Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 525 – The Broken Sword Shows Its Might Once Again

Chapter 525 – The Broken Sword Shows Its Might Once Again

Chapter 525 – (t.i.tle Hidden)

Three powerful warriors had completely locked up this entire s.p.a.ce, and Jiang Chen was completely surrounded. As his injuries were extremely severe, he didn’t even have the strength to rip apart the s.p.a.ce, let alone flee from this s.p.a.ce which had been completely locked down. It was simply impossible.

Jiang Chen’s heart sunk to the bottom, and his eyes became extremely cold and serious. He was aware of how strong these men were, and he would have no way of defeating them even if he was in top shape. He had always planned very carefully and taken every conceivable possibility into account, but this time, he had misjudged. The Heavenly Tribulation had gone far beyond his expectations, especially the sixth tribulation bolt, which had caused a huge commotion. Although he had escaped from the Asura Palace, the commotion caused by the sixth tribulation bolt had still attracted these three powerful warriors here. In front of them was an inevitable death, and it was the most desperate moment in his current, and even previous life. Although he was a man with an array of marvelous skills, none of them could help him in this situation, as he lacked the strength to use them.

Right now, what Jiang Chen needed was a quiet place, and at least half a month to fully recover. However, judging from the current situation, it would be impossible for him to have that. He had destroyed the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, and these three guys would not let him off today.

“Jiang Chen, there is no way you can escape from us anymore. You have destroyed the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, which is an unforgivable crime, and only death can spare you from that sin. However, I, the Great Tyc.o.o.n really admire you. The ability to attract Heavenly Tribulation only proves how monstrously talented you are. But unfortunately, today is your last day. An unprecedented mighty genius is destined to be killed while in his cradle.”

Standing not far away from Jiang Chen, Xiao Nanfeng said with a smile on his face. He felt delighted upon witnessing Jiang Chen’s current state. The thing a genius hated the most was when he saw someone even more talented than himself. Xiao Nanfeng claimed himself to be a man with extraordinary talent, not only within the Liang Province, but even throughout the entire Xuan Region; he was one of the most talented men. At such a young age, he had reached Ninth Grade Combat King realm. However, this Jiang Chen who appeared out of nowhere had just attracted Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm, spelling out that he was monstrously talented. A man with such talent made Xiao Nanfeng burn with raging jealousy.

“Hmph. You’re an a.s.shole who poses as a person with high morals. Speaking even a single word to you is an insult to me.”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, showing his disdain toward Xiao Nanfeng.

"What did you just say?"

Xiao Nanfeng was instantly enraged. What made him angry was not just Jiang Chen’s words, but also the way Jiang Chen looked at him. He could tell from Jiang Chen’s eyes that he was truly despising and disdaining him. Also, Jiang Chen showed no signs of fear toward Xiao Nanfeng either, which made Xiao Nanfeng feel no sense of accomplishment.

A mere Second Grade Combat King; a small-fry that was nothing in front of him, how dare this tiny ant despise Xiao Nanfeng? Who was he to look down on Xiao Nanfeng? Jiang Chen’s behavior truly damaged Xiao Nanfeng’s self-esteem.

“Stop pretending. I don’t think you’ve forgotten about the miserable death of Zhuang Fan’s wife and son yet. Of course, you might have forgotten. After all, it all happened three years ago, and perhaps you’ve done many things of similar nature in these three years. So, it’s only natural that you won’t remember that man called Zhuang Fan. Although I, Jiang Chen am not a hero or a man of moral integrity, I really look down on someone like you; a beast in human clothing who is worse than an animal. If I’m fortunate enough to survive this day, I will definitely kill you in the days to come.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold voice. He had never felt so disgusted with someone. In his mind, Xiao Nanfeng wasn’t even qualified to be his enemy. Because, from the expression on Xiao Nanfeng’s face, Jiang Chen found out that everything Zhuang Fan told him was true.

Li Tianyang and the Great Elder both furrowed their brows. They had no idea what Jiang Chen and Xiao Nanfeng were talking about. However, they could tell that Xiao Nanfeng must have done something unethical in the past. However, Xiao Nanfeng was after all the number one genius of the Asura Palace; the key disciple they were cultivating for the future. As for this Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if given a pair of wings. Li Tianyang decided to capture him and bring him back for research, and see if he could make Jiang Chen his secondary self. That would be the best case scenario.

“You’ll have no chance to do that, because you’re going to die now!”

Bursting with killing intent, Xiao Nanfeng forcefully pushed his palm toward Jiang Chen. The extremely powerful force turned into an invisible wall and crushed into Jiang Chen. It was a frightening strike of a Ninth Grade Combat King, and with Jiang Chen’s current shape, there no way he could withstand it. If this attack hit his body, even if he didn’t explode into thousands of pieces, he would still die.

However, Jiang Chen would never resign himself to death. In an instant, he countered the attack with the True Dragon Palm, while forcibly using the Spatial s.h.i.+ft to dodge the attack. However, Xiao Nanfeng’s attack was simply too strong, and since the s.p.a.ce of this area had been completely locked down, he couldn’t escape even with the Spatial s.h.i.+ft.

"Don't kill him!"

Li Tianyang shouted out loudly. He hastily struck out his palm, launching an attack into Xiao Nanfeng’s attack. Before they came, he never thought that Xiao Nanfeng would be so straightforward and try to kill Jiang Chen. It would be a pity if Jiang Chen was killed, as he was an abnormal genius who could attract Heavenly Tribulation. So, it meant that there were some secrets within this guy. Even if there weren’t any secrets, just Jiang Chen’s body alone would be an ultimate treasure.


The two palm strike collided with each other, and the shockwaves that came from the collision instantly shattered the True Dragon Palm, and hit Jiang Chen’s body. Although Li Tianyang stopped the attack, Jiang Chen was in a really bad shape right now, so the shockwave would be enough to kill him in an instant.

Jiang Chen was critically hit by the shockwave, forcing a mouthful of blood to exit his mouth. He could no longer hover in the sky, and thus began falling toward the ground. He could feel a tearing pain from all over his body, bringing a self-deprecating smile to his face. He was going to die again. Although he was given a second chance to life, it had already come to an end. What a pity.


Right at this moment, a roar so loud that even the heavens shook could be heard from a distance. The roar sounded like a dragon’s cry mixed with a horse’s neigh. It was extremely penetrative, and just this roar alone could easily make one’s heart tremble, as if their soul was going to be ripped apart. In the following second, a tremendous figure descended from the sky. It was a big yellow dog with a huge, burly body. It stood over 30 meters tall, and resembled a small hill. The big yellow dog’s body was glowing with a golden light, making it look like a bright sun. A long, sharp dragon horn was visible on its forehead, as it was beaming with a scorching hot glaze.

"Big Yellow!"

It was giant who Jiang Chen was very familiar with; Big Yellow! However, Jiang Chen had never seen Big Yellow so big before. Also, Big Yellow was emanating the aura of a Third Grade Demon King. Jiang Chen could tell with just one look that Big Yellow must have activated some kind of secret technique, forcefully increasing his cultivation base by two grades.

Jiang Chen didn’t feel delighted upon seeing Big Yellow arrive. Instead, he felt worried. Their enemies were two Combat Emperors and one Ninth Grade Combat King. Even though Big Yellow had temporarily increased his cultivation base by two grades, it was still not enough to help in this situation. His arrival was no different from bringing himself to death. Furthermore, even if they managed to escape, Big Yellow would be tremendously injured by using such a secret technique.

Jiang Chen’s body was still falling down from the sky. He had lost all his strength, and was unable to support his body. His nerves had gone numb, and he could barely keep his eyes open using his strong will; staring at Big Yellow who had suddenly arrived.

Big Yellow spat out a golden beam, and with incredible speed, it arrived underneath Jiang Chen’s body, pus.h.i.+ng him from below and slowing down his falling speed. Jiang Chen’s body could no longer sustain any impacts. Although Big Yellow behaved thoughtlessly during normal days, he was actually someone thoughtful.

"Where did this dog come from?"

Li Tianyang furrowed his brows, but didn’t really care about Big Yellow, who was just a Third Grade Demon King.

“This is the dog that followed Jiang Chen. Since it’s here, we’ll kill it.”

Xiao Nanfeng said with intense killing intent. He hated Jiang Chen to the utmost degree. Although Li Tianyang had stopped him from killing Jiang Chen, he could still kill this dog to vent his anger.

“Wakaka, want to kill this master dog?! You’re dreaming! Take a look at this master dog’s exceptional Divine Sword!”

Big Yellow had obviously prepared himself. He opened his mouth and spat out a rusty, broken sword. It was the broken sword he found when Jiang Chen partic.i.p.ated in the Qi Province compet.i.tion in the Whirling Sun City. Big Yellow had been keeping it like it was the most precious treasure in the world. He had used it once before when dealing with Lord Bloodmoon. When Jiang Chen was trapped in the Blood Banner, Big Yellow had used this broken sword to help Jiang Chen kill Lord Bloodmoon. At that point of time, Big Yellow was only at the Mortal Core realm, and compared to his current Third Grade Demon King strength, the gap was tremendous.


After the broken sword was revealed, it immediately began to violently tremble; producing buzzing sounds, as it was being controlled by Big Yellow. Numerous golden beams shot out from Big Yellow’s body and penetrated into the broken sword, causing it to transform tremendously. The broken sword was now ten times bigger than before, and although it was still rusty, it was now emanating a mighty divine pressure. Although it was rather faint, it still made the people present feel that breathing was difficult with its presence.

“What? Why does this broken sword look so mystical? Even I can feel a pressure from it!”

Li Tianyang cried out in shock and said with a hint of disbelief in his tone.

“This broken sword is surely a precious treasure, we must make it ours!”

A greedy look leaked out from the Great Elder’s eyes.

“What a mystical sword. Its aura is even stronger than that of the Heavenly Saint Sword at its peak! Could this broken sword be something from another realm? So, Big Yellow forcefully increased his cultivation base by two grades to use this broken sword.”

Jiang Chen was lit with a flame of comprehension and shock. He was currently relying on his strong will to prevent him from going unconscious.


The broken sword hadn’t fully transformed. Big Yellow knew that with his current strength, there was no way he could harness the true power of this broken sword. Thus, the dragon horn on his forehead moved. A lightning bolt shot out from his dragon horn and fell onto the broken sword.

Big Yellow didn’t stop after doing this. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood; the blood essence of a Dragon Horse. Big Yellow was going all out, and only by doing this could he deal with the two Combat Emperors and the Ninth Grade Combat King.

The broken sword let out a violent cry, then unleashed three webs that were made up from sword energies and covered the three enemies. They were s.h.i.+ning brightly, and they carried devastating energy; ripping apart every single inch of the s.p.a.ce along its way. The three powerful warriors were astonished by its power.

After Big Yellow unleashed this attack, his big body instantly shrunk; returning to his original size. With both eyes closed, he too fell down from the sky.

Chapter 525 – The Broken Sword Shows Its Might Once Again