Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 553 – The Great Manager’s Anger

Chapter 553 – The Great Manager’s Anger

Chapter 553 - The Great Manager’s Anger

Right at this moment, everyone were holding their breath, as all of them could now tell how huge the gap between young master Qi and Jiang Chen was. Young master Qi was badly wounded now, and there was no way he could withstand another attack from Jiang Chen. If nothing unexpected happened, Jiang Chen’s next strike would claim young master Qi’s life.

This was also the reason why everyone was so shocked. Nearly everyone believed that Jiang Chen had the courage to kill young master Qi. After all, young master Qi was a man with a prestigious status and position in the Heavenly Sect. It wasn’t easy for any major power to cultivate an Eighth Great Combat King, so if he was killed, not only would it be a great loss for the sect, it would also be a huge humiliation to their reputation.

But unfortunately, there weren’t anyone Jiang Chen didn’t dare to kill. Underneath the heavens, there were only men he didn’t want to kill, or men he couldn’t kill at the moment; there were no one he did not dare kill.

Under young master Qi’s shocked gaze, the True Dragon Palm forcefully fell down on him. Although young master Qi had tried all he could to defend against this strike, he had already been badly wounded, so he was no longer a match for Jiang Chen. The huge dragon claw descended down like a tremendous body, slamming young master Qi down from the sky with a loud boom.


Young master Qi was slammed down from the sky, and smashed into the ground; producing a large crater filled with dust. While hovering in the sky, Jiang Chen stretched his arm out and pulled young master Qi out from the deep crater, then clenched his neck; holding him like a chicken.

Young master Qi was in a miserable condition right now. His entire body was covered in blood, and both his arms had been twisted and broken by the attack. He had completely lost all ability to fight; like a spent force. As long as Jiang Chen had the intention, he could kill young master Qi at any time.

Put it this way, young master Qi’s life was currently in complete control of Jiang Chen. His survival now solely depended on Jiang Chen’s decision.

“Heavens! Young master Qi was defeated so quickly, and he got completely crushed!”

“Where did this young man come from? He’s just a Fifth Grade Combat King, but he just defeated young master Qi with such ease, who is an Eighth Grade Combat King! If I hadn’t witnessed this myself, I wouldn’t have believe it at all!”

“I wonder if he really has the guts to kill young master Qi. If he really does it, he would completely offend the Heavenly Sect.”

“Even if he doesn’t kill young master Qi, the Heavenly Sect will still not let him go. He has crippled quite a lot of disciples from the Heavenly Sect before this. d.a.m.n, it, I never thought he would be such a frightening man! It looks like we won’t be able to take back the things stolen from us. But still, we’re lucky he didn’t kill us.”


Everyone were shocked by what they had just witnessed. No one could have expected this. Young master Qi was completely crushed, and he was held in someone’s hand like a chicken without the ability to fight back. However, many people still thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare kill young master Qi. After all, it was rare for someone to have the courage to stand against the Heavenly Sect.

As for those disciples of the Heavenly Sect, they were all wearing unsightly expressions on their faces. Most of them had been robbed by Jiang Chen before, which made them really hate this young man. They thought young master Qi could help them bring justice and give these three bandits a fierce lesson, but judging from the current situation, their dreams had just vanished.

“Jiang Chen, you… how dare you do this to me?! The Heavenly Sect will never let you go!”

Young master Qi said in a lifeless manner. At this point of time, he still tried to threaten Jiang Chen

“Is that so? Looks like you won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin. Since that is the case, let me show you whether or not I have the courage to kill you.”

A cold smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face, as well as ice-cold killing intent. He clenched his fingers together like a sword, and aimed at young master Qi’s throat, then slashed.

"No, please don't kill me!"

Young master Qi finally showed fear. His forehead covered in beads of sweat, he hastily begged for his life. He finally believed that Jiang Chen wasn’t joking with him. This was a man who dared to do anything, and his life was now in the hands of this ferocious young man. If he didn’t beg for his life, he would almost certainly die.

Jiang Chen stopped moving, then said with an indifferent voice, “Give me all your belongings, then I’ll spare your life.”


Jiang Chen’s words caused young master Qi to vomit a mouthful of blood. It was caused by his own anger. He was here to rob Jiang Chen; he was here for the Nine Solar Holy Water and the ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills, as well as the devil souls. However, he never expected that in the end, he would be the one to get robbed. This made him really depressed.

“If you don’t want to get killed, bring out all your belongings at once!”

Jiang Chen shouted in a cold manner.

“Alright, I’ll give it to you as long as you promise not to kill me.”

Young master Qi said through his tightly clenched teeth. In the current situation, he had no choice but to compromise. As long as he could keep his life, he would be able to seek revenge in the future. His belongings weren’t easy to steal for anyone, and in the future, he would make Jiang Chen pay twice the price.

Compelled by the situation, young master Qi took out all his live savings and handed it over to Jiang Chen. The savings of an Eighth Grade Combat King was tremendous, just the Heavenly Yuan Pills alone had reached a whopping 800,000! There also countless herbs, and many advanced devil souls. The rewards of robbing young master Qi alone was far greater than robbing dozens of other cultivators.

“I’ve given you all my belongings, and you’ve promised not to kill me.”

Young master Qi said.

“Of course, I’m a man who honors my words.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen let go of young master Qi, setting him free. However, when he turned around, he gave Tyrant a signal with his eyes.

Tyrant understood what Jiang Chen meant. He strode up to young master Qi who had just sighed out in relief; his face carrying a crafty smile.

"What are you trying to do?"

Young master Qi’s heart instantly sunk. It seemed this monk wasn’t easy to deal with either. Of course, if he was still in top shape, he would never be bothered by this monk. However, it was a completely different story now, as any Combat King could kill him with ease.

“This monk is here to release your soul from purgatory, sending you to paradise.”

Tyrant said in an utmost serious manner. There was an obvious killing intent in his eyes.

“Jiang Chen! You promised me you wouldn’t kill me after I handed over my belongings!”

Young master Qi yelled at Jiang Chen who was walking away.

“I thought I set you free just now? What others want to do, it has nothing to do with me.”

Jiang Chen smiled in a cunning manner as he spoke.

"You,- you're despicable!"

Young master Qi was struck with great fear once again. His relaxed mind became tense.

Tyrant waved his palm toward young master Qi’s head.


Young master Qi had fallen into the depths of hopelessness. There was no way he could defend himself against Tyrant’s attack. In the end, after he let out the last miserable shriek in his life, he was killed by Tyrant’s palm. The leader who brought the disciples of the Heavenly Sect to the Devil Realm had miserably died. Throughout the Heavenly Sect’s entire history, this was the first time something like this had happened.

Silence reigned in the atmosphere. Everyone were holding their breaths, not daring to make any noise, fearing they might provoke these devils. These men had just killed Young Master Qi, and it seemed there wasn’t anything they dared not do.

“Senior disciple Qi is dead, what should we do now?”

Someone whispered.

“Send a message back to the sect at once, don’t let these guys have an opportunity to escape.”

A man from the Heavenly Sect took out a messaging talisman and secretly sent word of what happened here back to the Heavenly Sect.


At the very moment when young master Qi was killed, inside the Heavenly Sect, his soul jade slip shattered instantly. The Elder who was keeping watch of all the soul jade slips was struck with great panic, and without hesitating, he went straight to the Elders Palace.

Six men were sitting inside the Elders Palace, and they seemed to be discussing something. Each of them were very powerful. The Elder who sat in the center was a Third Grade Combat Emperor. Besides him, there were also two Second Grade Combat Emperors and one First Grade Combat Emperor, as well as two Ninth Grade Combat Kings. It was an extremely formidable group.

Out of the two Ninth Grade Combat Kings, one of them was the Heavenly Tower’s Great Manager. Although he was the head of the Heavenly Tower, when it came to this Heavenly Sect’s Elders Palace, his position was immediately brought down.

“Great Manager, you’ve done well this time. With so much Nine Solar Holy Water, we can cultivate more geniuses for the Heavenly Sect.”

The Third Grade Combat Emperor said. He was obviously satisfied with the Nine Solar Holy Water brought back by the Great Manager.

“Thank you, Elder Yuan. Having so much Nine Solar Holy Water at such a young age, I’m sure that guys know where to find even more Nine Solar Holy Water. Therefore, I asked young master Qi to deal with him in the Devil Realm, and find out where he got that Nine Solar Holy Water from.”

The Great Manager said with a smile on his face.

“You’ve made the right decision, and it will also not bring any harm to the Heavenly Tower.”

Another Combat Emperor also praised the Great Manager.

"Something bad happened!"

Right at this moment, the Elder who was guarding the soul jade slips rushed into the Elders Palace.

“Why are you panicking? Tell us slowly what happened.”

Elder Yuan furrowed his brows.

“Something bad happened! Young master Qi’s soul jade slip is broken, he’s dead!”

The Elder said in dismay. He knew young master Qi had brought many disciples and traveled to the Devil Realm. And now that young master Qi’s soul jade lsip had broken, it meant the group was struck with great danger. Therefore, he dared not hesitate, and came to report the news at once.

“What?! Young master Qi is dead?! When did that happen?!”

The Great Manager jumped out from his chair. If young master Qi was dead, that basically meant his plans had completely failed.

"Just a moment ago."

The Elder truthfully answered.

“What about the other disciples?”

Elder Yuan asked while furrowing his brows.

“Most of them are still intact, only a few soul jade slips have broken.”

The Elder said. This was actually perfectly normal, minor casualties was really normal for a place like the Devil Realm. However, the only abnormal thing this time was that most of the weaker disciples were safe, while the strongest young master Qi had died. Something unusual must be happening in the Devil Realm.

Right at this moment, a talisman inside the Great Manager’s body suddenly vibrated. He flipped his palm, retrieving the talisman. Upon hearing the message sent to his talisman, his expression changed dramatically.


The Great Manager was enraged. He couldn’t believe what had happened in the Devil Realm.

"Great Manager, what’s going on?"

Elder Yuan asked.

“I just received news from the Devil Realm, it was that Jiang Chen who killed young master Qi. I underestimated that guy, I didn’t expect him to hide his strength so deeply. Even young master Qi, an Eighth Grade Combat King was killed by him! d.a.m.n it, this is ridiculous!”

The Great Manager’s face became grim.