He realised that his time spent on sleeping wasn’t very short, judging from the increase in Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s strength, he knew many things must have happened.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant recounted the tales of their goings on during Big Yellow’s mental and spiritual absence. It began on the day Tyrant saved their lives, until they arrived in Western Regions, and then the incident in Tian Yi Men, and finally it was related to Zhuang Fan. That time Jiang Chen’s killings raged in Liang Province, it included the murder of Ferghana Stallion.

Big Yellow jumped up after listening to the stories. He was turning and rolling his body in situ like a mad hound, without wanting to stop.

“Wa ah…there are so many exciting stuff that I had missed, I was so unlucky…I feel regretful.”

Big Yellow was jumping up and down, as if he was relieving his sharp pain. To him, it was a huge loss, missing so many fun activities, it had become one of his regrets.

“Hey kid, I have to say, killing Ferghana Stallion was a nice one. I didn’t mix with the wrong person, truly evil.”

Big Yellow gave Jiang Chen a praising gaze. The best of his act was getting rid of Ferghana Stallion with his flawless strategy that would impressed everyone. And, Jiang Chen’s killings of over thirty disciples of Asura Palace was a stimulating one. The only thing undone was Zhuang Fan’s revenge, Zhuang Fan was killed and he was humiliated after he was dead. This was a sad tragedy and that was why Jiang Chen erupted into fury and began his killings.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, is this dog boasting about himself? My G.o.d…how uncomfortable it is…

“But, we cannot keep on hiding in Heavenhawk Island right? Activities are important… I now possess the peak of Seventh Grade Demon King, any Eighth Grade Combat King couldn’t stand my power, and not even a Ninth Grade Combat King is my opponent.”

Big Yellow was bursting with confidence. He felt he was invincible. The fact that he had slept for such a long time made him sensitive towards immobility. With his aggressive character, he wanted to release all of his confined feelings that was caused by boredom inside of him out.

“The situation is in chaos, we are not strong enough to match the major powers. Wait until Tan Lang comes back, then we will see what to do,” Tyrant said.

“This kid is the first person who got the blessings on the verge of death,” Big Yellow nodded.

To begin with, there was a catastrophe that he and Jiang Chen had faced that was also caused by Tan Lang.

Another hour pa.s.sed by, Big Yellow was. .h.i.tting the limit of his patience. He seemed to have the urge of charging out of the cave at any time. When Tan Lang came back, his facial expression wasn’t bright, but it changed when he saw Big Yellow had awoken.

“Big Yellow…You are awake, fantastic!”

To Tan Lang, it was very pleasing that Big Yellow was able to move again. He felt guilty and sorry for him because Big Yellow fell into a coma because of saving his life.

“Tan Lang, how was the news? You don’t look very good,” Tyrant asked.

“The situation out there is bad. Except Sky Devil Palace that stayed put, the other three major powers have begun their search for us, especially Asura Palace and Invincible Sect. The master of Invincible Sect, Invincible Nie abandoned his battle in Gorge Mountain and returned. Now he has issued the ultimate arrest, anyone who can provide leads to Jiang Chen will be rewarded greatly or rewarded with top rank disciples.h.i.+p of Invincible Sect,” Tan lang said.

“How did this guy know Ferghana Stallion was killed by us?” Tyrant was puzzled by this question.

“It has to be Ruan Hao, but it isn’t a big deal. I did not plan to hide the fact for long. Invincible Nie and Ferghana Stallion had an extraordinary connection. He can sense the blood of his stallion when he sees Big Yellow. There is no way to cover this up. Furthermore, nothing needs be hidden. If he wants to kill, then so be it. This is revenge on enemies. An ultimate arrest? Humph…many will have to sacrifice their blood to arrest us.”

Jiang Chen humphed. He had never intended to hide Ferghana Stallion’s death to begin with. If this wasn’t his intention, he could have killed Ruan Hao when he saw him.

“Little Chen, there is a very complicated matter.”

Tan Lang frowned while talking.

“What was it?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Do you still remember the few disciples of Asura Palace that followed me in Rainbow City? One of them included the young chief of the city. My ident.i.ty was revealed the day before yesterday’s ma.s.sacre in Heavenhawk Island. Now the elders of Asura Palace had to release their anger of the over thirty lost people on my disciples. Now, Chang Qing and the rest are imprisoned in Asura Palace, there was no exception for the young chief either. They are all innocent. They were involved because of me, I am very concerned about their lives now as they are all in danger now.”

Tan Lang said. He was a man of righteousness. Now that many of his disciples had been made the scapegoats because of their relations.h.i.+p, it induced his concerns for their lives like a heavy rock putting pressure on his heart.

Tyrant and Jiang Chen started to frown after hearing Tan Lang’s words. This matter was absolutely complex. These people were imprisoned in Asura Palace, one way to saving them was to intrude into the palace which wasn’t a place could easily break into.

“In my opinion, we should kill our way into Asura Palace and start a ma.s.s killing. I will fart in the air above the palace, if it doesn’t kill them, it can smoke them to death.”

Big yellow was wagging his st.u.r.dy tail.

After listening to Big Yellow, Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed like he had figured out something crucial. He faced Tan Lang and asked, “Did you get any news about Li Tian Yang whether he had returned from Gorge Mountains.”

“Not yet, but I guess it won’t be long,” Tan Lang said.

“In other words, there isn’t any war kings guarding Asura Palace right? The most powerful will be a Ninth Grade Combat King warrior.”

A sly smile appeared on Jiang Chen face. Big Yellow also opened his mouth wide because he knew what Jiang Chen was thinking. He recognized a smile like this would mean an awesome plan.

“Little Chen, don’t tell me you are going to break the prison to save their lives?”

Tyrant was able to guess what Jiang Chen was thinking. Although it was intimidating, his face was full of excitement. An intrusion into Asura Palace was surely an adventurous trip.

“Exactly! With Big Yellow’s level, it was sufficient to handle a Ninth Grade Combat King. We should take the opportunity to break into the place during the absence of Li Tian Yang. If a Dragon horse beast isn’t strong enough, we will send another one, letting them know that we aren’t the party that they want to have a fight with.”

Jiang Chen’s aura emerged from his body.