Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 445 – Reversed Roles

Chapter 445 – Reversed Roles

Chapter 445 – Reversed Roles

Over three hundred me, all of them from different backgrounds. No matter where they came from, the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan, or Myriad Sword Sect; all of these people were supreme existences. During normal times, any one of the people would be arrogant and proud of themselves, and they would show off no matter where they went.

But right now, this group of men looked like a pack of stray dogs with their lives in the hands of someone else. They couldn’t resist their ill fate, they could only wait for the death G.o.d’s sentence. They were indeed in the most miserable state, especially those from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. Their hearts were filled with depression.

Not long ago, they were the mammoths that dominated the Jian Prince, and their aura of supremacy could be found even in the deepest parts of their bones. But today, the two mammoths of the Jian Province had died, including their two Late Combat Soul warriors. This was a huge loss, and even if these people managed to survive, both superpowers would lose their ability to continue domineering the Jian Province. Their fall was destined to happen now.

The people of the Martial Saint Dynasty felt even gloomier. Six of their emperors were dead, Prince Wu Cong had been killed, and even their Crown Prince had become a hostage. The once highly acclaimed Crown Prince could only follow Jiang Chen without even daring to fart. Being in such a situation could no longer just be described as miserable.

At the same time, the disciples of the Black Sect were in restless states. Everyone here really wished to know how the battle between Jiang Chen and the enemies was going, because this also concerned their fates. If not for Daoist Black ordering them not to leave the Black Sect, many of them might have already left the Black Sect to follow after Jiang Chen.

In fact, Daoist Black’s decision to give out that order was a wise one, as the battle was simply too fierce. The shockwaves that appeared as a result of the battle had destroyed the entire mountain range, and with his and Guo Shan’s strength, even though they were standing far away, they were still struck by the shockwaves, and could barely breathe. If the disciples of the Black Sect went there, they would instantly be killed just from the shockwaves of the battle.

“Did you guys hear that? Extremely loud noises of a battle are coming from above 300 miles away! Senior disciple Jiang Chen is surely fighting with them right now! This makes me worry, I’m wondering if Jiang Chen can win this battle.

“I think it will be difficult, as the enemy is too strong. There are so many Late Combat Soul warriors there, as well as a few hundred other mighty warriors to back them up, while senior disciple Jiang Chen is fighting all alone.”

“Let’s just wait and seen. Senior disciple Jiang is good at creating miracles. Last time, during the battle with Nanbei Chao, he already did what none of us thought would be possible, and I’m sure he’ll do the same this time as well. The future of our Black Sect is now in the hands of senior disciple Jiang Chen.”

“Praying for senior disciple Jiang Chen’s victory; praying for the Black Sect’s eternal prosperity.”


Many disciples of the Black Sect started praying at the same time. In the minds of these disciples, Jiang Chen had become some sort of a G.o.d. Naturally, they wished their G.o.d would bring them victory. And, if their G.o.d collapsed, the Black Sect would collapse as well.

After some time, a huge golden barrier suddenly appeared in the distance, and it was moving toward the Black Sect at an incredible speed. There was a 30 meter long sword hovering above this golden barrier, and there were a few hundred men who were forced to move along with it.

“Look, what’s that?”

“Heavens! It’s senior disciple Jiang Chen, as well as Sect Chief and Elder Guo Shan! Guys, look at those people, they are the ones from the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect!”

“Look, their faces are filled with fear and shock! I’m sure they were severely beaten by senior disciple Jiang Chen! Do you guys see that? All those Late Combat Soul warriors are gone! Could they have been killed by senior disciple Jiang Chen?”

“Haha, senior disciple has won the fight! Aoaoaoao!”


A storm instantly erupted in the entire Black Sect. Some started roaring and cheering as tears filled their eyes. This was an incredible sacred moment for them!

“Everyone of the Black Sect, proceed to the training ground at once!”

Daoist Black’s voice echoed throughout the sky once again. After receiving the instructions, none of the ones from the Black Sect dared neglect the order, and they immediately rushed to the training ground. Although none of them knew what the purpose of going there was, they knew it must be something good.

The Black Sect’s training grounds covered a big area, and it was more than enough to fir all the disciples of the Black Sect without even making it seem packed. Jiang Chen brought all three hundred men and landed on the huge training ground, then he retracted the golden barrier.

Soon after, all the disciples of the Black Sect arrived at the training ground. Although the place was filled with people, it was completely silent; no one spoke a word. All the disciples and elders of the Black Sect were looking at the white-clothed youngster with pa.s.sionate gazes. It was a man who was like a G.o.d to them.

Countless eyes of admiration. This was the idol of all these men. They didn’t thirst for one day reaching the same heights as Jiang Chen, but if they one day became capable of doing just a fraction of what he was capable of, it must have been because of their ancestors’ good deeds.

“All elders and disciples of the Black Sect; listen up! Although we, the Black Sect is just a small sect of the Qi Province; we are not someone whom anyone can challenge! We won’t attack if we aren’t attacked first! However, if someone attacks us; we’ll f.u.c.k their ancestors! Raise your heads and look at these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who have lived their entire lives thinking they are the most supreme existences! Right now, they are just like a bunch of stray dogs! If I, their father wants to kill them; they won’t be able to live for a single more second! These people have kept the Black Sect in captivity for many days, causing everyone here to suffer, and many to die. Now, these people are here, and I want you to come forward and testify! I want you to point out whoever amongst them has hands stained with the blood of our Black Sect’s people! We will give them a taste of what we have been tasting so far!”

Jiang Chen said with a voice that was both loud and clear. His voice echoed in the ears of every single disciple and elder. With just a few sentences, he made the blood of all these disciples and elders boil; causing their spirits to rise into the sky. Him saying ‘if they attack us, we’ll f.u.c.k their ancestors’ touched all their hearts and made them think, ‘so extremely domineering!’

This was the unyielding spirit of a true man! Who said that the Black Sect, a small sect in the Qi Prince could be humiliated by someone else? Looking at these people who once sat at the top of the Eastern Continent, they were now like a bunch of stray dogs as they stood there with pale faces. They didn’t even dare breathe loudly.

f.u.c.k you! You ending up like that; what irony!

“These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds has been bullying and cursing at us endlessly these past day! Every dog has its days; I will find those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who killed junior disciple Liu!”

A hot-tempered disciple was the first one to stand out. He started cursing as he went up to the group of over three hundred men. He threw his glance onto the faces of these people, causing many of them to immediately lower their heads.

“Senior disciple Jiang, that’s him, he is the one who killed junior disciple Liu!”

The disciple pointed at a man from the Shangguan Clan while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything, he just stretched his arm forward and grabbed the man from a distance. Under the control of Jiang Chen, that man could barely breathe, and he had completely lost his ability to move.

“I’ll let you handle him.”

Jiang Chen handed the man over to the disciple.

“Thank you, senior disciple Jiang!”

The disciple bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen. After that, he took out a sharp dagger. Without saying anything, he simply stabbed it into the guy’s chest.

“Junior disciple Liu was hovering between life and death while you were tormenting him. Killing you like this can be considered me being merciful.”

The disciple said, hate apparent in his voice.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a cruel slaughterer! Just kill us now if you want; why do you still wish to torture us like this?!”

Someone who couldn’t stand it any longer spoke out.

“Since you’re in such a hurry to face your death, I will grant your wish.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even look at the man who spoke, he simply unleashed a golden beam from his fingertip. The golden beam instantly pierced through the man’s head, leaving behind an eerie hole. The man died on the spot.

“Senior disciple Jiang Chen is really formidable! That man was an Early Combat Soul warrior, but senior disciple Jiang Chen just killed him by casually pointing his finger at him!”

“Senior disciple Jiang Chen is only seventeen years old this year, and he has such powerful combat strength! He really is beyond our imagination.”

“If I could have half of senior disciple Jiang’s ability, I would be thanking the heavens and earth!”

“Half of his ability? What are you thinking? You should take a p.i.s.s on the ground and look at your reflection! Don’t ever compare yourself with senior disciple Jiang Chen!”


All the people of the Black Sect were impressed by Jiang Chen’s approached. None of them had witnessed the battle that took place far from here just now, but they had just witnessed Jiang Chen kill an Early Combat Soul warrior with a casual point of his finger. At this moment, their admiration toward Jiang Chen started pouring in like an endless waterfall.

“We’re not humiliating you, we’re simply switching your roles; let you have a taste of what you’ve been doing to those to the Black Sect. If there are anyone else who wish to die now, I can grant your wish. However, if you want to stay alive, just keep standing there quietly. You might perhaps survive this whole thing.”

Jiang Chen threw his glance to those people and spoke in an indifferent tone.

Following that, more and more disciples came forward to testify. They had been dreaming about killing these people who had bullied them while in captivity, therefore, their impression toward those who had hurt them were deeply rooted. They would be able to recognize them even if they had been burnt to ashes.

The disciples of the Black Sect had been imprisoned in separate groups, and there would be some people standing guard in each place, and all those people were from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. The people from the Martial Saint Dynasty arrived yesterday, and their goal was to deal with Jiang Chen. Therefore, they didn’t do anything to the people of the Black Sect.

In these past dozen days, many disciples of the Black Sect had been killed by these people. This blood debt could only be repaid in blood. Those from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect whose hands were stained had been identified in less than half an hour.

Jiang Chen would never show any mercy to these people. Therefore, he decisively ordered that these men were to be placed into the hands of the Black Sect disciples, allowing them to decide what they wanted to do to these people.

After being imprisoned for more than a dozen days, suffering all sorts of inhumane humiliation, being heavily beaten and cursed at for nothing; it wasn’t difficult to imagine how much hatred these disciples felt toward these people right now, and since they had the chance to get revenge, they wouldn’t be anything good waiting for those people who had humiliated them.


After a series of numerous miserable screams rang out, all the people of the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were found lying in a pool of blood.

This was war; this was their fates. Sometime, you have to bear the consequences for your actions.