Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 554 – Eye for an Eye

Chapter 554 – Eye for an Eye

Chapter 554 – Eye for an Eye


A storm erupted within the Elders Palace. Including Elder Yuan, everyone stood up from their seats. Young master Qi was dead. If he was killed by a formidable Devil King in the Devil Realm, none of them would be angry, as that only meant that young young master Qi was weak compared to the Devil King, or perhaps he just got unlucky. However, he had been killed by a human being, and this meant that the human showed no respect to the Heavenly Sect at all.

“Great Manager, I thought you said Jiang Chen was only a Fourth Grade Combat King? Then, how did he kill young master Qi?”

Elder Yuan furrowed his brows.

“I wasn’t mistaken, that kid really was a mere Fourth Grade Combat King. However, according to the news I just received, Jiang Chen has broken through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm. Also, he and his friends have been robbing everyone in the Devil Realm. More than half of our disciples have been robbed by them, and anyone who tried to fight back were crippled. They are extremely ruthless. And a moment ago, that Jiang Chen killed young master Qi with his Fifth Grade Combat King cultivation.”

The Great Manager said. Although he didn’t want to believe it, the news he received just now couldn’t be false. Although he hated to admit this, he had underestimated Jiang Chen.

“I never thought such a monstrous genius would exist; able to kill an Eighth Grade Combat King as just a Fifth Grade Combat King. However, since he has the courage to stand against the Heavenly Sect, he will have to pay the price.”

One of the Combat Emperors said.

“Elder Yuan, we have to rush over there as soon as possible. We can’t let that kid escape, and I’m sure he knows where to get more Nine Solar Holy Water.”

The Great Manager said in a hurry. Although losing an Eighth Grade Combat King genius wasn’t a big deal to the Heavenly Sect, if they didn’t kill Jiang Chen, they would lose face. The geniuses of the Heavenly Sect went to the Devil Realm to temper themselves, but their leader had been killed by someone, while the rest of the disciples were robbed. If news about this was to spread to the public, it would be a terrible humiliation for the Heavenly Sect. They would also be able to find out where Jiang Chen found all his Nine Solar Holy Water. Since the Heavenly Sect had decided to a.s.sault Jiang Chen, they had to finish the job.

“Let’s go! I’m really interested in seeing what kind of genius that Jiang Chen is.”

The Elder unleashed his aura. With a sway of his body, he simply vanished into thin air. After that, all the Elders in the palace disappeared as well.


Inside the Devil Realm. Young master Qi was dead, and no one had the courage to fight against Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen and his friends didn’t make things difficult for the rest of the men. They were now flying toward the spot with the weakest spatial barrier.

“Little Chen, what should we do now?”

Tyrant asked.

“We’ll leave this place. I’m afraid the Heavenly Sect has learned about young master Qi’s death. We don’t have enough strength to clash with this sect. After we exit, we’ll return to the Xuan Region at once.”

Jiang Chen said. He had received tremendous benefits in the Western Region, and with his current strength, he was unable to fight against the Heavenly Sect. Thus, his next goal was to return to the Xuan Region, the Liang Province. He still had scores to settle back in that place.

Big Yellow was still in deep sleep, and as long as he could find the blood essence of the Ferghana Stallion after returning, he would be able to wake Big Yellow up. This task could be considered top priority.

“Let’s go, we’ll leave this place as well.”

“d.a.m.n it, this trip to the Devil Realm resulted in a huge loss for me. Not only did I not find anything, I even lost all my belongings!”

“Sigh, don’t talk about it any longer. This is our fates.”

Those men who were robbed kept sighing in despair. However, they shouldn’t stay in the Devil Realm for too long, so they chose to leave. All the disciples of the Heavenly Sect wore gloomy expressions.

“I have informed the Heavenly Sect about everything that happened here. I believe it won’t take long before they send some powerful warriors here. At that point of time, those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds will have to face inevitable death!”

The disciple who used the messaging talisman earlier said.

Later, the trio arrived at the place in the Devil Realm with the weakest spatial barrier. He pulled out his Heavenly Saint Sword, aimed it at the s.p.a.ce in front of him and swung down forcefully. The spatial barrier was instantly ripped apart. With a sway of their bodies, the trio left the Devil Realm, and arrived at the same place they entered the Devil Realm.

After Jiang Chen and his friends came out, the others had left the Devil Realm as well. Although they really hated Jiang Chen, they had already learned their lesson from the previous encounters. As long as they didn’t take the initiative to provoke Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill them. After all, if he really wanted to kill them, none of them would be able to stay alive now. Thus, they weren’t scared of Jiang Chen.

After leaving the Devil Realm and flying a short distance, a few extremely powerful auras could be sensed descending from the skies. Before these men appeared, the had completely sealed of this area’s s.p.a.ce, trapping the trio.

“They’re really fast!”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. These people were clearly here for them, that’s why they imprisoned the trio upon spotting them; not allowing them any chances to escape.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

In the next moment, six formidable figures made their debut, blocking the trio’s path. These six men were the same men as those elders in the Elders Palace.

“The f.u.c.k? Four Combat Emperors, two Ninth Grade Combat Kings, they really regard us highly.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but curse. Obviously, by sending such a formidable group of warriors, the Heavenly Sect wanted them dead. With his and Jiang Chen’s current strength, facing this group of men would mean inevitable death. They didn’t even have the chance to escape. However, although they were faced with this formidable group, no signs of panic could be seen on Tyrant’s face. In fact, there wasn’t anything in this Western Region that could really make him panic.

“Look, those are the powerful warriors of the Heavenly Sect, they’re finally here!”

“Haha, this is great! So many Combat Emperors! It looks like they are fully aware of what happened here, that’s why they rushed straight here! Those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are going to face death, and this time, there won’t be any accidents!”

“This is excellent! Well-known Combat Emperors are here! No matter how much of a genius that guy is, he will never be a match against such formidable warriors. He has offended the Heavenly Sect, so he can only die!”


Behind them, those people just came out from the Devil Realm were extremely excited. Each of them wore joyful expressions. This was an extremely strong group from the Heavenly Sect; a total of four Combat Emperors, and one of them even being a Fourth Grade Combat Emperors! Thus, even if these three guys had three heads and six arms, as well as a hundred pairs of wings, they would still die!

“It’s those three?”

Elder Yuan’s gaze landed on the trio, then he asked with a cold voice.

"That's right, he is Jiang Chen."

The Great Manager turned to Jiang Chen and shouted with a stern voice, “Jiang Chen, I was kind enough to allow you to partic.i.p.ate in the training with the Heavenly Sect’s geniuses so that you could have some chances to find some devil souls to exchange for Heavenly Yuan Pills. However, I never expected you to return my kindness with ingrat.i.tude. Not only did you kill disciples of the Heavenly Sect, you even went so far as to rob everyone! What’s the difference between you and those from the devil clans?!”

The Great Manager posed as a person of high morals and condemned Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen responded with a sneer, wis.h.i.+ng he could just rip the Great Manager’s face apart immediately.

“Old fool, don’t put yourself on such high grounds. You know better than anyone what you’ve done. On the outside, the Heavenly Tower looks like a business that plays fair, and has an excellent reputation. However, you’re doing all kinds of dirty things in the dark. The purpose of letting me partic.i.p.ate in the Devil Realm’s mission is to let young master Qi kill me in that place, and eventually rob me of all my belongings. You’re truly despicable. Unfortunately, that young master Qi was just too weak, and ended up being killed by me. Serves him right.”

Jiang Chen went head to head against the Great Manager. He wasn’t afraid, as he had a trump card with him. If the conflict really entered a state where it could no longer be resolved, he would use the Source of Combat Strength Talisman given to him by Great Master Ran Feng.

“What?! Is this realm? I don’t think the Heavenly Tower would do something like that. They have an excellent reputation in the Western Region.”

“That’s right, I don’t think it’s possible either. However, if what he said is real, who would dare trade with the Heavenly Tower in the future?”


Jiang Chen’s words had no doubt brought a great storm to everyone. Many people began discussing amongst each other. After all, in the Western Region, the Heavenly Tower was a very well-known name. Many people and powers had a good business relations.h.i.+p with them, and they did that just because of the Heavenly Tower’s excellent reputation. If Jiang Chen’s words turned out to be true, the Heavenly Tower’s reputation would be completely destroyed, and no one would want to do business with them anymore.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Jiang Chen, you better not slander the Heavenly Tower! We’ve always had an excellent reputation! You’ve killed people of the Heavenly Sect, and you’re trying to drag the Heavenly Tower into this incident. What a reckless maniac! I’m going to capture you now and imprison you in the Heavenly Sect!”

The Great Manager was angered. Young master Qi had failed his task, leading to Jiang Chen become aware of his evil plot. What the Great Manager needed to do now was to capture all three of them and bring them to the Heavenly Sect. After that, he would have a lot of time to find out where Jiang Chen got his Nine Solar Holy Water.

“Hmph! Let me warn you, the Heavenly Sect better not challenge me. Otherwise, you can’t even begin to imagine the consequences.”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Since the beginning, he never intended to have any conflicts with the Heavenly Sect. However, if they really wanted to kill him, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be afraid of standing against them.

“Young man, you have no idea how dangerous your actions are. You’ve killed a genius of the Heavenly Sect, so you have to pay the price. I’ll capture you now.”

Elder Yuan, the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor said with an indifferent voice. His aura shook slightly, causing the entire s.p.a.ce to violently tremble. After that, Elder Yuan stretched out one of his palm, shrouding the trio.

Tyrant and Tan Lang felt as if their entire bodies had instantly been trapped, and couldn’t move even a little bit. As expected, the strength of a Combat Emperor wasn’t something they could handle, let alone a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor.

“Finished! Those three guys are finished! A Fourth Grade Combat Emperor has made a move, they won’t even have a chance to fight back!”

“This really helps venting my anger. Even if we can’t claim back our belongings, being able to witness them being captured is rather satisfying as well.”

Upon seeing the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor personally making a movie, many people became extremely excited. They felt there wouldn’t be any more accidents this time; these three bandits would soon face death, and there weren’t any room for them to escape. A Fourth Grade Combat Emperor wasn’t an existence young master Qi could compare with.


Right at this moment, a stentorian voice could be heard from afar. The voice sounded as straight as an arrow, and it repeatedly echoed in the air, causing one’s soul to tremble upon hearing it.