Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 526 – Calamity

Chapter 526 – Calamity

Chapter 526 - Calamity

"Big Yellow!"

Seeing Big Yellow falling down from the sky, Jiang Chen let out a desperate cry. However, as if this cry had used up the last bit of his strength, he opened his mouth and spat out another mouthful of blood, then he closed his eyes as he lost consciousness as well. At the last moment before Jiang Chen’s eyes closed, if one were to look closely, one could see that his eyes were moist. Touched, sad, angry, all kinds of emotions could be seen in his moistened eyes.

In the eyes of others, perhaps Big Yellow was just a mere demon beast. However, in Jiang Chen’s mind, Big Yellow was his best friend; the brother who he could risk his life for. Although Big Yellow knew that he was going to face inevitable death, he still showed up without hesitating. He knew he was going to face two Combat Emperors, but he still stood out. Not only that, he even used his blood essence, as well as a forbidden technique that would bring him great harm; he showed up like a savior. This was because Big Yellow treated Jiang Chen as his very own brother as well, and he couldn’t let Jiang Chen die without doing anything; he just could not do that. Therefore, he showed up, even though he had no idea what kind of ending awaited him. Perhaps it would be death, perhaps he and Jiang Chen would be killed in this place, and he came here to be buried with Jiang Chen. Big Yellow knew these things were most likely to happen, and yet, he still showed up by his own free will, knowing that it would most likely cost him his life.

This was the friends.h.i.+p between Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. No one else could ever understand it.

Bam, bam, bam...

On the other side, the three webs of sword had slashed through s.p.a.ce, shattering it. Waves after waves of ice-cold spatial turbulence repeatedly blew out from the newly formed spatial cracks. Li Tianyang and the other two men were covered by the sword webs. Even with their strength, their eyes were filled with nothing but the dazzling web of swords. In their line of sight, aside from the sword beams flying all over the place, there was nothing else they could see, not even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

"Don't let that guy run away again!"

Li Tianyang shouted out. He had now completely unleashed his aura of a Combat Emperor. He waved his hand and struck out with his palm, intending to destroy the web of swords in his way. Although he knew that there was no way for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to escape in their current conditions, he was still worried. He didn’t want any accidents to occur. But unfortunately, the web of sword was more difficult to destroy than he expected. A strike containing all his strength was unable to destroy the web of sword. Instead, these razor sharp sword beams turned around and began flying toward him.


Li Tianyang shouted out in disbelief. It wasn’t just him, Xiao Nanfeng and the Great Elder who were both in the same situation as him were greatly shocked as well. They couldn’t imagine how an attack unleashed by a Third Grade Demon King could temporarily trap all three of them. This was absurd! However, they knew that it wasn’t that dog’s mighty ability, but the broken sword used by it.

Using all of their strength, the three men restlessly fought against the web of swords. However, unnoticeable by them, an uninvited guest stealthily arrived at the scene. A monk wearing a golden kasaya entered the void at top speed, holding Jiang Chen in one hand, and Big Yellow in the other; he disappeared without a trace in an instant, as if he had never appeared.

Not long after the monk disappeared, Li Tianyang broke free from the web of swords, followed by the Great Elder, and then Xiao Nanfeng. The three men looked to be in rather unsightly states. After they destroyed the web of swords, they immediately probed the situation of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, but they found nothing.

"They’ve escaped."

The Great Elder said in an insidious tone.

“Impossible, Jiang Chen and that dog are both like arrows at the end of their flight, there is no way they could have escaped! I’m sure someone else were hidden here somewhere. d.a.m.n it, how come we never noticed this?!”

Xiao Nanfeng said with a ferocious expression. Knowing that Jiang Chen had escaped made him angry.

“We can’t catch up with them now. The s.p.a.ce in this area has been destroyed by the web of swords, and there are spatial cracks everywhere, and we have no idea which direction they’re running in. However, Jiang Chen was severely injured today, so even if he is rescued by someone, I don’t think he can survive from his injuries. And, even if he survives, he will become a useless man. There is nothing for us to worry about.

The Great Elder said.

A gloomy expression appeared on Li Tianyang’s face. Jiang Chen’s escape ruined his plan. Whenever he thought of the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail’s destruction; the result of his hard work, he would feel a pain in his heart. The Freezing h.e.l.l Jail wasn’t just a simple jail. As Li Tianyang was cultivating the Worldly Water Emperor skill, the True Water he found brought him great benefits. However, as True Water was the coldest and heaviest water under the heavens, a single drop weighed 180,000 kilos, and was more than enough to crush a mountain. With Li Tianyang’s current cultivation base, it was impossible for him to absorb the True Water, as he couldn’t withstand the impact brought by it. That’s the reason why he had constructed the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, so that he could absorb the ice-cold air inside to cultivate his skill. The Freezing h.e.l.l Jail had existed for a long period of time, and the ice-cold air inside had acc.u.mulated to a level where it had almost turned into a physical substance, which was of great benefit to his cultivation. However, it was now destroyed by Jiang Chen, and he would have to rebuild it from scratch.

“Pa.s.s down my orders; I want every part of the Liang Province to be thoroughly searched, I want that Jiang Chen. Also, search all provinces connected to the Liang Province as well. He is suffering from severe injuries, and I refuse to believe he can run far away from us.”

Li Tianyang said with an extremely cold voice.

“If my guess is correct, it should be that stinking monk who rescued Jiang Chen and that big yellow dog. As long as we find that stinky monk, we’ll be able to get Jiang Chen. Let me handle this task.”

A sinister smile appeared on Xiao Nanfeng’s face. Someone had told him about what happened in the Chaotic Ocean, and Tyrant played a big role in that incident.

"Palace Chief, look!"

The Great Elder looked at a spot below them. Li Tianyang followed his gazed and looked below as well, and he could immediately see a rusty broken sword lying on the ground of the mountain range. After losing the support of Big Yellow’s energy, the broken sword had been returned to its rather ordinary appearance, which looked like a sc.r.a.p metal.

Li Tianyang’s eyes flickered. With a sway of his body, he landed on the ground. He waved his hand, pulling the broken sword into his palm.

“This broken sword is really heavy! Just now, that dog used this broken sword to attack us, allowing Jiang Chen to be rescued. Let me try and see what kind of treasure this broken sword is.”

Even with Li Tianyang’s senses, he couldn’t see anything special about this broken sword. Judging from its appearance, it was no different from a piece of sc.r.a.p metal. He circulated his Yuan energy and sent it into the broken sword, but to his shock, even with his extremely powerful Yuan energy, he was unable to activate the broken sword, and it didn’t seem to respond at all.

“How could this be possible?! That dog is only a Third Grade Demon King, and isn’t even close to the Demon Emperor realm, so how could he possible unleash such mighty power from this broken sword?! Palace Chief is a true Combat Emperor, but you can’t even make this sword respond when using all you power… This is truly unusual.”

The Great Elder was really surprised.

“This is definitely a great treasure, only that I can’t use it with my current cultivation. If my guess is correct, that dog must have used some kind of secret technique. I’ll bring it back and do some research. With this broken sword, we won’t have to return empty handed.”

After saying that, Li Tianyang put the broken sword away.

After unleas.h.i.+ng the power of the broken sword, Big Yellow fainted straightaway. Thus, he never had a chance to take it back. When Tyrant came here to rescue the two of them, his time to do so was very limited, which left him with no time to take back the broken sword. Furthermore, when Tyrant arrived, the broken sword was still unleas.h.i.+ng its power, so if he took it away, the web of sword would have disappeared, freeing the three powerful warriors. Then, none of them would be able to escape.

Li Tianyang and his subordinates left. The mountain range had been completely destroyed. In fact, when Jiang Chen was facing the sixth tribulation bolt, this place had pretty much been destroyed. The battle that came later simply destroyed this land so much that no gra.s.s could grow here in the future. So, for the next few dozen years, this place would be a desolate land.

Jian Province, a province neighboring the Liang Province, and one of the major provinces of the Xuan Region. After Tyrant escaped, he began rus.h.i.+ng toward the Jin Province. He found a quiet and wet cave, and made it their temporary shelter. It was a rather s.p.a.cious cave. A man and a dog were lying on the ground, both severely injured. In fact, they were currently in dying states.

Lying on the ground, Jiang Chen’s face looked as pale as a sheet of paper, and he had stopped breathing. However, Tyrant could clearly sense that there was a force hiding inside of Jiang Chen’s body, supporting his life. If it was any other person, he would have instantly died by being in such a condition.

Tyrant couldn’t help but sigh upon thinking about Jiang Chen’s incredible ability. When Jiang Chen told them he was going to rescue Tan Lang, he never thought Jiang Chen would use such an approach; using his Combat King cultivation base to attract Heavenly Tribulation. This made the monk feel very astonished. He only knew this after Big Yellow told him.

After that, he turned to Big Yellow. Although Big Yellow was in a much better condition than Jiang Chen, it wasn’t good either. Big Yellow had used a forbidden technique to forcefully increase his cultivation base, then he used his blood essence in order to unleash the power of the broken sword. Both these things brought him a devastating backlash, which put him into deep sleep. Fortunately, the bloodline in his body was still circulating normally, which helped Big Yellow recover at a constant speed. It was just that no one could know when Big Yellow would wake up. But at least, his life wasn’t at risk. However, whether or not this would bring any negative effects to his future cultivation was still not certain. A backlash was extremely frightening, and the most terrifying backlash could cripple a cultivator straightaway. Thus, Big Yellow’s future was in extreme danger.

As for Tan Lang, he was currently resting quietly within the Heavenly Saint Sword, and knew nothing about what was going on in the outside world. The Heavenly Saint Sword had previously returned to Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, and was lying there quietly.

“Brother Jiang is a true man. Venturing alone into the Asura Palace, such a heroic mission. Underneath the heavens, perhaps only he is capable of achieving this feat. I, this monk really admires his actions.”

Tyrant muttered to himself. He came from the remote Western Region, and was a rare genius on the Buddhist path. Although he was only twenty years old right now, he had already reached the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. He had never admired any geniuses before, but today, he felt like prostrating himself in admiration for Jiang Chen.

After that, Tyrant began chanting in some Sanskrit sutra. He removed the beads from his neck, then used the beads to unleash countless golden beams into Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s body. He was using a Buddhist technique to heal both of them.

For Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, this was a true calamity; a life and death calamity.