Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 444 – Kill Those Who Deserve It, Cripple Those Who Does Not

Chapter 444 – Kill Those Who Deserve It, Cripple Those Who Does Not

Chapter 444 – Kill Those Who Deserve It, Cripple Those Who Does Not


Jiang Chen slammed his palm onto the Fifth Emperor’s body, causing it to instantly explode into a clump of blood mist. He died on the spot, and his head was now in Jiang Chen’s hand.


The Sixth Emperor who stood not far away from where the Fifth Emperor had died let out a furious roar. He immediately took out his combat weapon and unleashed his powerful energy. He took the initiative to launch an attack toward Jiang Chen. He knew he was going to die no matter what, so he didn’t ask for forgiveness, and he didn’t use the Martial Saint Dynasty’s name to threaten Jiang Chen. He knew that begging or threatening was useless. With his life in the hands of someone as ferocious and ruthless as Jiang Chen, he knew that his fate had been decided.

Instead of begging for forgiveness, he might as well go down fighting. At least it wouldn’t be a pathetic death.

“You’re actually a man with courage. However, your fate is still the same.”

Jiang Chen glanced at the Sixth Emperor before he punched out. This punch carried a tremendous force, causing the Sixth Emperor to feel as if a gigantic moment was being thrown at him.

At last, the Sixth Emperor let out a miserable scream. Even though he had fought with all his strength, he couldn’t withstand a single strike from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had collected one more head. Now, he had collected the heads of the Third Emperor, Forth Emperor, Fifth Emperor, Sixth Emperor, Seventh Emperor, and the Tenth Emperor. These men who sat on the top of the Eastern Continent, their heads had all been collected by Jiang Chen. For the Martial Saint Dynasty, not only was this an unimaginable loss, it was also a severe challenge to their dignity. After the Martial Saint Dynasty had been established so many years ago, this was the first time someone had dared to ignore their sovereignty.

Killing six emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty was something that could simply be described as heavenly defying. Throughout the entire Eastern Continent, only Jiang Chen alone had the courage and strength to do such a heavenly-defying thing.

The entire scene had become completely silent. The three hundred men who were still alive were all looking at Jiang Chen with miserable expressions. They didn’t try to flee, and they didn’t even have the mentality to fight back. They knew that fleeing or fighting back was useless. Their fates now laid in the hands of this youngster in front of them.

The Crown Prince was feeling so panicked that he could barely breathe. Although he was now a eunuch, he still didn’t want to die. Now, out of the nine Late Combat Soul warriors who came here, eight had died. All his Imperial Uncles had died, and he was the last one. He didn’t really think that Jiang Chen would spare his life.

The Crown Prince had lost his supreme att.i.tude; he was now like a stray dog.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t even look at the Crown Prince. He threw his glance over to the crowd in front of him. His gaze was ice-cold, causing everyone who looked into his eyes to feel a s.h.i.+ver running down their spines. It was as if they would all be tortured to death just from looking into his eyes.

Jiang Chen’s gaze finally stopped on a man; Wu Cong!

“Get over here right now!”

Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong and shouted.

Wu Cong’s body instantly trembled, and his face became extremely pale; as if he was completely exhausted. He never thought that Jiang Chen would pick him before the Crown Prince.

Wu Cong who was a Mid Combat Soul warrior was trembling without any control of his body.

Seeing this, a look of disgust emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He stretched his arm forward and made a grabbing gesture. In an instant, a powerful suction force shot out from his palm and fell onto Wu Cong’s body, pulling Wu Cong up to Jiang Chen.

“If my memory serves me well, everything that has happened so far is because of you alone.”

Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong with his ice-cold gaze as if he was looking at a dying man. However, no pity was apparent.

Jiang Chen had learned from Big Yellow that the source of this incident was Wu Cong, as he was the one who persuaded the Crown Prince to go see Yan Chenyu. Without his persuasion, the Crown Prince might not have gone to the Martial Palace at all, and if the Crown Prince didn’t go there, he never would have met with Yan Chenyu, and nothing would have happened at all.

“I, I, I…”

Wu Cong was completely terrified. He started stuttering, but he was simply unable to say a complete sentence.

“I’ve killed your father, do you not wish to avenge him? Since you’re going to die anyway, why don’t you just attack me with all your strength? I’ll give you a chance to avenge your father.”

Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong in a ridiculing manner. This guy was just a dumb coward, and Jiang Chen hated people like this from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, he had no intention of letting this culprit off easily.

Wu Cong’s face became even paler. What a joke, he just didn’t have the courage to attack Jiang Chen. Although he felt a strong desire to avenge his father, after having witnessed Jiang Chen’s frightening strength, he just couldn’t muster up any courage to fight.


Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong with disgust a final time, then he waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng a razor sharp golden beam which slashed through Wu Cong’s throat. In an instant, a human head flew up into the sky. His frightened expression was still visible on his dead face.

Everyone were scared as they looked at Jiang Chen, as if they had foreseen their end; their heads being cut off from their necks. Someone once said: when a man was on the brink of death; his will to fight for his life would erupt forth, and he would fight with everything he had in order to stay alive. However, none of these three men tried fighting back in order to stay alive. Their fear of Jiang Chen was deeply ingrained in their bones, and they were simply unable to muster up any courage to fight back.

After killing Wu Cong, Jiang Chen turned to the Crown Prince. At this moment, after having gone through a great amount of fear, a bitter smile simply emerged onto the Crown Prince’s mouth.

“Come on, just kill me if you want.”

The Crown Prince suddenly changed his tone, showing a much tougher image than before. He knew he was going to die regardless of what he did.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now, as you’re still very useful to me. So much more useful than those heads.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

Hearing that Jiang Chen wasn’t going to kill him now, a look of surprise emerged in the Crown Prince’s eyes. However, he immediately realized what Jiang Chen was up to.

“You’re going to use me as your hostage to threaten my father?”

Crown Prince asked.

“You’re not that stupid. In order to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, I’ll need to keep some bargaining chips with me.”

Jiang Chen didn’t deny it. The reason he spared the Crown Prince’s life was to threaten the Imperial Emperor. The Crown Prince was after all the Imperial Emperor’s son, and the Imperial Emperor was very proud of him. The Imperial Emperor would naturally consider his son much more precious than the other emperors. Of course, Jiang Chen’s bargaining chips did not only just include the Crown Prince’s life. He also had all those heads. The emperors had to be buried in their own imperial family graveyard, and in order to retrieve these heads, the Imperial Emperor would pay any price.

Jiang Chen didn’t actually like using his enemy’s family to threaten him, even if it was an enemy he couldn’t exist together with. He really hated this kind of method.

However, he had to use this method now, because the Imperial Emperor still had some of the people closest to him imprisoned in the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Zhanyun, and Wu Jiu. The lives of these people were too important, and if Jiang Chen didn’t have any bargaining chips in his hand, he would be the one being threatened. Furthermore, the safety of Jiang Zhenhai and the other two would not be guaranteed if he had no good bargaining chips.

Jiang Chen had no doubts. After the Imperial Emperor finds out about him having killed so many emperors, the Imperial Emperor might just kill Jiang Zhenhai and the others in order to vent his fury.

Therefore, the decision to spare the Crown Prince’s life was equal to saving the lives of Jiang Zhenhai and the other two.

“Jiang Chen, you…”


Before the Crown Prince could finish speaking, Jiang Chen slapped his face and said with a cold voice, “I told you before; as a palace eunuch, you better shut your mouth. Did no one tell you that your voice is disgusting? Also, from this moment onwards, you better remember your new ident.i.ty! You are my, Jiang Chen’s prisoner slave!”

Jiang Chen’s words were much more devastating to the Crown Prince that the slap he just received; it simply caused the Crown Prince to vomit a mouthful of blood. He was the Crown Prince, a man sitting on the top of the Eastern Continent overseeing thousands of people. He had never suffered humiliation like this before. After falling into Jiang Chen’s hands, he had entered a state where he could neither live nor die. He didn’t even have the ability to commit suicide.

However, the Crown Prince was sensible enough to keep his mouth shut. He knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t treat him nicely. The reason he was still alive was so that Jiang Chen could threaten the Imperial Emperor. If he wasn’t worth this value, he would be like the other emperors by now.

The Crown Prince did in fact also hate his own voice.

Two figures suddenly came flying in from the far distance; Daoist Black and Guo Shan. Both of them had been hiding in the far distance, and they were greatly stunned after witnessing Jiang Chen slaughter his enemies. It wasn’t until now that they woke up from their state of shock and flew to the scene.

Jiang Chen casually waved his hand, causing a crack on the barrier created by the Heavenly Saint Sword to appear, letting both men in.

Right now, the way these two men looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. They felt as if Jiang Chen slaughtering all the enemies just now was a dream. It was simply too frightening. When the news about today’s battle spread out, Jiang Chen’s reputation would definitely reach new unimaginable heights.

Although they knew Jiang Chen was on their side, respect and fear had both quietly taken root within their sub consciousness.

“Brother, what should we do with these men? Do we really have to kill them all?”

Guo Shan looked at those three hundred men and asked.

“Not all of them deserve to die, but some of them do. Brother Guo, Sect Chief, how many people of the Black Sect died during this period of time?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I have no idea. We’ve been imprisoned all this time, so we aren’t clear on what has happened outside.”

Daoist Black said.

“Let’s bring all these men to the Black Sect then; let the disciples of the Black Sect identify those who deserve to be killed. Those who don’t deserve death will be crippled, as we have to get revenge for those who have suffered. No matter what, I have to do something for them.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen simply turned toward the Black Sect and started flying. Covered by the Heavenly Saint Sword, those three hundred men had no choice but to follow along. Each and every one of them wore twisted expressions on their faces. They knew that none of them were going to escape their ill fates today.

Jiang Chen’s intentions were clear. Those who had tortured or killed disciples and elders of the Black Sect would have to face their deaths, and those who didn’t do anything, they would still have to be crippled.

Daoist Black and Guo Shan looked at each other; excitement apparent in both their eyes. With Jiang Chen, the Black Sect would soon prosper to new heights.

Furthermore, the people of the Black Sect had suffered badly during this period, and if they didn’t get to vent on the pain they receive from their enemies, the Black Sect’s spirit would suffer a great blow. Therefore, both of them highly agreed with Jiang Chen’s approach. Just let the disciples of the Black Sect release the grievance they received from these enemies.