Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 55 – Can’t run anymore, carry me on your back

Chapter 55 – Can’t run anymore, carry me on your back

Chapter 55 – Can’t run anymore, carry me on your back

All of this was just a coincidence, a misunderstanding. This despicable big yellow dog had dragged Jiang Chen into the water alongside it. The angry Heavenly Sword Sect disciples firmly believed that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were friends, and when they recalled all those crimes that Big Yellow had done, they naturally wanted to kill Jiang Chen as well. But who was Jiang Chen? He was not someone who could be killed easily. The Mu Rong family had offended him, and they were all dead now. The Lee family provoked him, and now Lee Shan Yue would die without any sons. Right now, three disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect provoked him, so their ending would not be any different.

In his past life, Jiang Chen had reached the top by stepping on countless bones. He clearly understood the rules of this cultivation world better than anyone.

When his opponents wanted to kill him, Jiang Chen would sentence them to death, just like Shao Hua who was standing in front of him right now.

Jiang Chen moved very quickly. Before Shao Hua’s sword could touch him, the green beam had already penetrated into Shao Hua’s body. Shao Hua immediately felt that his body had become cramped. He then started screaming from the severe pain.


Shao Hua threw away the sword in his hand and start rapidly scratching his chest… but it was useless. Green smoke kept pouring out from his chest, and it didn’t take long before this green air covered Shao Hua’s entire body.


Shao Hua fell onto the ground. Both his legs were trembling, and the scream emerging from his mouth frightened everyone here. Under everyone’s shocked vision, it only took a couple of seconds before Shao Hua stopped moving. His body was black like charcoal, both his eyes wide open and filled with fear. A big part of his chest was corroded, as if it had been bitten by millions of bugs. Horrifying and frightening!

This was too scary. This scene sent a chill down everyone’s spine. An Early Mortal Core warrior died instantly, in the most painful way possible.

Everyone were startled. They looked at Shao Hua on the ground, who had almost turned into charcoal, and then they looked at Jiang Chen who had an indifferent smile on his face. They couldn’t help but feel somewhat terrified in their hearts.

Too ferocious, too cruel.

“He died of poison, this young man knows how to use poison… Such a cruel trick!”

Lee Shan Yue took a deep cold breath before turning around and looking at Lee Chang Ming’s dead body. Jiang Chen didn’t use any of this deadly poison on Lee Chang Ming. It looked like he was holding back.

“What kind of poison is that? How could it be so strong, an Early Mortal Core warrior instantly died from it?”

“Big brother Jiang Chen really had some more hidden skills. If he had just used this in the forest just now, then there would be no way for Lee Chang Ming to hold on for such a long time!”

“That’s right, big brother Jiang Chen is really terrifying! But now he has killed a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. This is going to become serious!”


Everyone were sighing in the minds. The deadly poison Jiang Chen unleashed just now was really terrifying, but what made them more worried was that Jiang Chen just killed a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He had gotten himself into big trouble.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a ruthless and cruel man!”

Chen Shuang’s face immediately changed as he shouted towards Jiang Chen. Ruan Ling who stood next to him had also hidden the arrogant expression on her face. Aside from being angry, the way she looked at Jiang Chen now was a look filled with fear. She was also feeling somewhat lucky. If she was the first one to attack Jiang Chen, the dead body on the ground would have been hers. Although she was a girl, it was pretty obvious that the guy in front of her would not show any mercy just because she was a girl.

“I warned you. Don’t provoke me.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care about Chen Shuang’s anger.

“How dare you kill a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect? I don’t care if you’re hiding in the skies or underneath the ground, you’re going to die!”

Chen Shuang’s killing intent poured out of his body.

“Kill me if you can.”

Jiang Chen didn’t mind at all.

“I’ll kill you and that dead dog today! I’ll avenge Brother Shao Hua!”

Chen Shuang said. His arms moved, and with a clang sound, a razor sharp sword appeared. The sword was a low ranked combat weapon. A combat weapon was incredibly valuable in Red city, but not in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Some seniors of the outer circle disciples could get low ranked combat weapons. As for those stronger Heavenly Core inner circle disciples, almost all of them had a mid-rank combat weapon.

Chen Shuang unleashed his powerful energy, his killing intent reaching new heights. He was showing off the power of a Mid Mortal Core warrior. In his hands there was also a low rank combat weapon. His combat strength right now was far above that of Shao Hua. He showed no fear even after seeing that Jiang Chen could unleash a deadly poison. This was because of his confidence in his abilities. With his skills as a Mid Mortal Core warrior, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat a Mid Qi Hai warrior. There was an entire realm and 3 tiers between them.

Facing Chen Shuang’s powerful attack, a smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. A brilliant look was shown in his eyes. Soon afterwards, he purposely changed his expression and started running away.

“Stupid dog, hurry up and run!”

Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow. Seeing that Jiang Chen was about to run away without even fighting, Big Yellow was stunned for a few seconds. This fellow was pretty bossy just a few seconds ago, but now he suddenly turned like a coward.

“f.u.c.k you!”

Big Yellow bent his body and turned into a golden light. He ran after Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, dead dog, no matter where you go, I’ll kill you both today!”

Chen Shuang’s killing spirit exploded out. He started chasing them like an arrow leaving its bow.

Hearing Chen Shuang mention his name together with Big Yellow, Jiang Chen felt gloomy until he wanted to vomit blood. Was he being compared to a dog?

Behind them, Ruan Ling turned towards Lee Shan Yue and said, “Chief Lee, I hope you can help us catch that Jiang Chen and that dog. The Heavenly Sword Sect will reward you handsomely afterwards!”


Lee Shan Yue immediately agreed. Right now he couldn’t wait to eat Jiang Chen’s flesh and drink his blood while he was still alive. If someone wanted to ask for help to hunt Jiang Chen, he would be the first to volunteer.

“No way. Lee Shan Yue, with me here today, there’s no way I’ll let you enter the mountain!”

Yan Zhan Yun unleashed his energy as he blocked Lee Shan Yue.

“Yan Zhan Yun, how dare you oppose the Heavenly Sword Sect?”

Ruan Ling said with an angry expression.

“Miss Ruan Ling, the Yan family doesn’t dare oppose the Heavenly Sword Sect. If you and Mister Chen Shuang wants to hunt for Jiang Chen, the Yan family will not stop you. But this Lee Shan Yue is the Yan family’s biggest enemy, the reason I stopped him has nothing to do with the Heavenly Sword Sect.”

Yan Zhan Yun explained. Looking at how he behaved, it was obvious that he wouldn’t let Lee Shan Yue join the hunt. The Yan family owed Jiang Chen greatly. He wouldn’t let Lee Shan Yue join the hunt for Jiang Chen, even if it would cost his life. As for Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling, he believed that Jiang Chen would have a way to deal with them. With the combined abilities of those two, it wouldn’t be an easy task to kill Jiang Chen. But Lee Shan Yue was different, a Late Mortal Core warrior was too strong.

“Fine! Yan Zhan Yun, what happened today, the Heavenly Sword Sect will remember!”

Ruan Ling said furiously. After that she hurriedly started chasing after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Yan Zhan Yun, you have offended the Heavenly Sword Sect today. Your Yan family is going to die out sooner or later, haha!”

Lee Shan Yue was laughing out loud.

“Hmph! That’s none of your business.”

Yan Zhan Yun let out a cold humph.

“Yan Zhan Yun, that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen has killed a man from the Heavenly Sword Sect. He is going to die for sure! Even though he unleashed a poison attack, without proper preparations it wouldn’t be easy for him to succeed. Do you really think that with his Mid Qi Hai realm abilities, he would be able to defend himself from a Mid Mortal Core warrior? As for your Yan family, by stopping me today, you have offended the Heavenly Sword Sect! You are going to meet the same ending as Jiang Chen sooner or later. Sadly, I can’t kill Jiang Chen personally and slice him into a thousand pieces. But even after Jiang Chen is dead, I won’t let the Jiang family in Fragrant Sky city go!”

Lee Shan Yue was furious. He carried Lee Chang Ming’s body and left. Yan Zhan Yun took a deep breath. The current Lee Chan Yue was really frightening. A lion with nothing to worry about and able to explode without a single care, the consequences of that were beyond his imagination. Lee Shan Yue had this kind of mentality right now. All three of his sons had died; what he would do next must be something crazy.

“Chief, what should we do now? Can brother Jiang handle this?”

Yan Yang asked with a worried expression. He wasn’t the only one. All the men had worried expressions. Jiang Chen had saved their lives. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to see something bad happen to him. They had just won a fight, but they had never expected that so many things would happen just because of a rude dog.

“Don’t worry, just now Jiang Chen whispered to me with his Divine Sense. He asked us not to get involved in the fight between him and the Heavenly Sword Sect. I believe he can handle it.”

Yan Zhan Yun replied with a smile.

“Brother Jiang Chen is only a Qi Hai warrior. How could he use Divine Sense?”

Yan Yang asked with a shocked expression.

“Brother Jiang Chen is someone of a miracle. He can’t be measured with normal standards. I’m guessing he must have some methods to deal with those two from the Heavenly Sword Sect. He chose to run into the mountain because he doesn’t want to involve the Yan family. After all, it is the Heavenly Sword Sect… Brother Jiang Chen really cares about us… Sigh…”

Yan Zhan Yun sighed. In fact, he was wrong this time. Maybe some parts of what he said was right, but Jiang Chen had a bigger plan for this.

Within the mountain, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were running with great speed. Behind them Chen Shuang chased them closely.

“What are you thinking? You have the deadly poison in your hands, with your abilities and speed, it isn’t impossible to kill that Chen Shuang… Why should we have to escape?”

Big Yellow asked with a gloomy expression.

“You don’t know s.h.i.+t, daddy’s poison can’t be used whenever I want. After using it once, I have to wait a long time to be able to use it again. Besides, Chen Shuang is a Mid Mortal Core warrior. When he is prepared, it would be very difficult for me to hit him even if I had the deadly poison. A Mid Mortal Core warrior, I’m not a match for him. What else can we do besides run away?”

Jiang Chen gave a snort of contempt. He could tell lies without blinking his eyes. The Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison was completely under his control, and he could use it anytime he wanted to, just like his Yuan energy. Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, it was difficult to hit him even with preparation. However, with Jiang Chen’s abilities and his deadly poison, he wasn’t really scared of Chen Shuang. Of course, the reason why he chose to run away was that Big Yellow had dragged him into the water with him before this. If Jiang Chen didn’t get some advantages out of Big Yellow, then it would be unfair as this stupid dog had gotten all the advantages and benefits so far.

“f.u.c.k you, why did you use your deadly poison on that weak fool just now, such a waste!”

Big Yellow was so angry that it seemed like smoke was about to come out from his nose. He scolded Jiang Chen like he was a prodigal.

“Enough nonsense, the man at the back is almost here. Your father can’t run anymore, carry me on your back!”

After saying that, Jiang Chen jumped straight onto the back of Big Yellow.