Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 490 – Benefactor

Chapter 490 – Benefactor

Chapter 490 – Benefactor

Jiang Chen’s words and disdainful expression had completely provoked Chang Qing and the other two disciples of the Asura Palace. Those guards were the first that could no longer stand his behavior.

“d.a.m.n fool, you can’t even keep your eyes open and look around?! How dare you be disrespectful to my young master?! You’re seeking death!”

The leading guard stretched out his arm and grabbed toward Jiang Chen.



Followed by a painful shriek, the guard was sent flying straight out from the Golden Tower. The sudden event brought shock to everyone. Although the leading guard wasn’t really that powerful, he was a man who followed the young City Lord around, so he wasn’t weak either. In fact, he was a Mid Combat Soul warrior.

A Mid Combat Soul warrior had been sent flying just like that, and amazingly, that young man in white was sitting still without even having moved. The manager, Chang Qing, and the other two disciples of the Asura Palace were all Late Combat Soul warriors. They weren’t standing far away from Jiang Chen, but even so, none of them could see how Jiang Chen did it, and they were completely clueless about where the force that knocked the guard away came from.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Chang Qing gritted his teeth tightly and put away his folding fan. He was about to charge toward Jiang Chen. Tan Lang was coming today, and Chang Qing wanted to welcome him at this Golden Tower. However, someone had actually not given him face, and to make things worse, he had done so in front of Chang Qing’s senior disciples. Faced with this situation, even though he knew that the guy in front of him was really strong, Chang Qing just couldn’t back away from the challenge.

Although Chang Qing was being impulsive, the other two disciples of the Asura Palace were rather calm. They pulled on Chang Qing’s arm from both sides and signaled him not to be impulsive.

"You better not spoil my mood."

Not even raising his head, Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice.

"Let's go."

The male disciple of the Asura Palace dragged Chang Qing’s arm and walked toward the entrance. The group came in high spirits, but were forced to leave in a rather dejected spirit. This was a disgrace to the Asura Palace’s face, and even a disgrace to the City Lord’s face.

However, the disciples of the Asura Palace were no idiots. If they knew that their opponent was really strong and still acted without any fear; attacking him recklessly, then they would be the true idiots. At that point of time, not only would they lose their face, perhaps they would also lose their lives.

"Manager, can you serve us our dishes now?"

Jiang Chen gazed at the manager with a smile on his face, causing him to shudder. Only now did he awakened from his shock. Without hesitating, he immediately replied, “Yes, it will be served right away!”

Outside the Golden Tower, Chang Qing and the other two disciples came to the guard who was lying flat on the ground. They sent forth their divine sense to inspect the guard’s injuries.

“What an incredible approach! Knocking away a Mid Combat Soul warrior without even lifting a finger, and make him faint without hurting him.”

The female disciple said in surprise.

“Looks like that man is only here for a meal. He doesn’t have any foul intentions, and thus didn’t hurt anyone.”

The other male disciple said. He too was amazed by Jiang Chen’s approach, “Injuring a Mid Combat Soul warrior isn’t difficult, but to make him unconscious without even hurting him, that’s something really difficult to do. Looks like we’ve underestimated that guy, he’s most likely a Combat King.”

“I don’t think so. Since when has the Liang Province had such a young Combat King? That guy doesn’t even look like he’s twenty years old. Also, if he really is a Combat King from the Liang Province, it would be impossible for none of us to know about him. And he doesn’t look like a Devil Cultivator.”

The female disciple furrowed her brows.

“I don’t think he’s a Devil Cultivator either, as we know all of the geniuses from the Heavenly Devil Palace.”

The male disciple shook his head.

“Hmph! I don’t care who he is! Since he is brave enough to offend the Asura Palace, he is just courting death! Senior disciple Tan Lang will soon be here, we’ll let him settle that guy.”

Chang Qing coldly harrumphed. After losing face in front of senior disciples today, he was enraged.

“That’s right. Senior disciple Tan Lang is a true Combat King! Since that guy doesn’t give the Asura Palace any face, no matter what his background is, we’ll have to punish him!”

A cold smile emerged on the female disciple’s face.

After that, the group left the Golden Tower. Chang Qing ordered two guards to stay behind and watch Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s movements closely.

In fact, Chang Qing’s order was completely unnecessary, as it was just a joke two make two guards watch Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen really wanted to leave, even with both eyes wide open, those two guards would never be able to stop him.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by what was happening on the outside. When the table filled with delicious delicacies was served, he and Big Yellow began enjoying them heartily.

“Buddy, do you think that the young City Lord will come back?”

Big Yellow Dog asked.

“Of course he will, and that Tan Lang will be here as well. Let’s just wait and see.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile.

“Buddy, I thought you said you wanted to stay low profile? But, I like this! Kaka!”

Big Yellow let out a mischievous laugh. He knew what Jiang Chen was thinking about. Jiang Chen was interested in the Chaotic Ocean, and he wanted to see what kind of abilities the geniuses of the Asura Palace possessed.

Outside the City Lord Mansion, there was an exquisite pavilion. Chang Qing and the other two disciples of the Asura Palace were sitting inside the pavilion, waiting. Suddenly, a figure emerged from a different spatial dimension. It was a man wearing black clothes. He was in his mid-twenties, and he looked very handsome. He was emitting Spatial Force from all over his body, signifying that he was a Combat King.

When Chang Qing and the other two disciples saw the man, they immediately stood up and bowed toward the young man in black, “Senior disciple Tan!”

“En. I’m just pa.s.sing by Hongyue City today. After taking a day of rest, I’ll continued toward the Chaotic Ocean. You three can follow me and gain some experience.”

Tan Lang said.

His words instantly brought excitement to trio’s faces. For inner circle disciples like them, it was a dream to have a Combat King as their backing. They were well aware of Tan Lang’s true strength, as he was a near invincible existence amongst those of the same level, and was the most promising candidate for the 13th tyc.o.o.n status. If they were to follow him, a bright future would be guaranteed.

“Senior disciple Tan, before you arrived, we went to the Golden Tower in order to prepare to throw a feast to welcome your arrival. However, we met with an unreasonable young man. Not only did he not give any face to the Asura Palace, he also injured my guard.”

Chang Qing explained what back in the Golden Tower to Tan Lang.


Tan Lang was surprised to hear that someone actually dared to challenge the Asura Palace’s authority.

“That guy looks to be about 17-18 years old, but his strength is incredible. We don’t think we’re capable of fighting him, that’s why we waited for senior disciple Tan to arrive, so that you can teach him a lesson and let him know the consequences of insulting the Asura Palace.”

The female disciple said with a cold voice.

Tan Lang furrowed his brows slightly, then he told the trio, “Let’s go, I’ll follow you to see who this brave man is.”

After saying that, Tan Lang leapt into the sky and flew toward the Golden Tower. This was obviously not the first time he had come to the Golden Tower. Chang Qing and the other two disciples looked at each other, and they could all see the same excitement in each other’s eyes. Without hesitating, they immediately followed after Tan Lang.

The Golden Tower had no other customers now, only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were having a big feast by themselves. The manager and servant were watching from the side, their facial muscles violently twitching. This man and dog duo had incredibly big stomachs. From the beginning until now, they had eaten seven tables filled with food, and they were currently eating the eighth table full of dishes. No one knew when they were going to stop.

Right at this moment, a few strong auras appeared outside the Golden Tower. In the following moment, four figures appeared inside the Golden Tower. When Chang Qing saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow still eating, a sneer emerged on his face.

"Senior disciple Tan, this is the guy!"

Chang Qing furiously pointed his finger at Jiang Chen.

At the same moment, Tan Lang saw Jiang Chen. However, when he saw Jiang Chen’s face, and especially the big yellow dog sitting opposite of him, he was struck dumb and glued to the ground, his face filled with shock. However, the shock quickly transformed into wild joy.

Jiang Chen who was fighting a difficult battle against his foot had long ago sensed a Combat King standing next to him. He was waiting for the newcomer to attack, but to his surprise, the newcomer had actually glued himself to the ground, and was showing no intentions of attacking.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He couldn’t help but turn to the guy. When his eyes landed on the young black-clothed man, he too was shocked, because he knew this newcomer.

“Senior disciple Tan, he is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d I mentioned! Please teach him a lesson, let him know that the Asura Palace is not a place he can afford to offend!”

Chang Qing said, spirit high and vigorous, portraying an extremely arrogant att.i.tude. He was like a fox a.s.suming the majesty of the tiger; trying to bully someone under the protection of a powerful person.

Chang Qing’s words woke Tan Lang up from his shock. He didn’t teach Jiang Chen a lesson like Chang Qing had said, but instead turned around, stretched his arm forward and delivered a powerful slap to Chang Qing’s face.


It was a loud and clear slap that instantly caused Chang Qing’s face to swell up. Chang Qing was stunned by the slap, and not only him, the other two disciples were startled by what happened as well. They had no clue why Tan Lang didn’t attack that young man and dog, but instead turned his aggression toward those on his own side.

But soon, the truth was revealed to them.

They saw Tan Lang walk toward Jiang Chen, then stand up straight and bow deeply, “Benefactor.”

The word ‘benefactor’ instantly stunned Chang Qing and the other two disciples. They were completely blank in regards to the scene unfolding in front of them. However, they knew Tan Lang was a very prideful man, and a man who could make him bow so deeply must be a man with an extraordinary background. At least, this man was not someone they could afford to offend.

"I never expected it to be you."

Jiang Chen smiled. This Tan Lang was none other than that young man in black who appeared at Mount Nether in the Southern Continent. Back then, when the battle had ended, that young man had left. He obviously had no intentions of getting involved in the Southern Continent’s conflicts. At that point, Jiang Chen had guessed that this man wasn’t someone from the Southern Continent, but instead might be someone from the Divine Continent. Jiang Chen had never expected to meet Tan Lang after just arriving at the Divine Continent.

Actually, it wasn’t surprising for Tan Lang to appear in the Divine Continent. After the war in the Southern Confident was concluded, Jiang Chen had spent a few months before setting off toward the Divine Continent. Apparently, Tan Lang had broken through to the Combat King realm after Jiang Chen saved him, and with the speed of a Combat King, as well as some other possible hidden tricks, it was not surprising for him to return to the Divine Continent so quickly.