Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 491 – The Chaotic Ocean

Chapter 491 – The Chaotic Ocean

Chapter 491 - The Chaotic Ocean

“My name is Tan Lang. I didn’t have enough time to thank benefactor for saving my life that day. It’s truly a surprise for me to meet you here, this is excellent!”

Tan Lang was truly happy. For no reason at all, he had been dragged into the Southern Continent’s conflict, and he truly felt as if his luck was at rock bottom. No matter how much of a genius he was, there was no way he could be a match for Lord Nether. If Jiang Chen hadn’t freed him from that cage, he would be a corpse buried in the Southern Continent by now.

“Kid, since you’re from the Divine Continent, why did you go to the Southern Continent? And why were you captured by the Demon King Palace?”

While eating an unknown demon’s thigh, Big Yellow asked Tan Lang with an ambiguous voice.

“I went out to gain some experience, but I accidentally entered a spatial wormhole and was dragged into spatial turbulence. Initially, I thought I was doomed, but I luckily drifted to an exit, and that’s how I ended up in the Southern Continent. It just so happened that the demons of the Demon King Palace were capturing the human geniuses of the Southern Continent at that time, so I was thus captured by them. If benefactor hadn’t saved me that day, I would have long ago been killed in the Southern Continent. After that war, I believed that the Demon King Palace would quickly be annihilated with the help of a mighty warrior like benefactor, and since I originally had no intentions of getting involved in the Southern Continent’s conflicts, I left after that battle.”

Tan Lang explained what happened to him, allowing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to realize why he was in the Southern Continent. In fact, it truly was a coincidence. Who could have known that a genius saved by Jiang Chen was a man from the Divine Continent? And even more so that fate would bring them together right after Jiang Chen arrived at the Divine Continent? Originally, Jiang Chen thought there would be a conflict with Tan Lang, but judging from the current situation, it seemed that would be impossible.

“You truly are a lucky guy.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. What he said was indeed true. Usually, out of one thousand men who were dragged into spatial turbulence, perhaps only one could survive. And, what Tan Lang had experienced, finding an exit only after a short period of drifting about, it was even rarer. Also, not long after that, he also broke through to the Combat King realm. Judging from all of this, one could see that Tan Lang was a man with a great fate as well.

“Haha, I’m really happy today! Manager, I’ll book this entire place today! Serve us all your best dishes and wines!”

Tan Lang joyfully laughed out as he sat down opposite of Jiang Chen. After carefully examining him, he discovered that Jiang Chen’s aura had become much stronger than what it was when he killed Lord Nether, surprising him. Having such incredible strength at the Combat Soul realm was truly unbelievable. He wouldn’t be able to find any abnormal geniuses like this even in Asura Palace.

“I was in a rush that day, so I still don’t know benefactor’s esteemed name.”

Tan Lang said.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen smiled and clinked his gla.s.s with Tan Lang’s. This Tan Lang had given Jiang Chen a good first impression, and he wasn’t portraying any airs of superiority. As a genius of the Asura Palace, he was able to bow toward Jiang Chen in front of so many people. Just this alone was something that many people were unable to do, although it was a bit easier considering the fact that Jiang Chen had saved his life. The reason for this was that all geniuses cherished their face the most.

“Excellent! It’s truly great to meet Brother Jiang here! I’ll have to extend my hand of hospitality properly!”

Tan Lang joyfully laughed out. He meeting Jiang Chen today had finally taken a load off his mind. After Jiang Chen had saved his life back in the Southern Continent, he had been unable to forget about him.

“Why are you three still just standing there? Quickly, come here and apologize to Brother Jiang!”

Tan Lang turned his head to the trio and shouted at them.

The trio was startled for a brief moment, especially Chang Qing whose face was half swelled up. However, he dared not feel angry at all. Although he was the son of the Hongyue City Lord, he couldn’t afford to offend Tan Lang. In the vast land of the Liang Province, the small Hongyue City was nothing special.

From Jiang Chen and Tan Lang’s conversation, the trio were given a faint idea as to who Jiang Chen was. The young man who appeared out of nowhere had actually saved Tan Lang’s life before. The trio felt it was a good thing that hadn’t attacked Jiang Chen. If they had, even if Jiang Chen hadn’t ended up hurting them, Tan Lang would definitely not let any of them off easily.

The female disciple hastily took a step forward and faced Jiang Chen with a charming smile on her face. At the same time, she looked at Jiang Chen with a seductive glance. However, in Jiang Chen’s mind, this was completely useless. Compared to Wu Ningzhu, this girl was simply inferior.

“My name is Xu Qing. I didn’t know that young master Jiang and senior disciple Tan knew each other. I hope young master Jiang can forgive my previous rude behavior.”

Speaking with a soft and gentle voice, Xu Qing bowed faintly toward Jiang Chen. Her arrogance had all disappeared.

“My name is Huo Wei. I’m sorry for offending young master Jiang. I hope that young master Jiang doesn’t take it to heart.”

The other male disciple quickly bowed and apologized as well. Tan Lang was sitting in front of him, so he obviously had to behave properly.

Although half his face had swelled up, Chang Qing still staggered up to Jiang Chen. Right now, the way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. When he remembered that he was the one who yelled the loudest, he felt a strong desire to slap himself twice. This young man in front of him was capable of saving Tan Lang’s life, and that was enough proof that he was incredibly strong.

“Young master Jiang, I’m sorry.”

Chang Qing lowered his head and apologized.

“Fine, fine, it’s alright, ignorance can be forgiven. Sit down and eat with us.”

Before Jiang Chen could say anything, Big Yellow waved the meat in his hand and forgave the trio.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. All his face was being thrown away by this dog. On the other side, it wasn’t easy for these three disciples to apologize to Jiang Chen, especially that young City Lord. He was a man with a prestigious status, and he had been pampered since childhood. He had not once needed to apologize to anyone. Thus, he apologizing to Jiang Chen made it obvious that Tan Lang carried a heavy weight in his mind.

The trio were glad to be forgiven, but they dared not sit together with Jiang Chen and Tan Lang. Therefore, they found themselves a table next to them.

"Brother Jiang, what happen to that Demon King Palace?"

Tan Lang curiously asked.

“What happened to it? Of course it has been annihilated by Little Chen and this master dog! Their Great Palace Chief, Lord Zhanlang who is a Second Grade Demon King was killed by Little Chen with just three steps!”

Big Yellow said in a prideful manner, as if it wasn’t Jiang Chen who killed Lord Zhanlang, but himself. Big Yellow wasn’t boasting, Jiang Chen had indeed killed Lord Zhanlang with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.

However, when his words were heard by Tan Lang and the trio, the meaning had completely changed. Killing a Second Grade Demon King with just three steps? How incredible was that! The trio felt cold sweat running down their foreheads. When they remembered the scene of them pointing their fingers at this mighty warrior who was capable of easily killing a Second Grade Combat King, they felt as if they were truly about to court death, and felt really lucky to still be alive.

In the world of cultivators, the authority of the mighty could never be offended. In this world, there weren’t too many rules; it was simply a world that followed the rule of the jungle. If someone was ignorant enough to scold a Combat King, even if he was killed by that Combat King, it would be a death in vain.

Tan Lang was greatly shocked as well. He knew Jiang Chen was capable of killed a First Grade Demon King, but he never knew he actually possessed the ability to kill a Second Grade Demon King. This could no longer just be described as terrifying; Jiang Chen was simply an abnormal monster amongst all other monsters.

“Brother Jiang, your strength is truly amazing!”

Tan Lang let out an emotional sigh. It was nothing worth mentioning when someone was capable of killing a Second Grade Demon King, as there were many geniuses from the Asura Palace who were capable of doing that. However, killing a Second Grade Demon King as a Combat Soul warrior, that was a completely different matter.

“Brother Tan, I just arrived at the Divine Continent. I heard you’re going to the Chaotic Ocean to fight for the position of the 13th Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace, is that correct?”

Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“You’re right. The Asura Palace is one of the four major powers in the Liang Province, and being one of the thirteen tyc.o.o.ns will give you a status that’s more supreme than that of those core disciples, as a tyc.o.o.n represents the Asura Palace’s honor. Not long ago, the 13th Tyc.o.o.n was killed by the pirates of the Chaotic Ocean. The upper echelons of the Asura Palace were angered by this, so they purposely announced a mission to let all the core disciples hunt for the pirates of the Chaotic Ocean. Whoever brings back the head of the pirate who killed the 13th Tyc.o.o.n will become the new 13th Tyc.o.o.n, and soar high up into the sky. This is a great opportunity for me, so I’ll be going to the Chaotic Ocean. I will also take this opportunity to gain some experience for myself.”

Tan Lang was keeping close watch on Jiang Chen’s expression as he spoke. He wanted to know if Jiang Chen was interested in this Chaotic Ocean. If he was able to obtain Jiang Chen’s help, the position of the 13th tyc.o.o.n would almost certainly be in his bag.

"How's the overall strength of those pirates in the Chaotic Ocean?"

Jiang Chen asked.

“The Chaotic Ocean is a very messy place with good and bad people mixed together. There are many islands filled with rich resources. Ocean demons and pirates are running wild everywhere. However, there are conflicts between the pirates as well, causing the already messy situation in the Chaotic Ocean to be even messier. Amongst these pirates, there are seven of them who are the most famous, and one of them is the killer of the 13th Tyc.o.o.n. He is a man with a fierce and brutal approach, and he really isn’t easy to deal with.”

Tan Lang’s expression became serious upon mentioning the Chaotic Ocean.

“Since the Chaotic Ocean is such a messy place, why hasn’t the Asura Palace sent their mighty warriors to conquer the place, killing all the pirates to bring peace back to it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

"It's not that simple. The Chaotic Ocean is a very large place, and it doesn't belong to the Asura Palace. Furthermore, even if the Asura Palace were to kill all those pirates, the Chaotic Ocean would still remain in a chaotic state, and new pirates would emerge shortly afterwards. It's simply impossible to kill them all. The Asura Palace does want to resolve this problem, however, it's an excellent place for lower ranked disciples to gain experience."

Tan Lang explained.

Jiang Chen silently nodded his head. Tan Lang’s words made sense. A place like the Chaotic Ocean could never be pacified. Furthermore, a chaotic place like that was indeed an excellent place for lower ranked disciples to gain experience. So, if they really destroyed that place, it would be a pity.

“This Chaotic Ocean sounds like a nice place.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. For a guy who could never settle for peace, the Chaotic Ocean was indeed a perfect place to be.