Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 53 – The Little Demon Lord

Chapter 53 – The Little Demon Lord

Chapter 53 – The Little Demon Lord

The terrified screams frightened everyone. Not only did Jiang Chen’s sword impale Lee Chang Ming’s shoulder, it also cut through the nerves in his body. Not only this, Jiang Chen’s sword was covered in intense flames, which had now burned his body. This kind of pain, not even a Mortal Core warrior could stand this.

Frankly, a sword couldn’t make a Mortal Core warrior lose his ability to fight, but the pain that Jiang Chen’s sword had inflicted was beyond anything imaginable. Under such severe pain, Lee Chang Ming was trembling and screaming all over, as if there was nothing else he could do.


The blade in Lee Chang Ming’s hand fell onto the ground.


Jiang Chen slowly drew the Black Soul Ripper out from Lee Chang Ming’s shoulder. With every inch the sword was drawn, more blood bled out. The blood was being burnt by the intense heat, drying out before reaching the ground.

This scene sent chills down everyone’s spines. The four men from the Lee family no longer had any color in their face, their mind was filled with hopelessness. Gone, there were no more chances for them today. Even Lee Chang Ming was defeated by Jiang Chen, their biggest pillar was going to die. There’s no need to even mention what was waiting for them.

Even the men from the Yan family were holding their breaths. When they looked at Lee Chang Ming’s terrifying situation, they couldn’t help but feel a bit frightened. This was incredibly cruel. Luckily, Jiang Chen was on their side. If he was their enemy, their deaths wouldn’t be any better than Lee Chang Ming.

“I told you, you’re only so much with your Mortal Core. I also said, don’t provoke me. The consequences are too serious, but you just didn’t want to listen…. Sigh.”

Jiang Chen said casually. The sword in his hands was placed on Lee Chang Ming’s neck.

“Jiang Chen, if you kill me, my dad will definitely not let you go!”

Lee Chang Ming’s body was trembling under the suppression from Jiang Chen’s aura. He had completely lost his ability to fight; now he could only use Lee Shan Yue to threaten Jiang Chen.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? Lee Shan Yue is destined to die without any sons.”

To Jiang Chen, Lee Chang Ming’s threats were no different than a fart, a silent fart. He pushed the Black Soul Ripper in his hand forwards and impaled Lee Chang Ming’s neck. Lee Chang Ming’s eyes blinked repeatedly, his eyes filled with hopelessness. Soon, his eyes lost all focus, and his life was gone.


Finally, Lee Chang Ming fell onto the ground with his face looking up towards the skies. He died with his eyes open. Before he died, all he could feel was regret about his defeat.

“Lee Chang Ming is dead?”

“Big brother Jiang Chen killed a Mortal Core warrior while only at the Mid Qi Hai realm?”

“He saved our lives!”


The men from the Yan family looked at Jiang Chen with mixed emotions. Joy, gratefulness, admiration, fright, respect… They had witnessed the frightening side of this young man; he was just like a little demon lord. If he became their enemy, their deaths would be awful.

“Brother Jiang, what should we do about the rest of the four men?”

Yan Yang asked. Everyone here now considered Jiang Chen as their leader.

Jiang Chen turned around and walked over to the remaining four men. The four men felt like the sky was spinning and their bodies didn’t belong to them. Each one of them were staggering and trembling due to the immense fear.

“Of the four of you, who are from a family that is depending on the Lee family’s support?”

Jiang Chen asked.

The four were startled. They didn’t understand why Jiang Chen would ask this. Was it because he was planning on treating the ones from a family who depended on the Lee family differently? This little demon lord was terribly cruel, it looked like he was going to kill them with varying methods.

Two young men swallowed some of the fear and took a step forward. They then spoke with trembling voices, “The two of us are not from the Lee family. Our families just depend on them to survive!”

Both of them understood Jiang Chen pretty well, which was why they knew that begging for their lives would be useless. Jiang Chen was not going to let them leave this place alive.

“Alright, the two of you don’t need to die. Yan Yang, kill the other two.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the two men opened their eyes until they were wide open. It suddenly felt like their brains had stopped working.

‘What is happening? This little demon lord is going to let us go? Why doesn’t Jiang Chen want to kill us? Don’t tell me he suddenly became merciful and purposely spared our lives?’ Whatever the reason it, they didn’t think too much about it. They were happy that they were able to live, that’s all they wanted.

Both men suddenly had tears in their eyes. They felt like they hack been struck by happiness, and they weren’t used to it. The biggest joy in life is to be able to live in, it felt so good to be alive.


When the two men were still praising their luck in their minds, two screams came from their backs. The two other men from the Lee family had been stabbed by many swords. The men from the Yan family didn’t care so much about killing the two men because these men were trying to kill them a few minutes ago. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, the men from the Yan family would be dead by now.

“Both of you, bring Lee Chang Ming’s body with you. This young master has a merciful heart. Now that I’ve killed this man, it would only be right to send his body by to his father, Lee Shan Yue.”

Jiang Chen slowly put away the Black Soul Ripper before he went and grabbed the combat weapon on the ground as well.

Everyone almost fell down to the ground when they heard Jiang Chen saying he had a merciful heart. Even the big yellow dog who was watching felt shocked.

“Heavens, this little kid is more despicable than daddy here!”

The big yellow dog despised the words that came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth. Even Yan Yang and the other men wiped away their cold sweat slowly. ‘Big brother, you’re being merciful? You’re purposely using Lee Chang Ming’s dead body to provoke Lee Shan Yue…’

“What are you two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds still waiting for? Hurry up and bring your young master’s dead body away! Do you really believe that I won’t kill you with my sword and burn your dead bodies together with Lee Chang Ming?”

Jiang Chen scolded the two men who were frozen on the spot.


The two of them were trembling due to the fear. They didn’t dare show any neglect. They immediately picked up the dead Lee Chang Ming and ran away from here like they were flying. They didn’t think that Jiang Chen was joking. They had no doubt when he said he would kill them with his sword and burn them.

“Big brother Jiang Chen, why did you let them go?”

Yan Chong asked with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t worry, they won’t live for long.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent look.

“Yan Yang, take this blade.”

Jiang Chen threw the blade in his hand over to Yan Yang. Yan Yang’s eyes lit up, and he instantly grabbed the blade.

“Brother Jiang, this is a low rank combat weapon. It is too expensive. How could I accept it?”

Yan Yang said with an embarra.s.sed look. A low rank combat weapon was worth too much. Although he still had a low rank combat weapon with him, it was only given to him temporarily by the Yan family. He still had to give it back to the family when he returns. But the blade Jiang Chen gave him was a gift to him. He would be telling lies if he said he didn’t like it.

“Really? If you feel embarra.s.sed, then I’ll give it to Yan Chong.”

Jiang Chen put his hand out and wanted to grab the black back. Yan Yang hurriedly took a step back, a smile emerging on his face, “Not embarra.s.sed, not at all! A gift from brother Jiang, how could I give it to someone else?”

Yan Chong who was standing aside shrugged his shoulders with a disappointed look on his face.

“Let’s go. We’ll leave the mountain as well. The men from the Lee family are all dead. The only candidates for joining the Heavenly Blade Sect are you guys.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Everyone treated their wounds quickly and prepared to leave the mountain. They still had some time left, but there was no point in continuing to stay in this mountain. Today, under the leaders.h.i.+p of Jiang Chen, the Yan family had won a battle that would definitely affect their futures. Right now, all the geniuses in the Lee family’s young generation were almost all gone. Meanwhile, all the Yan family geniuses were still alive, and with Yan Chen Yu who had the Nine Yin Meridians, it would only take a few more years before the Lee family would be completely swallowed by the Yan family. After that, they would have complete control over Red city.

Big Yellow stood up and followed behind Jiang Chen happily. Everyone immediately stared at the dog. They felt very familiar with this dog for some reason.

“What are you guys looking at? Have you never seen a handsome dog before? Pff, daddy here is not a dog!”

Big Yellow gazed at everyone and scolded them.

What the… A dog that knew how to talk? And it was also a narcissistic dog?

At this moment, outside the mountain, a few men were still waiting. Chen Shuang and the two others from the Heavenly Sword Sect were chattering and relaxing. Lee Shan Yue was smiling, and he talked with Yan Zhan Yun at random times, but Yan Zhan Yun had a cold and worried look.

“Yan Zhan Yun, right now, I am afraid all your men are all dead.”

Lee Shan Yue said with a big smile.

“It should be the men from your family that are dead by now.”

Yan Zhan Yun glared at Lee Shan Yue. He wished he could jump onto him and tear apart his mouth.

“Hehe, Yan Zhan Yun, I know you must be feeling very bad right now, but you have to learn to accept the facts. You should probably go back and start planning now. If all the young geniuses in your family are dead, how many years would it take before the Yan family is no more?”

Lee Shan Yue said with a self-gloating expression.

“Hmph! The a.s.sessment is yet to finish. How could you know what the results would be?”

Yan Zhan Yun let out a cold hump.

“Ah? Someone is coming out!”

A Mortal Core warrior from the Lee family said. Everyone turned their gazes towards the two men who were walking out from the mountain with hesitation. One of them were carrying a dead body on his shoulder.

When Lee Shan Yue saw the faces of those two, the self-gloating face he had suddenly changed.

Soon, the two men came close to the group. They kneeled down in front of Lee Shan Yue and placed Lee Chang Ming’s dead body neatly down on the ground.


The scene immediately became heated. Including Chen Shuang and the two others, everyone were looking at Lee Chang Ming’s dead body on the ground with shock. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. Lee Chang Ming was a Mortal Core warrior, and yet he had died. This was unbelievable.

“Hahaha, Lee Shan Yue, this was the result you were waiting for?”

Yan Zhan Yun started laughing out loud. His mood instantly turned extremely good.

“Speak!!! Who killed him?!”

Lee Shan Yue was extremely furious. The scar on his face was trembling to the point where he looked frightening.

“It was Jiang… Jiang Chen…”

“All dead…… everyone are dead……”

The two spoke with trembling voices. They had difficulty even mentioning Jiang Chen’s name; they were still scared of him. Too frightening, that young man was horrifying.


Lee Shan Yue roared loudly. His anger rose yet again, and he became like a lion that was going to explode with extreme anger, “Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! You have killed all three of my sons! It’s your fault I’m going to die without any sons! I’m going to rip you into a million pieces! A million pieces!”

Lee Shan Yue was furious beyond words. All three of his sons were dead. It didn’t take a genius to predict what he was feeling right now.

“Since everyone are dead, you two shouldn’t be living now!”

Lee Shan Yue was emitting incredible amounts of killing intent. He struck his palms onto the heads of the two young men in front of him.